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  • rogluther by rogluther Jun 8, 2016 9:38 AM Flag

    Very interesting ...... who is cleanaircar? He/she comes out just before open with well pre-written researched posts. The only posts that have ever been attributed to the name "cleanaircar."

    Is this a clever pumper and if so, what brought he/she out to play at this time?

    I'd appreciate a response from cleanaircar ...... as long as it doesn't violate any possible employment agreements.

  • rogluther by rogluther Jun 24, 2016 8:53 AM Flag

    But it did not work!

    Yesterdays BREXIT vote confirms that British citizens had a mind of their own despite all of the recent media, poll and politician babble that it was ASSURED that BREXIT would FAIL. IMO this strategy by the powerful and their lemmings was designed to influence British citizens how to vote ..... and it failed.

    IMO a comparison can be drawn between the "story line" that Trump cannot win to BREXIT cannot win. The media, politicians and those with vested interests (power and money) are and have been, pushing the theory that Trump cannot win ...... expect this to continue.

    But, in the final analysis it will be a decision by American citizens who are concerned with the direction that their country will take ..... in that regard we are just like British citizens.

    Hopefully we are just as smart as the British ..... despite any short term pain .... and make no mistake that short term pain will be required to set both the British and the U.S. on a sustainable and growing long term path.

  • rogluther rogluther Apr 27, 2016 12:46 PM Flag

    " then there is a Durafit recall, and CDTI is sued into oblivion, when there is a quality control issue"

    Your flip flops continue to amaze me ..... CDTI is bad, bad, bad and then CDTI is about to break-out and you and others start talking about adding to your deeply red positions.

    Now you suddenly bring up a possible DuraFit quality issue ...... where did you pull that one from? I do seem to recall that I brought up potential CDTI quality issues when I first started posting on this board and YOU jumped on my back many times by telling me that no such issues exist .... when I happened to KNOW that CDTI quality was, at the time, in need of improvement. So, what's changed your mind ..... was it just another bad day or was it bad self medication?

    Face it, you and some others are deeply red with CDTI ..... but you're holding your shares ..... if you're so negative on CDTI why not just bail and invest the proceeds in what you think may be a better position? Or, are you still hoping to save your investment in CDTI but don't like the recent price action and don't have the patience for any possible turn-around?

    I too, am slightly red with my investment in CDTI. The difference between you and I appears that my investment represents only a very small part of my portfolio and I went into it knowing that it was a highly speculative and any gains or losses would have almost no impact on my overall portfolio (i.e. up 9.8% YTD). It was not a get rich quick decision ..... speculative investments should NEVER keep you awake at night or affect your overall psyche ....... and if they do, you're just plain stupid.

  • rogluther by rogluther Jun 28, 2016 10:12 AM Flag

    Could there possibly be a connection between the preliminary announcement of a potential VW settlement and the late announcement of CDTI to avoid delisting?

    I realize that this is a big stretch ..... but a part of the potential VW settlement involves the mandatory requirement for VW to invest in cleaner diesel technology (look it up).

    If VW bought CDTI for $120M it would represent approximately .6% to .8% of the potential costs VW will incur to settle U.S. claims.

    Hmmm ...... Is there a connection?

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    DB Unwillng to Say BEALE Delivered

    by beendown2 Jul 5, 2016 3:53 PM
    rogluther rogluther Jul 5, 2016 4:58 PM Flag


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    Roge: "What does that tell us"

    by spanspur May 3, 2016 12:00 AM
    rogluther rogluther May 3, 2016 8:19 AM Flag

    “What does that tell us?”

    I assume that you are referring to my previous post ….. if so, let me posit some of my favorite scenarios.

    #1. Somebody is building a BIG long position.
    #2. The market maker is aiding in this effort and may even be adding to his float.
    #3. They are doing this in hopes of “making a killing” down the near to intermediate term road.
    #4. What I find interesting is that on 4/29 about 32.5% of the total daily volume was short and again on 5/2 over 60% of the total volume was short (I understand these are not pure numbers ….. only directional). Why did the short volume recently tip-up?
    #5. Why would someone short a $.55 stock …. is it a good tactic to keep the share price down while building a long position or does someone really believe that the share price will significantly drop from current levels? If it is the latter there isn't any big dollar benefit unless CDTI goes BK and that cannot happen, under the worst of circumstances, for many, many months or unless CDTI is de-listed.
    #6. Ask yourself who is buying all of these cheap shares (over 2M since 4/11) is it stupid private investors who generally do not even know CDTI exists and if they do, have been burned in the past OR is it an institutional or business investor who may have more information than we do?

    These are only my opinions and they have not YET led me to add to my long position ….. but I'm getting very tempted and will regret it if I'm right and haven't added if or when the share price rises.

    Face it …. old news is just that, and with regard to CDTI it is generally bad. But, IMO most of the newer news has been positive and yet the share price dropped significantly …. leading me to continually wonder WHY and resulting in the above speculation.

    I've ask myself at least a dozen times in the last week ….. “how greedy am I and how much of a chance am I willing to take” ….. so far, I've not answered these questions to my satisfaction.

  • rogluther by rogluther May 6, 2016 10:21 AM Flag

    What does it take to develop a successful business …. here's some major steps. PLEASE NOTE, these are not all encompassing ….. they are only the ones that I believe apply to CDTI.

    #1. Come up with a better idea.
    #2. Establish the worth of that idea.
    #3. If the better idea is a product ….. either sell the idea or build the facilities to manufacture the product or have someone build the product for you.
    #4. If you decide to build or acquire the facilities to manufacture the product or have someone build the product for you, you're probably going to have to borrow the money required and if you're wrong you're in deep s**t.
    #5. Sell the resultant product(s) or technology to potential customers for an appropriate profit.

    Note that CDTI has, in my view, completed steps #1, #2. #3, #4 and partially #5. Also note that with regard to #4 they borrowed money and they're now in deep s**t.

    BUT ….. the advantage they NOW HAVE is that they require almost no further manufacturing cap-ex and may even have the ability to reduce (or perhaps eliminate) some (or all) existing manufacturing costs. Additionally, they have the the ability to further reduce non-direct overhead. These are, in my view, two important current advantages.

    The ultimate success of CDTI, in my view, now rests almost solely on #5 and any success in achieving #5 will have a disproportionate impact on CDTI's overall financial success. In the interim, CDTI must ELIMINATE ALL POSSIBLE direct and indirect costs to buy time for the success of #5.

    So …... IMO the bottom line is ….. EVERYTHING now depends on the success of #5 based on the assumption that you got #2 correct.

  • "NOSLO, May 25 (Reuters) - Norway's $850 billion sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, voted in favour of the 2015 remuneration package of Royal Dutch Shell Chief Executive Ben van Beurden at Tuesday's annual meeting of shareholders, the fund said on its web site on Wednesday."

    "About 86 percent of the owners backed the 5.14 million euro ($5.73 million) pay package at the meeting. Two investor advisory firms had recommended that Shell's owners should oppose it."

    "($1 = 0.8971 euros) (Reporting by Terje Solsvik, editinews about one of my holdings."

    Sorry ..... but I just couldn't help but compare this to the amount you pay executives of NRF, NSAM and NRE.


  • rogluther rogluther Jul 12, 2016 9:13 AM Flag

    Then please it explain it to me you whippersnapper and quit diluting this board with old news and stupid comments to keep your posts at the top of the list.

    If you're so into CDTI please explain how we have a new executive that has been in place since January, 2016, that I was not aware of ....... could it be that an old foggy like me just missed it? Why don't you speculate why this new executive was appointed VP and how that might impact Golden.

  • rogluther by rogluther Jun 18, 2016 10:12 AM Flag

    Where did the 329K volume come from? Chart for the day indicated low volume and suddenly 329K appears.

    Was this an off-market transaction and if so, why?

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    mindless babble by paid shill

    by dbtunr Jun 24, 2016 10:02 AM
    rogluther rogluther Jun 24, 2016 10:16 AM Flag

    " Kanis, lives in Britain. He has other things on mind."

    Yeah ...... but what is on Kanis' mind?

    Since we know so little about Kanis, his investments, his wealth and how much of his wealth is in the Pound might we expect that he would be more willing to invest in CDTI to shield his wealth from any future instability of the Pound ..... assuming CDTI has a future?

    I don't know ..... I've asked before but with no answers ...... does anyone have any insights into Kanis, his wealth and his investments?

  • rogluther rogluther Jul 12, 2016 8:55 AM Flag

    No it should have not been disclosed before the conversion of Kanis and Bell or the investment by Haldor.

    We all knew that with those announcements something was either in the air or Kanis, Bell and Haldor were stupid ...... I elected to believe they were not stupid but you tended to think they were ....... now, when are you going to change your tune?

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    DB Unwillng to Say BEALE Delivered

    by beendown2 Jul 5, 2016 3:53 PM
    rogluther rogluther Jul 5, 2016 4:41 PM Flag

    Beendown2 ...... How could you be so stupid?

    #1. Anyone with any brains can see that CDTI is up ONLY 39% in two trading days, furthermore, anyone see that there are no "real buyers" .... volume today was ONLY 5 times normal !!!

    #2. It's becoming increasingly obvious that the holder of CDTI's revolving credit account will deny further access should it be required and that this new deal has destroyed CDTI's "capitalization" and will drive away investors.

    #3. Just you wait ...... after CDTI goes up only a FEW more pennies EVERYONE will be selling and YOU will be the bag holder.

    NEVER LET IT BE SAID that I'm always on one side of an issue ..... or that I don't attempt to supply fact based opinions for most of my views.

    In this case you'll just have to wait for me to dredge up some facts to substantiate items #2 and #3. In the meantime I'll be waiting for you to explain why you are so STUPID !!!!.


  • What the heck am I talking about?

    What I mean is that when you've formed a strong opinion on a subject be careful that your actions do not lead you to make a bad decision. For instance, if your opinion on stock leads you to believe it's a bargain or a bust ….. think again and don't overreact .... in other words don't SIGNIFICANTLY react in the direction of your feelings …... you could be wrong. Slowing down and reacting in measured steps will likely lead to better long-term results.

    The same applies to many other subjects. For instance, I distinctly remember that in the Carter years I had formed a strong negative opinion on the direction of our country. I just could not see how the run away inflation (for the U.S.) could be stopped without a major recession or even depression. History proves that I was wrong and all that was required was new leadership and a little time. My failure to act on my strong opinion stopped me from making unwise long-term investment decisions.

    I realize that what I'm saying may go “against the grain” for many …. especially when it comes to investing, where we all want to find the next “hot thing,” buy at the bottom, sell at the top and obtain optimal results. I've done my share of that over more than 50 years of investing. But when I look back over all those decades, I've found that the success of measured steps have far exceeded my reactionary moves and that applies to buy, sell and hold decisions.

    What is your most valuable asset? A valid case can be made that it is your HEALTH or your FAMILY but I maintain it is your TIME ….. think about that. With poor health you time may be limited or at a minimum, not effectively used. To me family is very important but, with time, I can better try to provide for their future or at a minimum, try to correct any mistakes I may have made in dealing with them.

    Just some thoughts from over 70 years of experience …... take it for what it's worth ….. or don't.

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    Hmmm .....

    by rogluther Jun 8, 2016 9:38 AM
    rogluther rogluther Jun 8, 2016 11:51 AM Flag

    I'll take you at your word but I have another question ...... are you a holder of CDTI shares and if so, have you recently been adding to your position?

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    OT The Republican Convention OT

    by rogluther Jul 9, 2016 12:32 PM
    rogluther rogluther Jul 9, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    Clarification ..... between ONE AND FIVE TENTHS OF A PERCENT OF .....

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    by rogluther Jun 18, 2016 10:12 AM
    rogluther rogluther Jun 20, 2016 8:58 AM Flag

    It will be very interesting to see what we learn today.

    What we learned after COB Friday that there was some "cooked up" deal that involved over 250,000 shares slightly after close that dropped the share price from .3251 to .30 or about 7.7%.

    Will we see an 8K explaining this transaction today? If so, have we bottomed and if we have ..... has someone entered with "insider information."

  • rogluther rogluther Jul 12, 2016 8:57 AM Flag

    When are you going to stop post your inane old news and concentrate on new news or potential new news?

  • The Republican Convention in Cleveland is almost upon us and many of the major media lemmings are predicting and dare I say, hoping for violence.

    I ask, that if violence should occur what will be the REAL REASON?

    I know ….. you may think this is a stupid question but let me put the basis for my question into some context. Several weeks ago there was a HUGE DEMONSTRATION in Cleveland involving, by all media and police accounts, 1.3 MILLION people! I repeat 1.3 MILLION people! Furthermore, this crowd was EXTREMELY RACIALLY MIXED and went on for many hours blocking downtown streets to the extent that it took approximately 4 hours for a car to travel 2 miles!

    So what happened …... in a word …... NOTHING! There were NO VIOLENT CONFRONTATIONS between the demonstrators or the police! Everybody was happy and the huge local media presence interviewed numerous demonstrators who had only good things to say about the demonstration and their fellow demonstrators! THESE ARE FACTS!

    So ….. if violence occurs at the Republican Convention by let's say anywhere between ONE TO FIVE TENTHS of the number of people who attended the prior demonstration …... ASK YOURSELF WHY?

    IMO Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson should immediately hold a press conference and lay out the above facts and pose the same “what if” questions I have posed. Such an action may help to defuse or make it more difficult for any planned violent actions.

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    The Deal Is Done

    by rogluther Jul 1, 2016 8:04 AM
    rogluther rogluther Jul 1, 2016 9:48 AM Flag

    The next question is what does this deal do to share price? IMO it will go up significantly but by how much, my guess is as good as yours. But think ….. any increase in share price becomes a windfall for Kanis, Topsoe, Bell and us. That's a great deal for Kanis, Topsoe and Bell but not necessarily for us depending on our cost basis.

    Next question is any CDTI technology applicable to Topsoe's current products? Can the Topsoe plants provide CDTI technology with a manufacturing base if such a deal is cut with Topsoe? What about the Huston plant ….. how may that provide an ultimate base for DuraFit ….. or maybe its the China plant. Either would require a Topsoe/CDTI agreement ….. another deal?

    Then there is the Senior Note and the Qualified Financial Deal of about $5M which would allow conversion at the share value of the Qualified Financial Deal. Could it be that another Qualified Deal ultimately involves the current payers or will others now enter with the stabilization of CDTI?

    Just for the heck of it, I'll predict that CDTI share price will exceed $1 before the NASDAQ rules require it, leaving the question of the necessity of a RS …... might just be wishful thinking on my part.

    Thank You Eric.

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