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  • The Street is getting OUT of Their High Flyers and Going to Swing Moneyflow in BABA & GOOG. JD reports and SHOULD give Us a Peek at The Chinese eCommerce Sector in The AM..... BABA "NEEDS" to get $0.38 EPS to be on track for $140 PPS Going into The 2nd 1/2 to The EOY. JD is ONLY a VERY SMALL GUAGE on BABA....... Not All US Tech's have Equal Earnings and likewise for BABA in China..... They ARE NOT like Chinese Sync Diving @ The Olympics...... Hats Off To Team China and A PROUD SHOUT OUT TO TEAM USA with The Medal Count Lead! Big Night tonight in The Pool & Gymnastics. Anyways, Look for Money to Start Flowing into The SAFTEY of Undervalued Tech's with The Inner Sector Rotation that WILL BENEFIT BABA and The Chinese Economy. I'm Conflicted about Selling Silver from The $14 Entry Price and that $18+ Sell Over and Over and Over with This Market.... Possible upside in The PM's AND SELECT STOCKS like BABA that have been left behind in this Tech run are where The Money will be flowing shortly. Institutional Ownership is at that 26% Area and WILL GO HIGHER After Earnings When BABA Shows The Numbers...... And This last Q a $0.38 EPS Is What to look For. Don't miss The CC Thursday........ Good Days Ahead for Those With The Foresight to Get In Early Before The Run uP Already Here For The LONGTERM 3 to 5 Years when So Many People Will look back and say I should have got BABA under $100.......... Just like those that wish they got in FFIV way back @ $5 or The MANY OTHERS Tooo Numerous to List right now. It's Table Tennis at The Olympics NOW!


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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Aug 8, 2016 9:22 AM Flag

    Then read The 'NETFLIX RUMORS" instead of The FACTS as I ONLY Post. A REAL PUMPER would have Used that FYI..... This is the 1st Time You heard it from Robbie L Berger. Listen to some BonJovi andR E L A X AND Then "Have A Nice Day!" Alibaba MAY or MAY NOT Do Something Like THAT. However, For NowThe Company says NO and Just because Some NETFLIX People are Seen in HQ's or Any Other Rumor Is NOT FOUNDED to mean a Deal.

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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Aug 8, 2016 4:50 AM Flag

    I Say BUY @ $64 and to Get PUT INSURANCE or 2x PUT INSURANCE on The CORE POSITION "After The PPS was OVER $83. Along the way I have Posted FACTS and Do Not Follow Your Logic behind The Last Post. What has Your CONTRIBUTION been to This Board? You seem to really want to BASH ME. I have been VERY ACCURATE so far. Please tell Me Why You want to BASH ME? On EVERY EQUITY I have given The Green Light On Where I get BASHED like this The PPS has DOUBLED, TRIPLED, QUADRUPLED.... You get The Point. If I'm Getting BASHED Directing the Posts Content AWAY from The EQUITY's "FACTUAL DD" That WILL ALWAYS Say to Other's "STRONG BUY!". So Thank You for Further Confirmation That BABA is UNDERVALUED and My 3 to 5 Year BUY AND HOLD is Once Again Like My Past LT Picks; GRAND SLAMS!

    TTYL..... I'm watching The Olympics Today!

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  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited will report its unaudited financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2016 before the U.S. market opens on Thursday, August 11, 2016, and will hold a conference call to discuss the financial results at 7:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time (7:30 p.m. Hong Kong Time) the same day. Details of the conference call are as follows: International: +65 6713 5090 U.S.: +1 845 675 0437 U.K.: +44 203 621 4779 Hong Kong: +852 3018 6771 Conference ID: 54206176 A live webcast of the earnings conference call can be accessed at AlibabaGroup Website in The /Earnings Link.

    Everyone have a Great Weekend and Take Care!


  • This is Equivalent to Our IS FED Opening its Books To Chinese Regulators and Doing A Audit on The Gold Reserves and Details Of QE Programs. BABA nor BIDU had to Do This Audit & Are Stepping Forward as They are Already Transparent. I would NOT put down any Funds to Expect a Negative Outcome For Chinese Companies From This Audit. I Believe The Intentions Are To Get The Large US Listed Companies To Adhere To The SAME REGULATORS to Do The Same. The US Markets have Something Like $22 Trillion In Investments In Wall Street. This is Mainly The Well Connected Super Rich
    & The Baby Boomers That Own This Wealth. The Super Rich are Getting Scared of A Bubble in The US Markets and Boomers Are Cashing Out and gladly taking a SAFE 3% Return & Exiting The Markets or Are Just Liquidating as A Part of Retirement For A Transparent Retirement as far as Knowing What I/We Have to Live On. Imagine If There was a $22 Trillion SELL Order Tomorrow Monday Morning.... LOL! Exactly! I Can Hardly Wait For August 11th When BABA Reports Earnings. FYI: Send this Post to A Gold Bug and They Will Do Backflips and Call for $5,000 Troy Oz in Gold. Another Interesting Fact about Gold and Silver. 5 Times in known History Silver was Worth MORE Then Gold! Due to The Scarcity of Gold and Moreover Silver. As a Matter of Fact 90% of ALL The Silver EVER MINED is GONE FOREVER! Truth... Silver was Used Industrially for Developing Photos & Used In Electronics. As Long as I'm on Topic.. President Nixon took us off The Gold Standard & went To The GOOD FAITH MODEL. China and Several Other Nations Are Looking to Create A 1 WORLD CURRENCY BACKED BY HARD ASSETS LIKE GOLD & SILVER. This is NO JOKE and MUST BE PART OF YOUR ENTIRE MONETARY DUE DILLIGENCE. It's been said That Those Individual Investors In The EU have a 20% Allocation In Gold/Silver While Us Americans have UNDER 2%. I Recall when We had a +3% Growth Rate & A Stocks P/E was Overvalued at an Average of 9.... Now The Growth Rate is +1% & P/E is 22


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  • robbie_berger by robbie_berger Aug 4, 2016 5:24 PM Flag

    NEW YORK, Aug 4 (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Thursday dismissed part of a lawsuit filed last year by Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and other luxury brands accusing Alibaba Group Holding Ltd of promoting the sale of counterfeit goods.

    U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel in Manhattan dismissed racketeering claims asserted by brands owned by Paris-based Kering SA, saying their complaint failed to allege facts that could sustain those claims.

    (Reporting by Nate Raymond in New York; Editing by Paul Simao)

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    "It's Official Once Again!", Robbie L Berger

    by robbie_berger Aug 2, 2016 6:49 AM
    robbie_berger robbie_berger Aug 4, 2016 4:10 PM Flag

    Thanks for being a Friend! If You look close as You have You know My Strategy and if BABA were to "Fall" as You say it could EVERYONE in My Boat has DOUBLE PUT INSURANCE ON THE CORE POSITION AND MAKE MEGA BUCKS! When The Stock RISES as it has From My $64 STRONG BUY CALL THE CORE HAS GAINED AND THE CALLS TOPPED +2,200% and The PUT/CALL OPTIONS ARE ADJUSTED ALMOST MONTHLY. I Asked for Larger BABA LEAPS Over $125 and They DID ACCOMODATE WITH The 2017's; However, Will NOT BUDGE on The 2018's (CALL LEAPS). Everyone knows BABA is going to TAKE OFF LIKE A HYPERSONIC ROCKET where ALL NAKED SHORTS ARE CALLED IN. Yea, If Your Core is 1,000,000 Shares Long it's OK to Short 100k On The Technical Highs and ADD to The Core on The Flips. I see ANOTHER Firm just Put A N/T $10+ Upside I to Earnings August 11th. Just wait until ALIBABA Packages Start Hitting Doorsteps Accross America and Investors Call Their Broker and Say Get Me Some BABA...... I know this because of Amazon and how The Public and NOT The Broker said get AMZN in The Portfolio just as NFLX, TSLA, GOOG......... You Watch Larry My Good Friend! It Has Already Started and as You know ONCE that Is Let Out There Theses No Stopping The FLOOD of Buying for "The LONG HAUL". The People that missed out on The FANGS are just BEGGING FOR ANOTHER CHANCE AT A REAL TECH STOCK THAT WILL MAKE THE PORTFOLIO STATEMENTS THAT COME IN WORTH SHOWING OTHERS... LOL! There has BEEN SO MUCH WORTH IN MY POSTS YOU CAN COUNT THEM AT THE BANK. Thanks Larry! As far as I could tell $110 is a MAJOR TECHNICAL LEVEL AND ONCE BROKEN OR GIVEN A FLOOR AT $110 THERE IS NO STOPPING BABA because No One Wants To Sell At That Point...... Excuse the LARGE CAPS, I'm on my Smartphone. I Do Believe The TREE HAS BEEN SHAKEN AND IT IS WHAT IT IS..... Now the Buyers will Run this Hiigher as Shares Get Scarce (LONGTERM) and No One Will Lend and The CBOE Premiums Get EVEN LARGER! I want 2018's Out There Like The 2017's on The CALLS. Like I said We K N O W THAT 3-5 Years!

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  • China"s MARKET IS HUGE!!!!!
    Alibaba already is The WORLDS LARGEST eCommerce Site
    Going for a GDP of The Top #5 Country and this is A COMPANY TRADING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!!


    Thanks CZR!!!!!

  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Aug 2, 2016 7:17 AM Flag

    Jack Ma is getting into EVERYTHING with Alibaba like Alphabet in China only at a Faster Pace. Alibaba is going GLOBAL in MANY ARENAS VIA STRATEGIC GLOBAL POSITIONING....... This is Icing on The Cake JUST like CLOUD COMPUTING......... My last Post for Today! All I can say is do the DD ASAP.... My AMZN Institutional Investors NOW KNOW I PUTTHE GREEN LIGHT ON BABA! As ALWAYS.... Do Your DD.... Trust but Verity. That includes Myself.


    Sincerely ,
    Robbie L Berger

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  • I posted the PR on The YAHOO! (BABA) Message Board FYI!
    With Our GRAND SLAM IN AMZN last Year and now The Other I "GREENLIGHTED @ $64" is LOOKING GREAT for AUGUST 11th Earnings Before The Bell.

    Nice to See So Many Posters Still at it with The GREAT DD!

    Robbie L Berger

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  • MW Jack Ma's firm among Chinese consortium making $4.4. billion foray into online gambling Last Update: 7/31/2016 4:34:46 PM By Yifan Xie Group buying Israel's Caesars Interactive SHANGHAI -- A Chinese consortium led by Shanghai Giant Network Technology Co. and joined by a fleet of financial moguls including a private-equity arm of Alibaba founder Jack Ma has agreed to purchase an Israeli gambling business for $4.4 billion in cash. The consortium of 11 investors -- including Giant Investment Ltd., Yunfeng Capital, a private-equity firm founded by Alibaba Group Holding's (BABA) Ma, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. (0715.HK) , China Minsheng Trust Co., CDH China HF Holdings Company and Hony Capital Fund -- will purchase a 100% stake in Caesars Interactive Entertainment's subsidiaries, including mobile-gambling unit Playtika, according to a statement released Sunday by Shenzhen-listed Chongqing New Century Cruise Co. (002558.SZ) , a shell company bought by Giant Interactive Group last year. The deal, underscoring the Chinese game developer's ambition to expand overseas, is another big Israel-focused move by a Chinese firm. China National Chemical Corp. paid $1.44 billion for a 40% stake in crop-protection producer Adama Agricultural Solutions in July and Shanghai Bright Food took over Tnuva, Israel's largest food producer, for more than $2 billion. Possessing advanced research and development, big data and artificial-intelligence analysis capabilities, Playtika has maintained rapid growth over the past five years, said the statement. Its main business is social gambling such as poker and has no presence in China yet. The virtual currency used on the Playtika platforms will remain unexchangeable into real currency, said the filing. An expanded version of this report appears @ WSJ.

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  • - By Shudeep Chandrasekhar
    Nearly five months ago, Alibaba Group (BABA) announced that they had crossed the RMB 3 trillion mark in gross merchandise volume. That is more than $450 billion, at the time it was $463 billion. If that is not enough, Founder and CEO Jack Ma has now announced that the company's dream is to reach 2 billion people around the world with his business and hit a transactional volume of $1 trillion. That would make them the equivalent of being the fifth largest country in the world by GDP.

    I have Consulted with Who's Who On The Street & Alibaba ONLY NEEDS to back up Earnings Guidance and BABA is 'BIGGER THEN ANY (FANG)" as to The Status of "The Darling On Wall Street". Hats Off to The Analyst at Morgan Stanley for The CONSERVATIVE $140 BABA PPS TARGET as "Caution" was used in OFFICIALLY putting The Institutional Credibility on the line. We have talked about Fiduciary Dutythat comes down to a simple meaning..... "TRUST & HONOR BY YOUR WORDS". I say Hats Off to Morgan Stanley for having The Foresight Combined WITH Solid Due Diligence To Back Up The $140 PPS CALL. We know that "BREXIT" Dip was NOT IN LINE with A China Centric Economic Business & The SELLOFF of ETF's holding BABA Gave Us One of The BEST BUYING OPPORTUNITIES This Year and SOME Made +1,000% Gains on CALL's In A Week That I Put The "GREEN LIGHT ON" & MANY Got New CORE POSITIONS IN BABA after MISSING The "$64 STRONG BUY GREEN LIGHT". I am NOT BRAGGING... I was Called MANY BAD THINGS JUST AS I HAVE IN THE PAST. This should go to Serve as A Call to This Board That Once Again I Am/WAS Correct and to NEVER TRUST ANYTHING YOU READ ON THESE MESSAGE BOARDS...... Check The FACTS OUT FOR YOURSELF... TRUST but VERIFY ALWAYS! I gave FACTS while ALL The BASHERS could do is INSULT "THE TRUTH". Once Again DECADES of Consistent Foresight Combined WITH Sol
    id Due Diligence is Triumphant OVER THOSE WITH NO "Fiduciary Duty" To This Board Have Hid Behind Monikers While I Am Who I Say I Am.


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  • Is that what Everyone else has? That NUMBER would be STELLAR!
    The Stock is not priced for $0.38 EPS ON THE Q....... $0.26 to $0.29 would be AMAZING! I know it's down to SHOW ME this Q and Then The Takeoff Begins on Confirmation and The $140's PPS comes VERY FAST & Revisions Will Have to Go Way Higher on The PPS. All From The +25% Institutional Ownership have The Average STRONG BUY on BABA with 12 Strong Buys, 2 Hold, and 4 Moderate Buys. I know MANY SIDELIE $$$$ Need Confirmation on Earnings to Get In. I guess it's ALL up to BABA putting up the EXPECTED EPS Then it Will get The Respect In PPS as A Growth Company.... This has to be one of The MOST UNDERVALUED COMPANIES ON THE STREET Hands Down. What An Exciting Time To Be Waiting For Earnings To Put This Cheap Undervalued PPS's Inline with Other Equity Valuations. OK All on The Board.... Throw some Ideas Out There and I'll get Them in My Inbox Alerts without Checking in to This Board. Everyone have a Great Vacation or Rest Of Your Week! Unless Anything SIGNIFICANT comes My Way I Will Not Be Posting Here Until Earnings Unless Something Odd Comes Up.... LOL! Take Care EVERYONE!

    RL Berger

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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Jul 28, 2016 3:19 PM Flag

    That is NOT A PUMP....... That's A FACT! Alibaba was able to Outperform SALES for MARS in JUST 3 DAYS OVER 2015 SALES! Maybe, that is why THE TOP 3 LARGEST FOOD COMPANIES HAVE MADE SIMILAR PARTNERSHIPS WITH Alibaba. The SIZE of The Market in China is ENORMOUS and add Alibabas SECOND TO NONE TARGETED MARKETING to The Chinese Consumer's had SALES in JUST 3 Days Allowed MARS to Beat ALL OF THE PRIOR YEARS SALES IN THE Alibaba Ecosystem.

    Just Imagine How HUGE this is for US Companies or for that matter ANY Company GLOBALLY to Do Business in China. That PR that came out NEEDS TO BE GONE OVER...... Look it up and get The MULTIMEDIA News on The Continually Evolving Alibaba eCommerce Ecosystem. This is just 1 of MANY FACTS that have got lost and when Earning are Out

    AUGUST 11th not The 10th As Previously Reported by Myself...... Please Excuse My Error on the Dates.

    Everyone Have A Nice Week!

    Robbie L Berger

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  • Mars and Alibaba Group La- Mars Incorporated, one of the world's largest food manufacturers, today announced an innovative global strategic business partnership with Alibaba Group, the world's largest online and mobile commerce company. Leveraging Alibaba's ecosystem, Mars will establish an integrated online and offline business model to more effectively serve its hundreds of millions of consumers in China. All of Mars' brands in China, including six brands worth over 1 billion US dollars each - Dove(R), Snickers(R), M&M's(R), Extra(R), Pedigree(R) and Royal Canin(R) - will be available on all Alibaba platforms. Mars will leverage Alibaba's marketing services, media properties, mobile reach, big data and consumer insights to directly engage with its consumers. Alibaba's supply chain management and logistics network will also help expand Mars' efficiency and reach. Prior to forging this official strategic partnership, many Mars brands have already been very successful on Tmall. Based on targeted advertising with Alibaba's big data analysis, the campaign enabled Mars to In just three days, it achieved almost the whole year's sales of 2015.

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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Jul 28, 2016 2:12 PM Flag

  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Jul 28, 2016 2:12 PM Flag

    I'm getting tired of Your Pointless $hitPo$t$ and it's gotten to the point where Others have told You to "STFU!". I back My Posts with FACTS.

    You want to bash my Post over FACTUAL ASSETS OUTSIDE OF THE VERIZON BUYOUT OF YAHOO! There's The Alibaba Stake, Patents, YAHOO! Japan, and a lot of Other ASSETS that will be leftover in The YAHOO! "SHELL" that MOST ANALYSTS BELIEVE BABA will Buy because it makes Perfect "Cents".

    VZ is getting YHOO for $4.8 Billion and just not too long ago MSFT had a $48 Billion Takeover bid on YHOO.......... Microsoft has to be breathing a sigh of relief over that one. Make NO mistake about this.... You look like You are Bashing Me and Others forPosting Facts...... Not Cool, especially when You do not bring up FACTS. You are Playing The Disrupter in The Room and EVERYONE SEES It.

    I ALWAYS SAID to NEVER go Short on BABA and "If" You believe in that Downward Price the BUY "PUTS"....... Then BUY CALLS for Insurance to Cover Your Investment against Losses. I have said WHEN TO BUY THE PUTS AND CALLS AND HAVE BEEN CORRECT!

    If You have SOMETHING VALID that has something to do with Alibaba in a Negative View I WANT TO HEAR IT! MY EARS ARE WIDE OPEN AND I WILL LOOK AND VERIFY AND MODIFY WHAT I POST HERE...... Please give Us some Fact rather then Bashing..... I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET OTHERS ATTENTION AND MAYBE EVEN EARN SOME RESPECT.

    This is My LAST POST TO YOU BEFORE I PUT YOU ON IGNORE. Hopefully You Come around and JOIN THE GROUP ON THIS BOARD..... We WELCOME FACTS because FACTS Chart Our Course That Has Taken Us From Winner to Winner in Equities with Options.

    We ALL know or Should KNOW based on the Current Status of Alibaba and BABA that The Equity BABA is Severley UNDERVALUED and that's a FACT! That's not Pumping In Anyway. I have to go now... I HOPE TO COME BACK AND SEE YOUR POST HAVE FACTUAL DATA OR EVEN IDEAS THAT I AS WELL AS OTHERS CAN ADD TO OUR DUE DILLIGENCE.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Look at Those Assets and Add It uP after Verizon grabs "The Core". YAHOO! is much more then a core with Japan, Alibaba Stake, and "Other's"..... A Rename and Ticker change is all that YAHOO! Execs will confirm now. I see how Alibaba can take The LEFTOVERS and do about 1,000 or More Things with it and that BABA Deal Could be made in the time VZ & YHOO Finalize The Deal so just watch The uPside SUPRISE that can EASILY come out of this deal according to The "FACTS".

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Alibaba Group Celebrates Transformation of Taobao Marketplace at Inaugural Taobao Maker Festival Showcases Continued Innovation of Mobile Commerce in China SHANGHAI, Jul 22, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

    Today, the Taobao platform supports millions of entrepreneurs across China with unparalleled levels of user engagement across e-commerce, digital media, travel, social and local services: -- 150 million daily active users on Mobile Taobao, -- Users launch the Taobao app an average of seven times per day, -- Users spend more than 20 minutes each day on the app, -- Users browse an average of 19 products during a 24-hour period, -- Mobile Taobao users post more than 20 million reviews and comments every day. "Millennials are the driving force behind Taobao Marketplace, with more than 70 percent of buyers in their 20s and 30s," said Chris Tung, chief marketing officer at Alibaba Group. "As users continue to engage with the platform in more meaningful ways, we are fostering next-generation consumption features, such as virtual reality, to transcend the overall user experience. We hope the Taobao Maker Festival will inspire young makers to continue innovating and reaching the world through the Taobao ecosystem." Highlights of the Taobao Maker Festival include: -- "T": With technology as one of the key themes at the Taobao Maker Festival, visitors will be able to experience Alibaba's beta project "Buy+" or "Buy Plus,' - a new online shopping experience that leverages virtual reality (VR) technology, offering consumers a 360-degree panoramic view of products during the shopping process. Many industry-leading VR companies will showcase next-generation commerce experiences, including Magic Leap, HTC, Samsung, SpaceVR and Sixense, among others. -- "A": Attendees will celebrate Asia's emerging art scene and popular culture at a sub-culture exhibition. Highlights include performances by the classic popular Japanese TV show "Kasou Taishou," Cosplay comic shows and a limited-edition sneaker collection. The festival will also feature performances from contemporary artists, including Japanese virtual hologram pop singer Hatsune Miku. In addition, the Taobao iFashion channel will host a fashion show at which internet celebrities will introduce their latest original designs. -- "O": 72 young Taobao store owners, creators and innovators will share their creative journey and experiences at various panels, booths and events, highlighting power of Taobao's ecosystem to support young entrepreneurs cultivate original ideas and concepts. About Alibaba Group Alibaba Group's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. The company is the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world in terms of gross merchandise volume.

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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Jul 27, 2016 8:04 AM Flag

    No it's Robbie.
    I did have a nice rest and see BABA ha taken a small correctional hit if the stock continues to go up over the 52 Week High. I did post that I doubted the stock would go straight up into earnings. This way when BABA is $110 We DON'T get those posts that We have to go back and retrace the high $90's. VZ would LOVE to have BABA's Analytics Software. The BABA Targeted eCommerce Marketing Campaigns with American Products has been STELLAR as far a Sales Growth for American Companies as seen in The PR's. I don't believe Alibaba can sell out to A Non-Chinese Company and can NEVER see Jack Ma even considering it. He's a Gate's Type of Founder based on His Business And Social Philanthropy Actions taken already wit The 1st Ever Summit the other Week. Remember this is The REAL "Robbie L Berger" from The Street and not a fake Moniker.

    Have a Good Day!

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