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    OT BS Lessons from a solar startup's failure

    by barbershores May 17, 2016 10:19 PM
    railsnstocks railsnstocks May 18, 2016 2:15 PM Flag

    Solar is causing global warming. Its also destroying a lot of peoples lives through job destruction as well as EMF sensitivity issues.

    Later as they start adding storage for solar and wind power, the ecological disaster of the century will occur when a stack of dead batteries at a reclamation center catches on fire.

    The good news is cold fusion and low level nuclear reactions now being developed will provide all the electrical generation needed without subjecting the public to battery ecological disasters and EMF sensitivity by doing something stupid by putting solar collectors on top of roofs directly above living quarter.

    Just like cell phones will eventually cause a lot of harmful physiological side effects, the disasters solar and wind power will cause, remains elusive to the gullible public. The same cadres who elected Obama twice and manifested the biggest job killer in American History: Obamacare, now pimping this risky technology without understanding it first.

    Note: global warming did not increase until solar panels started getting installed. Hence direct correlation.

    A law needs passed immediately requiring all solar power users to install solar reflectors to compensate for all the energy they are absorbing and subjecting the planet too. Furthermore, environmental cleanup charges should be slapped on any procurement of any battery storage device sold in America. And for automobiles and solar power for consumers, there should be at least a $1,000.00 tax put on for environmental cleanup and to build additional reflectors to compensate for the lack of existing reflectors now causing global warming.

  • railsnstocks railsnstocks May 12, 2016 2:17 PM Flag

    Rogere, as a former police officer you should know better.

    Rules for security are different than they are for criminal cases.

    Ms Clinton, who by law, received training on a yearly bases by INTEL officials on acts, omissions, regulations, and requirements for reporting.

    Part of training for all high ranking government officials includes the requirement to report spillage or unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

    If Hillary stands by her statements it wasn't classified, then us release it to the public (ALL OF IT) and let the voters decide whether she lied and broke the law.

    The fact the government refuses to disclose many of those classified emails is further indication of spillage and unauthorized disclosure, which by law and by training Hillary was required to take at a minimum of once year (unless she broke the law by not doing the training).

    So why didn't Hillary report the spillage and unauthorized disclosure to her aid Huma and others?

    If she honestly didn't know those 1200 documents were not classified, then she obviously is a total idiot and should never have been put in that position in the first place.

    What Hillary did is about 100,000 times worse than what Richard Nixon ever did.

    She needs prosecuted and Loretta Lynch who has delayed indictment and prosecution should be immediately impeached.

    Republicans in Congress can merely tell the Democrats, there will be no further budgets and a complete government shutdown until Lynch is removed and Clinton prosecuted.

  • railsnstocks railsnstocks May 12, 2016 2:09 PM Flag

    Clinton should have been indicted a long time ago.

    What she did with her private server greatly diminished our national security.

    If she is so careless with national secrets while Secretary of State, why would anyone think she's entitled to keep her security clearance or run for public office that requires a security clearance.

    Ms Clinton would require a Q clearance to be president. After egregious violations of security having top secret documents on her personal server, should disqualify her from ever obtaining a security clearance for the rest of her life.

    Due to the fact, the DOJ has not taken action against Clinton in spite of the revelations of 1200 classified documents found on her server including documents from 12 allied nations, means the AG should be immediately impeached. Also if it can be shown that Obama has impeded the investigation for political reasons, he too should be immediately impeached and stripped of any power.

    Furthermore if there is evidence that Obama has discussed this case with VP Biden, then he too should be removed via impeachment proceedings.

    What Hillary has done is just as bad as what John Walker, Ames, and Hanson did. Furthermore what she did is 10 times worse than what Jonathon Pollard did.

    The fact she continues to claim no wrong doing is further evidence she shows no remorse for her actions, thus she should receive the full weight of the law.

    The FBI's legacy is now in doubt.

    If they do not come out and make public statement they have sufficient evidence to indict and successfully prosecute individuals involved with her server, then the American Public will understand vividly they have become another political organization that acts in the direction the wind blows.

    The head of the FBI can put the pressure on Obama to act by resigning.

    The fact there has not been any recommendation for indictment alone sufficiently justifies a moral obligation to resign. If he doesn't that means he's merely a self serving politician

  • Hudson Bay has not melted, still covered with sea ice. East Coast of Newfoundland and Greenland still covered with sea ice. Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea still full of sea ice, but has areas melting now, finally.

    Lots of snow and freezing weather now in South America as expected. South Pole sea ice extent this year was in the top 5 all time. More evidence the "warmers" are FOS.

    The mini-ice age is now in progress, will cool down every year from here on out.

    Cold and rainy in Southern CA this morning atypical of a normal May day.

    As soon as President Trump takes over and has $20 billion worth of grants given out to study global cooling, the message will finally get out.

    As Vladimir Putin of Russia said a couple months ago, "Global Warming is the largest fraud ever committed on society."

    When the mini-ice age crop failures begin, is Al Gore going into hiding?

  • railsnstocks railsnstocks May 3, 2016 11:10 AM Flag

    Another reason is Hillary will be indicted an put in prison over illegal top secret information on her email server, Bernie will be their candidate.

  • Bering Sea is finally starting to melt in patches. So is Sea Of Okhotsk.

    East Coasts of Newfoundland and Greenland still have all that huge amount of sea ice.

    Hudson Bay remains iced over completely.

    Russia is still 60% snow covered. Sux to be there.

    A lot more snow in South America.

    Global Cooling continues.

    Store food and water especially in 2019.

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