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  • jderkack4 jderkack4 Jul 8, 2016 12:03 PM Flag

    IMO-I am a big believer in not fueling the fire, however, I thank people like Made, Pluto, and Sens because they tend to put fires out on a daily basis. It’s not fair for management and shareholders to hear one side of an untruthful story when the stories are extremely harmful to a person’s character. I commend them for dealing with this daily nonsense. I refuse to answer or interact with such people.

    DECN is in a pivotal position right now and time will eventually quiet all this gibberish. There are big buyers currently accumulating shares that are leaving weak hands. I could only wish for this board to let Berman continue his focus on building a profitable well-oiled machine. Come January we will all see his hard work pay off.

  • IMO-In the past couple of weeks there has been a big shift in the accumulation of shares from weak hands to strong hands. This decline has fortunately allowed DECN to regain the support of some new and currently longs including myself. Patience will ultimately prevail for shareholders who continue to support and stay committed to the end goal. Through RM, Genultimate! Will be on shelves in due time. We also learned this morning that DECN is and has been eagerly navigating its way to an up-list. This will allow funds to aggressively start investing as well as remove any stigma attached from the pink sheets. I also believe people to tend to overlook the massive Nevada case currently playing out. People are underestimating the magnitude of the worst case scenario not to mention the different stratosphere DECN will be in if the case goes as planned. I’m extremely confident that management will reward their loyal and devoted shareholders.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • jderkack4 by jderkack4 Jun 28, 2016 6:25 PM Flag

    IMO-This message board has become a destructive attack against Retail Monster and KB. I believe RM has only been in contract for a very short time. However, these disgruntle shareholders and/or JNJ peons want rapid progress in an industry that doesn’t allow it. You don’t walk into a Fortune 50 company and have product immediately on shelves. It doesn’t work that way, not matter what product it is. RM is a game changing addition to DECN and shareholders patience will ultimately lead to several big box stores. Regarding KB, the man just put DECN in a goldmine position with defeating JNJ. Nevertheless, he gets kicked in the teeth on these Bullsh** message boards for not delivering. Not delivering is…..losing against JNJ, not receiving a cash settlement, not being able to sell product, not signing a mega retail source agreement, not contracting with a 500,000 output manufacture, not developing new products, Oh and not about to win a 700 million suit against one of the biggest companies in the world.

    I now see why Mr. S and Made don’t want to interact with all this message board nonsense. It’s not worth their time and effort to constantly defend a winner when it falls on deaf ears. When does it end? Does it ever end? Let’s see where this company is at in January for those who can stomach it. Risk vs Reward.

    P.S. Spare me the negative rebuttals

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  • jderkack4 jderkack4 Jun 2, 2016 7:12 AM Flag

    Dwayne-IMO First retail contract will come between 60-120 days from signature date with Retail. Everyone needs to put this story into perspective as a nanocap has withstanding an onslaught of unethical tactics for 4 plus years from one the most recognizable companies in the world. The fact that they are still a viable company is incomprehensible. Not only are they viable but they are free and clear to sell a competitive product at a discount to deserving diabetics around the world. Yes, they could have waited another 3 years to capture more money, however this would have not allowed them to sell their product to a diabetic community who has been getting ripped off for years by JnJ astronomical price structure. Let's not also forget the mammoth Nevada suit!! This will not be a drawn out 4 year litigation play. This could possibly be settled by January if not September of this year. A settlement between 40-70 million could play out in this time frame. With that said, I will continue to be long and sit back and let this highly experienced management do their job!!!!

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