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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini May 30, 2016 9:14 AM Flag

    So the trade deficit with China is just a result of us being addicted to buying on the cheap.
    Would it be okay then to just ignore the alarming rate that this particular deficit with China is rising? If any other candidate or President is much more experienced in dealing with trade, would they not at least bring this issue front and center? Going from $25 Billion annually to nearly $400 Billion per year in a matter of less than 6 terms is no problem?
    It's gotten pretty bad out there my friend when it comes to manufacturing jobs.
    This $365 Billion annual merchandise trade deficit with China alone is nothing to sneeze at. I don't think China will want to get into a trade war with us, so I'm willing to take a chance that they will cooperate to some extent as to we need to do to make things a little more fair in trade. I think you are aware that for years China has been also manipulating their currency to help their products be alot more cheap than ours. That's just one thing. A business man like Trump I'm sure will know a few more things that need to be fair.
    Currently, Trump is echoing alot of what Ross Perot said in the past. Especially the part where NAFTA will be bad for the US. And years after it passed, even Clinton herself admitted that it has not done much good for the US during her Obama debate years ago. The term trade war seems like China would be threatening us with "if you guys don't allow us to do whatever it takes to have nearly a $400 trade surplus against the US, we will stop selling you cheap products". So we just say "okay"? Bend over and take it in the rear? I don't think China will dare to allow this to go to a trade war. I want someone that would at least start shaving off the trade deficit by standing up to some of these countries who don't seem to play fair. Even if we go back to below $100 Billion in deficit, its better than staying quiet about it and just stand by and do nothing.

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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini May 30, 2016 1:22 AM Flag

    Again, I respect your thoughts on Intel as I am a big fan of Intel and have strong belief in its
    However, I'm gonna have to disagree with you about Trump.
    I myself was not a fan of Trump at all, but what he is saying, especially about the
    trade deficits we have with other countries is very much a problem that was not mentioned
    by the other candidates or any of the sitting presidents.
    The Chinese merchandise trade deficit is especially troubling after looking at the history.
    Under Bush senior, we opened trade with China I believe and we immediately say a trade deficit go from zero to as high as $25 Billion annually.
    Then under Bill Clinton, who also started NAFTA which most people were against at the time, the Chinese trade deficit went from $25 Billion annually to as much as $80 Billion.
    Then George Bush came in at allowed the Chinese merchandise trade deficit to go from $80 Billion annually to as much as $250 Billion annually.
    So Obama comes in and allows the Chinese trade deficit to reach a record $365 Billion annually for the year of 2015, and did not see it go down in any of the years during his presidency.
    The top five countries we have trade deficits with are China, $365 Billion, Germany $80 Billion, Japan about $70 Billion, Mexico $58 Billion, and Vietnam about $50 Billion. The top five only totaling about $625 Billion annually. And it's only getting worse.
    Why is it that the others don't talk about this or barely mention it while Trump pounds the table about it.
    I would like to have a president who at least brings attention to these types of major concerns and in return attempts something at least to change the direction of the deficit. If the others don't talk about it, that means they have no concerns about it to begin with and therefore will not try much to fix it. I would like to at least give Trump a chance to get a good team together and tackle these types of problems.

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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini May 30, 2016 4:05 PM Flag

    Okay, let's say I buy your argument.
    Then do nothing?
    Just keep status quo.
    We are currently at $365 Billion merchandise trade deficit with China alone.
    And this grew from $250 Billion under Bush, which is very bad to begin with IMO, to a record $365 Billion under Obama.
    This is okay?
    Let's not talk about it and do nothing about it.
    Is $500 Billion okay also?
    Or can we go as high as $1 Trillion trade deficit with China and just borrow our way out of it by reaching a national debt of what?
    Is about $30 Trillion or $40 Trillion okay for that one?
    If anyone does not like Trump's ideas about solving that problem, than what is their solution? Just keep quiet and allow it to go on?
    I know many electrical engineers by the way with degrees and eagerness to work. Yet they themselves cannot find jobs either.
    So we invest in training our people and force their wages to be higher, yet the jobs continue to go out to other countries. is that okay?

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  • What kind of a free society to we live in?
    Is the media that powerful?
    I guess Intel CEO has to be part of the silent majority also.
    But the silent majority will prevail and Donald Trump will
    become the next president of the United States.
    Thank goodness for Donald Trump having the guts to
    speak up for the silent majority and bring attention to what's really
    troubling this country.

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