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jcc34 18 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 18, 2001 12:35 PM Member since: Dec 13, 1997
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    by DayTraderJedi Jan 18, 2001 12:21 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Jan 18, 2001 12:35 PM Flag

    Come on Jedi,

    Many banks have lawsuits as well. I mean, large banks have many customers. I feel you are either a disgruntled past employee who hates Mark Forti, a head of a company who's business went sour at the expense of Fleet, or just a lame guy, or all three.

    for instance
    First Union had some problems of its own.
    From Reuters in November:
    First Union Securities agreed Thursday to pay more than $408,000 to settle an administrative action by federal securities regulators stemming from violations of Treasury auction rules, the Securities and Exchange Commission said.

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    Sun TV: Another Fleet Victim...

    by DayTraderJedi Jan 18, 2001 3:08 AM
    jcc34 jcc34 Jan 18, 2001 9:52 AM Flag

    Good points roadduck. You certainly do know things about banking.

    As for Jedi, do something better with your day than posting stupid comments and misusing quotations from Fleet execs on this board. Facts are facts, but your interpretations of the facts are skewed.

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    Positioning for an Exit?

    by DayTraderJedi Dec 18, 2000 8:55 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Dec 26, 2000 10:57 PM Flag

    What's your problem Jedi?

    As a employee at
    Fleet bank's Debt Capital Markets group, I must say you
    have Fleet all wrong here. I have laughed at your
    stupid comments on this site. Is it a crime for Fleet to
    want payment on its loans? Look at First Union and the
    loan default rate vs. Fleet.. Did you know that Fleet
    (actually Bankboston) pondered about participating in the
    loan to Sunbeam? Look what happened.. Sunbeam under
    "Chainsaw" Al Dunlap recently defaulted on its loans, and
    MSDW and some other banks took the big hit.

    Fleet does not try to wreck people's lives. We have
    made smart loans and when market conditions forces
    Fleet to tighten its credit commitments, then it does
    so according. I think you just want Fleet to default
    on all its loans.. You think that's fun? BTW, FYI,
    video city's EBITDA/Interest, and OCF/TDS ratios were
    skyrocketing literally making it a crappy credit. Fleet was
    very patient with Video city.

  • You know, I own redhat, and really want the stock
    to surge.. however, seeing it go to 50 or 55
    tomorrow doesn't seem like a big possibility.. However,
    seeing it go to 35-40 is better, and perhaps after a
    couple of days, it'll go to 50 before profit taking sets
    in. Yes, the news about Microsoft is good for
    Redhat.. and even no news about Microsoft is still good
    for Redhat. Linux has made huge advances here at
    Cornell and and also at a lot of academic institutions,
    and linux's popularity has grown tremdously. So I see
    good potential in this software.

    small gains in this stock are better than large sudden
    gains.. this stock then will be less volatile..

    you can agree with me or not.. I don't care.. its
    just my opinion and how I see it.. later!

  • Hey, Red Hat is perfectly good software in the development stages. There's a lot of future for Linux applications.. Its used frequently at Cornell.

  • HEY! go to

  • speak on

    wait and see what he says

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    by chase212 Feb 22, 1999 4:02 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Feb 22, 1999 7:45 PM Flag

    BTW.. hello all.. JBOH is not shortable.. so why try to make money on a short??? at least on Datek you can't short JBOH..

    GO JBOH!!

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    no cure in sight

    by imanory Jan 14, 1999 12:36 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Jan 14, 1999 2:35 PM Flag

    I'd like to believe you but you posted your
    message at 1:20.. and for the time between 12 and 2... I
    think I don't recall seeing at block of 45000 shares
    being bought.. btw... while I'm writing this us here at
    Bear Stearns are laughing at your message... (I'm just
    an intern.. but I'm learning quite alot looking at
    the bs that's being put on these boards!)..

    get real... and you can't really spell your name??

  • Hello everyone..

    I think this stock isn't
    going to stay "up" there for much longer. Yes, if you
    look at what happened to GERN, this stock should
    settle down to at leas $4 or so.. not to say that in the
    long run it will go back to twenty, but this news is
    great.. but you have to think... years... before it hits
    the human market.. and then, maybe it'll hit 20, or
    30.. or 40...

    I'm trying to be impartial.. cuz
    I like reading these boards during my lunch break..

  • I'm just a junior analyst intern at Bear Stearns
    for a semester but here we've been pretty upbeat
    about DBCC with a price target of 55.. when we'll reach
    it.. who knows.. but it will gain alot because of the
    marketwatch IPO.

    And you're right.. there will be a
    lot of volatility when marketwatch comes out, but
    after a few days there should be some pretty
    progressive returns.

  • Why if BNGO is a stable stock, has it gone down???
    Profit taking??

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    PLXS status

    by jcc34 Dec 18, 1997 4:12 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Dec 19, 1997 8:09 AM Flag


    I went to Sloan, and graduated undergrad from Yale.

    James Chie

  • Dear people,

    I believe that although PLXS's price took a beating today, investors tend to overreact during an announcement such as this.
    However, the fundamentals of this stock still say that the price should have not moved down this much, almost 50 percent, which is
    definitely unfounded. PLXS is a solid company, although there is risk involved. However, there are always risks involved in any stock.
    However, because PLXS serves such a diverse amount of clients, I belive that they are not suffering any setbacks. The price of this
    stock thus is well undervalued.

    James Chie
    Department of Economics
    Cornell University,
    Ithaca NY, 14853

  • Hey! Micron is going to get hit tomorrow, and hard! Remember, this week's bloodbath hasn't finished yet. Expect COMS and NKE to be hit hard in the same fashion as Micron.

    People who short, you guys can make a lot of $$$ this week, and even next week.



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    Compaq or HP?

    by boisebure Dec 15, 1997 3:22 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Dec 15, 1997 3:53 PM Flag

    Umm.. NO, NO buyout..

    Earnings aren't going to be great. but if they are, Micron won't shoot up.

    Thank you


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    by ak36014 Dec 10, 1997 5:40 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Dec 14, 1997 11:19 AM Flag

    Hey, do you think that it's good to go short on NKE for a bit before buying it a cheaper prices?


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    How low Mu

    by verne36 Dec 12, 1997 3:42 PM
    jcc34 jcc34 Dec 13, 1997 9:54 AM Flag


    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with others that you're not talking really intelligently. Flashram has been around for quite a while, it's not like the newest innovation. In fact, the computer I'm typing on right now, a laptop, even has flashram, so I don't know you're hype, but I don't buy stocks on the way down. btw, I'm in business school.. are you an artist?


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