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  • I am going to rub those HubPumpers noses in it.

    It won't happen until September or October when they have the Oxford study showing that pain scores went down a couple of points. Until then, Eddie Van Whelan will continue to spoon-feed the shareholders just what they want to hear. He’ll never come out and say the 510(k) is dead because that’s not how you run a PR department.

    Meanwhile, BIEL has finally started developing a higher-power PEMF device that might actually SELL. Unfortunately, that’s going to require a completely new set of clinicals and a few more years of toxic financing and/or dilution.

    So for the next 3 months I’m just going to watch those delusional BIEL cultists try to convince each other that they didn’t make a terrible investment decision. Certainly SOME of them understand that the 510(k) is dead. You would HOPE.

    I might remind them of their laughable sales projections when Q2 comes in at around $600k with a huge operating loss caused by the FDA meetings, the SEC investigation, the Aussie trial version rollout, and the development of a new higher-powered version… but it might be more entertaining to just sit back and watch them fall all over themselves making excuses.

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    Getfakeshore is the new ddls and.......

    by coachpappy33 Jul 9, 2016 11:25 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 9, 2016 2:43 PM Flag

    Coach and the bagholders on ihub are terrified of my posts because they know I'm right: the 510(k) is dead and Q2 sales are going to be pathetic. It's really entertaining to watch them spit and snarl and insult me with all their might -- and the more they dig their holes, the funnier it's going to be when BIEL announces the de novo submission.

    This new twist of "we're working on a more powerful version" must really have them scared. BIEL is finally admitting that their low-power version (the "eMiracle" according to Simps) is a commercial failure. Now they have to develop a higher-power version at great expense -- and none of the clinicals for the 73 microwatt ActiPatch will apply towards FDA clearance.

    Where is BIEL going to get the money to develop a higher-power version and pay for an entirely new set of clinical studies? I hope simpsonly and the rest of the Billion Dollar Babies are ready to throw more money down this rathole.

    Coach the Troll -- just so you know -- the more you and your bagholding pals stomp around and shake your tiny clenched fists at me, the more confident I am of my analysis.

    I'm content to wait for Q2 sales results now - nothing is going to happen before that.

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    July 20th FDA meeting! Oh boy! :)

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 8, 2016 11:47 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 8, 2016 7:05 PM Flag

    heh, you guys just never stop.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I've said my piece. You fools are just trying to convince each other you didn't make a mistake, and it's a pleasure to watch.

    And you seem to want the last word, so fine, you can have it. I'll wait for Q2 to be horrible, BIEL to announce "we are submitting a de novo," and BIEL to announce the reverse split. Then I'll gloat.

    Until then, you all have a wonderful summer combing each others' hair and telling each other you're pretty.

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    July 20th FDA meeting! Oh boy! :)

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 8, 2016 11:47 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 8, 2016 2:17 PM Flag

    I think it means B.Braun told BIEL "we tested your 73 microwatt device and it's kind f useless. Up your game."

    Even more intriguing..... remember how, on June 8th, BIEL said:

    "...the agency would be back to the company shortly with its pathway determination and advice regarding whether additional information is necessary."

    Now, on July 7th BIEL said:

    "One [sic] June 24th, we received some additional questions. We expect to have our last set of responses submitted before our next meeting on July 20th. "

    SO, additional information WAS necessary. But aren't you forgetting something, Eddie W? What was the pathway determination?

    And why did BIEL request another FDA Meeting so soon? Why wasn't it enough to just answer the latest questions? SOUNDS LIKE A DE NOVO PATHWAY DETERMINATION TO ME.

    And instead of complaining about the lack of disclosure, the shareholders just dance around playing flutes and tossing flower petals in the air.

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    InvestorsRub? Who goes there anymore?

    by bielisascam Jul 8, 2016 9:45 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 8, 2016 10:11 AM Flag

    I love Ihub. Those clowns are falling all over each other trying to insult me and diffuse my posts.

    They REALLY want the last word, even when they have nothing to say. I think I'll let them have it for awhile as they tilt at windmills.

    srinslocal is the one that truly fascinates me right now. He might be Eddie W (aka Itchy Brother). He definitely works for BIEL.

    Nobody cares that the FDA is still asking questions, which means the answers BIEL submitted a month ago and that last FDA meeting failed. Nobody cares that the FDA asked questions on June 24th and BIEL didn't tell investors for two weeks. I'm surprised they said anything NOW.

    I can't wait for Q2 financials to see how much money BIEL lost in Q2 and how this company is funding operations. Q2 should have significant expenses for the FDA, SEC, and Australia scratch-n-sniff rollout. Meanwhile, did UK sales drop another 10%?

    Simpsy says he only paid around .0003 for his billion shares and he didn't get them from IBEX or St. Johns, which means that MASSIVE dilution didn't even pay off any of the IBEX/St. Johns debt. How does that make the rest of you bagholders feel? Do you know what will happen t or investment if simpsy gets smart and decides to cash out?

    Don't worry, the odds of simpsy getting smart are even worse than the odds of that 510(k) getting cleared. Simpsy is going to go down with the ship. He'll probably buy MORE if things unravel.

    BIEL will probably be smart about the FDA news though. They'll never say "the 510(k) is officially dead" -- they'll wait for the Oxford data and release a hype PR for that first, then exclaim with trumpets blaring that they're submitting the de novo and they are "confident" it'll be cleared.

    srinsocal will lead the cheers, and dewmboom and sevenup and steve43 and simpsonly and the rest of that delusional crew will eat it up.

    How can you not love it?

  • lakeshore555 by lakeshore555 Jul 8, 2016 8:10 AM Flag

    "I think [the SEC will investigate the dilution done in 2015] and they will return every illegal penny back to the treasury. As a result, I expect the AS to be cut at least by half. That's about 5 million dollars back to us.

    I love this SEC thing. It's one of the best thing happened to Biel's shareholders."

    Dewmy thinks the Billion Share Club will have to give back their shares! And "they" (whoever "they" are) will return $5 million dollars to pay back "the treasury" (whatever THAT is)! And the A/S will somehow be cut in half!

    Dewmy is BIEL's #1 cheerleader.... and this is how his brain works. I'm going to have to ask him what the heck he means. This is stunning.

    I think Dewmy is saying that simpsonly will not only have to give back his billion shares without getting anything in return, but will ALSO have to give BIEL a half million dollars!?!? Or the SEC is going to give BIEL $5 million? Or IBEX and St. John's will have to give BIEL $5 million?

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 8, 2016 7:56 AM Flag

    that would be hilarious -- if Andy Whelan got kicked off ihub!

    I think srinslocal is a BIEL employee. Not Andy -- someone who knows how to pronounce the word "opioid."

    Those bagholders are pretty funny. They haven't done 5 minutes of DD. And this stock must be their first FDA play EVER. It sure is fun making them all scared and nervous. As if anything said on that message board has any effect on the PPS or their "investment."

    Det. Robert Thorne is pretty sharp though. He actually reads the financials and does his own DD.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 6, 2016 7:31 PM Flag

    I disagree -- BIEL is not near its end -- I think BIEL is going to stagger around like a zombie until Andy retires.

    They don't need shareholder votes to do ANYTHING. Why end it? They can R/S or increase the A/S to 100 billion and the existing shareholders will just applaud.

    They found some noobs with deep pockets to take the bait and buy shares -- a few of them own a BILLION SHARES or more and those guys will buy more if asked. Throwing good money after bad is what noobs DO.

    FDA rejection? The shareholders shout "It's a BLESSING!"

    SEC investigation? The shareholders shout "It's GOOD FOR ALL OF US!"

    50% Dilution? The shareholders shout "WHAT A CLEVER WAY TO FINANCE A COMPANY! YAY!"

    I wonder what will happen when Andy retires though. I'm thinking the rest of the family will just cash out. Won't we have some surprised shareholders THEN. That will be hard to spin as a GOOD THING.

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    July update any day

    by payday268 Jul 6, 2016 8:18 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 6, 2016 9:12 AM Flag

    When the FDA told BIEL in April “Currently there are no legally marketed nonthermal shortwave therapy devices indicated for OTC use and thus the Agency believes the 510(k) route is inappropriate,” BIEL didn’t tell you about it for a MONTH (May 10th).

    When the FDA told BIEL “the 510(k) pathway may be available,” BIEL sent out an email WITHIN 24 HOURS (June 9th).

    Now a month has passed since the FDA told BIEL "the agency would be back to the company shortly with its pathway determination and advice." Who here thinks the FDA hasn’t gotten back to BIEL yet with their pathway determination? And who here thinks that if the FDA had GOOD NEWS, Grace Holdings wouldn’t have told you about it IMMEDIATELY?

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    FDA meeting July 20th ...

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 8:59 PM Flag

    I just checked and I actually predicted $800k revenues in Q1 2016 when dewmboom and simpsy were predicting $1.25M.

    So I admit I was wrong in predicting Q1 revenues -- I was too optimistic. Won't happen again. Now that I've tried the ActiPatch and seen for myself how well it works, I understand why the Trial Version users aren't coming back to buy more.

    They had a couple of quarters where they trimmed expenses and made it look like they were reaching for the brass ring of Profitability, For the rest of 2016 they're going to sell a bunch of Trial Versions in Australia and New Zealand -- that means inflated revenues and higher expenses. Add in the FDA expenses and the SEC defense expenses and 2016 looks to be a rather bleak year for the Billion Share Club.

    I love this stock. Say -- what happened to cathdiamond? We called his/her bluff? I'd like to hear more about how their professor made them study BIEL to learn about the stock market.

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    FDA meeting July 20th ...

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 7:44 PM Flag

    Yes, they know how to at least SUBMIT a de novo. Ask Coach about the de novo they submitted six years ago.

    I'd ask him but I have him on Ignore because he is a waste of time and space in my opinion. Occasionally I see his impotent grayed-out posts flash by... I guess he's calling me lakefake now.... used to be fakeshore which had a much better ring to it.

    Coach is angry because he hates that I was right about the poor Q3 financials, the poor Q4 financials, the poor Q1 financials, the 510(k) rejection, and the need for a de novo. Poor coach. I'd feel sorry for him if he weren't such a d-bag.

    Maybe if coach had tried an ActiPatch before buying the stock he'd know that it really doesn't do much. It's a cute idea, selling a low-power PEMF device for under $50, but by now everyone realizes it's a business failure.

    I remember trading a biotech named Novadel (NVDL) about 12 years ago. They invented a spray device that delivered drugs in a mist into the mouth... the big hype was about delivering sildenafil so it would work faster than taking a viagra pill and waiting a half hour..... They finally got FDA clearance and that KILLED THE COMPANY because then it became clear that the device would never be profitable.

    NVDL is staggering around like a zombie today at .001 (134 million shares), trying to decide whether to lay down in their grave or keep staggering around hoping for a miracle white knight to take them over for the accumulated $60 million tax loss.... basically the only asset they have left.

    That's BIEL about ten years from now. After they finally get FDA clearance, they'll spend a lot of money marketing the ActiPatch in the USA, but it'll never turn a profit because most customers who buy one will never buy a second one (which is happening in the UK today). A lot of shareholders are going to lose a lot of money before it's over.... just like NVDL.

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    FDA meeting July 20th ...

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 5:15 PM Flag

    You can hope, and pray, and curse the darkness -- it won't do any good.

    the de novo won't even get submitted until October and that means clearance in Q4 2017 at the earliest. You're looking at a lot of pain between now and then.

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    FDA meeting July 20th ...

    by sleepyeye55 Jul 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 5:13 PM Flag

    sleepyeye, you are full of BS and we all know it.

    BIEL put all their cards on the table at the last FDA meeting. The only possible reason to meet again would be to discuss the de novo, but they don't have the Oxford data yet so why bother?

  • I wonder when the R/S will happen. September? October?

    When it happens, a tsunami is going to crash over the PPS beach. Poor Simps and Dewmy will be standing on that beach wearing space suits, still looking up towards the heavens.

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    Folks, BIEL is a very very STRONG SELL.

    by bielisascam Jul 3, 2016 4:30 PM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 9:22 AM Flag

    Don’t blame the FDA for the delay in US clearance. It’s not their fault.

    The FDA has strict rules for clearing medical devices. You should THANK them for this, not criticize them. When they reject a 510(k) application it’s because the application doesn’t meet their requirements. In the case of BIEL, the application relies too heavily on testimonials and surveys, IMO. They need that Oxford Study and they need to submit a de novo application the same way EndyMed submitted a de novo for their NEWA device.

    If you're just upset because you want to buy an ActiPatch in the USA, you can buy the ActiPatch on eBay and you can buy the HealFast version on

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 5, 2016 8:32 AM Flag

    The Oxford Study results are going to have the same effect on the PPS as the knee osteoarthritis study results had in January.

    In the knee study, after four weeks of treatment, the PEMF group had a drop in VAS pain score by about 25%, and about 25% of patients who were taking NSAIDS stopped taking NSAIDS. The Oxford Study results will probably be similar.

    The ActiPatch doesn't get rid of pain -- it merely reduces pain. It's an adjunctive therapy. That's why sales are so disappointing. People are willing to TRY it, but very few come back as return customers. 2016 Q2 sales numbers will prove this AGAIN. So will 2016 Q3 and 2016 Q4 numbers.

    I think the FDA will eventually clear the device -- maybe even the de novo in 2017 – but sales are never going to amount to much. A pump by Dr. Phil or Oprah or some other TV personality might cause a temporary PPS spike but this company is never going to be profitable, IMO, because the benefits from the ActiPatch don't live up to the hype. And the INSANE O/S count of 11 billion ensures that every piece of “good news” is going to be met by massive dumping.

    In conclusion: a prediction of 15-25 cents per share is absurd. The Oxford Study news in September, with its accompanying de novo announcement , might get this to .0015, but it won’t last. The volume will draw in more fools who will arrive with wet ears on the message boards exclaiming “Go BIEL! Beautiful post Gramps and simpsonly! So what does this company do, again? What did I just buy?”

  • Ever hear the saying "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?"

    You guys need to add the line:

    "Fool me multiple times over seven years, maybe I should forget about trading stocks and stick to mutual funds."

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 1, 2016 12:15 PM Flag

    dreamcatcher, I am here to express my gratitude for the entertainment you "longs" provide on a daily basis as you try to justify your disastrous BIEL investment.

    I especially love the new thread on HubCap where the Bagholding Class of 2009 is reminiscing. Nothing like a 95% loss to bring people together.

    Good Times!

    I wish poor Coach could attend the reunion, but alas, he's been banned from the school grounds. he has to peer through the gymnasium windows and watch.

    Happy 4th of July! if you blow off a finger with a Silver Salute, I'm sure the ActiPatch will grow back a new finger.

    Do you remember the magnetic device from the 1980's that was supposed to improve your gas mileage by separating and lining up carbon molecules when you mounted it on your carburetor? I bought one of those. Good Times! I wonder if the ActiPatch does something similar on fuel injection.

  • I’m thinking it will happen this way: First he’ll tell you about the positive results from the Oxford study. That should be around October 2016. He’ll print and dump a few million shares on THAT news.

    Then he’ll tell you the Oxford data is SO good that he’s submitting it with the de novo. That’ll be November 2016. The longs will dance in circles high fiving each other. Never mind that the 510(k) has been dead since March – Exaggerate the wins, forget the losses.

    Then we’ll find out the ratio of the reverse split in December.

    I look forward to hearing dewm and simps explain how the FDA delay and R/S are GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 1, 2016 8:27 AM Flag

    "these idiots that attack people for asking or posting real concerns..."

    If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.

    The "longs" who post personal attacks are scared and angry. They're harmless, except maybe to themselves, from a mental health standpoint.

    I wish we could see Q2 sales results now. I'm confident that sales were disappointing again and I look forward to reading the wit and wisdom of dewmboom, simpsonly, sevenup, gramps, and the other bagholders as they explain why they were wrong about sales AGAIN.

    And Coach, I see from the grayed-out subject lines of Ignored messages that you're still trolling. Get a life, dude. You are on Iggy forever.