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  • January 14th 2015 Barrick was nailed at Pascua Lama

    Supreme Court of Chile to abolish LAC MINERALS 1997-2015 salts and nitrates concessions
    23d Civil Court PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL
    Appeals Court of Copiapo in costs v. Jorge Lopehandia payable by MINERA NEVADA SpA

    Google Barrick v. Lopehandia where Barrick is in libel and perjury to Lopehandia made LIBEL symbol worldwide by ABX

    SLW is part of the fraud and investigation at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE

    shame shame shame

  • In the matters of striking out PROTOCOL PASCUA LAMA

    Just hours after SUPREME COURT OF CHILE nails Barrick at the salts and nitrates concessions it bought in Canada from LAC without paying taxes in Chile 1994-2015 , the CDE application to run away from PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL fraud protecting Barrick, was also nailed. With costs

    The same day Barrick is toasted at Illustrious Court of Appeals of Copiapo, re costs to Lopehandia.

    Barrick went up 9% with fraudulent fundamentals in recent days.

    Now atch how insiders fleece the public as done from 50´s to teens

    TSX BCSC SEC regulators knew it and attacked MWR, MSX and Lopehandia in fraud instead.

    SUPREME COURT OF CHILE has the story right and ABX is doomed at its PASCUA CIVIL RICO SCAM

    LAMA is another invention of ABX investigated 2007-2010 and onward, re opened now, RCMP Ottawa and PDI Santiago de Chile investigated and shall re:

    Barrick bribed presidents and civil servants of Chile and Argentina at PASCUA LAMA FRAUD

    shame shame shame

  • False stock spike of prices is a cash trap from insiders on the know v. innocent investors sucked in 2009-2015 onto a PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCAM of riches that never were, only wealth depletion from exchanges down

    shame shame shame

  • Decision is to be made public by Judges in due course

    ABX peddling salts and nitrates from LAC concessions 1978-2015 AMARILLOS 1 al 3000 at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL are ilegal

    The same contract with Chile and Argentina is flawed as Barrick filed TESOROS concessions at SEC and OSC as owned via MINERA NEVADA SpA and that is a falsehood that ABX used to ilegally sue a Judge in Chile to slander Lopehandia, MWR and MSX 2010-2015.

    Stay tuned to the unwinding of PASCUA LAMA and ABX at world markets 2015.

    shame shame shame

  • The liars say in Canada Courts that Jorge Lopehandia libeled Barrick and has nothing to do with PASCUA or MINERA NEVADA SpA Lopehandia or MWR, MSX

    January 2015 Barrick and MINERA NEVADA SpA losing at Supreme Court of Chile v. Jorge Lopehandia January 2015.

    Is there something that ABX is keeping away from the investing public?

    stay tuned for the next BRE-X to pop up at ABX as charges and judicial decisions become daily ABX events on their way to jail terms for all insiders, worldwide

    shame shame shame

  • One has to be at awe, leave these crooks alone for a few minutes and they rig the stock to dump like mad.

    ABX is losing its rights to LAC MINERALS concessions of salts and nitrates violating PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL

    That is the only crooked title ABX has at PASCUA in Chile

    LAMA is a bust and invention of crooked ABX insiders that fled ABX long ago leaving it headless

    SLW and ABX business has been BUSTED

    read MSX MOUNTAINSTAR Gold press releases to get a jist

    ABX did not know 2001-2015 and was a formal employer 1996-2015 of PASCUA mine thief in Chile


  • after all crooks were notified by Pascua owner´s lawyer that ABX had no Pascua title

    they altered and defaced the original transaction to accomodate LONG TERM CIVIL RICO PONZI SCAM

    get AVX to deliver from other mines as we know wink wink wink that PASCUA is not ABX asset

    and they did this to create the alibi

    Get paid from other mines

    ABX as reported to Chile Courts invented Silver from Mina Pascua Chile to SLW and SLW + ABX + Regulators invented PASCUA SILVER to investors and innocent public

    shame shame shame

  • BCSC + ABX + SLW knew from Pascua owner that no Silver would be produced at their PASCUA CIVIL RICO SCAM

    BCSC + SLW + ABX affraid, defaced the contract onto this farce, circus and casino

    shame shame shame

  • Except that these crooks invent SILVER where there is none to keep prices down

    perfect example

    SLW and ABX Pascua Lama Silver fraud, to keep prices down

    Now they are caught and Silver shall go back up fast as PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCAM is law enforced

    shame to manipulators of physical Gold and Silver, Copper prices, paper shufflers against miners assets

    shame shame shame

  • ABX libeled Mr. Jorge Lopehandia converting the fine miner into Internet libel symbol worldwide.

    January 7th, 2015, at the Excelentisima SUPREME COURT OF CHILE there are two parties scheduled at first audience AM, Santiago de Chile

    MINERA NEVADA SpA listed at SEC and OSC as owner of TESOROS concessions holding PASCUA LAMA for Barrick Gold Corporation books.


    Jorge R. Loipehandia, Canadian Chilean miner, libeled by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION as internet libel symbol worldwide 2002-2014. Mr. Lopehandia holding the TESOROS concessions titles filed by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION as PASCUA LAMA GOLD, in the name of Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes

    Barrick never on title of TESOROS as filed at SEC, OSC banks, it is all a


    what a mockery of the word DEMOCRACY

    Treason to the ones that fought for it and were pillaged of their retirement savings for Trizechann Castles

    shame shame shame

  • MSX has successful criminal action against all predators of ABX, Pascua Mine owner in Chile at their side.

    MSX executives confronted regulators in Canada and all sided with Barrick and could not think that SLW was wrong buying Silver from Pascua.

    When Pascua ownership lawyer delivered legally seized PASCUA title to SLW + ABX fraud at BCSC British Columbia Securities Commission, the reaction was immediate - alter the contract - if Pascua does not produce then Silver from any other asset

    It is legal contract chronology records between ABX and SLW + BCSC crooked regulators that allowed it.

    Bre-X + ENRON on steroids and crack, thanks to POLITICAL CAPITAL OVERSPENT THE WRONG WAY

    to tramp including in Courts of law Mina Pascua owner with false testimony, making Mr. Jorge R Lopehandia INTERNET LIBEL SYMBOL in Canada and wordwide.

    The fine miner is inocent as charged by Barrick Gold Corporation that he has nothing to do with MINA PASCUA Chile asset or Rodolfo Villar Garcia at the Trials.

    At Supreme Court of Chile 2015, Barrick faces Mr. Jorge Lopehandia, he who Barrick libeled, only, all other PASCUA hitched Barrick invented actors, ARE OUT.

    Barrick v. Lopehandia at Supreme Court of Chile means only one thing. CIVIL RICO SLW + ABX today.

    gangs you are rotted.....

    shame shame shame

  • As exchange regulators proudly played the MADDOF with MUNK the skunk, ripping off the public

    Pundits like JOHN EMBRY ex ROBC top Banker, shutdown Pascua owner RBC cash accounts and fled to SPROTT ASSET MANAGEMENT as Gold Guru with the facts that ABX lost Pascua 2002.

    12 years playing dumb to ABX fraud and GURU to the Gold Markets with Pascua owner secrets as banker

    Everyone on the know, cashed in at peak, shorted at will and here is the dry cow, falling under ten any minute now, as designed from within.

    All jurisdictios are suspect to Barrick and its tainted modus operandi

    Bribe politicians and all is good at Wall Street

    Or so they sought. Cesspool of abused overspent political capital that did not help the moto BUILT TO LAST

    Built ON LUST FOR GOLD and CRIME by political capital self indulgent hedonists connected to sick people

    Abuse of power, abuse of financial terrorism banksters networks

    abuse of press self owned and dumped by QUEBECOR - BRIAN MULRONEY as if to sell the assets like Barrick will erase the crimes committed.

    It will not, it will add up as trying to sell the stolen assets peddled 1994-2015

    ABX selling salts and nitrates of Chile AS IF it was Gold, from 1994

    what a shame of a never existed Gold scam

    CIVIL RICO all the way

    Barrick scamming the public it will open Pascua, not by rigging the fines committee Barrick, Supreme Court of Chile has spoken on that circus. You are out of the loop. Real fines on the way Barrick, final. No appeal.

    Which reminds me

    Barrick and Mr. Jorge Lopehandia, sole contenders at Supreme Court of Chile 2015 re PASCUA CHILE.

    Barrick sued Mr. Lopehandia in Canada as having nothing to do with Pascua, transforming the fine miner into an INTERNET LIBEL SYMBOL worldwide, on record in Courts making verdicts under that Law.

    Barrick ambushed Mr. Lopehandia and the truth. The fine miner is the innocent legal owner of Pascua mine 1996 to date in accordance to Chilean Mining Legislation.

    shame shame shame

  • Backed with LAC MINERALS concessions of salts and nitrates

    Peter Munk salted Pascua Lama and fled

    Insiders and regulators knew it

    RCMP IMET was deceived, conned and some towed Mulroney´s fraud rope at RCMP to date

    ABX investigated for bribes to heads of state, if presidents were bribed - regulators were bought to be blind

    shame on you Barrick insiders you are all jail fodder

    shame shame shame

  • SLW and ABX shareholders have been mugged by insiders and exchange regulators in cohoots

    All insiders fled with the loot and crooked regulators cashed in from 60 to 20 at SLW from 50 to 10 at ABX

    criminals criminals criminals

    shame on you castigate these turds

    shame shame shame

  • Other countries and Exchanges to follow, cutting off ABX plus crooked regulators that helped it 1994-2014 at PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    A fraud bigger than BRE-X and ENRON together

    shame shame shame

  • Why not buy more ABX to 100 instead of tanking it from promised 60 to under 11? wow what a scam

    ABX in the business of selling salts as Gold 1994-2014

    That is why all fled and stock tanked pals

    shame shame shame

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    by dorjenabob Dec 29, 2014 8:49 PM
    pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 2, 2015 5:50 PM Flag

    wouldn´t it be nice if you got yourself pregnant and then sued yourself for alimony payments?

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    by dorjenabob Dec 29, 2014 8:49 PM
    pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 2, 2015 5:49 PM Flag

    You have a misguided understanding by design of SLW crooks and ABX insiders laughing at SLW shareholders

    SLW agree to provide an alibi to ABX as if it, had checked the legality and authenticity of ABX ownership of PASCUA to rig the markets and con the banks, exchanges and innocent investors as done.

    Fleecing the wealth from 50 dollars to 20, just like that in contempt

    The contract DID NOT CALL for the clause you indicate on record.

    On record it was added to the contract to supply CIVIL RICO BOGUS SILVER as an escape clause, after all acknowledged receipt of MINA PASCUA clean titles, from Pascua owner´s lawyer, before the birth of the deal

    SLW insiders were bribed by ABX insiders to play dumb and con as done

    ABX was tainting fines process at Pascua damages inflicted against Mina Pascua owner and asset, to run and scam as if title is theirs.

    SUPREME COURT slapped ABX and Chile is to decide the fines for ABX, not ABX and other conned people

    shame shame shame

    shame shame shame

  • None of it said SUPREME COURT.

    Fines to set forth, but without meddling of ABX on the amounts.

    Why the lies?

    ABX damaged MIna Pascua Chile, a mining asset that is property of Chilean Canadian miner Jorge Lopehandia in business with MSX.

    ABX 1994-2014, bough salts and nitrates only, as AMARILLOS 1 AL 3000 concessions from LAC MINERALS and that is all they are able to sell, SALT. To back up at SEC, OSC the ABX PASCUA PROSPECTUS.

    Pascua Lama is worse of a fraud.

    Latest decision in Chile, kills Barrick attempt to damage Mr. Lopehandia´s mine, while running away title less

    This is not the only SUPREME COURT OF CHILE decision that will destroy Barrick 2015.

    January Barrick is up for defense against Jorge Lopehandia, who was awarded costs v Barrick and MINERA NEVADA SpA in matters of striking out LAC MINERALS assets from Chilean Mines Registrar by 2015.

    shame on you Barrick, spin off doctors failed to tell the truth once again. Defeated, defeated, defeated.

    shame shame shame

  • When are these monsters admit they are deceiving and fleecing the establishment with SALTS & NITRATES concessions as MINA PASCUA GOLD?

    Did insiders flee and stock plunge with SLW tanking at PASCUA CIVIL RICO 2009-2014?

    shame shame shame

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