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mlady6968 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 15, 2016 3:47 PM Member since: Feb 11, 2011
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  • Some analysts predict this won't happen for a year or more. Reason? The economy is too weak, this after almost 8 years of this administration in power and massive stimulus spending. The Democrats have no answers, no solutions which should seem obvious to anyone by now. Yet, they still campaign on the same old tired platform of "saving" the middle class while the middle class continues to struggle and more people than ever depend on food stamps. Listen to all the excuses and spin leading up to the election. It is time to wipe the floor with incompetent Democrats once and for all.

  • mlady6968 mlady6968 Jun 15, 2016 2:46 PM Flag

    The only reason I bother to respond to you is to show anyone following this discussion that you represent the paradigm of my point. Like any good liberal, you start out with the insults and the name calling. Then you go on apologizing and making excuses for a situation that is clearly not good in this country. Jim Crow, Japanese internment? Dude, we are talking about NOW and its not Bushs' fault. You have a sitting president that takes no responsibility for anything and blames everyone else. He syas he wants to help the middle class but then pushes for policies that do the opposite. Your nominee is a proven liar, nominally Christian, gets huge donations from big corporations, votes for the Iraq war and is under criminal investigation representing everything liberals are against. But, what do democrats do? Nominate her for president. Fact is liberals are so steeped in ideology, you can't see the #$%$ going on right under your noses. 50 people get murdered in Orlando and all the liberal rags and even this president can do is blame Trump and guns. Unbelievable and very sad. Something has got to change, and imo, it's throw out the Democrats.

  • So many were so hot on this stock and now so quiet. Okay so it's a pullback but 19%?

  • mlady6968 mlady6968 Jun 14, 2016 3:26 PM Flag

    keembo, I respect your position but again respectfully, you exhibit the classic liberal naiveté and apologetic positions. You say things like nobody has seen Obama do this or that , therefore it must be that way. Do yourself a favor and read the two books Obama has written for starters. Second, see Denish Souzas Obama's America 2016. Third, acknowledge that this president is the least transparent and least vetted in history. What presidential candidate spends million on lawyers to block their history, even simple things like college transcripts? Liberals all have blinders on, partly because of ideology and partly because the liberal media do a good job of blocking information. But all this is really not my point. Things are clearly dysfunctional in this country and the lefts leading candidate and platform is to continue what this WH has been doing for the past 8 years. I am not sure if this is more insanity , ignorance or just stupidity. What is going on is clearly not sustainable fiscally or defensively. The country will soon go into a depression and some of the smartest minds in economics and finance are uttering their warnings. And don't say this white house says otherwise, They have the least experience of any white house in history as far as the private sector is concerned and demonstrate it everyday.

  • History is there for the reading, GDP numbers are worst than any president ever, race relations the same thing...worst ever, highest budget deficit ever, no respect around the world, America has become a laughing stock. We have an administration cares more about trans-gender bathrooms that the loons at North Korea or Iran seeking to gain and perhaps utilize nuclear weapons. The real unemployment rate is about 20% and no one talks about it. We have the lame stream media that want to tell Americans how to think and influence an election instead of just report the news. We have a health care system that no one except the very poor (who pay next to nothing) can afford. And all the Dems can put up for a person to run the country and be commander in chief is a loser socialist that seems to be in the wrong country with ridiculous ideas and a a woman that doesn't care about anyone except herself and the rise to power, a woman that if anybody took the time to study would realize that while a woman can become president, it should not be this one. But what do the brainwashed ideologue lemmings dumb liberals do? Double down on failure. So pathetic it's scary.

  • mlady6968 mlady6968 Jun 10, 2016 8:55 AM Flag

    He is the first of a lot of things, not the least of which is the only US president in history to have GDP growth less than 3% over his entire term. People want to vote for Clinton who says she will be an extension of his policies??

  • mlady6968 mlady6968 Jun 9, 2016 1:55 PM Flag

    Right, slow and steady downhill all day into the red. Look at the sellers, there is no demand for this manipulated pump and dump penny play. You see this everyday. maybe 1 in 10 will give you a return on the long side. Lastest being MGT NERV HMNY. But try to catch them early...nearly impossible with luck or insider information. Market veyr very tough lately.

  • Finally trades okay and the only news is the lawsuit.

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