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  • by point-taken May 7, 2016 11:35 AM Flag

    I'm impressed with the following of e-sports. And it's only the beginning. ATVI has done well investing in the likes of King, rolling out games that draw an audience, and working to consolidate the gaming sector. There is a call for the stock price to move to $42 in the next 12 month. This will happen and then some.

    I also think EA is worth a look. It too is making moves to be a dominate in the game sector. And look for Tencent to make a move later this summer. Both ATVI and EA will benefit from it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • by point-taken May 19, 2016 11:20 AM Flag

    1Q16 revenues $1.5 billion. Digital revenues accounted for 64% of total revenue, or $926 million. The purchase of King was brilliant. This has already stimulated more revenues and I expect digital revenues will only grow. The question is: by how much each quarter, how quickly? The purchase of King certainly gives an edge over EA, but both companies advance with confidence and determination. Have to wonder if EA is eyeing an online company to enhance its growth. These are, my friends, exciting times.

  • by point-taken Jul 7, 2016 11:35 AM Flag

    Q2 earnings report is just around the corner. I will admit I've been concerned. Glu has made some money in Q2 but nothing stellar. More importantly, new games released have had problems and/or lost audiences. So, the actual numbers for revenues, I expect, will be muted. And then there's the forward guidance. Ugh. But all is not lost. One can surmise, from reading the posts on this board, Glu appears to at the apex of a turn around. The stars are beginning to line up with a promising future. Gordon is doing well. WeFire is out in bata and due for release in a couple of weeks. Jenners with great updates, if I understand on_pphire correctly. Perhaps Glu has used this time to actually figure out what was needed. Who knows, KPP is being rebuilt and may be the success it should have been. I think the forward guidance will be strong, even if de Masi gives it his typical low-ball curve.

    There is a concern I have and would like opinions and strategies. There are many of us sitting on shares that are underwater. It is my belief once Glu crosses over $3, maybe $3.25, many are going to sell. Maybe not. I do believe some have been thinking once they can break even they will unload and not look back. Others may sell and buy the drop that will follow. And last, some will simply hold with expectations of the stock moving back to $7. Any thoughts on this? What are you planning?

  • Open beta ran for just under a week, but it drew in 9.7 million players. On average each player clocked in around 8 hours of play time. These number elevates Overwatch to Blizzard's biggest open beta yet! In ten days we are going to see some absolutely crazy numbers. It is my hope the system is not so overwhelmed that it crashes.

    Add to this , Activision is coming down hard on cheats: Banning them. Permanently. No 3 strikes rules. No cool down. Just an outright permaban. This, of course, will be well received. Tuesday the 24th is just around the corner. Mark your calendars.

  • Both ATVI and BABA are full on into esports. I think, hope, this will generate earnings for both companies. If this becomes a mainstay I'd like to see both companies compete with each other, annually, in a World Series/Super Bowl E-sports Championship. The NFC against the AFC. American League against the National League. ATVI against BABA. Cha-ching.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    Where do you stand on Glu's leadrship

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 4:07 PM point-taken Jun 9, 2016 10:57 PM Flag

    I have always liked de Masi. It's the reason why I'm willing to ride this out for another year. I am perplexed with why Glu is stagnating. I've been concerned my liking for de Masi may be clouding my judgement. I thought it prudent to see what others are thinking in the event I could be missing something. I can only hope things are in the works that will surprise us all.

  • by point-taken May 27, 2016 8:07 PM Flag

    Just copy this title to your search engine,

    Hedge Funds' Favorite Gaming Stocks amid Robust-Growing Video Gaming Industry

    Mention are #5 GLUU, #4 ZNGA, #3 TTWO, #2 ATVI and #1 EA. Newzoo revealed global gaming market would be worth $99.6 billion in 2016. Newzoo anticipates the mobile gaming industry to overtake PC and console gaming market. The mobile gaming market is anticipated to generate revenues of $36.9 billion in 2016.

    It's an interesting read with a fair review of each company.

  • by point-taken May 17, 2016 10:52 AM Flag

    Action toys from movie tie-ins is up 7% this year, or $19 billion in revenues. I don't know if the video games are pushing action toys, but if not, they need to get going. And I don't mean a gentle roll-out of a couple. I mean they need to compete with other action toys. $19 billion is no small piece of change.

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    New Game from Hugo starring Ronaldo

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 7:54 PM point-taken Jun 9, 2016 10:50 PM Flag

    It will be interesting to see what the reaction will be and how long the following will last, on someone's else's nickel. If Glu can bring him on board, great. I do wonder if Hugo had him sign an exclusive contract restricting him from going to competitors.

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    Point, Six

    by davejonas42 May 4, 2016 11:54 PM point-taken May 5, 2016 11:54 AM Flag

    Let me start by saying I've been on the fly for the last couple of weeks. My first chance to listen to the cc was last night. And, as much as I would like to attend the annual shareholders meet I fear I'll be on the east coast at that time. I will still make an attempt. Voicing concerns and asking questions no one else has is important at this time. Whoever can get to SF in June do so. It's time to hold the BOD feet to the fire.

    I've read through the conversation with this post and feel there is little I can add. Very good thoughts and opinions have been expressed. I will need to listen to the cc again as there subtleties I am not cuing in on.

    Gregan123, you mention the buyback and de Masi seeming unsure this go around. Like most of us we would like more information on this. (Annual Meet Question AMQ) He did sound wanting to be conservative with funds, but at the same time he expressed an interest in buying other startups as Glu is one of the few companies with funds to offer. The well has run dry for new startup funding. He also mentioned exercising taking advantage of the Plain Vanilla option to buy them. Mix signals. I will say, much to de Masi's credit the companies he has invested in are succeeding. Killz, Bee Cave and others.

    He also mentioned the shooter sector is losing steam. That he plans to move them all to one simple platform that will be easy and inexpensive to maintain. He stated they are finding a new audience with female players and wishes to cater to them. That's all well and good, but I don't understand being dismissive with shooters. After all, Tencent's big games are shooters.

    (I need to catch this flight.) Last for now, I still believe there will be something going on with the gaming sector as a whole. Glu may or may not be a part of it. And I could easily be wrong with this. I think mid summer.

    Gotta book. Will add more later.

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    New Game from Hugo starring Ronaldo

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 7:54 PM point-taken Jun 9, 2016 11:25 PM Flag

    Pal, it is soccer. Perhaps not played on a traditional field, but it is soccer. Instead of a grass field they use the streets of Favela. A slum city of Brazil. You still move the soccer ball. You still pass to your teammates. And you still shoot at a goal. The use of Favela as the backdrop makes the interaction far more engaging than traditional soccer, at least for younger players. Subway surfer? I think not. Not soccer??? Wrong there, too.

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    New Game from Hugo starring Ronaldo

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 7:54 PM point-taken Jun 10, 2016 11:01 AM Flag

    And just a heads up, Subway Surfer is not about surfing.

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    Battleborn v. Overwatch

    by budfockz May 9, 2016 1:17 PM point-taken May 9, 2016 5:01 PM Flag

    Still, great news for Overwatch. There seems to be a lot of positives coming ATVI's way, Overwatch, the movie, e-sports. Bob Kotick is certainly earning his CEO's pay.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    Where do you stand on Glu's leadrship

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 4:07 PM point-taken Jun 9, 2016 4:46 PM Flag

    I concur with you six, in part. I wouldn't go so far as saying brilliant. But the man does have some smarts. Up until recently he improved Glu quarter after quarter. So I'm perplexed, what has happened with his smarts over the last 18 months. And this is why I mentioned that I wished KKH was a failure. If it had been de Masi would have returned to developing the games that brought success. But since KKH we've had KPP, Jenners and Britney. They all pale in comparison to KKH. Maybe Swift will have success, but I feel interest will wane. Again, I do not like seeing celeb games as the center piece to Glu's strategy. De Masi also said there was less interest in shooter games. He felt there was an untapped market, girls and young women. He wants to create games for them. Perhaps that is a good move, but shooters and chase games always attract. Activision is nearly all shooter games and they're doing a huge business.

    Would I want de Masi removed? No. Not at this time. And I am hopeful the board, which includes Tencent, will guide him to better choices. I remember the call to remove Pincus. That didn't go so well. Their new CEO, Frank Gibeau, holds a great deal of promise. And it is only he that has me reconsidering investing Z. However, like many, I am frustrated with Glu and with de Masi. Better choices are needed. Choices that are not celebs.

  • by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 5:45 PM Flag

    Not sure how many of you have visited Glu's Facebook page. Nearly every comment is a complaint. There was also a complaint about Wefire/Frontline Commando. At the top of the page is a space for posting a comment. I posted two. However, the people who manage the page will determine whether or not the comments will be posted. And last, there seems to be no customer service. People write but no reply comes. If you haven't seen it, do so.

  • by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 4:07 PM Flag

    First, thanks for the responses on my other post. I had hoped to hear thoughts on strategies as well as stock performance going into Jan 2017.

    It seems, however, there is a greater concern regarding Glu's leadership and, more importantly, de Masi. I'd like to get a feel of the pros and cons with having him at the helm. Do you think he will be able to navigate Glu to better waters? What does de Masi have to do, or do you think he just needs more time? Or, as it's been broached before, would Glu do better with replacing de Masi?

  • by point-taken Jul 14, 2016 7:51 PM Flag

    5 hours later and I can finally post a message. I have been wondering if perhaps this fiasco with the new boards were created by the lovely staff Glu fired for the failure of Katy Perry. Sure seems like it.

    Each of us have received in our mail a note from Michael La Guardia. Respond to this email. Tell him this is a mistake. If we don't use the new boards Yahoo will lose ad revenues. Explain that to Michael. I told him he should have tried beta to get a feel of the designs acceptance. Meanwhile I plan to post on stocktwits. You are limited to how much you can say. Or, we can create a site. Friends did this with ZNGA to avoid the headache posters. I'll let you know if I build one. Six, watch your street cred.

  • by point-taken May 11, 2016 12:41 AM Flag

    EA's earnings report was great. And the forward guidance goes beyond promising. Up almost $5 in AH. Once their numbers were out ATVI went from a negative in AH to a plus. Hopefully ATVI will get a pop from AE. Having both companies report positive numbers is very encouraging. It looks like we are on our way to making some coin this summer!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    New Game from Hugo starring Ronaldo

    by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 7:54 PM point-taken Jun 10, 2016 11:00 AM Flag

    So, Call of Duty is not war. And Grand Theft Auto isn't car stealing. And Flo and Diner Dash isn't about cooking. And of course Kick n Run is not soccer. How to think outside the box, fella. How foolish to think Glu could still sign Ronaldo. Are you so naive to think Hugo Games didn't have him sign an exclusive contract. Do you actually believe after creating, developing, distributing and marketing a game they created around him they would just let him walk across the street and let Glu develop a game to compete against them? Pal, take off those rose colored glasses off and put on a new thinking hat. These are mobile games. Designed to engage players while taking the bus, or a lunch break. Bottom line, Glu is currently in trouble. Perhaps it's ridged thinking like yours that is preventing them from advancing.

  • by point-taken Jun 9, 2016 7:54 PM Flag

    It's a soccer game called "Ronaldo: Kick 'n' Run."

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