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mayell40 66 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 24, 2015 10:26 AM Member since: May 15, 2005
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  • Yesterday the price was 0.085 whole day. Then some one bought 100 share at 0.095 at about 4 PM.
    This to me is manipulation. Please work on production and let the market takes its own way.

  • This company divided the shares by 50 in 2013. In 2013 the share price was 17 cents.
    The President thought I can increase the share price to 8 dollars magically by doing nothing.
    Today the same price is 1.9 dollars. Old share price will be 4 cents. If the company has done nothing
    during that time then what is wrong with 4 cents. However I still think if the company has not
    divided by 50, the price would be much higher than 4 cents of 2013.
    I know two other companies that did similar things, they are also way way down.
    My advice to Presidents is if you cannot do more productivity of the company let the price of
    the share go where ever it is. GIMMICKS DO NOT WORK.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Darwin was trading at 5 cents on Feb 2014. The President thought divide the shares by 5 , change the name to Tinka and so the price now is 25 cents. Company has done nothing. So it is a gimmick.
    Today the price of Tinka is 8 cents. What a big mistake. Old way of Darwin is 1.6 cents.
    My opinion is if the company name be kept the same it will not go to 1.6 cents that is what is today.
    Do not change the name of the company and not divide by 5. Let the things stand but improve the company.
    Gimmicks do not work. I do not think Darwin will go to 1.6 cents. If it really goes to that level then the company is finished. If this system works then decrease the shares to one million and see what happens.
    The real test is income and expense statement.

  • If they have not changed name and divide the shares by 5 the stock price would never have gone to old 5
    cents. Now they are giving millions of shares to some body. All is bad. There is nothing we can do.
    Just lose our money. Dejour name took lot of years. The name DXI is just few days old. Dejour would never have gone to 5 cents. One cannot live on borrowed money for ever. I am losing money and that is sure like death and taxes.

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    -16% for 5 days, -31% for 1 month

    by shscurry Nov 12, 2015 11:11 PM
    mayell40 mayell40 Nov 13, 2015 7:02 PM Flag

    When a stock is in development stage that must in over the counter market.
    Going to NY stock will not help. Big investors knows how to read the income/expense sheet.
    Back to 6 cents old. If decreasing the number of stocks will help then why not have only 1 million
    shartes. It will not. Only thing that will help is production. .

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    Reverse Splits

    by karakoranclimber Nov 11, 2015 1:56 PM
    mayell40 mayell40 Nov 11, 2015 2:08 PM Flag

    Reverse split of 1 for 5 gimmick does not work. It is now old 7 cents.
    Only thing that works is more production..

  • Just to be on NY stock exchange will not increase the value for the share holders.
    I do not see any thing wrong with lower value around 13 cents. If company does good
    (more wells for gas & oil) the price will increase. That is the only way. Rest is make believe.

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    More Optimism from the K man

    by auggiekicker1821 Oct 17, 2015 9:13 AM
    mayell40 mayell40 Oct 17, 2015 9:50 PM Flag

    DEJ and DXI is the same company except we are down to stock 1 for 5.
    The price of DXI will depend upon the market conditions the moment it comes
    in the market. No change has and will be made. The company will run as it has been running.
    Let us say 13 cents will go to 65 cents just for a minute or so. Then it will be the same
    company with no change. My conclusion is we are going to lose lot more money.
    Why should one pay 65 cents for the same running company just because of the
    number of shares. This is just to to be in NY exchange. NY exchange does not
    determine the value of the stock. It is the company progress that is the same at 13 cents
    or at 65 cents.

  • If in this up market UUUU is down there is something very bad going on.
    I made the mistake of buying today the Uranium company.
    I think they were surviving of long term contracts. I assume they are on
    the decline side. Uranium price is low and cannot compete with International price.
    Can some one comment on this.

  • Every thing depends upon the Price of Uranium. Today it is about $ 36/pound. It has to $ 60 to 70 to be profitable. UUUU is different. It has long term agreement at good prices. I do not know the exact price. The real problem UUUU stock price was dropped in 2013 by dividing the share price by 50. Yes by 50. I suffered a big loss. The real problem s no body wants a Uranium plant near their home.
    I think it is a good buy at 4 or less.

  • Mawson is a gold development company in Finland. Price of Mawson is related to Gold price.
    From 2010 t0 2013 Gold price jumped from $ 1200 to $ 1800. Mawson price decreased from 2 to 0.5
    In 2014 gold price is $ 1200 , Mawson price is 0.2. If the gold price goes to 700 as predicted by
    a famous person them Mawson will go down to 0.1. However if Mawson can show some income in
    sales then it will be a different matter. So far there is no income and will take many years.

  • One of the problem is that you treat Tinka as two different companies.
    One TKV (Canada) and the other TKRFF (USA).
    That is wrong. All headlines and everything else should be the same
    except the price. USA had Jan Head line while Canada is Sept.
    I wrote earlier to Tinka but no reply.

    That is one reason that Tinka is going down in price very seriously.
    It does not take any time to make this change.
    May be there is no future in Tinka. Now it is 15 cents or so.
    J. Mayell
    CT USA

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    Zinc price

    by jmcdermott60 Jul 2, 2014 4:34 PM
    mayell40 mayell40 Sep 16, 2014 5:28 PM Flag

    Zinc price going up is very good for Peru. Peru produces 1.5 million tons of Zinc every year. It is second only to China in world production. Zinc is very essential for health. About two billion people in the world are deficient in Zinc. About 800,000 children die every year in this world because of Zinc. It has many other advantages.
    If Tinka gets Zinc in good amount it should go up in price I hope.
    J Mayell

  • mayell40 by mayell40 Aug 25, 2014 7:25 PM Flag

    Tinka is now also owner of Darwin. Carter of Darwin is now President of Tinka.
    Carter is a very experienced person. It is luck but lot of science is involved.
    Tinka has now 7.5 Million Dollars for drilling. I had Darwin shares and were converted to Tinka.
    I lost money in that transaction.
    Between Zinc, silver, copper, lead and Gold something will work if lucky with hard work.
    Now I should buy Tinka depending upon how low it will go before some good news comes over.
    Yearly range is 22 cents to 70 cents. Now it is 23 cents, 70 cents was last year in September.
    Book value of Tinka is 14 cents. Generally that is low for most of the companies like Tinka.
    Number of shares issued is not clear. Stock exchange says 82 million but actually they are 116 million.
    How it will affect the stock price when it is corrected, I do not know. It does not look good to me.
    Let us gamble we may get lucky. .
    August 25, 2014
    CT USA

  • mayell40 by mayell40 Mar 7, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

    My main reason was that DEJ has 4 wells and are producing oil/gas.
    They should be able to maintain themselves. To me it appears it is not the case.
    They have borrowed heavily. They were having big money as lot of us
    bought the shares at high price. Management is not clear at all.
    It is our decision. Some times I think let us sell at 14 cents and get out of it and take the loss
    before it goes to 10 cents or below. Hodgekinson is in only person from beginning to now.
    He should come out clearly that we are having these problems and this is my possible solution.

  • When I do not hear good economic news directly from the company, it means things are not
    going well. That is why the stock price goes down. 4 wells are not enough to run the company.
    Some thing has to develop to produce more gas to sell. This management is not forthright.

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    3,525 shares in pre-market?

    by valuvestor4me Feb 21, 2014 9:31 AM
    mayell40 mayell40 Feb 21, 2014 10:14 AM Flag

    DEJ Good part is that it has four wells that are producing about 7 Million a year.
    Without that it will be nothing.
    Bad part is DEJ owe debt of 13 million. DEJ also owe 3.5 Million to a Bank so they can
    run the company for the year 2014.
    I hope they make some deal with some one so they can increase the wells to more than 4
    to increase the income. JSM

  • mayell40 mayell40 Feb 9, 2014 2:17 PM Flag

    You are right. If CLNE refuses to switch to CNG from LNG then it is a mistake to buy CLNE shares.
    If they do declare openly then it is good to buy when it goes down further in my opinion.

  • I go tomorrow to buy car why should I select liquid that has to be kept at very low temperature.
    So I will go for compressed gas. My advice to CLNE is change most of your gas stations to
    CNG even it cost money. Work from the consumer point of view. Why should we have two
    systems when this is the beginning. .

  • Report said 70 gas stations are moth balled as liquified gas is harder to keep than compressed gas.
    For liquified you need cooling system not only at stations but also in the cars, trucks.
    It is a practical problem. The competitors are using compressed gas.
    I bot at 11.30 and sold at 10.26 today. Good luck to all.

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