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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Apr 27, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    IMO this Call was the Best I have ever heard to date!

    Sony new engine coming, Sharp and ADDITIONAL OEMs mentioned. New fields of applications.

    I love what I see...

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  • Foxconn and Sharp will pay close attention to the robot and the Chinese market 5/3/2016

    The world's largest electronics contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. said Wednesday it will focus on developing robots to help Sharp company to reverse the situation in the embattled, and to strive to improve Sharp 's product sales in China.

    "We are working with Sharp to discuss the two companies will discuss how robotics technology into new consumer electronics products, I believe that a key direction for the future development of both companies." Sharp will become the new director of Vice President Hon Hai wear positive Wu says.

    Hon Hai, more precisely, is Foxconn , has been working with the Japanese technology giant Softbank Group are working together to produce a robot named "Pepper." Moreover, Sharp earlier this month released a smart named RoBoHoN phone , can produce interactions with the user, it looks like a robot.

    Wu Dai positive Wednesday in Taipei Sharp Electronics stores conducted a company internal meetings and make statements shown above. In addition to joint research and development of robot technology, positive Wu Dai said, in order to promote sales of Sharp, Foxconn will open flagship stores in more than 30 companies located in 18 provinces.

    mobileDOOTit168DOOTcom / a2016 / 0503 / 2624 / 000002624274DOOTshtml

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  • 5/3/2016

    The company (Sharp) says it plans to sell in other countries before year end and, as recorded by Engadget, the technology works on developing new features based on the conversation and applications to order a taxi, find nearby restaurants or help while cooking , among other.

    diariodesevillaDOOTes / article / tecnologia / 2276537 / robohon / movil / poco / convencionalDOOThtml

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  • Sharp Electronics Corporation, founding sponsor of the Robolliance program, brought together fellow sponsors and onsite press covering PSA TEC 2016 to announce today the launch of an initiative focused on ground-based security robotics. Today's announcement defined the Robolliance program as "a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace".

    Sharp Electronics Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation, a worldwide manufacturing company, who revealed nearly three years ago the inclusion of robotics engineering as a new business area. Since then, Sharp Corporation has introduced to non-U.S. markets such robotic technologies as the Cocorobo for cleaning and the Robohon for communication.


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  • Global Communications Group Dentsu Aegis Group (DAN), following last year's Consumer Electronics Show in Asia ( the CES Asia ™) debut a big success this year, with a more powerful line-up of innovative exhibits once again landed the world's top consumer electronics exhibition. As the show's Official Sponsors & Partners, the Group "Empower Our Extended Self" as the theme, designed around the concept of self-extending exhibited a series of innovative consumer electronics technology.

    Dentsu Aegis Group, this exhibition of innovative technologies including RoBoHoN-- robot phone , by understanding the user, combined with the use of the user to establish a more natural way of communication, and through dialogue to interact. RoBoHoN creator Sharp Company and Dentsu Aegis Group, China established a strategic marketing partnership, content-related programs are being explored.


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  • May 11, 2016, Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia 2016?) Was officially opened for the fast-growing Asian market shows the future of technological innovation, the day of the show popular hot spot, the scene intelligent robots were onlookers.

    Consumer Electronics Show 2016 Asian scene, a world-renowned robotics jointly by Sharp expert Mr. Takashi Takahashi intellectual development of a new mobile robot phone : RoBoHoN, the next generation of smart phones


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 12, 2016 7:37 AM Flag

    This is interesting

    Sharp’s New Flagship Leaks With A 22.6-Megapixel Camera

    Sharp is a Japan-based company which has been acquired by Foxconn in a deal worth $3.5 billion. Sharp is a very well-known company in Japan, and chances are you’ve heard of them no matter where you live. They’re involved in a number of different sectors of the tech world, Sharp manufactures smartphone displays, smartphones, and even some out of the box products, like the RoboHon robot they’ve introduced last month. That being said, Sharp hasn’t released a smartphone in quite some time now, but it seems like they will soon.


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  • New Job Postings


    Listed below are openings that have been posted since

    5/7/2016. • Sr. Mechanical Engineer (8649)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Director of Business Development (8648)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Sr. Accountant (8646)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Staff Quality Engineer (8645)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Staff Engineer, Packaging Technology Development (8651)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Computer Vision Engineer (8647)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Optical Engineer (8650)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Engineering Intern (8652)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

    • Embedded Software/Firmware Engineering Intern (8653)
    Redmond, Washington, United States

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 12, 2016 1:55 PM Flag

    Total now.. 15 new job openings at MicroVision : )


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  • A foundational piece of this product is "how it should be made"


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  • MicroVision Tweet

    Augmented and Virtual Reality: A New Vision
    Enterprises are poised to fast-track augmented and virtual reality adoption and begin the process of fundamentally reimagining how work gets done.

    Long the objects of science fiction fascination, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions are finally hitting the market. VR makes it possible for users to immerse themselves in constructed surroundings that depict actual places or imaginary worlds. AR overlays contextual information on the immediate physical environments users see before their eyes, thus blending digital components and experiences with real life.


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  • The next concept is that "eventually want to work together consumer electronics and Robohon". If that happens Robohon is made to the terminal that can operate the home of consumer electronics from the go, to evolve to the next generation communication equipment of an alternative to the smartphone. Sharp is promote reconstruction in Taiwan Hon Hai (Honhai) Precision Industry under the umbrella, is noted or able to produce a new market as a product that shows the spirit of the "sharp-ness".


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 15, 2016 11:57 AM Flag


    Full product P acclaimed number of new products will be available this year

    Wang Jijun said, the whole S & P will be launched this year, three mobile phones, mobile phones will become increasingly thinner body, more light, lumens are growing, in broad daylight projection out of the picture, from the clarity, color saturation, contrast in a dark room will close out the projection image quality.

    In addition, he also revealed particular, a body "petite" ultra-wide angle projector can be put on the market, "This product is mainly to replace the current outdoor LED electronic advertising screens. It's super short, super Wide projected oversized outdoor advertising, and can display high-resolution video screen. "

    Future targeting Pocket PC for users to create the ultimate living facilities

    Among the needs of users already Poor's whole product layout plan, Wang Jijun said Pu Optoelectronics whole future products aimed at the vanguard of smart pocket PC.

    "This product will set your phone, tablet, computer advantages in one, able to vote on the virtual screen, the next cast laser keyboard, using Intel's latest CPU processor with lightweight, portable, multi-scene, entertainment and unrivaled superpower office performance, so that pocket phones, resolve any issues from life, to entertainment, to work. "Wang Jijun said.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 15, 2016 9:06 PM Flag

    If you look at the article I posted earlier in which the CEO of Qualper was interviewed, you will notice a photo on that site showing Qualper phone outside in the wild.

    From PetersMVIS Blog

    Doesn't that picture down there look familiar??
    Why yes it does. Remember Carlucci Design?

    The photo shown is designed for Sony.


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  • Some great photos of the Qualper Laser MEMs Projector phone


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  • Thanks ppr_24 for the Optics & Phontonics 2016, MicroVision connection.

    If you go to the Exhiibitor List, click MicroVision

    ● Products
    Laser Beam Scanning Pico Projector New Product / Product Demo

    Pico Projector which use RGB laser diodes and 2D MEMS mirror creating focus-free, bright and high resolution image with low power consumption. Best solution for embedding into small mobile devices.
    Short-Throw LBS Pico Projector New Product / Product Demo

    3D Sensing by LBS System New Product / Product Demo


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  • Photos of RoBoHon box. Nice


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  • Reply to

    RoBoHon getting ready for sale May 26

    by joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:43 AM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:51 AM Flag

    Features of RoBoHon and video demos


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  • Reply to

    RoBoHon getting ready for sale May 26

    by joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:43 AM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:56 AM Flag

    Robohon Head photo. Very small PicoP laser module used


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  • Smartwatches and wearables may be the future, but in the present their clunky interfaces and small screens keep them from imagining their full potential. A new Samsung patent wants to change that.

    The patent features technology that projects a virtual user interface (via laser) onto the wearers hand. The laser would also project touch-sensitive “buttons” onto the hand, forearm or length of the arm that could provide a larger, less-cumbersome means for the wearer to better interact with their watch.

    According to the patent, the feature isn’t limited to smartwatches either; it can also be used for VR/AR headsets and even a full-sized desktop-like interface that beams projections onto the wall around the user via smartwatch.

    As with all patents, this doesn’t mean Samsung is actively developing the technology — or that it ever will — but, the idea of futuristic lasers shooting out of a watch as a control device sound pretty amazing.


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