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pradeeplugimwidnaus 54 posts  |  Last Activity: May 31, 2016 8:46 PM Member since: Oct 30, 2012
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  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 5, 2016 11:15 PM Flag

    They are not allowing me to operate as pradeep Kumar xplorer.
    This is a company that was built up more after I was prevented from
    Living in California since April 2008.
    I have not even made a single friend using this.
    I suspect cash was raised using my website dhyanayoga. Info and
    Taken from Internet companies as my share and invested in this.
    Or a group of criminals have been without authorisation collect ng
    Money send to me by emails.
    So if I had a Facebook account last year with the name pradeep Kumar xplorer
    As banks don't hold money in fuzzy names when I was sleeping on
    Streets and if I updated that I am cashless and without a woman it would
    Become a issue for the thieves. This is a criminal company disguised
    As my well wisher.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • For financial crime and stealing money send to me.
    A search of pradeep Kumar xplorer in Google images is still bringing many other irritating photos of repulsive men when I have indexed 200 photos on fotos section of my website.
    A search of Amy tanathorn Is only bringing her photos with he child born from adissapong
    A search of adissapong is not bringing up his images with amy but bringing up photo with Amy. Adissapong is the father of the child shown in Amy tanathorn images and I am not able to father a child. I cannot be used to support my mother's relatives or father's relatives narrating the mahabharatha or
    I have not lived with a woman since I broke up with amy rainier Starkey In 2001 not because she had any issues about it but the clever criminal thieves in Akathethara and such characters worldwide made an issue about it and even the relation I had before it with a 4 feet 11 inch woman who could not or ever satisfy me in sexual coitus because of our genital organs are incompatible. Many Indians are exploiting me for employment and free money and I am held hostage in India. I am not getting phone calls or emails from us yogins and a group of repulsive criminals makes a big issue of me enjoying many trips to Thailand. I ALLEGE
    VODAPHONE and bluehost are not showing me emails from USA woman who can be my sexual partners and father a child and my money is being used to employ many criminals who are saying I am not wealthy. I am being used to support my mother's relatives and some of cousins and their children and that's economic theft.
    If someone does not register and pay me I order all involved executed as thieves. My money is used to misrepresent me by Google. Amy is not messaging me as a friend and acknowledging my site or its content as my personal creation and allowing many thieves to login as pradeepkumarxplorer my individual blogging account. I just see a group of thieves not allowing me to lead my life and Google being used to misrepresent

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Google search of pradeep Kumar xplorer is bringing a 1000 images. I am a victim of 12 years of
    Diversion of subscriber help. An organisation steals all money that can
    Be raised using my personal website worldwide that's few billion easily and they did not give me even 8.3 million dollars. A Google search of pradeep Kumar xplorer should bring only my images just like Google search of Katy Perry or adulyadej Brings only their images. I am pioneer of wwwbrowser revolution and a trillion dollar Web economy. Suns management did not accept this and did not pay me stock options and called me a poor performer and did not rehire me in 2004. I developed a wwwsite with unique intellectual property. Money send to me by emails are being stolen by a criminal organization.
    They have harmed me 7 to 9 times and continue harming me. They prevented me from Living in California where I have immigrated to. I am unable to be with a woman we can father a child for me.
    Google indexed few images but did not index an image of me with Amy Starkey in 1999 necessary to prove that I have been sexual with woman of her type and that I am a healthy heterosexual in need of a gay heterosexual or bisexual woman to father a child.
    The proof that I pioneered wwwbrowser usage is my proposals of which httpi can be rolled out in a week with Google indexes ranking used to show dynamic links in addition to static links. But I am a yoga instructor now. A search of pradeep Kumar xplorer should show only my images. I am as popular and wealthy as adulyadej or popular as Katy Perry. But it is misrepresented leading thieves expending my money and me forced to lead a low class life and inability to father a child.
    Yesterday I discovered origin of word Marijuana that's from Marichavana meaning one who has already died. I have been to several trance parties with Amy Starkey and alone as well and have experienced the doors of death. Continued in next post

    Sentiment: Hold

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus pradeeplugimwidnaus May 6, 2016 1:37 AM Flag

    I don't eat meds but I am again suspecting many criminal medical practitioners enjoying the fruits of my labour

  • A search of pradeep Kumar xplorer is still bringing other photos and not just photos. It's as if anyone can index my name and their image would show up. There's an offensive image of a suspected criminal working for the criminal organization that has diverted my subscribers help. The fact that it shows some 100 different photos is as if there's no manual intervention.
    But there's manual intervention that's why it is showing the photo of the blue shirt man. I again repeat a trillion times I have created enough wealth In 2010 to live in California using many convenient arguments an organization of thieves has employed many stealing my intellectual property and now trying to kill me on India. I am 46 and still does not have company of a woman and some criminals are preventing me living in California with my class of beings. I am not receiving phone calls or emails. I have just 230 dollars not even the value one registered user would pay. I demand this be fixed in next 24 hours

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • And I ALLEGE they are products of a criminal learning making them feel exclusive or superior. I am trying to solve a financial crime so I can relate to woman of my class. These two are misrepresented as more well off than me. They would look like my class if they are forced to live in coimbatore. They are partnering with the crime of saying no one has ever used my website

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 26, 2016 1:02 AM Flag

    A search of +pradeep +kumar +xplorer should bring only those indexed with all three words
    And also a search of pradeep Kumar xplorer should first show all items returned by indexes having pradeep and Kumar and xplorer then followed pradeep and Kumar or xplorer etc. This is clearly misrepresentation

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • To live in California or Thailand and be with woman and be sexual so I can father a child is an intention of my murder as if the wealth I created by years of hard work is ancestral wealth. I am eating everyday breakfast for almost a month and more in Pavilion. The atm card can be easily given there. I demand each and every cent of my money extended by others running a show taken back as the intention of this clever group is to steal it and make me a disabled or kill me in Palakkad. I don't have to ever see a president or a minister or anyone of that type in my life. They are thieves to me not respecting any economic common sense. A group of repulsive psychiatrists or their types is used to prolong everything. I published for twelve years. I want someone like Bruce Willis put in a prison saying he has never acted in movies. They are doing something similar to me and it's trillion times crimes.

  • Ivan mcgranger listed my poetry in in 2004 and listed me as born near shiva temple. They are criminals exploiting me using Indians in Palakkad and calling me guest in United States and created the adulyadej story

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 25, 2016 4:21 AM Flag

    Are claiming me to be my mother's disciple and has created all this problems in my life using some feminists groups in USA.
    I have just 250 dollars and I have not even traveled to Thailand since 2014. This is crime by many incapable thieves using me as an organization and harming me and it needs to be ended. I do not want to see or relate to any of my mother's relatives or father's relatives. I want to live in California as a retired yoga practitioner and give the old mother something if possible, and father a child with a woman.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Is being stolen and managed by criminals who need to be executed. The offensive image of the blue shirt man is not removed and there another Indians image popping up

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 28, 2016 2:11 PM Flag

    Some criminal using that email has added it's email to my Vodafone number 7639187315
    Database and there's a party type efc3025. I need to know who it is. Vodafone need to held liable for any loss to me

  • I have not received a friendly call or email from a woman that means I am not able to connect with them in real life because of intention of financial crime and murder and I have been harmed Many times.
    I ALLEGE Vodafone and bluehost as behind this. They are employing some insiders paid by my subscriber help.
    I have now 250 dollars and not 8.3 million dollars my cousins who are keeping my mother in custody have grown up adult children who would want to marry and procreate and stealmy wealth and put me in a mental hospital. It cannot happen I demand the psychiatrists that has harmed executed. I am 46 this is organized crime to prevent me fathering a child to steal my wealth. I want my money given now

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • But not by actions as I do not relate to them and they dont have right to be employed by my personal wealth

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 6, 2016 9:18 AM Flag

    PradeepKumar xplorer and also used as pradeep Kuma xplorer I don't know whether Google is not indexing what I posted in media. This is crime. I have been publishing a website for 12 years and it had unique intellectual property since 2011 and clearly listed since 2013. Money send to me is stolen by a group of thieves. Those who appreciate my writing would Google me and find no one so a group can claim my creation as theirs. Google company is a privileged information retrieval company and they cannot do such manipulations.

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 25, 2016 1:52 AM Flag

    Someone has changed a post in my website LGWM SECTION my postscript course from community to public. It can be someone in Vodafone or bluehost that stole my password or bluehost that changed system file. Whoever it is should be caught as that is the evidence of the of subscribers help. I have to live in California and lead my lifestyle and not exploited and isolated likethis. When can this crime be ended. Reporting to fbi is not ending it so this is organized crime by us president and usdoj an Indian govt or thieves acting like them.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • I again ALLEGE this is economic crime using my personal wealth to support Many running an organization and popularizing me as a disabled adulyadej son to prevent me from living in California. I trillion times repeating the US cbp ice us dhs are organizations that does not create wealth by steal others wealth like me as such all their properties has to be seized as stolen. You have to see them as thieves

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 25, 2016 3:36 AM Flag

    And still no one has acknowledged it. I ALLEGE the likes of usharbud Arya and narcis tarcau are criminals claiming me to be their disciple and partnering with criminal cousins to kill me and to steal my created wealth as adulyadej wealth or some kind of Raj family wealth. A criminal ring is preventing any woman contacting me by email or phone and harassing me by running a show. Pradeep Kumar xplorer
    I am forced to stay in a 2 star hotel for last 46 days without any woman as if I am poor or have a 100 ex woman or a male homosexual. I left several messages to Amy tanathorn even she is not able to write to me. I demand those who are managing my money executed that includes organizations like us dhs us doj or banks that claim me to be a member of a community family for theft. There are no registration I'm

    Sentiment: Hold

  • pradeeplugimwidnaus by pradeeplugimwidnaus May 20, 2016 9:51 AM Flag

    I am someone who pioneered wwwbrowser usage and I don't have money to own even one Google share.
    I repeat Google is employing someone and not indexing my fotos. A search of pradeep Kumar xplorer should bring only my photos. I worked ten times more than a Corrina Rachel you cannot just promote just gay girls. I need my money to lead my life. I am not an Indian national but international. A person cannot be this much exploited. I want my photos indexed and atm card delivered tomorrow. I demand that I can operate Facebook and Twitter as pradeep Kumar xplorer . I don't want poor people be my representatives and steal my money. I am 46 and a Mountainview resident prevented from entering California so many in USA and India can steal money I created by years of hard work. I demand Google indexes be used to implement httpi and me acknowledged as an ex sun employee who pioneered the browser revolution in Wikipedia.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • And respecting me charged with the crime of intention of my murder. I demand us cbp ice us dhs punished for inflicting this much cruelty and called thieves and humiliated. I suspect even the president as a thief trying to kill me in India and all money stolen taken back. I am 46 and I have worked hard for 23 years and for 12 years without any income and all money send to me is stolen by a repulsive criminal group. They think I immigrated to California because of wealthy parents they are thieves trying to kill me and have destroyed my life and I demand it restored.

    Sentiment: Hold

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