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mjrruby2000000 7 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 16, 2016 11:29 AM Member since: Apr 19, 2008
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  • mjrruby2000000 mjrruby2000000 Sep 16, 2016 11:29 AM Flag

    I am proud to be one of those "Dreaming Idiots". I've been one of those who have been dreaming for over twenty years, and have made a fortune during that period.
    This drug will be approved, despite all of your ignorant and ill informed posts.

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  • mjrruby2000000 by mjrruby2000000 Aug 28, 2016 3:14 PM Flag

    If someone out there who was my best friend and falsely accused me of something I never or could never do, at least send me condolences for my dad, who was also a friend of his, knows we were all just best friends.
    Ego about a bad decision should not shift blame to best friends.
    The day I was accused of screwing this friend, I called to offer half my profits. Before I could open my mouth, I was cursed, called pathetic, and hung up on.
    This was my best friend, and after all these years, just want to say, there is no amount of money that can replace the friendship we had.
    I wish you well.

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  • mjrruby2000000 by mjrruby2000000 Aug 28, 2016 11:20 AM Flag

    This Labor Day will be the 50th anniversary of the first MD Telethon. Wouldn't approval at this time be a tribute to Jerry Lewis' efforts? The first telethon was local to NY in 1966.

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    my religion believes in hell and

    by rxkell Aug 27, 2016 3:14 PM
    mjrruby2000000 mjrruby2000000 Aug 27, 2016 5:58 PM Flag

    For your information, my dad passed over a year ago. Who do you think you are quoting what Jewish people think? You are a complete #$%$ We are not monolithic. As individuals who have diverse opinions, you have a nerve assuming our opinions. You should know better.

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  • mjrruby2000000 by mjrruby2000000 Aug 10, 2016 4:39 PM Flag

    Anyone who watched ADCOM from beginning to end knows that if the decision is left to her, she will make the wise and ethical choice, and approve this drug with no side effects. Period.

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  • mjrruby2000000 by mjrruby2000000 Aug 2, 2016 2:05 PM Flag

    In all the 20 or so years I've been involved, I've never seen a person so ignorant, ill informed and obsessive as you with one exception....Starfe, an absolute idiot.
    I can hardly believe that their are two morons zeroed in on the same subject. Therefore, I conclude you are one in the same.
    Our boys are still mobile, and Etep will be approved. The cream always rises to the top....Ruby

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  • mjrruby2000000 by mjrruby2000000 Jul 18, 2016 5:33 PM Flag

    In all the years I've been following this board, I've never seen a person so ill informed, ill educated and obsessively posting other than the nut job, Starf. I must believe these people are one in the same.
    Calling Etep a dangerous drug Is absolute ignorance.
    This drug is absolutely non toxic with no side effects.
    The boys on this drug have shown nothing but stability.
    Obviously this sick individual needs psychiatric care.
    I do believe the FDA will approve this drug. Why not? There is no risk and a great reward!

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