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    Chrsler has recalled 2.1 million cars

    by lesliedunleith Jun 18, 2013 8:55 PM
    lesliedunleith lesliedunleith Jun 18, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    did not wait around for a class action lawsuit to claim no fault and strand thousands of car buyers with worthless transmissions Honda still can't repair but will gladly sell a refurbished transmission just as worthless for $4800 b012013-04-2900699

  • Chrsler

  • lesliedunleith by lesliedunleith May 20, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Mr. Tetsuo Iwamura
    President & CEO
    Honda Motor Company
    1919 Torrance Blvd.
    Torrance, Ca. 90501-2746
    re: b012013-04-2900699

    Mr. Iwamura:

    The above mentioned case number concerns a certified pre-owned Acura TL 3.2 I bought in 2005.
    I have just installed a 3rd transmission on this certified pre-owned vehicle which Acura paid a paltry 10% of the $4800 refurbished transmission. While Acura paid for the 2nd transmission at 70k miles, here it is not 3 years later but 5 years later and 60k miles where the refurbished transmission apparently was never fixed.

    This car, as Brent Mitchell keeps saying, is 10 years old and has 132k miles, leaving me to wonder why your employee is speaking so negatively about a car your company makes and sells. "Yes sir, there should be no problem for that car to easily achieve 250k miles.." sounds like something I should hear. I don't though hear that; instead, all I keep hearing is that "we'll give you $1000. toward your purchase of that transmission." Indeed, the first time I talked with Mitchell, he said he believed that I could get 50% of the cost back for the transmission.

    I hope to hear drom you soon about this car. The bluebook value is $5700 and the rental car was an additional $450. Perhaps another preowned Acura might be the way to go now.


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    Acura TL

    by lesliedunleith May 12, 2013 5:57 PM
    lesliedunleith lesliedunleith May 12, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    If Honda was an individual amongst others like Coca Cola or Shell Oil Co., would that company be deemed a juvenile delinquent? Honda's mission statement, and its long and short term goals are all the same: sell more cars. When the car company hires a pr firm to work they tell them what they want done. What a dumb idea because the point is, Honda has no strategy, has no idea what needs to be done or have any tactics on how to accomplish anything except to fill the gas tank up and keep going blithly unaware down life's highways as lost tourists chewing the scenery littered with thousands and thousands of broken transmissions littering those same roads

    Of course the problem still persists and the corporate executives have all ripped away their rear view mirrors of their own cars so anxious are they to forget those people left stranded on the interstates with broken down cars. Indeed, why blame Acura client relations who are leaderless as well and told to fix problems and make them go away (cars and clients) as cheaply as possible. The refurbished transmission I recently installed like as not had the gear shift problem fixed and it too will fail as the one before it did. Honda's response is one where one customer can't replace too many transmissions in one Acura. Accept that fact and be prepare to keep buying $4000 transmissions every 60k miles as the new norm. My math might be fuzzy when it comes to adding up all the costs for a Honda Acura to reach the 250k mile plateau. and for heaven's sake, please stop your whining about car problems, Honda will remind you every step, my mistake, mile of the way.
    And If Acura client relations wants to besmirch the very vehicles they expect you to buy, who are you tell tell them they are wrong?

  • lesliedunleith by lesliedunleith May 12, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    When Acura client relations speaks of my 3.2 TL, they refer to that "car 10 years old and a little over 130k miles" as if that was a negative, rather than striving to talk about that make and model just being broken in.
    Acura doesn't make bad products, do they?
    I am now on my third transmission, the second went out because it failed to shift gears properly, a key fix that forced upon Honda Motor Co. by a class action lawsuit. A 2011 lawsuit New York Times article said the company knowingly misled customers by selling these cars with defective transmissions. And, there were cases where transmissions failed on recalled cars Honda told NHTSAthe defect had been fixed when it hadn't repaired the problems after all. Honda seemed not to know how to fix the problem still and there are still problems with this vehicle today.
    "Don't worry," a Honda spokesman said, "those cars were built over five years ago." Keep buying our products, he meant. Acura is clueless as well. Denying a problem that still has not gone away doesn't work nor throwing millions to Acura dealerships to fix refurbished transmissions which isn't any better than the original transmission. By now, one would think the best approach Acura could take would be a moral and ethical stance to fix every one of those autos it knowingly put on showroom floors with a splashy advertising campaign for those with faulty transmissions lurking under each of those hoods.
    Could a public realations campaign geared to Honda and Acura owners been an effective tool to fight the horrible news of that class action lawsuit? If the company vowed to replace every transmission on those cars until they were all taken care of, yes. Honda's approach 10 years later is that of a petulant brat who was spanked for having been found with one of his hands in the cookie jar he knew not to touch. Instead the kid now believes the right time to #$%$ one of those sweet treats is when no one is home, learning little or nothing from his punisment.

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