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  • Look out below same old games take them down big and buy them back to near highs and tank them thousands of points once again. Games never end with these manipulated markets by governments/central banks manipulation of rates etc. All this #$%$ trying to keep investors to buy stocks or not sell. BUt real reality whole system will collapse again because so over priced over valued period.Same old just greed games by banks take risk buy at any price because they cant lose because if markets tank they all get bailed out again. Trust me these markets will tank. ONly reason they didnt so much because all these fool ceos bought stock to hold up markets. Wake up people we are so corrupt as a country period.All this to screw little money savers.

  • THey all will collapse buying once again at recent highs. All same old games by Central banks trying to manipulate markets forever with lower rates and not raising the, They all should be fired for massive manipulation of markets period.When the american public etc wise and educated by being informed by media things will free fall when they are told the truth. Not buy their financial consultants who keep throwing their money at all this over priced #$%$.

  • just buy and sell to trADE MARkets so insane. Another several thousand point collapse coming once ahgain after they suck them all in. Never seen so much stupidity in my life, Just because FEd put off raising rates for another month or so. Talk about manipulation of markets, They should all be charged for this. Leaving rates this low to force everyone into stock markets because of no return in interest bearing savings cd etc. THis is why the Republicans need to take power and fire them all and charge them all also. Screwing the savers of the world just trying to get tax money from markets and obviously they had to manipulated markets to bring them back from 2008 crash. This is why this whole system needs to be crashed and burned

  • Complete morons in this market period.This whole system is going to collapse on reality.The FEd are a bunch of manipulating fools trying to control everything for the sake of bringing back a stupid system that is broken. All this because they gave virtually free money to banks financials etc to bring bck markets all these years by manipulating them with free money to buy everything. No risk for financials or banks because if they failed they all get bailed out once again. LIttle savers got screwed last 8 years. This is why the FEderal Reserve needs to be abolished for this manipulation of markets period. Also doing same stupid games with g7 countries etc/ This isnt a democracy it is a dictatorship period with these games.

  • By next week free fall of thousands of points. All fools don"t get it. The FEd is desperate as usual with their stupid games of rate fixing trying to keep forcing fools into risky investments. They have played same game with central banks world wide to try to keep this stupidity manipulation going forever.
    Wake up america gig is up. This whole system worse than B. Madoff scam.I guess we all would gamble with virtually free money from FED in the billions and buy stocks to move markets. Cant lose if they do and markets go down they just get bailed out once again. YOu get it now fools??

  • The FEderal Reserve will be responsible for this massive collapse. Have played their stupid games with counter parts central banks everywhere to manipulate rates low trying to keep pumping stock market up for artificial recovery of just paper gains. Wake up America this whole system is one massive bubble of everything trying to hold up this country and others. You once again see massive sell off in days of this reality. Its all just games by Wall Street Federal Reserve central banks lending virtually free money to hold up this massive scam they have going. All fool buying it until anyday collapse here.

  • FEd and central banks have no real money left to play with its all rate games trying to hold up whole system with subsidized money from treasuries bill interest etc. All borrowed from different agency etc Which pot this month etc.They have used the banking system of banks to manipulate a fake recovery to hide real truth etc.All this virtually free money given to banks last 8 years to buy stocks etc to bring markets back to new high etc. Talk about manipulation of markets . They all should be in jail period. Then they screwed the savers with virtually no return to maybe a 1% a year. This is why they all should be in jail and all fired period.THis is not a free market system wake up America.

  • Never ending games with rate fixing market manipulation / etc never fails . THey are all one big manipulator trying to hold up one massive world wide b ankruptcy in place. The U.S. has no real money to pay social security or bills it is all from treasury on borrrowed money funds. fro interest from other years etc. Wake up America one massive scheme going on forever. Igt will collapse then realy watch the masive destruction world wide

  • Same old stupid games by FED/central banks Wall Street manipulation games of promises to hold up markets.Wake up people whole system is broken and will free fall on this reality of no real liquidity once it starts as usual. Massive panic no buyers at any rice in this massive free fall.Same game being played always trying to hold up this broken system of manipulating rates to finance a broken system of markets/governments countries.

  • They are all broke wake up fools.They cant finance anything with just worthless paper money period.Same old game promises to lower rates trying to stem free fall once again never ending.Wholes system is broke and broken.

  • Look out below SAME OLD BACK AND FORTH TO MAKE A BUCK. i AY CRASH AND BURN TO REALITY. aLL these foreigners all over the world scattered will rebel and take down whole world system. They cant be trusted. Stupid Europe started all this #$%$ accepting them now U.S. Also I say stop now send them back no more for security sake.

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