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    The "I have your IP address myth"

    by bunkyboy92 15 hours ago
    spocklovesyou spocklovesyou 6 hours ago Flag

    is this the kind of banter that would have gone on during the ascendancy of Zoe the Purple or Catherine the Great? ROFLMFO. You need to address much fuller issues of basic survival as the threat of a Red Dawn scenario sounds realistic. What's up doc? ROFLMFO. Your only concern now is if the Tory's can trick Satan and we can regain paradise or at least become immune to satanic influence before everyone who remembers the old proven ways goes senile. ROFLMFO.

  • The libs had plenty of role models to study but none of them were politically correct. Instead, they tried to create cartoon character in their own image and tried to get children, including adult children to lurn from the fakes. So now the presidential candidates are supposed to be role models, Elizabeth Holmes was a role model. They had Watson as a role model but instead of lurning from real ones did not lurn that they became role models by inflicting their desires onto reality. Maybe Watson did not want the DNA to curl up in a double helix but it does. So their STEM role models are all cartoon characters.
    Maybe your ideal doctor is Elmer Fudd. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons. Except he had a shotgun but bugs bunny warned him "you're gonna hurt someone with that old shotgun hey what's up doc?" ROFLMFO.
    Scientific inquiry even nillary would not find offensive. Welcome to the tampon praiisng death spiral.

  • spocklovesyou spocklovesyou 14 hours ago Flag

    The guy who vandlaized the Trump star is claimed to be heir or maybe hair to the Otis Elevator company. Another example of how great things are produced in one generation which raised brats who hate the values that made them succeed. But then I supposed the crippled and sick need a vandalized piece of concrete as much as elevators- so how much do you think this guy really knows or cares about elevators or mechanics or electromechanical devices and their production and failure modes ? . ROFLMFO. Now, ;et's look at what has happened with AAPL once they can finally feel safe that Steve Jobs has been kicked out for good. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons. Don't you have a charitable foundation like Clinton or Sandusky or Gates to go optimize the revenue for? ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons.

  • the brats were convinced that if they changed perceptions reality would follow when all along the hard part was getting perceptions to match reality. Natural law always ruled and respect for that with the help of Darwin will eventually produce the approval of any social groups that have opinions that are of any significance. Ultiamtely the voting machine is corrected by the weighting machine and that is what casts the only vote that matters. All praise the human tampons. So you tried to puff up empty human tampons as examples to reward and now do not like the results? All praise the human tampons. So now the fakers have made it socially while produce nothing of value, including their worthless mini'-me's ROFLMFO.

  • The brats wanted to sacrifice proof and testing in useful fields like the solution of problems so that they could make fake role models for other brats to lurn from and aspire to. So this is what you have. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons. IF you got good at tampon praise and rewarded it, no one is appeased or cured or ultimately even fed. Since no one wanted to serve in heaven unless they were worshipped, the only tool to enfroce tampon praise utlimately is spite. Idea free zones do not solve problems but that is what the first generation of good people wanted. And after all the fights against politically incorect profilng, the best models for predicting STD outbreaks seem to support stereotypes rather than liberal rhetoric. Unless you believe that blacks and women benefit from drugs and STD's and inaccurate medical information, why so much support for tampon praise? The best role models by lib criteria probably turn out to have the Feynman attitiud,e what do you care what other people think. The problem solvers first have to ignore the sociophiles which is why they end up in a garage and are forced out of the resulting companies only to come back sonce sociophiles wreck their golden goosses as wrecking things is all they respect. All praise the human tampons. ROFLMFO.

  • The problem all along with to tolerate criticism and ideas you did not happen to like. Now many brats have dedicated their lives to tampon praise and a war against reality. You were worried about old white guys, let's see what the Oprah Effect produces once people realize they have invested in highly praised tampons and they want food and medicine. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons.

    The XYZ affair but the brats took the wrong side.

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    The Hillary Effect

    by passthebuckaroo Oct 26, 2016 6:42 PM
    spocklovesyou spocklovesyou Oct 26, 2016 7:38 PM Flag

    It wil be hard to tell how many proponents of honest analysis have been stifled with their votes balanced out by counting irregularities. ROFLMFO. If people had been honest about the problem with climate data they may be better oriented to deal with this. All praise the tampons.

  • "what difference does it make if you can find the violent republicans or not? " ROFLMFO.
    Welcome to the tampon praising death spiral. Being willing to obtain new information, stating as clearly as you can problems without regard yet to the implications, is what the unbaised mind seeking to vercome ignorance does all the time. The libs are too busy praising tampons andenforcing rampon praise to notice the war ships or anything beyond self worship. All praise the tampons. Now maybe the US still has navel superiority but it may have to prove it. Your nobel prise winner is maybe a bigger joke than the VP candidates. I'm sure people have already accused Spock of being Satan. ROFLMFO.

  • Welcome to the tampon praising death spiral. No one believed DNA during the OJ trial, but yet they want you to believe CO2 is creating mor opportunities for revenue enhancement. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons. Unfrotunately historical events are not really testable although the methods used to examine them can be tested to make accurate predictions in controlled settings. Witness for example the careful analysis of the Theranus product before people invested and patients got results. Oh wait, doh! Never mind just praise the tampons. ROFLMFO. Clara Barton laughs about role models. ROFLMFO.

  • but yet the top headline is about an axe wielding democrat seeking to improve social stability and create a more productive work place by vandlizing Trump's stone. ROFLMFO. So how much is "finding the real killer" contirbuting to CO2 emissions? ROFLMFO. When you decided to make scientists gods or demons depending on your politics, the axe is a perfect metaphor for what they do to human knowledge and sceitnfic literature. All praise the tampons. ROFLMFO.

  • tampon praise may be free as in speech but it is not cheap as in what libs value. All praise the tampons.
    So after looking for WMD, did anyone find an A-and-P in Flint? All praise the tampons. Checking wikipedia opening a store in Flint was contemporaneous with the unraveling of Farmer Jack too. ROFLMFO.

  • spocklovesyou spocklovesyou Oct 26, 2016 6:33 AM Flag

    MY next question was about when Obama will most resemble Marshall Applewhite the former leader of the Haven's Gate cult. So far the best photo's are from his endorsements of nillary. ROFLMFO.

  • Did Obama find the violent republicans yet who must be related to the real kill OJ seeks? ROFLMFO.
    People went on and on about finding WMD but these are our own people that no one seems to understand. All praise the tampons. Get a theranus test to tell you you are great. ROFLMFO.

  • you decide who you want your kids to become while I guy Jonah a beer. ROFLMFO.
    All praise the human tampons. Dr. Huxtable should have your test results by now and can bill the insurance company which creates justice as spite complements flattery. All praise the tampons. ROFLMFO.

  • so who is paying for tampon praise in health care? ROFLMFO. All praise the humant tampons.
    And what about political symbols instead of productive people running US business? And the costs of getting to reality amidst tampon praise? Welcome to the tampon praising death spiral Malvolio. ROFLMFO.
    No one ever accused Trump of being shakespeare and that would have been a good recommendation.

    All praise the tampons.

  • So everyone was running around getting test results from some miracle machine that could not even predict the present but that puffed up a lib role model. So imagine if an entire industry did this- the FDA allowed drugs to be marketed based on similar tampon praise evidence that optimizes revenues rather than product utility. You think that may cause costs to go up? ROFLMFO. Tampon praise may be free but it is not cheap. Somone had to pay for the puffed up value of others. Tampon praise always turns to spite as the angry dum aas needs to enforce more praise of the right tampons to preserve his social status. All praise the tampons.

    Any idea why health care insurance prices go up and choice dwindles? For people who value choice it sure does not seem insurance is falling from the sky. And then there is the health care itself. And whatever happened to the hamurg RICO litigation ? All praise the tampons. ROFLMFO. Now, let's talk about climate science. With no critical thinkers to honestly attribute blame, everyone can help OJ look for the real killer. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons.

  • If you like working to pay for others' irresponsible lifestyles, you can keep on workng to subsidize others' irresponsible lifestyles period. ROFLMFO. If you like your coverage for conditions you can not get, you can keep your coverage for conditions you can not get. ROFLMFO. With STD rates increasing and generic and cheap drugs becoming ineffective, who will bother doing the research needed to fix these things for angry dum aases who want free cures for their own indulgence? ROFLMFO Beau knows tampon praise.

    The only good way to make healthcare or anything else cheap is to increase supply and quality. This means ciritcal thinkers and allowing people to profit from effieicny not hanidcapping others with tampon praise. Now Watson is gone and you have Holmes. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons.

    Ultimately quality of life and availbility to the poor depends on adequate supply with minimal human effort rather than tampons. If you continue to impede, confused, manipulate, control, and handicap the critical thinkers this will also happen with food and water. Oh wait it has in Flint already. ROFLMFO.

    All praise the tampons.

  • spocklovesyou spocklovesyou Oct 24, 2016 2:39 PM Flag

    The most attractive insurance against death is to worry about spring planting and the related science and luck needed to get the wings and beer to the consumers. ROFLMFO.

  • spocklovesyou spocklovesyou Oct 24, 2016 8:11 AM Flag

    The more important problem is that in the interest of social objectives the productive capacity has been burndened with less obvious problems not clearly reflected in tampons. A little amoree on the job may not be a big deal but the sociophiles thought that the Organization Man was a role model- the job was about social status rather than production or the needs of customers. If quality if job one, that decreases the relative ranking of tampon praise. All praise the tampons. When the brats think that perceptions are the problem reality always suffers. All praise the tampons. Dr Huxtable has your tests back from Theranus if you can get out of the airport waiting for the reservation software to come back up. ROFLMFO. All praise the human tampons. Would nillary even consider Jobs as a serious VP candidate? ROFLMFO.

  • Once the brats made it socially, they had no interest in lurning what was needed to make anything of value. With self affirming deceptions, the production of cakes and ale could only deteriorate. For a while the accumulated wealth and plumbing continues to function as the brats handicap each other with puffery. Eventually even that is consumed and the brats demonize those who would spend on infrastructure rather than self affirmation. All praise the human tampons. The moral inversion is also a logical one and reality always wins. Now go find the real killers while avoiding mirrors. ROFLMFO. All praise the tampons.

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