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  • pdb3838 by pdb3838 Jul 11, 2016 12:01 PM Flag

    Most of you will remember the laughable posts of my fan club members, the Bosie's Tilos (and so many other names) and others who have consistently felt the need to post to me with drivel and inaccuracies. I miss the comic relief and have a lot more time on my hands. LOL Well we are not about 6 months into their last series of posts until they disappeared as their predictions turned out as per usual to be total drivel. Lets see where they are;

    1. Arcam will go to 10 an below and I will be wiped out. Well i'm sitting on more than a one bagger on my adds and was almost at a one bagger my investment shares. If that is a wipe out, please wipe me out.

    2. The American economy would collapse, sell all stocks and buy gold and the fed would lower rates because of economic disaster. Well if this is a market collapse, give it to me. This is not to say the market will not go down, but all those shouts about near term disaster??? LOL

    3. Bosies, the cybers would be the best stocks in 2015. LOL

    And all those other shouts my fan club loved to incessantly shout about. LOL Notice how they have all dd with their tails between their legs.

    Now this Is not to say arcam has performed as well as I wished. But hey, I've been right on all my general outlook, the jury is still out on others and I can't say where I've been wrong on any of my basic arcam shouts, perhaps because don't make bald unsupported shouts.

    Now I am working on, and will post shortly, my expectations for the upcoming ER. Was close on 2, somewhat off on the last one and this one will be a total guess as we have only had news of 2 sales and I can't assume most of the backlog will be delivered as part, maybe all, of the GE bulk order wil be delayed. But we shall see and I encourage any and all to give their 2 cents.

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    Now to Spain

    by ukmike8 Jul 6, 2016 8:12 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jul 6, 2016 2:49 PM Flag

    At this juncture, producing the LNG and then selling it are the important factors. Making money will come as the business matures. Remember, LNG is essentially a start up with its first of 9 trains just starting in Feb. So right now, successful production and marketing are the key. You should know that uinless you just want to spread negativitism for your own personal reasons.

    It always amuses me why people continue to troll a board, talking down a stock, with info that everyone already knows and have reached different conclusions on unless they are being paid to do so or are short and convince themselves that their negative posts will actually drive the pps down. Such desperation and neediess as shown by the lack of adding anything new in the posts

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    Now to Spain

    by ukmike8 Jul 6, 2016 8:12 AM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jul 6, 2016 2:42 PM Flag

    Right. You need an education. In the beginning of a business, which is where LNG is now, making money is not as important as revenue. And I assume as per usual that any startup loss money in the beginning as sales develop and grow and then makes money. Every successful company lost money at the beginning and with one train of 9 we are at the beginning, so expect to lose money. The question is where we will be in a year or two as the company matures.

    So yes troll, at this juncture, making money is not as material as sales volume, although it would be interesting to know the price differentials.

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jul 6, 2016 1:36 AM Flag

    You do need help from someone, you make my case with your own posts and don't even realize it. Yes little clown, a few parts on thousands of engines is great production as are the engines themselves. For your information fool, a few parts on one engine is producing more entities then the OEM manufacturer and all new business. Keep trying little clown.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jul 5, 2016 10:50 AM Flag

    Yep the can and they did and you have no answer except for your obvious foolishness and inability to admit you were wrong Both gratuitous as not solicited and warranted as totally true. LOL GOTCHA. Bet you don't respond again. LOL The thumbs tell all. LOL

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 29, 2016 8:43 PM Flag

    How can we tell. We can estimate the contract shipments but how do we know what the spot prices were. Were they announced??? But this will be the first full quarter of train 1 operations so will be interesting to see the ER. And then train 2 should start operating. Will be a busy sea channel, I hope.

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    National Holiday in Sweden

    by jplhimself Jun 6, 2016 12:44 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 26, 2016 9:19 AM Flag

    Thanks that explains why papa arcam did not go down Friday. My only stock that didn't. And all this based on no change as the withdrawal, if it occurs and some want a redo, won't occur till the withdraw is negotiated which may take 2 years. The lemmings strike again

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 26, 2016 9:14 AM Flag

    Typical rubbish from rbtsherman. That's all he can offer. Note he has not rebutted one of my ponts and his response to my posts is an industry paid sit is not fair. Well who even mentioned an industry paid site, Such lack of comprehension and rubbish. My suggestion was to analyze as many sites as possible and then each your own conclusions based on the data, rationale and analysis contained therein. Notice this fool never provides any analysis or reasoning, only false data, partial data or out and out lies.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 23, 2016 6:39 PM Flag

    There is no one site or info ghat provides a fair or totally reliable view, certainly not rbtsherman. Best methodology is to read and use multiple sources, analyze the rationale and data behind the opinion rendered and form your own guessitmate. Predsictions are inherently flawed because the future data is not known. How many lng plants that are planed will actually come to market, global disruiptions, what will be the traditional demand, the weather fluctuations and additional uses such as nat gas as a vehicle fuel, more power plants and more fertizler and chemical plants, etc. That's why all your incessant shouts are flawed as you have no idea what the future holds. I have read source material that opines that nat gas is oversupplied currently and for the near future and some that say there is not such a over suipply. More to the point, I've seen many reports opining that nat gas demand will go up markedly in a few years and that's when CC and trains 3 and 4 will be coming on line. You make your best analysis and bet accordingly If you are short and that's why all your negative postings, I think you are a fool as export is just ramping up. If you are long, given your opinions you are a fool. If you have no stock and are just needy to opine, uinless you are paid for it, , you are also a fool because why spend the time for no reason. But it is irrational to keep posting the same lawed info.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 23, 2016 11:02 AM Flag

    Totally agree and all can read my use of the two words in the same context----that you are a fool. That is a totally gratuitous comment and given your 3 posts a totally warranted comment GOTCHA

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 23, 2016 10:44 AM Flag

    Another troll needs an education The price will be, even with huge plants coming on line, the result of supply and demand. If the demand for nat gas because of economic expansion or increased use or just a desire to diversify from existing sources, increases the demand for sabine gas the price will go up. Most government and industry sources, granted suspect accuracy but greater than yours, are predicting greatly increased lng demand in the future as power plants and other significant energy users are switching to nat gas and nat gas is evolving into a vechicle fuel as well.

    The bottom line is the jury is out but all your incessant nonsense is of little worth and is trumped by other more authorative sources. Now the jury is still out re the overall success lng will derive in the next decade and indeed it is the decade results not one quarters results that will determine lng's success. Certainly not you or me

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 23, 2016 10:36 AM Flag

    Obviously, you need an English and comprehension lesion. Yes, the two terms can be consistent. Gratuitous means without compensation, not asked for, Such as I call you a fool is a gratuitous comment. Warranted means the comment is justified and appropriate and deserved. Such as calling you a fool is warranted because you are a fool. Now lets see you rebut that. LOL

    Yes I do offer accuracy and can explain why my reasoning is correct. Lets see you do it. Start with gratuitous and warranted. LOL

    Another educational lesson. Even if you only posted once lifetime if inaccurate or unjustified or specious and not adding anything to the board, it can be unwarranted.

    So your proud to be a lurker and yet come forth with such drivel in two posts, circa 50% of your entire posting history per your own statement. Wow, such judgement to come forth in this context. Lurker is not a complimentary term just to educate you further. Please learn the terms of the terms you use before you use them. Lesson over.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 22, 2016 3:03 PM Flag

    Yep was a gratuitous and warranted post. Reflects Gary's drivel, erroneous posts and his monopolization of the board with his stupidity. Heck he even argued total was an American company so its continuation with the bad import deal did not verify that foreign companies do honor contracts as gary was posting incessantly that all the foreign companies would simply dishonor their contracts to take LNG gas. Just one of Gary's ridiculous and erroneous incessant posting.

    Now lets talk about burn 96 and his gratuitous postings which add nothing to the LNG insight. Now he is to be criticized and laughed at for his nonsense.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 21, 2016 4:19 PM Flag

    Yeh book, what happened to Gary. From all over the board, monopolizing it, with his erroneous posts, to silence now. Bet he lost his shirt on all his drivel. Lng I not progressing nicely. Has train two actually started commercial yet or where is its progression??? Those cargoes are now moving regularly. Will be interesting to see revenue generated. But will need another quarter before full operation.

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 9, 2016 5:00 PM Flag

    But you need it if you don't think manufacturing one or two blades for thousands of engines constitutes mass production or production assembly. if you can argue that thousands of blades are not production assembly, I await hearing your rebuttal. LOL

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 9, 2016 4:57 PM Flag

    Wrong for the third time, assuming you can comprehend it. That's a minimum of one or 2 blades on every 9ix produced and possibly more engines such as the Leap and nx. By more definition, producting blades on a production line for the engines, just like fuel nozzles and other parts are mass produced and then assembled into a whole, constitutes a production line. There are multiple part manufacturing line, of it which the 3d Avio blade line will be one, that go into producing the parts which then are incorporated into a final assembly line So the thousands of blades that will be used for initial and replacement 9x blades constitutes a production line. GOTCHA

    Likewise, the fact that a GE subsidiariy, Avio, does the assembly line production is no different than any other subcontractor having a part assembly line. So there will be 3d assembly lines producing parts consisting of multiple 3d printers and part stacking within the printing bay.

    Oh and to educate you, the companies producing parts for the Boeing planes do so on an assembly line. Once the parts are manufactured theyi are shipped to Boeing for final assembly THAT DOES NOT NEGATE THE FACT THAT THE SUBSIDIARY PRODUCED PART IS PRODUCED ON AN ASSEMBLY LINE GOTCHA AGAIN.

    Bottom line, as long as you keep showing your abject ignorance not even knowing what the definition of an assembly line is and that most companies include parts manufactured on subsidiary or sub contractor assembly lines and then combine them on a final assembly line, you will require education and correction just like when a school child reaches a wrong conclusion or says the wrong thing a teacher must correct him.

    Oh and after you lean that there are subcontractor and final assembly lines, both types constitute production assembly lines, you might get educated by the fact that a stock that has douibled and tripled, and that has earned an investor a lot of money does constitute a success. Making even one blade, for thousand of engines is nic

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 8, 2016 7:12 AM Flag

    What a posting drivel, no facts or insight about sigma. Nope I don't like calling people wrong. In fact the amount of dumb and inaccurate postings are bothersome. But sorry if the facts bother you. 3d printing is taking hold, is starting to be part of the manufacturing process and GE, through its subsidiary aero, amongst others, does have 3d printed parts on its engines and has stated that eventually 3d printed parts may compose 60% of the engines. Not my words, GE's. If straight talk, or how facts are delivered bother you, too bad. My goal is to provide correct info and to rebut false info and if that bothers you, I cannot help you.

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 8, 2016 7:07 AM Flag

    Wrong again. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that at least one blade, if not two, on the GE 9x will be 3d printed by arcam. The subsidiary Avio will do the actual production and has already made its first bulk order to accomplish the actual manufacturing in December of last year

    Sorry to spoil your shouts with the facts but 3d printing in the aviation and medical industrys are beginning and 3d printed parts will be part of the manufacturing lines for part and airframe manufacturers. Will they ever be the size of a Boeing or apple, nope since they are only part of the process but a company can make a lot of money by only being part of the whole or can you not comprend that.

    But your statement that there will never be a 3d leap production line or any other engine production line is abjectly false as 3d part manufacturing is already part of the manufacturing process.

    Them are the facts maam.

    Is it taking a while to happen because of the design and regulatory approval process yep. Does that mean it is not happening. Nope

    But does all the above mean that i'm not disappointed in how slow the process is taking and that sigma has not sold 50 systems already and is maxing out the production of its EOS printer. NOPE. And one of the problems is that during 2015 and beyond most of the 3d printers were not executing. The only one executing has been arcam, earning money reguilarly and showing continuous revenue and sales growth, and the only 3der at new 52 week highs.

  • pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 8, 2016 6:54 AM Flag

    Stop whinning, yes the SEC is lax but you stockholders should have rebelled and stopped GE a long time ago. The so called independent directors are a joke. Any stockholder should have every warning bell go off with the amount of insider trading ge does with his companies. When he gets in trouble, like with the 6i support ships, he has his public companies bail him out. When the public company gets in trouble and he wants the asset, he has the public company either sell to him at a fire sale price or he loans the company money which he knows it cannot repay, uses the asset he wants as collateral and then when the public company defaults he takes the asset. Sound familiar within the last year. everyone knows GE does this to his public companies, read so many articles on that and yet you shareholders keep being complicit. When drys bought the 6 worthless ships from GE, and GE owned them the money using orig stock as collateral, the shanigans were obvious but how many of you posters shouted how great it was, how great the refinancing was with Ge indebting all the assets and then how great all the other insider trades were.

    Sec is guity but so are you guys I learned my lesson by observing gE's actions during the great recession when he also indulged in insider deals to save his private bacon. Bet you will find, if drys goes BK, ge will end up owning privately almost all the assets at a pittance.

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    6 months above $3

    by heimlich_chris May 27, 2016 2:53 PM
    pdb3838 pdb3838 Jun 7, 2016 11:31 AM Flag

    Wrong on so many levels: (1) Increased revenue and some sales are good news, just not enough good news. LOL (2) Leap engine is not in mass production yet for any of the planes, plans are to start mid to end of this year or perhaps not till 2017. 3d Printed parts will be on the leap, GENX, and 9x including the fuel nozzle and some of the engine blades. More 3d parts are a coming documented by a series of articles. Check Honeywell, GKN and other sources for actual parts being 3d printed as well as RR and prat witney which are testing 3d printed parts. If you want to see a 3d metal printing company executing with printed parts on the GE engines check Arcam.

    Now that you've been proven wrong on all your facts, you are correct that any company, including sigma, can use more sales.

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