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  • Myt sees this a temporary drag on BMY. Holding, not dumping.

  • And Myt is the only poster!

  • Post about BMY or get kicked of the MB!!! Now we is the only one left. Long BMY!

  • BMY has been the solid right arm of the pharma sector for the last 12 mo. Why would you sell at this time? Has the new format driven you from posting? If you were an off-topic politicalcyrclejyrkr...good riddance! BYE BYE YAHOO MESSAGE BOARDS!!!

  • When SNDK was being eyed by WDC, Myt had to rein in the youngins. "We should sell SanDisk, Boss, it's a turkey, a bogue, the sale will never go through!"
    Then, as the closing day approached, "We should close out SNDK before the closing date, we'll get full price, and we don't want those overpriced WDC shares in our portfolio."
    Myt coolly puffed on our morning Ashton and bought deep in early May.

    Forget Hillary, forget Donald, Barack, W, BLM, #$%$, #$%$, libs, conservatards, fox"news"(wink!), etc.

    TRY FOCUSING ON MAKING MONEY!!!!!!! Post about BMY, or don;t post at all and read someone else's posts about BMY. Maybe...just maybe you too can one day post: "Why (insert your name here) is a genius"

  • "Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE: BMY) is expanding its biologics medicines facility in Devens, Massachusetts. The $280 million project will create 350 jobs over time."

    What do you think...BMY could increase shareholder returns by using his annual reviews as toilet paper in the exec washrooms AND have the spiffiest toilets in Devins!

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    michigan courthouse shooter was white

    by stockroornguy Jul 12, 2016 8:10 AM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 12, 2016 11:43 AM Flag

    Toast, are responding to coccyx69??? Even HE admits he is the stupidest poster on the board (not my terms, his). He is such a dunce, he once posted the 'liberal progressives' 'make up names' to call others. He cannot distinguish fact from delusion, but for him odds side with the delusional. Myt has told him to stop posting here, since he is incapable of posting on topic (as are you). But really, he is such a dillybar, aint_normal looks twice as intelligent compared to him...

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    michigan courthouse shooter was white

    by stockroornguy Jul 12, 2016 8:10 AM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 12, 2016 11:36 AM Flag

    NANNYSBEAK!!! Congratulations!!!!! Is it possible you have finally, after all these years, figured out that whole ''re...yore...eeyore' conundrum that has dogged you since kindygarden?

  • mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 3:13 PM Flag

    Tsktsk...poor fredin69_withhisself. We never thought we would see you admit to being jealous of Mytsigns. It does not become you. Better you stick to your usual knuckle-dragging racist homophobe white guy thing. You work best in your comfort zone. But to make you feel better, cutting our long planned sail in half was incredibly difficult and painful. Feel better?

  • mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:59 PM Flag

    Thanks, srguy. We do not advocate selling BMY at this time. As to the stupid, racist losers who clog up this board like a can of Dinty Moore Corn Beef Hash clogs a toilet after it passes through a turtlboy, well Myt did a little research. Searching the board for 'BMY' yielded 138 posts. Searching for 'trump' yielded 773! What is wrong here?

  • mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:52 PM Flag

    Poor fredin69_withhisself. He is reduced to using Mytsign's own humorous writings,plagiarizing as his own because, face it...he hasn't got the facilities to be anything but a dullard.

    But to answer the question you are all dying to ask, Myt had to cut short our sail as things started to get a little crazy back here in the office. Our yacht, "The Quivering Thigh" rests in Fort Lauderdale after a bracing run down our fabulous nation's Atlantic coast. Originally the plan had been to return via Bermuda, and most likely that will be the return route, but sadly, Myt will not helm the vessel.

    We badly called the Brexit vote, assuming the Brits were nowhere near as stupid as you off-topic posting turtleboys. Myt was called back to PA by the frightened minions, we flew back Saturday night.

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    Mistah F.A.B. and his "6 Shots" rap tune

    by nanospeak Jul 9, 2016 1:08 PM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    nannysbeak: "Is he a racist ?"
    Mytsigns: "No, but you are, ya racist turtleboy! Try posting ON-TOPIC!!"

  • Will politico-cyrclejerkers EVER stop with their off topic tugtugtugging and post about BMY???? For instance: "Wow BMY certainly did not take too much of a hit, given the Brexit nonsense from earlier this month, do you think this is temporary, or a continuing demonstration of strong fundamentals?" Go ahead...

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    if blacks had a brain

    by nanospeak Jul 9, 2016 12:17 PM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:25 PM Flag

    Aint_normal, it feels like weeks since Myt has pointed out what a giant doooooosh you are. Why do you never post about BMY?

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    if blacks had a brain

    by nanospeak Jul 9, 2016 12:17 PM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:23 PM Flag

    "much like women and other whiners" ... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Poor fredin69_withhisself. Did you ever actually HAVE sex with a (human, non-inflateable) woman? Your bitterness towards the fair sex says perhaps not. All that rejection. Myt can only hope, that on the countless occasions when the answer was 'No!' 'you were able to calm lil'Fred down and respect the "No means NO!" gentleman's rule. Or maybe you prefer the Bill Cosby method. Either way, apparently Freud was correct.

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    if blacks had a brain

    by nanospeak Jul 9, 2016 12:17 PM
    mytsigns mytsigns Jul 11, 2016 2:16 PM Flag

    Also prejudice against you by intelligent people, nannysbrain. Toleration of the willfully stupid will never exist.

  • Office phones are ringing off the hook, minions rushing around. Busy here when we are making big $$ or losing big $$. The office underlings always fret when Myt is not towering over them at the helm.

    Myt told everyone not to bother us. We are enjoying a morning Ashton, going over provision lists for our upcoming sail. New toys from the chandler, deliveries from the state store and Wegman's. No one knows if we are northward or southward bound. Myt told everyone to pack shorts, but no one seems to get it. Oh well.

    We leave the dock tomorrow night, first leg will be by the stars (and the big ol' moon). Life is a wonderful thing. You off-topic turtleboys should try and get one.

    Look to hear from Myt in August sometime. Until then, TRY and post about BMY. And stop worrying. We live in the greatest country in the world, despite the stupidity and timidity of our citizens. Shut of the radio and
    TV and get out into the sunshine!

    Your pal,
    Captain Mytsigns

  • mytsigns mytsigns Jun 23, 2016 9:53 AM Flag

    Good article, Myt! Can you believe how idiotic the turtleboys and politicocyrclejerkers that post off-topic are? Hard to believe they are STILL posting about Obama's birth certificate and how he will destroy America. Still posting about what a dunce GWB was. Still flinging their poo at each other, day in, day out.

    Thanks for posting about BMY. We see you are in a holding mode, as opposed to your previous well timed and money making trades. Mytsigns, you are one sexy beast. Unlike the politicocyrclejrks who are #$%$

  • BMY message board stools, clogging up all BMY discussion with their tedious and smelly politicoturds have no clue what BMY is all about. Why has BMY held its ground while GILDed LLYs have sagged 15 - 20% over 2015 so far? Why not pay attention to the market, post about BMY, and forget your sad, tedious, repetitive, doltish politicodoooooshery. Here, read something:

    From Motley Fool this week:
    "Just "releasing the brakes" on the immune system with checkpoint inhibitors may not be sufficient for all patient and tumor types. Studies show that more difficult-to-treat cancers, such as head and neck and gastrointestinal cancers, may also require drugs to "floor the gas" of the immune system. As such, the next generation of I-O treatments will likely consist of a cocktail of two or three different agents, each with different targets, in order to be effective.

    With its safety and efficacy profile largely well-defined, Opdivo has now become a pipeline within a pipeline. Opdivo is being evaluated in over 20 late-stage trials and nearly 25 different tumor types, many of which are for combo regimens. Opdivo combos are taking aim at tough-to-treat cancers like glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer where the prognosis is generally fewer than 15 months.

    Bristol-Myers is also evaluating six additional I-O candidates targeting a broad range of different immune system pathways. So, even for those who may not respond to checkpoint-based therapies alone, Bristol-Myers is aiming to develop an entire suite of I-O products that could be tailored for a multitude of tumor types. "

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