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  • First would be Geo Economue (Drys).. As seems he has stole most.. But going to Athens, to handle that SOB??? And make no mistake.. Ones who took SALT public have already beat stk holders out of at least $2B in like yr and half.. But seems, they bunch of clown, out of Moroco.. Anybody invested, their money with them.. Deserved to lose?? Now how about EGLE? We should give these SOB's, that have took over.. Till deer season, opens again, to see if they should be found shot, with set of antlers strapped to their head.. If you can beat me in any game.. Bring it on... But don't beat me out of my money.. Saying only 45M shrs outstanding.. When actually there is 611M shrs... Hey EGLE moved from N.Y. to Conn.. Come deer season... Hell of lot less trouble or expense to get to Conn., with gun, than Athens or Moroco...

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    stop feeding goerge...

    by bryanc1628 Jul 12, 2016 9:49 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 12, 2016 11:32 AM Flag

    Oh he put trap out.. But not with Drys.. He basically told us Drys is worthless.. As he just bought the last 40% of that Orig stk, that supposedly was owned by Drys.. Trap was set, to sell that Orig stk, that basically he owned over 100M shrs.. Orig reported good earnings??? Which was very creative, reporting.. And seems GE has struck again.. He paided less than $1. per shr for that like 55M shrs of Orig.. Now on absolute BS! Got it selling for like $2.50 per shr... Let me tell you about creative reporting.. I wouldn't even classify it as creative bookkeeping... Last qtr, Lenders took big discounts on loans, that Orig owed, while they could get anything.. GE reported difference in what he paid them. And what cost would have been, if they had let loans ride.. As profits.. Orig should have several billions in impairments to write off... They wrote off like $500M qtr before last.. But as he wanting Orig figures to look good, while selling his 100M shrs... Last qtr. forgot to mention.. Those rigs, are now worth several billion less, than Orig paid for them.... He will waite till he sells all that Orig stk he can.. Till he brings their impairment cost up again..

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    Just Like Timex

    by sayuthink Jul 11, 2016 4:36 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 12, 2016 10:17 AM Flag

    You wrong there.. Rates for Supras just keep going up.. Yesterday, spot rates for Supras. went up $161.. Now at $6968. per day.. Been long time since rates that high.. And seems, they could go lot higher??? I got very little stk right now.. Still think wise to waite for Reverse Split?? But if EGLE was to turn very profitable?? This may be great time to buy... If they have 1/10 R/S.. My 600 shrs would turn into 60 shrs.. The real question? If they have 1/10 R/S.. Then there should be about 61M shrs of EGLE.. If you buy now.. at .35.. After R/S, is EGLE going to be worth $3.50... As for last 10 yrs. Seems all these drybulkers, were just cheating stk buyers out of their money.. Would anybody pay $3.50 for EGLE?? Old saying.. Leopard never changes his spots? But leopards that were running EGLE have been replaced? Now! What we got running EGLE?? So far don't look good.. As shrs outstanding like 611M.. And they telling us.. Only 45M issued and outstanding? So can we believe anything they say or report? When smoke clears.. Right now, I think EGLE is worth maybe .22.. But with rates, for Supras, going up.. And nothing better to do with mere $150. Duh!! I bought 400 shrs for .34.. Hell people will spend that much money to watch a monkey F a football..

  • Orig's Backlog already down to about $2B.. Orig has over $4B debt.. And will get worse.. As they on hook to pay for 3 newbuilt rigs.. Upward of another $2B.. For rigs, there may never be demand for? If you think oil will go up enough to justify, drilling in deep water.. Forget it.. Opec has fell apart.. And they cutting each others throat to sell all the oil they can.. Seems they all in shape.. To do what IRAN, just announced.. They going to double their output. From 2M brls per day to 4M brls per day.. If you think Saudi going to let Iran, take any of their mkt shr.. No way in hell... Saudi, can let oil drop over another 50% and still be OK.. Saudi has got plenty of oil.. And plenty of money...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 12, 2016 8:06 AM Flag

    If EGLE don't turn profitable, with where oil prices are.. They should bar them from trading.. EGLE should be getting in great shape.. Supras now leasing for decent rate, and could go higher?, Iran just announced they going to double their output of oil.. Oil is already cheap and could go lower.. And stay there for yrs? .Fuel got to be big portion of operating cost? Now EGLE needs to get financials in order? When and if that happens? As long as they keep them in order.. Money will be cheap.. EGLE has about $250M debt.. Which puts them in lot better shape than other drybulkers.. I've swore, to myself, I'd never put any more money in any of these drybulkers.. Let rates for Supras keep going up.. What I swore to myself.. May get disregarded.. This may be ideal time to load up on EGLE?? Kiss that yipping mongel dog, for me.. And have a nice day..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 11, 2016 4:48 PM Flag

    You don't know sheet.. Not really my problem! But I got a situation.. I live in an old duplex.. Not that I wanted to rent other side.. Been empty for yrs.. But desperate couple got me to rent it for basically nothing.. In mean time, her son had got a pit bull puppy from pound.. Then goes into Marines. Dumped that puppy on mom.. They can't afford to pay rent... But she took dog to vet.. Cost $200. She about killed that dog, Seems she was using 10 times more nedication with arsnck in it than she should have... She took that dog back to vet, as he was going blind.. Cost 1K... U ain't got a clue? Anywhere in life you go.. I done been there.. If I bought 600 shrs of Egle.. Thinking all these drybulkers will go BK.. EGLE done been there...

  • Or was supposidly yours at some point.. But.. Before he released Drys and Orig 1st qtr results.. And I have warned, you about how he indicates Drys is the Co.. The Co. has got to be GE's private Co? Where all money flows.. Read that paragraph, in Drys last ER.. Whereby: Not Orig.. But Subsidiary of Orig.. Which btw is controlled by GE. Bought which would have been like 56M shrs for $49.9M.. No wonder GE has become so wealthy? Now after working over figure for 1st qtr.. And figures were absolutely BS.. Biggest BS, last qtr.. No impairment charges for over $10B paid for those rigs.. That are now about worthless... That's not GE's problem.. Money from stk sales and loans, Paid that money.. In mean time. He bought 56M shrs for less than $1. And now got Orig selling for over $2.50 a shr... That's one slick dude!! As I know Orig become worthless, when oil dropped below $80. per brl... Reality we talking BS money now.. GE Made his billions, when oil was over $100. per brl.. And he indicated Drys owned Orig.. He made billions off Drys.. And more selling stk and borrowing over $4B against Orig's assets... Funny part.. He ain't really do a lot to cover up.. The fact he has basically robbed stk holder and lenders out of billions?

  • But Egle is different than these other Drybulkers.. All Egle owns is basically 44 Supramax.. Supras don't actually compete with Capes + Panamax.. They only have carrying capacity of like 52K DWT.. And have their own cranes for loading and unloading.. In mean time! May actually be a shortage of Supras right now.. Rates been steady going up.. Spot rates for Supras, now $6807. per day..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 11, 2016 11:22 AM Flag

    There may actually be shortage of Supramax, right now? Not so for Capes + Panamax.. Based on what they are leasing for.. But if you google Compass Maritime Weekly... There is lot of newbuild Supramax, being built, this yr and next..

  • EGLE may have already turned profitable? Or should shortly.. Won't long ago, Supras were leasing for like $4K per day.. Rates for Supras have been steady going up, lately.. On spot, they are now leasing for $6807. per day.. And seem they will go higher?? Could they go lot higher??? Only time will tell... At this price.. EGLE is worth buying a little...

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    I've bought back half 1.31

    by kem60 Jun 7, 2016 12:15 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 11, 2016 10:33 AM Flag

    I don't believe, she has sense to realize how stupid she sounds.. On june 6th, Drys closed at $2.36... On June 7th.. She bought back, what she said was double position.. At $1.31... While Kemmy always make money??? If she is sitting on stk bought 4th qtr 2014 @ $1.40.. Drys had that 1/25 reverse split... Consiquently.. She sitting on stk, that cost $35. per shr.. And now trading for .44.. And going lower...

  • It's worth from .10 cent per shr to .22??? As I have concluded there is 611M shrs outstanding.?? It sure ain't worth much.. As I ain't got but $150. to invest.. I had bid in to buy 500 shrs for .28.. Just changed bid..To 400 shrs @ .34.. Why would I pay over twice what I think stk is worth? Not enough money to be concerned with.. Don't even care if my order gets filled? In mean time! Is there possibility that EGLE, is only drybulker to become profitable? With what rates for Supras are doing, It's possibility? But EGLE has so much baggage, Most likely you can invest all you want to, in common stk.. And still draw back a knub? Seems lenders and officers, Just chop up money from us dummies buying common stk... If you ever studied these drybulkers.. Us dummies have invested over $20B and maybe over $100B in these drybulkers.. Now all we own, is stk in Cos, that debt is more than assets are worth... If you can't figure, all these drybulkers are worthless.. Put dunce hat on and sit in corner!! Duh!! I already own couple of hundred shrs of EGLE, and got bid in to buy 400 more shrs.. Duh, I may have to sit in corner.. No way, I'm going to hold my nose to chalk board..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 10, 2016 9:12 AM Flag

    I would tell you what he's going to do with those last 27M shrs of stk.. But as he's Done shuved over 640M shrs, up there.. Probably no room left...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 10, 2016 9:07 AM Flag

    Up till, now those Panys not worth owning.. I figure, that's only reason Geo. Economue hasn't took them, like he has everything else, for his personal fleet... But now rates getting decent.. Look for him to buy those Panys for less than $100M.. As for that other $270M debt.. It will get shuved up lenders az..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 10, 2016 8:50 AM Flag

    There is always someone, trying to convince us buy this POS.. Always indicating it's going up.. What a crock of BS! Mind you it just had 1/25 reverse split.. Since then done dropped from over $2.50 to now 46 cent.. And will go to 0.. Because it's worthless.. Let me tell you what this stk done prior to R/S.. In 05, IPO''ed for $20. per shr.. 25 X $20.= $500. Every shr you bought, then, for $500. is now selling for .46.. Then shortly sold for over $100. per shr.. $2500. now .46... Yr and half ago... Geo. Economue tricked people into buying $333M worth for $1.40 per shr.. $1.40 X 25 = $35. per shr.. They were the dumbest!! If the ones who bought that stk, had done little research or read what I was telling them.. They would have realized, This stk is worthless... Try to figure out where money from over $3B in stk sales went? And all earning.. It went the same place that last $333M. went.. Right to a famous billionare, Named Geo. Economue! How ignorant do you figure the ones he tricked out of that last $333M, feel about now? He has wiped out all but 27M shrs... And it's selling for .46..And by now, should be able to figure it's worthless.. Last qtr.. Generated about $10M in revenues..Wrote off another $40M as impairment..And lost $15M more, than they generated in revenues.. Sad part.. No way in hell.. Drys will generate as much revenues in this 2nd qtr. As they did last qtr.. I can't figure where money coming from, to keep those 20 Panamax operating??? If they leased any like 3 mths ago.. Rates had fell to little over $2K per day...Oh they have improved since!! Big deal!!!! Still suck!!!

  • Yet, who ever heard of him??I think Geo. Economue is biggest theif, or most succesfull, of all times.. And going to keep all the billions he took.. Jesse James stole very little money and got killed, when 21 Yrs old.. Oh over 30 yrs.. Bernie, enjoyed the good life.. But, ultimately! If people hadn't started throwing money at him to invest.. Thinking he was financial genious.. What was he to do? He started lying about what he was making for them.. Word spread.. Everybody wanted to get into, what he was supposedly making and steadedly paying them like 15% on their investment.. Hey, he did live good life for like 30 yrs..When won't enough coming in to cover money going out.. Bernie become famous!! And going to spend rest of life in prison.. After all said and done.. Geo E, was smart enough to incorporate thru Cyprus....Jessie and Bernie, ended up with nothing.... GE is going to walk with billions... GE should be reconnized? As biggest thief of all times....

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    jrmills0014 & other 46 cent bashers

    by cyclopsfighter Jul 6, 2016 6:38 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 9, 2016 6:20 AM Flag

    Do you know as bad a shape as Drys is in.. Last qtr, GE still Charged Drys for running it, General + Admin, Expense.. was dam near as much as Drys generated in revenues.. Why would he put those expenses on Drys? Well he does have like 100M of that Orig, he wants to sell.. Before people realize it's more worthless, than Drys.. Not that it can be possible? But he reported Orig, had good earnings, last qtr?? Just some more deception.. If Orig ever had good earnings.. And they probably did.. It would have been in 2012.. But seems GE taking so much.. They reported loses in 2012.. What the hell.. Orig looked good..Stk selling for like $20. a shr.. GE didn't want to sell any of it in 2012.. Bet he wished, he had sold bunch back then... Oh what the hell.. Lenders, lent him $4.5B against Orig's assets...

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    jrmills0014 & other 46 cent bashers

    by cyclopsfighter Jul 6, 2016 6:38 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 9, 2016 5:47 AM Flag

    GE, has never divulged his salary, or bonuses.. When he had Drys jumping.. No telling how much stk he took and sold, right into mkt? Thusly, never would have to report, he ever owned that stk.. Even after things, started falling apart.. Stk was selling from $3. to $4.. And supposedly no stk sold that qtr? Yet I checked what outstanding shrs, were previous qtr... Shrs outstanding went up 4M shrs that qtr.. Who you recon, got those 4M shrs.. I think GE had made so much money by then.. Big deal, if he took another $15M worth of stk?? Now it ain't so insugnificent.. As all of Drys stk.. Ain't worth $15M.. And just where does all that money go.. That gets wrote of for depreciation?? It seems to disappear?

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    jrmills0014 & other 46 cent bashers

    by cyclopsfighter Jul 6, 2016 6:38 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 9, 2016 5:14 AM Flag

    But If Geo. made billions by deceiving people? That's like theft.. ""Deception"" was Drys owned Orig.. And Orig revenues and earnings flowed to Drys...That was big fat lie! And how much truth was there to what he said Drys had all those bulkers leased for.. For yrs..It's Irrelivant now.. As GE has took all the tankers, took, all but 20 of those Panamax. And they ain't worth owning.. And has now took all that Orig stk.. If anyone had been paying attention.. They would have realized Drys, never really owned Orig.. And none of the billions he sold that stk for, all the billions generated from revenues, And all that money he was borrowing against, their assets, weren't going to Drys.. Oh, all that money was going somewhere.. But none was going to Drys...Yet on Drys earnings reports, GE indicated they were... How's this for deception.. Drys still supposedly owned 70% of Orig.. Yet Orig, loaned Drys $200M.. To settle that loan.. GE took 30% of that Orig stk.. Then to get the last 40%. He said he loaned Drys $60M??? Loaned my az!!! He actually got that stk for free and personally relived himself of over $100M.. By dumping, that worthless Nautilaus on Drys.. If you go back to 2007.. GE was always buyer + seller of Drys assets.. He made some hellacious deals.. Where he always benefitted... Thusly, any earnings Drys ever had.. Dissapeared, along with over $3B from those 672M shrs of Drys stk he, was able to sell... Now he has wiped out, all but 27M shrs of that stk.. And wrote all that money he took, as impairment... Here would be something interesting to know.. How much stk did he take as bonuses over the yrs... And sell into mkt?? As everyone else losing their az???

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    jrmills0014 & other 46 cent bashers

    by cyclopsfighter Jul 6, 2016 6:38 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 8, 2016 4:59 PM Flag

    I forgot to mention... Drys (GE) has lenders on the hook for well over $200M.. That he never intends to pay... They are ones who should be mad as a wet sitting hen... But that is chicken feed.. Compared to the over $4B Orig (GE) has lenders on the hook for.. He has made, lot more off Orig, than he did Drys.. When he sends Orig into BK.. He will stick over $4B of debt, up lenders rectum..Wrecked um hell!! Almost killed um...

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