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nofence81 2055 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 6, 2014 9:26 AM Member since: Jun 3, 2004
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  • Coke paid only $75/sh, and usually big companies are not afraid of paying big premium to acquire part or totality of smaller companies: Maybe Coke knows better the lukewarm future of GMCR cold business than many speculators

  • nofence81 nofence81 Feb 5, 2014 7:06 PM Flag

    No doubt it's about the future. That is why Coke didn't want to pay more than $75 each share with the unknown future success of the products. They probably know a the value of the business a little better than most speculators AH.

  • nofence81 nofence81 Feb 5, 2014 6:52 PM Flag

    The cold products from GMCR won't be out before the end of 2014, possibly beginning 2015. Investors are buying and paying a huge premium compared to Coke, 12 months before even one cup is sold. Ridiculous.

  • Only idiots or desperate shorts would buy GMCR at over $75.

  • Icahn is making his mistake with his increasing stake in Apple, like Paulson made his big mistake with gold.
    Following big money can be great, but not when it goes down the cliff. They can afford to lose several millions, can you lose several thousands?

  • nofence81 by nofence81 Jan 28, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    Now that it is stuck in the mud with their revenue and earnings, they will do like IBM in the last two years, which is to remove shares with buyback, hence the earnings look better. Cosmetics works for a while, but old faces always show their age and continue to experience gravity.

  • He told me that his main goal is to load up Apple with tons of debt to pay for a humongous share buyback without investing much in badly need new category products, then with less shares the earnings will look artificially higher, then investors will push the stock higher: He makes a bundle, then he sells all his shares, and he starts to short massively.
    I said to him, great strategy for you. He said thank you and offered me to pay for a second big Mac. I said which one, from Apple or Macdonald?

  • You'll be able to "cook" on the new window plate, thanks to a new app called "CookwithTim". Since Apple's cell phones have a tendency to overheat, they will make the new one really hot.
    Stay tuned and wait in line at the stores now, the new special cell phone should be ready in few months.

  • You let your competitors releasing products for a while, then you bring the one that is a game changer in its design, capability, and attractiveness.
    The iPod: It came years after the Walkman, but with such a slick design, etc.
    The iPhone: It came years after most cell phones, but with such a slick design, etc.
    The iPad: It came years after many tablets, but with such a slick design, etc.
    Next? Perhaps an iWatch like so many mentioned already, but they will wait that Samsung, Sony, etc., bring more of their stuff and see what is wrong with them, to present another game changer.
    Apple can buy time. It is still a money machine and has a substantial amount of cash available to wait quite a while.
    But investors nowadays are day traders, no time to wait for a quick buck.

  • nofence81 by nofence81 Sep 16, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    When IBM started to see its revenue and earnings stalling few years ago, they went into non stop share buyback programs to prop up the stock artificially, spending $Bn every year on them. It worked somewhat, but IBM has the big advantage to have very long term customers for its services, not Apple.

  • What he meant was : It take someone with no brain to buy Apple on its decline.

  • I am telling this board before all financial news networks, to give you a head start: my neighbor bought today 100 shares of Apple. When the news will spread, Apple could jump by at least 20%. Icahn is small potato compared to my neighbor.

  • In USA the market is saturated with Apple, Cook knows it. They have to go in China, certainly not in India where they are a lot poorer than China. But the wealthy in China never waited for China Mobile to get their hand on a Apple product, for they travel abroad and get what they want when they want. The rest, the average chinese people simply cannot afford to buy an iPhone or a iPad, and if you count on China Mobile to give Apple a pass like the telecom companies in USA did with their big discount on Apple products with a two year contract at their own expense, you are dreaming; Chinese telcoms don't give a hoot about Apple if they can sell chinese products at a profit.
    Apple reached a top at $700, like Microsoft years ago reached a top in their turf, it won't come back, get used to it. A stock for daily traders, nothing else.

  • There is no chance whatsoever to be able to trade your shares. No trader or broker are allowed to do it.
    The IRS will give you your credit loss against your revenue as soon as you will show the SEC document with the "revoked" word on it.
    Anyone thinking that Chong will give even one penny for worthless shares certificates should have their head examined.
    No lawsuits in USA will ever get any money from Chong. Chong gave $1.5M ( FUQI and himself) to the SEC knowing that the REVOKED sentence was allowing him to get rid of all shareholders once for all and keep the money in China.
    DEAD. Like your brain if you still hope for anything from Chong the Bandit!

  • Five years too late.
    12 months to find a replacement? He must still think of himself difficult to replace. Anyone can do better than he did in the last few years with the kind of money MSFT had on hand.
    A pity.

  • nofence81 by nofence81 Aug 14, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    A new product to be released, the iCan, it's a pump to prop up your brokerage account. You just sit tight and the iCan does the job for you. And it costs nothing, a first for Apple.

  • nofence81 nofence81 Aug 8, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    If you read most posts by longs in the last few years, you will discover that they never wanted to see the obvious, always turning positive what were major red flags.
    For the transfers of millions of $, Chong gave the amazing explanation that it was a request by a clerk from their bank to put money in different other accounts owned by companies that were not related in any shape or form to FUQI business! Anyone with even a trace of a brain would have read this as a clear signal to run away as fast as possible from this fraud. But nope, they didn't. Some even bought more, saying the company was transparent with this explanation, thus they must be honest! Absolutely fascinating how some investors can be utterly dumb.
    A big warehouse was owned by Chong and his wife, paid by shareholders' money at the time of the IPO, but kept under both names supposedly to the benefits of the company!
    All independent directors resigning, but the dumb investors thought it was for the best!
    So many weird things from this bandit and still, the dumb investors couldn't get enough of it!

    FUQI, a private company owned by a bandit who saw a good opportunity to make more money with a reverse merger, like so many of them, pretending it was then a public company, when in reality it has always been managed as a private one.
    FUQI the FRAUD, from private to private, bilking investors' money along the way. Only complete idiots could keep their shares one red flag after another one raised.

  • The SEC closed its case with FUQI, declaring it a fraud, and stopping all trades on the stock for good, even on the less stringent of all, the PINK! The fine was purely symbolic. Feel lucky that the IRS allows losses against your revenue to the tune of $3K per year!
    FUQI the FRAUD is back where they started, in Shenzhen, and Chong a lot richer, thanks to the simplest loophole in american securities: Keep all your business in China, show no financials quarter after quarter, pretend to work on them each quarter, send a little notice of not being able to file on time to the SEC every quarter, and you're good to keep all the loot and one day to fall into oblivion with the authorities.
    Some investors are so dumb, they still believe that their shares have some value. They just can't get it! Ten years from now they will still wait for something from Chong the bandit!
    An annual meeting in September??? LOL! The few meetings they had in their history were always in China, not once in USA where all shareholders were! It was already very telling!

    Keep waiting for Godot! Since you're idiots! Real big ones!

  • nofence81 nofence81 Aug 5, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Can't you see that it was a copy of an old post from 2011 by a pumper of FUQI (yingshi wkt), another very low IQ shareholder that couldn't believe that FUQI was a fraud when so many red (chinese) flags were raised to show it was a fraud?

    IDIOT! BIG IDIOT! REAL BIG IDIOT! who can't even read a simple post by one of his idiot mate! Confirming he is an idiot!!!!!!!

  • by yingshi_wkt • Aug 30, 2011 5:36 PM

    Uprubis the great Bundle is barking for long time that FUQI is fraud. Could anybody including Uprubis's dad (the muddy water guy)find any fraud in last 3 years? I have never seen any fraudulent matter reporting. FUQI is NOT NOT like sino-forest or RINO or CCME. FUQI has solid business, visible, money making for ever since it deals with GOLD. Nobody ever reported about non-existence of their any one of more than 100 stores. Auditors never ran away. No debt like sino forest.

    Can anybody prove that the statement made in FUQI's website regarding their business is wrong or raise doubt?

    Can anybody prove that FUQI's stores are not making money and just for show? Plain & simple - if FUQI is wrong then the short-sellers would have pounced it like CCME, RINO or Sinoforest. But nobody allleged FUQI of wrong doing in any of the published articles so far.

    Does it mean anything?

    Lastly, FUQI has visible business. Uprubis. bundle should not compare with other Chinese RTO companies which deal with fiction and not fact. Less

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