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    short sqeeze toward the end of the day

    by tiredstudent1 Dec 3, 1998 2:15 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Dec 3, 1998 3:15 PM Flag

    Recovery Network, Inc.
    October 16, 1998
    Price and Common
    Stock Data Financial Strength (As of 6/30/98)

    52-Week Range 1- 6 1/2
    Shares Outstanding 9/16/98
    Float 4,800,000
    Market Capitalization

    Current Assets $2,780,239
    Current Liabilities
    Total Assets $3,784,920
    Total Liabilities
    Shareholder's Equity $2,488,781

    Current Ratio
    Total Debt/ Equity .52
    Total Cash $2,219,145

    Per-Share Data Income Statements
    Book Value
    Earnings (ttm) ($1.38)
    Sales (ttm) $0.15

    *Estimated Earnings (1999) $0.05
    *Estimated Earnings
    (2000) $1.05

    Sales (year-end 6/30/97)
    Sales (year-end 6/30/98) $894,758
    Year-to-year sales
    growth 2674%

    After-tax income (6/98)

    *Estimated Sales (1999) $10,000,000
    *Est. Earnings (1999)

    *Estimated Sales (2000) $30,000,000
    *Est. Earnings (2000)
    Profit Margin N/A
    trailing twelve months
    M= millions
    * Estimates are
    for fiscal year-end June 30.

    RNET has had
    extraordinary sales growth thus far. The year ended June 30,
    1997 showed revenues of $33,464 for the entire year.
    The first quarter of the 1998 fiscal year had
    revenues of $28,137. The second quarter showed a 353%
    increase from the first to $99,401. The third quarter
    showed an increase of 283% from the second with revenues
    of $281,665. Finally to close out the fiscal year of
    1998 the fourth quarter showed an increase of 172%
    with $485,555 and ending the fiscal year 1998 with
    total revenues of
    $894,758. A 2674% increase from
    the year-end June 30, 1997.


    Recovery Network's partnership with TCI Digital Health
    Group a subsidiary of Liberty Media/TeleCommunications,
    Inc. company enables Recovery Network to deliver these
    services electronically to a mass audience in the privacy
    of their homes with unprecedented cost savings. The
    �convergence� of cable TV, the Internet and telephony over
    cable's digital set top box is ideally suited for
    Recovery Network's healthcare programming, products and

    The Recovery NetworkTM, the Company's cable
    television network, which was launched nationally in
    September 1998 as, a 4-hour per day program block repeated
    6 times a day, has distribution with Cablevision
    systems, Cox Communications, Telecommunications, Inc. and
    CableOne. The Company has a five year contract with Group W
    Network Services, a division of CBS Corporation (�Group
    W�), for Group W to supply a fully dedicated Digital
    Satellite Transponder master control and up link utilizing
    Scientific Atlanta's Power Vu equipment, affording the
    Company transmission of its signal throughout North
    America 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recovery Network
    has one of the largest video libraries of social and
    behavioral health programs and has produced programming with
    celebrities such as Whitney Houston, John Bradshaw and Tom
    Selleck. The programming is reality-based, benefits from
    the recent success of other reality-based shows like
    COPS, 911 and Oprah, and has strong viewer and
    community support.

    Recovery Network's Internet and
    extranet business, Recovery Net Interactive, will offer
    state-of-the-art assessment tools, online expert second opinions,
    counseling, and an extensive clinically-oriented library of
    information and treatment options to individuals, employees
    as part of a EAP program paid for from insurance
    dollars and to managed care organizations. Recovery
    Interactive also has a monthly celebrity Chat Room promoted
    by the leading Internet provider Yahoo!

    Recovery Direct, a wholly-owned subsidiary formed to
    market products and services to the Company's national
    television, radio and Internet audiences, and to
    institutional,educational and correctional markets.

  • rockvilleguy by rockvilleguy Dec 1, 1998 7:10 AM Flag

    This should be great for ITGR as it gets ITGR on
    more internet stock buyers radar screens.

    Integrity Up 133%; Surge In Shrs Of Music Peer Didax
    Dow Jones Newswires -- November 30, 1998

    NEW YORK -- Integrity Inc.'s (ITGR) shares climbed to
    a new 52-week high
    Monday on the heels of a
    recent runup in Christian music retailing peer Didax
    (AMEN) shares.

    An Integrity spokeswoman
    said that the flurry of excitement surrounding Didax's
    launch of The Music Channel, a Christian music
    World Wide Web site, sparked gains in

    Didax's announcement Wednesday sent its shares
    457% higher from a close of 3 3/4 on
    Tuesday to a
    settlement of 20 7/8 on Friday.

    "I think that people
    are just putting the two companies together," the
    said, adding that Integrity hasn't released any
    news that would be affecting the
    company's share
    price. Integrity produces and publishes Christian

    One market-watcher noted that Integrity, which
    also sells Christian music over the
    Internet, is
    one of Didax's biggest industry peers.

    also operates other religious Web sites, sells
    advertising and sponsorships, retails
    products via the Web and provides technology services to

    Shares of Chantilly,
    Va.-based Didax have recently returned some of the gains it
    last week, trading at 18, down 2 7/8, or 13.8%,
    on volume of 4 million shares,
    compared to
    average daily volume of 86,700 shares.

    Integrity's shares have tacked on 4 1/16, or 135%, recently
    trading at 7 1/16 on volume
    of 506,600 shares
    compared to average daily volume of 6,500. Earlier, the
    surged to 12 1/4, eclipsing a previous 52-week
    high of 3 3/4 set on April 22.

    -By Nicole
    Ridgway; 201-938-5174
    Copyright November 30, 1998, Dow
    Jones Newswires

  • rockvilleguy by rockvilleguy Nov 30, 1998 9:16 PM Flag

    Here are top 5 gainers today and some background
    information on each for everyone's
    information: Note: I
    did not include BB stocks in this list but the top BB
    gainer I could
    find was GGNC + 205% to 3

    1) ICCSA Stock Price: 6 + 4 (+200.00)..

    Volume 196,000 vs 4,909 avg
    Market Cap-- 5.7
    Earnings-- 1Q at -0.85 vs -0.43, 1 year earnings
    at -2.77.
    What they do-- Develop, design &
    market systems for security over internet.
    WARNING: Company appears to have
    liquidity problems with current ratio at just


    2) SHRP Stock Price: 21 3/16 + 13 5/8
    Volume 4,708,500 vs 62,454 avg
    Market Cap--
    180.7 Million
    Earnings-- 3Q at -0.17 vs -0.19, YTD
    earnings at -0.57 vs -0.63.
    What they do-- Speciality
    retailer of wide variety of gift & entertainment products
    through retail stores, catalogs, internet and
    other means.
    Float-- 1.9 Million shares
    are at $27/share

    3) ITGR Stock Price: 6 1/8 +
    3 1/8 (+104.17%)..
    Volume 756.300 vs 6,000
    Market Cap-- 33.8 Million
    Earnings-- 3Q at
    0.08 after charge vs 0.05, YTD 0.19 vs 0.05
    they do-- Produce and publish Christian lifestyle
    products to facilitate worship,
    entertainment and
    education. Recently opened internet store to sell music,
    videos and
    gifts for adults and kids.
    4.2 Million shares
    Sells at less then 1 times
    sales. 40-50% marketshare in Christian music.

    4) ECHO Stock Price: 3 5/16 + 1 1/2 (+ 82.76%)..

    Volume 5,279,900 vs 37,681 avg
    Market Cap-- 50
    Earnings-- Yearly at 0.05 vs 0.02
    What they
    do-- Provider of hardware & network services to
    customers on national
    scale. Also have internet
    settlement services and inventory tracking.
    Float-- 8.6
    Million Shares

    5) CALP Stock Price: 2 7/16 + 1
    5/16 (+ 62.50%)..
    Volume 2,689,900 vs 90,954
    Market Cap-- 28 Million
    Earnings-- None at
    this time, changing line of business
    What they
    do-- Merging with Imaginon-- who provides new
    technology called
    Webzinger for internet browsers.
    Company says new product will increase efficiency
    time when internet browsing. Stock also has warrants
    which expire 12/98.
    Float-- 9.4 Million Shares

    Question-- How successful will they be in new line of
    business after leaving in-line
    skating market??

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    Earnings out...

    by bean_cntr Nov 12, 1998 9:29 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Nov 16, 1998 9:14 AM Flag

    Conference call will be at 11am CT today!!!

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    by YahooFinance Nov 26, 1997 2:26 AM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Nov 13, 1998 10:42 AM Flag

    Datek is a good online broker. Fast execution and cheap.

  • Briefing.Com

    08:48 ET Earnings Preview:
    DLJ believes the following names have potential to
    report upside to EPS this qtr: AOL, AMZN, YHOO, CPQ,
    VNWK, INTC, ANTC, GLW, MAPX. Companies
    with potential to report a shortfall include: ERICY,

  • rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Aug 21, 1998 12:14 PM Flag

    I am actually an analyst with a brokerage house and I believe that the fundamentals are there to support this stock.

  • rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Aug 21, 1998 11:34 AM Flag

    I am holding my shares. We know that there will be retaliation for this week we just dont know when.

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    by unlv_72 Aug 20, 1998 3:33 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Aug 21, 1998 10:17 AM Flag

    A pentagon spokesman on CNN last night said that
    retaliation is very likely for the U.S. attacks on Sudan &
    Afghanistan terrorist camps. New York and LA airports have
    already tightened security. MAGSF starting to move with
    this renewed threat

  • rockvilleguy by rockvilleguy Aug 20, 1998 3:25 PM Flag

    Traders looking for ways to play news of U.S.
    military strikes on
    terrorists targets in Afghanistan
    and Sudan in retaliation for the recent U.S. embassy
    bombings in east Africa. One
    angle has been biding up
    the shares of bomb-detection equipment makers
    InVision Technologies (INVN 7 11/16
    +13/16, +12%),
    Magal Security Systems (MAGSF 3 +11/16, +30%), and
    .Barringer Technologies (BARR 6 21/32
    +11/32, +5.5%).

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    Even more info!!

    by CodeBrown_ Jul 16, 1998 5:50 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Jul 17, 1998 8:43 AM Flag

    early indication at 11 1/2. GO EPIX!!

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    MORE INFO!!!

    by CodeBrown_ Jul 16, 1998 3:26 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Jul 16, 1998 4:14 PM Flag

    I just spoke with the company and they said that phase 2 results will be out by the end of the week!!

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    Price Target???

    by TJSymms Jun 22, 1998 4:52 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Jul 14, 1998 8:40 AM Flag

    When are earnings due out?

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    Audio books

    by jimandson Jul 7, 1998 3:57 PM
    rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Jul 7, 1998 4:39 PM Flag

    Go to's web site and they already sell audio books.

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