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pradeeplugimwidnaus 83 posts  |  Last Activity: May 31, 2016 8:46 PM Member since: Oct 30, 2012
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  • There are no new registration to my website but an organization of thieves operates using my
    Worldwide subscribers help and I don't have cash to lead even at the class of a software engineer in California. I see continuing intention to murder me in India. Google is still showing ambiguity of who I am when doing a search of pradeep Kumar xplorer. I have not live wit a woman since 2001 I see the criminal hands of many thieves and many corrupt governments like USA and India.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 30, 2016 5:45 PM Flag

    It's listing now Ambani as dead in Jul 2002 and there was a news in kerala newspaper that Ambani visiting guruvayur temple another criminal group in 2005 or so.
    I repeat a trillion times I am healthy 46 who pioneered www usage and unable to father a child because of financial crime. I need to be helped Bayarea residents back to California. I have not lived in a relationship after I broke up with Amy April 2001.

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 30, 2016 5:21 PM Flag

    When I was employed by sun and travelling with Amy. He was with a dark Indian woman very short I suspect to be related to the criminals staying opposite gayathri Akathethara.
    They are criminals saying I could have sexual coitus with a woman I was forced the cohabit with in the 90s 4 11" with whom I could not have sexual coitus even one time.
    This is organized crime exploiting Citigroup or by Citigroup

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 30, 2016 5:04 PM Flag

    May be Simon Winchester has the same baldness as ambani

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 30, 2016 4:59 PM Flag

    Usharbud Arya has same baldness as Ambani. Narcis tarcau looks related to mohanavenkitachalapathy criminal from vshalom care and cure that attacked me. May be Glenn faded is also related to usharbud Arya. A David that shows up in Pavilion has the same baldness. Bruce Willis and Glenn faden look related to me. Demi Moore look related to a Jessica. I want to know what Citigroup has to do with these

  • That's a choice he has but he cannot force me to work and feed my cousins and their children. I suspect the likes of Feuerstein and usharbud Arya. Lucas Rockwood is from Minneapolis. They have to hype me as someone disciple or adulyadej son to steal my wealth

  • Ivan mcgranger listed my poetry in in 2004 and listed me as born near shiva temple. They are criminals exploiting me using Indians in Palakkad and calling me guest in United States and created the adulyadej story

  • Of my diverted subscribers help since 2004 and my money. He has used my site and has not registered and I suspect to be partners to criminals in Akathethara stealing my money. He is eight years younger and listed in Wikipedia and has fathered a child. It's the same age as Elizabeth ann conkling another suspect. I challenge my website has more intellectual property than his creations yet this is misrepresentation and manipulating by media. Lucas Rockwood appeared in koh Samui in the year I traveled to koh Samui and I suspect related to shashi taroor and look alike of ganeshan a shiva temple priest near the old house where my mother is forced to stay. I am again trillion times repeating that I am prevented from fathering a child by criminal cousins and clever foxy yoga instructors like Lucas Rockwood

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 29, 2016 3:08 AM Flag

    Are they repulsive thieves employed my wealth. I demand the execution of everyone who has resulted In me being not able to live in California since 2009 and stealing my money. This is twelve years of crime. The US doj and us dhs and all police are thieves that have created violence in my life. I am 46 and a group of thieves are exploiting me using an old mother and stories of their religion and tradition. A repulsive man Sridhar that lives with a cousin is allowed to exploit me. I did not immigrate to California because of ancestral wealth. A repulsive village of criminals Akathethara is exploiting me for eight years.
    Google is misrepresenting me and it's stock should not be traded until it is fixed. A search of pradeep Kumar xplorer is not showing not only my images. I Lost twelve years of my life. I have been harmed by criminal psychiatrists and cousins and mother's relatives and they need to be executed. The US dhs is a criminal organization that has stolen my subscribers help. The US President is a criminal that has exploited me. I am not getting emails or phone calls from viewers so an organization of thieves can exploit me. I demand to be escorted back to California and the criminals in usdoj us dhs and their similars in India executed. I am exploited by Hindu criminals in bjp and Congress. This is a criminal nation holding me hostage to steal my money using criminals in USA. I have just 200 dollars with me.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 28, 2016 2:11 PM Flag

    Some criminal using that email has added it's email to my Vodafone number 7639187315
    Database and there's a party type efc3025. I need to know who it is. Vodafone need to held liable for any loss to me

  • No one has registered and i do not have evidence of who are using my website
    this is a lady or woman that put me in her mailing list when i was enjoying thailand. theory group cannot use my course and journals and think of it as a groups creation and get away with it by paying someone else and preventing me from entering usa.
    a search of sara is not bringing her images nor search of stover bringing her images. a search of sara to stover is bringing hundreds of images.
    i am being harassed and followed by criminal hindu groups.
    a search of pradeep kumar xplorer should bring only the photos i indexed. it's bringing two other faces and is a crime. i openly claim i have more intellectual property that's unique than the himalayan tradition or sara stover femina spititualuty or narcis tarcaus agamayoga. And i created it by twelve years of hard work like a startup. and it cannot be stolen by criminals in usa using a us dhs by preventing me from entering usa and misrepresenting me. The evidence of misrepresentation is a search of pradeep kumar xplorer bringing other images of strangers who might be criminals view ing my website and not registering.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • I have now requested no one to be in my Twitter following unless they can register in my website and acknowledge the use.
    I still cannot use Twitter with a 21 character username. It can be easily made variable someone with long username would be able to tweet less. I worked hard 12 years to be a yoga instructor with a unique course on the Web. And some criminal gurus or some others are stealing the subscribers help. I still do not have a reply from Facebook why I cannot use for as pradeep Kumar xplorer. It's plain intention of my murder by many in software knowing I pioneered www browser usage. Google can use their indexes and implement my httpi proposal and add my name in Wikipedia. Some criminals acting like law enforcement or usdoj is stealing my money. I lived in USA 1994 to 2005 and till 2009 January and a repulsive group of criminals in usdoj us cbp ice and even the thief us president as if they are some beings from other galaxies to stealmy wealth using Asian govt and criminal relatives is preventing me from being in California connecting with woman who can help me in long term relationship by phone or email and forcing me to depend on a mother's 6000 dollar a year pension.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 28, 2016 12:41 AM Flag

    Is still showing images of two other Indians.
    I repeat a trillion times that I cannot share my wealth as it is for me to father a child and live in a place like California. An organization is run to expend my wealth and that's theft.
    A search of xplorer does not show any of my images. I am easily several billion dollars. A search of Lotz is Bringing all her images. This is misrepresentation and intention of killing me.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • I again ALLEGE this is economic crime using my personal wealth to support Many running an organization and popularizing me as a disabled adulyadej son to prevent me from living in California. I trillion times repeating the US cbp ice us dhs are organizations that does not create wealth by steal others wealth like me as such all their properties has to be seized as stolen. You have to see them as thieves

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • And the misrepresentation and theft of my money as an organization continues. I repeat a trillion times that I invented the simple self exploration techniques in 2006 and to steal it's economic potential I was prevented from being in USA. It was sensed by psychics even though I published it in words only in 2011. I object to Indian political parties looking a my website and tweets as they are criminals holding me hostage in India abusing govt power and not letting us yoga woman who can help me now. I don't need representatives but subscribers who can pay. It's a crime for anyone to survive anywhere using my website. I am being abused by Twitter by employing some programmer who is showing me some woman's Twitter pages on who to follow. A mature woman who is interested in fathering a child would call or email me and charge the criminals preventing it as an organization. I lost twelve years of my life because of economic injustice.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • The woman I played with in Bayarea are not in my life. Amy tanathorn is not in my life. The few dozen woman I had sexual encounters in Thailand are not on my life. Some low caste Philippine criminal and their types made a big issue out of Me banging in Bangkok and did all this to me as if I have to chose between California and Thailand. The underlying motivation is theft of my intellectual property value of my website that they want to steal as an organization and I demand them executed as thieves. A clever foxy yoga instructor would call me a sex tourist to steal my money and prevent me connecting with a woman in a long term relationship to father a child. Pradeep Kumar xplorer

  • To live in California or Thailand and be with woman and be sexual so I can father a child is an intention of my murder as if the wealth I created by years of hard work is ancestral wealth. I am eating everyday breakfast for almost a month and more in Pavilion. The atm card can be easily given there. I demand each and every cent of my money extended by others running a show taken back as the intention of this clever group is to steal it and make me a disabled or kill me in Palakkad. I don't have to ever see a president or a minister or anyone of that type in my life. They are thieves to me not respecting any economic common sense. A group of repulsive psychiatrists or their types is used to prolong everything. I published for twelve years. I want someone like Bruce Willis put in a prison saying he has never acted in movies. They are doing something similar to me and it's trillion times crimes.

  • Is being stolen and managed by criminals who need to be executed. The offensive image of the blue shirt man is not removed and there another Indians image popping up

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 27, 2016 3:32 AM Flag

    I am wondering why a search of nette Nonesuch is showing my images with Amy. I suspect nette Nongnuch as someone used by the organization of thieves to create all this situations for me. I have had surrogate sexual relation with a few dozen woman in Thailand to keep up my see drive and masculinity as my money is stolen and I am not able to father a child. I demand Indian judiciary and usdoj executed if they continue this crime of stealing my money and strand me in India to murder me

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 27, 2016 1:08 AM Flag

    That I have not fathered a child in a woman and my money cannot be used by any woman or children or my cousin or their relatives or father or mother's relatives or anyone.
    This is an organised crime preventing me from fathering a child and living on California and is intention of my murder. I published a website that inspired millions and yet I do not have even one evidence of one person using it by an email or registration on my website . Viewers of my website are not even acknowledging me by putting a link in their websites.

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