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rustyjlk 78 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 21, 2011 11:44 PM Member since: Nov 16, 2008
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    Im no doctor but

    by rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 10:45 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:44 PM Flag

    Unless you are a true insider, you can only go by what is public. Numbers for AVNR are bad and do not justify this PPS

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    Im no doctor but

    by rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 10:45 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:43 PM Flag

    Most all these boards are full of BS. Don't discount someone solely on their spelling or what not either. I worked in a pharmacy for over 2 years in a major US city and never saw or heard of a PBA patient in my pharmacy i worked at. I have talked to a pharmacy buddy of mine and hes been in the business for over 20 years at a major US retail pharmacy and he never told me of anyone he knew that actually had PBA. Its a VERY VERY small market if it even exists in my opinion. Least i come out and state these are opionion rather than fact or act like i "know it all" I am giving an opinion. you take it for what they are worth to you.

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:38 PM Flag

    You must be hired by AVNR to give all this rebuttle. Comming up with all these blog, video posts. You must work for AVNR!! Your not an independant source looking from the outside of this.

    I think your credibility is shot with all these rebuttles. Either that or you are heavlyinvested.

    I have followed this stock for a long time. I have a family member that will not let this go. This stock seems to have more followers, almost like a cult that no matter what the facts say, crappy numbers, still remain faithful. Almost like a brain warsh. Its crazy.

    I just can't stand to see all these comments by a ceo that ever action seems to be taking advantage of shareholders good will.

    KK smells like and just have a feeling him and this company is a fraud.

    Im done with these replied to you, and i think the public shareholdrs can decide and vote with their $$$$

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:33 PM Flag

    Probably a marketing video. Companies can put out viral videos, blogs, and stuff. Don't be misled. 1000 scripts says it all. No big pharma buying this junk says it all too. There is no solid ground but some sporatic videos, blogs and such that who knows if AVNR is actually behind the posts and such.

    Ever heard of PR releases. companies pay for those, or often do. or if they do not pay for those they have company people that are paid to work to get media peices picked up by news, papers, and the such.

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:30 PM Flag

    And there is only 1000 scripts after a year why????

    Thats says it all. Not all doctors are created equal, the majority, the best ones i would hedge a bet are not writing scripts because they know this is not for the patient and or PBA just does not exist. Great Bi polar, depression drugs out there, that are PROVEN!!! And safe!! N is all but that and 1000 scripts total for the USA says it all. As well as why no big pharma company has bought this junk.

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    Im no doctor but

    by rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 10:45 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:26 PM Flag

    Large holders, just might have warrents or other discounts the retail investor may not have and thus it makes since still to hold.

    What you don't know is that the large investment companies that are holding these stocks may not be holding the stock with there money. The listing of the lage holding companies may have these large holding with retail investors money but have th ownership listedunder their name.

    For example, xyz company made charitable contributions of 10 Million bucks. However, the contribution is listed under xyz company but the $ came from xyz's employees money and only partly by xyz's company cash holdings.

    Not sure if this is the case, but very well could be....

    Food for thought.

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:20 PM Flag

    You are wrong i think. Numbers back this. Doctors in America are NOT prescribing this drug for a reason. 1000 scripts after a year says it all. PBA is not real, other underlying conditions i think cause what people call PBA. PBA is NOT a Condition but a symptom of condition such as bi polar,depression, or anxiety, or schizo, and there are great drugs for those things. Nuero is rally just trying to tap that market and its not the doctors or patient choice. Script numbers prove this. I bet the majority people that are on N are people who can't reall even speak for themselve and some sales guy has got a doctor to write sricpts.

    Don't be fooled.

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 11:12 PM Flag

    Sure, and theres like 1000 scripts for it after a year when this drug is supposedly the only one out there for it..... something does not add up.

  • rustyjlk by rustyjlk Dec 21, 2011 10:45 PM Flag

    I think PBA is not a condition. I the symptoms that people call PBA is really some sort of, Bi Bolar, Depression, Mood Disorder, Schizophernia, and other mental health disorders. With the exception of brain trama or injury that migt cause what some people call PBA.

    Your all ready to jump on, oh see, AVNR's Neuro stuff is so huge. NOT!!!!

    In fact, just the opposite is true. All the above conditions are treat way better with the great anti depressants that are out there, Meds for mood disorders and Schitzophernia. There are great great drugs that are probably safer and way more effective than Neurodex. In fact, even during trials i think i remember some of the ingredients in the the old formula had to be changed/ reduced due to health concerns. Not only is there better meds for PBA sysmptoms. But, way afer drugs out there for conditions listed above. I am sure doctors know this and thus why this drug is not prescribed worth a darn. I do not even think PBA exists!!! The sysptoms that are PBA are really other mental health disorders that i think, and i think doctors agree (just look at the crappy Neuro crap launch if you can even call that a launch. Thus why there is such bad script numbers after almost a year. If i am right, i am sure doctors would agree even, then even if PBA stuff exists it is not a drug that has a monopoly on a market, but a drug that may in fact compete with way way better drugs that actually work!!! "Change my life" i think is an AVNR ploy.

    If you don't all know this......guess what companies can pay, thats right pay for "placed" blogs. In fact many companies hire people to blog about there products for marketing. I remember KK using the term "change mylife" then seeing some exact post on some blog online some where. I would bet a lot of money that AVNR paid someone to put those posts on there. Companies do this all the time i think for marketing. Thats what i think the case is here with a lot of the online blogs and even ALS stuff. Paid advertisments more or less that look like something from an "independent" source. Yeah righ. I don't believe it. Do you????

    Don't be fooled and let KK keep optioning and warrenting a Christmans gift from you investors that are long. You longs will eventually see that is stock, and company is a fraud, and that b paying a way over priced price for this stock that your allowing te Christmas gifts to KK. AKA, the riddler. See my Batman and Robin Post.

    These are my opinions and you be the judge, but i think A LOT of investors, including institutions are being taken with this drug, company and stock.

  • rustyjlk by rustyjlk Dec 18, 2011 1:06 PM Flag

    Why does everyone that is long blame shorts? There is no real logic to this. THe stock price sucks and you Longs you need to blame investing in a company that has only one thing going for it Neudexta which is a failure for the company to operate its sale profitably. Market is either too small, non existant, drug does not work (change my life) lets get real. And lets face it the why would an investor want to give a company a 1.78 for a share price that is trading at 400% to 750% of its true value so your givving money for baically potential that is obviously not there after a fair market launch. Its a failure. As long as you investors/longs keep the thing pumped, the riddler, KK can keep making money o his options, warrents and auto sales. If this thing was prced like it should be there KK and his group could not reep all this stock option, warrent price gains all on your dime by keeping the share price pumped above fair value.

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    Growth we are growing come Jan this

    by wekillshorts147 Dec 18, 2011 10:21 AM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 18, 2011 12:56 PM Flag

    AVNR needs to add scrips but adding sales people may only hurt the company. It looks to me it is costing more and more to bring additional scripts in. Since doctors will not prescibe this fraud then they haveto hire a bunch of sales people to force it to be taken thus the cost to find a doctor who you can make write scripts is costing more than the pofit the script brings. This drug and company is toast.

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    i like the idea of raising price /cut cost

    by internetguru1207 Dec 18, 2011 10:36 AM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 18, 2011 12:52 PM Flag

    cost cutting must happen when you begin to fail...... THe only thing this company has is not being adopted and is not profitable to rven try to being to market, let alone it may not even be a goo drug.

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    by tradestoxx11 Dec 18, 2011 12:06 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 18, 2011 12:49 PM Flag

    Grnts happen for things, (Schools, research,....Neudexta.....when there is not enough cash from in this case AVNR to do this alone. They need subsidies. This just reinforces that Neudexta is a failure. Sales can't support it so they need grants i guess........

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    Heres your chance to post evidence

    by rustyjlk Dec 17, 2011 12:14 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 18, 2011 1:36 AM Flag

    You dont even need a business degree to tell this stock is junk, its product is junk, and if it was not it would be at retail pharma chains and not some rare special order only. It would not need some massive sales force to get some old person who dont know oor can speak for themselves to start taking a fraudualant pill.

    Ok, so you say it can gain other label uses than pba. Doctors prescrip meds off label all the time and even if this drug got off label uses the usage rate is going to be the same, terrible.

    I also worked at a pharmacy for over 2 years in a major u.s. city and never once encountered a pba patient.

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    heart felt plea

    by golftheband_onemanshow Dec 17, 2011 12:18 AM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 17, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Seriously i dont think there is hope. Its a gonner. Drug will still be available, maybe the government will take it over, it will exist but not really. JUst sell for what ever you can, cut your loss. Even with a loss least, you can look back at say i sold at 1.80 and not .25 cents. This stock will b delisted within a year i bet.

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    Heres your chance to post evidence

    by rustyjlk Dec 17, 2011 12:14 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 17, 2011 6:25 PM Flag

    I do not know exactly how the 8 mil fell out on friday, but i do know that institutions are no longer buying from the reports i saw and there ownership along with mutual fund ownership is starting to decline. Also look, i don't see one poster putting evidence on here of a drug that was successful after a start like Neudexta. Because there is none. AVNR has nothing but that drug and if that can generate profit from it, heck by operating to sell that drug there taking larger hits to the income statement. See Sat. post on the avnr quote front pge. So basically if selling a drug that is not needed or is cost effectively sold because either the market is too small to effectively and profitably reach or the drug just sucks. Its a failure and "pipeline in a pill" "Changed my life" is a fraud. To keep the pumping and dumping going. Its a scam!! I think.

    In addition if AVNR Neudexta is a failure and they have nothing left then all you investors are just giving a company money to keep a float on 82 mil coffer. Your paying like 750 % of true value at the current price.

    You know how good interest rates are right now?!?!?!?!?! Well why are you longs giving AVNR money (your stock purchase) when AVNR is losin cash with no hope to generate rev. off the 82 Mil they have because they dont have a product worth anything. So if they have 82 Million and they can make money with it by trying to sell Nero Crap then all the company should be worth is value basically on the interest rate they can get for the 82 mil. hmm, how are interest rates again. ? ?? !!!!

  • All you longs, please qoute drugs that had a 10 month launch as bad as Neudexta. ???? Can't even find this drug in big pharma chains in major U.S.cities still. No demand. lol

    There is none. All drus that i know of that launched this bad are failed drugs or rare rare drugs that is not really profitable one bit but exist i guess you could say.

    Bottom line. There is no market for Neudexta. Its a fraud.

    Institustional stock buyers from what i see no longer are even buyin this junk called AVNR. They aere starting to unload. I.E. Fridays volume.

  • rustyjlk by rustyjlk Dec 17, 2011 12:09 PM Flag

    Daniel Ruettiger, who earned a walk-on spot on Notre Dame's college football team for his plucky play despite his small frame, dished out $382,866 to settle SEC charges for a pump-and-dump stock scheme that reportedly rolled up $11 million in profits for Rudy Nutrition, a now out of business soft-drink company.

    THe soft drink had all these false claims.

    Sounds a lot like AVNR. "Changed my life." "Pipeline in a pill"
    All the uses... lol what a joke.

    This company is a stock market fraud machine. So much pumping and dumping. Eventually the "truth" will come out. There was even a TV special i think on this if it is a fraud on not. You decide for yourself. I sure have already.

  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 15, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    I have a family member that owns a ton and it bothers the hell out of me that he holds almost all of his retirement in this fraud. No inheritence for me. lol

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    Robin and Batman....I got it

    by rustyjlk Dec 15, 2011 9:25 PM
    rustyjlk rustyjlk Dec 15, 2011 10:05 PM Flag

    I am a college grad with a business degree. lol I can spell, i just was typing off the cuff but got my main business points across on this stock in a funny way. Sorry if you don't find it good. Some of the best writers break a lot of spelling and grammer rules. I guess thats why they have editors!!