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  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 3, 2016 1:36 PM Flag

    Obama had done his best to get even with America for being so free and prosperous, both of which conditions are anathema to socialists and collectivists of every stripe.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 4, 2016 8:47 AM Flag

    That would be a bad guess. If taken as a sign of the stupidity or dishonesty, it is likely a Socialst Democrat supporter. After all, thee is no surer way of destroying the country than to have no borders, and we know Hillary will follow Obama's lead in keeping them open to every illegal invader and is l mic terr or ist who wants to walk through. And we know she has received many millions from foreign muslim sources given to her "foundation", and has proven herself willing to betray Americans, as witness Benghazi.

  • and in fact, sued Arizaona to prevent it from protecting the border. Obama wants the country to be vulnerable to entry by every poverty stricken illegal invader or Is la mic ter or rist who choses to enter. The Socialist Democrat candidate will continue this policy. Incidentallyi there have now been more than 28,511 deadly is l mic t rror st attacks since 911 worldwide, and Obama is still trying to deny the fact tha these are Is l mic and is still telling the B I G L I that I lam is peaceful.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 6, 2016 10:47 AM Flag

    The number of deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 911 has now risen to 28,530. Trump will stop allowing followers of this evil political ideology that intends to destroy our constitution into this country.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 7, 2016 8:40 AM Flag

    28,538 is today's new total for the number of deadly Is lmic ter r rist attacks worldwide since 911.

  • devout followers of M hmm d , doing what he did and taught. A vote for Hiilary is a vote to make Islam stronger in America and around the world. She will continue to earn that 100 Million or so that she received from foreign mus lms into her Foundation.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 8, 2016 3:44 PM Flag

    28,550 is the total as of today for the number of deadly Is lm ic te rr or ist attacks world wide since 911. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the people who stage such attacks coming into the U S.

  • And since 911 the number of deadly Islamic Terrorist attacks by followers of the ideology that Obama and Hillary call the religion of peace is 28,555 attacks with the kills and injured in the hundreds of thousands.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 15, 2016 10:07 AM Flag

    The Is lm ic terrorists who committed the murders in Orlando were doing exactly what Is lm as taught by Mhmmd says they should do. This is easy to verity. Just read some books that tell the truth about is lam. Read the life of mohammed by Ishaq, a muslim scholar of many centuries ago, translated by A Guiliaume. Or the shorter books by Bill Warner. Or read a few of the books by Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, F W Burleigh, Mark Gabriel. The Liars for Islma, like CAIR, have been very successful in spreading misinformation giving a false picture of Islam as peaceful, but anyone who wants to find out the truth about Islam's evil subvrsive doctrines, and its intend to destroy freedom and the constituition and to replace them with sharia can easily do so. As Mohammed said, he was made victorious through terror. And his followers have now committed more than 28,605 deadly islamic terrorist attacks since 911.

  • To date Islam has commited 28,624 deadly is lm ic te rrorist attacks world wide since the murders of 911, killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people, This is being done by followers of basic Islam, as lived and taught by Mohammed.

    There is no such ideology as "radical islam". There is only Islam. Trump senses this. Obama knows it, but lies that Islam is peaceful, and Hillarly or Biden or Warren or Sanders of any other socialist democrat that might run will continue in Obama's footsteps in facilitating the stealth jihad being conducted by Islam.

    It would be wonderful to see good hearted muslims reform Islam, but if they try they are in danger of being killed as apostates as Island's sharia calls for. Further to reform Islam one has either say Mohammed was wrong, and the idea that he spoke for God is the foundation on which the whole Islamic structure is bsed, or one has to say he has been misinterpreted.But he is supposed to be a model man, and his life which included various raids, wars, assassinations, tortures, and cold blooded murder as well as rape is well knows and documented by Islamic writers much closer to him than anyone today.

    So, since Islam cannot be reformed, and its teachings cannot stand the light of day, its promoters lie about it, and claim it is a peaceful religion, when the fact is that Islam is the perversion of religion into a political ideology that is against almost all basic human rights, like freedom of speech , press and relgion.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 18, 2016 1:50 PM Flag

    No. What it would mean is that ISIS had lost Fallujah. That is all.

    It would not stop the Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide, which , since the Islamic murders of 911, number 28,624 deadly islamic terrorist attacks with hundreds of thousands killed and injured. It would not stop the Islamic hijrah invasion of Europe, Canada, and the Obama Hillary assisted invasion of the U S. It would not cause Obama , Hillary and the socialist democrats to stop telling the lie that Islam is peaceful.

    But not to worry. Trump is going to be elected, and he knows, as any thinking person should, that there is something terribly wrong with islam, and that we cannot allow people belonging to that ideology that has so many doctrines directly opposed to basic human rights, and that has killed and injured and plundered so many peoples for so many centuries, and that is attacking western civilization as we speak, to continue to flow unimpeded into the U S. He will halt muslim immigraton, at least temporarily and that will be a God send to every person who truly wants peace and prosperity and safety for America and Americans..

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jun 25, 2016 11:50 AM Flag

    Islam has now committed more than 28,676 deadly islamic terrorist attacks world wide since 911, killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    This is islam - plain basic Islam - doing what Mohammed did and taught. Telling the lie that Islam is peaceful will not make it so.

    People who accept the idea taught by Mohammed that God wants muslims to kill non believers until they are conquered or enslaved or convert will not be influenced by non resistance. That only facilitates their killing.

    We can love individual muslims in ways that are safe for us. Many muslims of good heart are trapped in islam because they will be killed if they leave it.

    But we should never support or protect the ideology of islam, which is filled with evil teachings and doctrines. We should recognize that islam is the deadly enemy of freedom and seeks to destroy our basic constitutional rights and to replace them with sharia law.

    All the lies that Obama and Hillary and the socialist democrats can think of to try to advance Islam in the world cannot change the basic fact that it is an evil political ideology that should be legally declared to not be a religion within the meaning of our constituton and laws. Its sharia law and sharia courts should be outlawed.

  • have now killed or injured hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. And the President of the U S is still lying in favor of Islam, and the Attorney General of the U S says these attacks will go away if we love the attackers more.

    No. Lynch, if you meet Islamic terror with love, your head will soon be on display, if you are not burned alive first. People who believe that God wants them to kill non believers see a failure to defend oneself only as weakness.

    We can love individual muslims in ways that are safe for us. But we must never forget that Islam is a political ideology filled with evil ideas and doctrines - that the islamic killers are doing exactly what Mohammed did and taught - and that Islam should never be protected , defended or supported. There is o radical Islam. There is only Islam. And the people our press calls "radical" are just doing what plain basic islam tells them God wants
    them to do.

    Islam is an evil political ideology resulting from Mohammed allowing his ego to pervert his religious ideas into a political ideology of Islamic totalitarianism with himself as supreme dictator. His successors have used it for the same evil purposes of control, domination, conquest and plunder.

    Islam is against all our basic constitutional freedoms. We should legally declare it to not be a religion within the meaning of our constitution and laws, and we should outlaw sharia and sharia courts.

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    Off topic- Gun Control reform July 4th

    by shoenfield Jul 4, 2016 7:44 AM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jul 5, 2016 8:51 AM Flag

    All the great enemies of freedom favor gun control. Our President is much more interested in controlling guns than he is in controlling Islamic Terrorists. He denies that they exist, and he forced our security agencies to scrub their records of various people who had ties to such, and if he had not done this, it is likely that the recent islamic terrorist killings we saw in California and in Orlando would have been prevented.

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    Off topic- Gun Control reform July 4th

    by shoenfield Jul 4, 2016 7:44 AM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jul 5, 2016 3:06 PM Flag

    First , the wealthy socialists who run those countries have gone a long way toward destroying most economic freedoms.Second they have destroyed much of freedom of speech and have in many instances criminalized as hate speech the telling of much of the truth about the evils of islam. And worst, they are facilitating the Islami hijrah invasion currently underway and are attempting to appease that political ideology, which intends to destroy all freedom in their countries. The delusional are those who refuse to see what is occurring right before their eyes.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jul 6, 2016 6:58 PM Flag

    Remember how wonderful giant robber Michael Brown was af first, when some eye witnesses were lying. We heard of his wonderfulness until the real evidence came out that he was a strong arm robber who tried to get the policman's gun. And then later charged the policeman, who , instead of betting his life that he could beat the giant robber in a wrestling match, did the only reasonable thing, and shot him until he was no longer a threat. Thank goodness some witnesses were honest and decent enough to tell the truth, which was backed up by the autopsy report.

    Don't know about this guy in Baton Rouge, but my guess is that the cop did the right thing and saved his own life in an appropriate way. My understanding is the cops are taught to shoot until the danger has been eliminated because an armed guy who is going to die in 30 seconds can still kill the cop before he dies.

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    What Is The Real Unemployment Rate?

    by kpail Jul 8, 2016 2:40 PM
    rdotn38 rdotn38 Jul 9, 2016 10:13 AM Flag

    40% of the over 16 year of age population does not have a job. Of course some are in school and some are completely retired. So the real unemployment rate may be a low as 20 to 25 %.

  • rdotn38 rdotn38 Jul 15, 2016 12:33 PM Flag

    Forty percent of police killed on the job are killed by black males who compose six percent of the population. In other words a policeman is 6.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than by a white or hispanic male. But you won't hear Obama and the Democrat Racists tell anyone that police need to be extra on guard when they have to stop a black male suspect.

    And Twelve per cent of whites and hispanics who die of homicide are killed by police while only four per cent of blacks who die of homicide are killed by police. But you won't hear this fact from Obama and the Democrat Racists, even though it totally refutes the Big Lie that Black Lives like to promote about how white officers are out gunning down blacks.

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