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    Too Many Jobs-Not Enough Qualified Workers

    by palovesr Aug 22, 2016 12:04 PM
    palovesr palovesr Aug 22, 2016 12:19 PM Flag

    P.S. Ref lost IT jobs at Disney, I look in the want ads of the Washington Post and their are
    plenty of IT jobs available, you just have to relocate to get them. Its not easy to do but there
    is no more "cradle to grave" job security anymore. A company is in business to make
    a profit and thats what good management does, whether it is by cutting the payroll,
    getting faster and more efficient equipment and outsourcing services if it is profitable
    to do so.

  • We have to bring in IT workers because not enough in the US. Kids taking the easy route to a
    college degree in BA diplomas and not enough in technology degrees. Math and science
    classes be damned because they are too hard for our kids. Ha -- that's why we have to
    import this intelligence. Second, reference the illegals in this country--they are doing jobs
    no American wants and are doing it for less money. Blame this on the contractors who hire
    them. Why not, they save on SS payments, insurance, health etc. Why not go after the
    contractors. Next, take a look at outside construction jobs (easily seen) and you see mostly
    Hispanics doing this work. Caucasians won't do it, African Americans are sparse since
    they are collecting welfare (why work) and Asians not to be seen (they are well educated
    and in the upper echelons of companies. Don't blame the Hispanics (illegals) for taking
    jobs, they are the only ones willing to work. Taxes are another thing, they don't pay since
    they are paid under the table in a lot of cases by the contractors. Go after the contractors
    and get the Illegals citizenship and they can pay taxes like the rest of us. I know several
    business owners, some in agriculture and building, doing it the right way by bringing
    in labor via brokers and it is quite expensive.

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  • palovesr palovesr Aug 12, 2016 10:24 AM Flag

    If posting is not about the stock, I don't like it. And .... people who use it as a
    political scrum need to get out in the park more, with their soapbox. Most
    political bs is exactly that, with no basis in fact, just everyone's uneducated
    opinion. You do not know what goes on behind the scene only what Fox
    and the media want you to believe and you political experts expound on it.

  • Talk about FRO on this m/b. For all you political know-it-alls, please go to your
    local park and get up on a soapbox and preach politics all you want. Please leave
    the board to investors. P.S. You have Hillary for the next 8 years (with Bill a major
    force). Don't you just love it. LMAO. just got down from the soapbox.

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