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  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 2 hours 17 minutes ago Flag

    Too bad that she can't get someone in a backwards unproductive Red State to pay for it?

    You know like the Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Floor Insurance or, ahem, 47 percent of Mississippi's operating revenue, perhaps?

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    Trumps Incoherent Jibberish

    by drstone8_1_2many 3 hours ago
    red_state_leech red_state_leech 2 hours 33 minutes ago Flag

    Otherwise referred to as "Old High Palin."

    Welfare state goobers retired on SSI "Disability" in their thirties and dumbed down by Fox ever since they were toddlers just plain eat it up too.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 5 hours ago Flag

    Why not try WELFARE Red State GooberCare™ instead? Just show up at the Emergency Room and then stiff them on the bill just like your last name is "Trump."

    Reagan the amoral crack dealing slimeb@ll who tripled the National debt made this your right.

    Besides sooner or later someone in a Blue State who actually made it past third grade will pick up the tab, just like everything else down there.

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    by obama_hatesamerica Sep 21, 2016 1:26 PM
    red_state_leech red_state_leech 6 hours ago Flag

    And this draft dodging pindick coward piece of $nit that all you neoCONNED Apes on Food Stamps voted for twice LOVES the place too, I'm sure! (That's why he tried to so hard to get his Enron-trained mitts on the Social Security Trust Fund in each term, right?)
    Bush On Jobs: The Worst Track Record On Record

    By WSJ Staff

    President George W. Bush entered office in 2001 just as a recession was starting, and is preparing to leave in the middle of a long one. That’s almost 22 months of recession during his 96 months in office.

    His job-creation record won’t look much better. The Bush administration created about three million jobs (net) over its eight years, a fraction of the 23 million jobs created under President Bill Clinton’s administration and only slightly better than President George H.W. Bush did in his four years in office.

    Here’s a look at job creation under each president since the Labor Department started keeping payroll records in 1939. The counts are based on total payrolls between the start of the month the president took office (using the final payroll count for the end of the prior December) and his final December in office.

    Because the size of the economy and labor force varies, we also calculate in percentage terms how much the total payroll count expanded under each president. The current President Bush, once taking account how long he’s been in office, shows the worst track record for job creation since the government began keeping records. –Sudeep Reddy

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 7 hours ago Flag

    The one who shot up planned parenthood in Colorado Springs was a real credit to the simian race for sure.

    Hadn't supported himself in at least fifteen years, put a $700 $nitbox trailer on a $5000 lot pretty close to timberline. (Neither one paid for, of course!) Without his kind you ignorant #$%$ don't even have a Party and Trump certainly doesn't have a campaign!

    I'm surprised that he never ran for Senator back there, come to think of it?

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 7 hours ago Flag

    It's a matter of some significance to black football players at least that the ignorant cracker piece of $nit was once again taken alive? Another South Carolina hat trick in that respect too.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 7 hours ago Flag

    Not even sure that Wilson makes the starting five?

    Lee Atwater, Jim DeMint, Lispey Graham, Alvin Greene (neoCONNED welfare slugs ran a convicted felon in a Democrat primary,) and finally "McCain's Black Baby."

    Which is exactly where the $10 TRILLION disaster that was George W. Bust came from.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 8 hours ago Flag

    Welfare state goobers from South Carolina get a hat trick.

    First the church in Charleston, then Planned Parenthood in CO Springs, now this.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 8 hours ago Flag

    When that talk about Fixed News "standards" are they referring to the bimbette "reporters'" skirts hiked right up to their armpits or what?

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 8 hours ago Flag

    The check that he cuts the bail bondsman will bounce halfway to Saturn too.

    ---USA Today---
    “At least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments, and other government filings reviewed by the USA Today Network, document people who have accused Trump and his businesses of failing to pay them for their work. Among them: a dishwasher in Florida. A glass company in New Jersey. A carpet company. A plumber. Painters. Forty-eight waiters. Dozens of bartenders and other hourly workers at his resorts and clubs, coast to coast. Real estate brokers who sold his properties. And, ironically, several law firms that once represented him in these suits and others.”

  • When all the railroad mishaps involved volatile Bakken crude headed east to Atlantic coast refineries. (Dilbit is usually not even flammable!)

    And the largest oil spill ever in the lower 48 states involved a foreign owned pipeline company who didn't know that they were pouring it right into the Kalamazoo River for 17 hours.

    Five years ago today, in the middle of the night, an oil pipeline operated by Enbridge ruptured outside of Marshall, Michigan. It took more than 17 hours before the Canadian company finally cut off the flow, but by then, more than a million gallons of tar sands crude had oozed into Talmadge Creek. The oil quickly flowed into the Kalamazoo River, forcing dozens of families to evacuate their homes. Oil spills of that magnitude are always disastrous, but the Kalamazoo event was historically damaging.

    The first challenge was the composition of the oil. Fresh tar sands crude looks more like dirt than conventional crude—it’s far too thick to travel through a pipeline.

    ....When dilbit gushed into Talmadge Creek in 2010, the mixture broke apart. The volatile natural gas liquids vaporized and wafted into the surrounding neighborhoods. The airborne chemicals were so difficult to find and eliminate that Enbridge decided it would be better to simply buy some of the homes that were evacuated, preventing the residents from ever returning.

    The second largest dilbit spill only erased Mayflower, Arkansas. Fox News for drooling parasite m0r0ns plans a full expose in 2055 or soon thereafter, I hear?

  • Understanding that they are both the same individual cretin making a fool of himself, of course?

    Obama never laughed harder at all you dead weight slugs on Food Stamps than the day he took out Chapter 11 slimeb@ll Donald Trump and Osama Bin Laden within six hours of each other.

    Please evaluate "lobsterwebsite" as if you have never been to maritime Canada where the stuff is always cheaper than ground beef; nor would you have any awareness of the staggering overabundance of that food source in Maine between 2008 and last year either.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 9 hours ago Flag

    Plenty of shale drillers were losing money hand over fist at $100. Nor does the Canadian tar sludge make sense at that price point, although KochStone XL itself was never even for a second intended to support US consumption in the first place.
    By Joe Carroll Aug 15, 2014 12:21 PM MT

    ConocoPhillips (COP) and Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) are among global oil companies needing crude prices as high as $150 a barrel to turn a profit from Canada’s oil sands, the costliest petroleum projects in the world, according to a study.

    An amendment by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) to keep the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline American-made and its oil for American markets was defeated 34-64, on strong Republican opposition. The amendment to the unrelated highway bill was designed to expose the hypocrisy of Keystone XL advocates who have argued that the foreign-owned, foreign-oil pipeline was a patriotic American priority. As Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) admitted before the vote, the passage of this amendment would doom the project — because Keystone XL’s owner, TransCanada, intends to build the pipeline with foreign steel and ship its foreign oil for export to foreign markets. Hoeven’s amendment to obligate approval of the project on TransCanada’s terms follows Wyden’s. Democratic senators who voted against the Wyden amendment included those who have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline on grounds of its climate pollution risk, such as Sens. Sanders and Leahy of Vermont, and Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed of Rhode Island.

    Fox told all you clueless apes that we were just a deep breath away from the vaunted state of US Energy Independence instead, when in reality we have never been within 5 Mpbd of that condition.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 10 hours ago Flag

    There was a whole lot to forget about that $10 TRILLION disaster that you red state parasite m0r0ns all voted for twice.

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 10 hours ago Flag

    Sorry clueless neoCONNED Kingsy alias. The real Food Stamp parasites in this country vote for the same transparent con artists that you do.

    Alabama 18.79%
    Arizona 15.88%
    Arkansas 16.78%
    California 11.21%
    Colorado 9.58%
    Florida 18.01%
    Georgia 17.80%
    Kentucky 19.11%
    Louisiana 19.27%
    Mississippi 22.23%
    Missouri 14.58%
    South Carolina 17.93%
    Tennessee 20.30%
    Texas 14.81%
    West Virginia 19.13%

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 10 hours ago Flag

    Truth hurts, dead weight neoCONNED parasite slug boy! You NEED an electorate that can barely read at a second grade level if you want to keep on electing the likes of George W. Bust, Tom DeLaid in Prison, Joe Barton who licked British petroleum's scrotum as they poured crude into the Gulf of Mexico, etc.

    Texas now has one of the worst education systems in the nation. The following is from an opinion piece that was actually authored by Barbara Bush earlier this year....

    •  We rank 36th in the nation in high school graduation rates. An estimated 3.8 million Texans do not have a high school diploma.

    •  We rank 49th in verbal SAT scores, 47th in literacy and 46th in average math SAT scores.

    (Aggie JOKE Governor Rick Perry hacked yet another $5.4 Billion out of TX school funding since these Texass-sized worst in the English speaking world metrics were first achieved too!)

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 10 hours ago Flag

    This stunt always ends badly for the inbred FoxRube side....

    Colorado Governors Race
    Fox News Shillbot Rasmussen had Tancredo within 5 percent of Hickenlooper. The far right think tank clown actually lost by 17 percent.

    Rasumssen has Tea Party Airhead Sharon Angle defeating Harry Reid.

    Rasmussen missed this one by 44 percent.

    Colorado: Romney 50%, Obama 46% (Rasmussen)

    Iowa: Obama 48%, Romney 48% (Rasmussen)

    Rasmussen Polls Were Biased and Inaccurate; Quinnipiac, SurveyUSA Performed Strongly


    Every election cycle has its winners and losers: not just the among the candidates, but also the pollsters.

    On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates.

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    Hey.... Anybody miss Hitchens

    by elhertetic 12 hours ago
    red_state_leech red_state_leech 11 hours ago Flag

    So you were on a Meth Jag during the debate the other night, welfare state dead weight slug boy?

    Your Chapter 11 con man Trump was $nitting all over the Iran Treaty.

    Really if you were ignorant enough to vote for the 75 IQ punchboard Palin after the $10 TRILLION disaster boy Bush II you should sit out every election for the rest of your life?

    Your sons/nephews after that too, I'd submit?

  • red_state_leech red_state_leech 12 hours ago Flag

    Go ahead an introduce that special FoxRet@rd theory of yours in the next debate, welfare state parasite slug boy. Then Hillary comes back with Trump's adultery and rape charge. I like her more now that I can see how she twists the knife whenever she sticks it into the 275 lb. bag of rotting feces that is Donald Trump.

    I freakin DARE you illiterate slimeb@lls on Food Stamps to go there! Just like your con job to the black voters, "what do you have to lose at this point?"

  • Manchester Union Leader can't stand the stench of TrumpFraud™ ever since the Primary last winter as well.

    So who says that yet another shameless blowhard and con man on the right can't bring the whole country back together like this?

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