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snugly60031 5 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 11, 2016 6:01 PM Member since: Oct 6, 2000
  • They have hurt the real owners of PFE, the shareholders. Company needs to do massive stock buyback to compensate shareholders for lost opportunity when AGN deal announcement last Fall derailed the stock move toward $40's. The Limey and the BOD should pay the $150mm AGN expense from their own compensation/stock options. After all, shareholders didn't want that deal. As it stands, the Limey and the BOD act on their own, are hostile to the shareholders, and need to be voted out..

  • Management would get better if the Limey and the board slicks would listen to the shareholders instead of themselves. Shareholders didn't want to overpay for AGN or AZN deal before it. Instead, these management "geniuses" accomplished nothing, but to lose $150mm on expenses and draw scorn on the company as tax dodgers. Oh, but I guess they got deal bonuses and stock options. What did shareholders get? How about shaft up the #$%$. And how about the broken stock price momentum higher from last Summer, when the stock was moving toward $40. BTW, $40 isn't a new high. Long term shareholder/sufferers remember 8-9 years ago when the stock was in mid-$40's.
    IMO the Limey and the lap dog BOD are more interested in self-serving than interests of shareholders.

  • Shareholders didn't want the AZN merger or the AGN deal. Execs going on an agenda that didn't serve the shareholders pressed on until they were stopped by outside forces. What is the motive for execs to continue trying to do deals the shareholders don't want, that ultimately hurt the company? Maybe they all talk to themselves in the boardroom instead of listening to the shareholders. Maybe they are just so arrogant they don't care what the shareholders think. Maybe they are just focused on their deal bonuses and stock options. Or perhaps they are gaming the system on stock trades. Don't know; just wondering.

  • Seems to me the boardroom slicks have cost the individual shareholders break-up fees/expenses and opportunity costs as the share price lost momentum in its advance toward $40's. Long term shareholders recognize that getting to the $40's is just recovering lost ground from 8-9 years ago. I guess the execs got deal bonuses and options, while getting scorn piled upon the company, and screwing over the shareholders. Great Job!

  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Apr 5, 2016 10:00 AM Flag

    Isn't that great. Only going to cost us $400mm....maybe, to un-do a deal the shareholders didn't want in the first place, and has brought scorn onto the company. The Limey and his flunky BOD should have to pay it. If they hadn't done this stupid deal, I think the stock price would have seen $40 or more by now. BTW, I guess the execs all got deal bonuses for this mess.

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