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  • sq_rigger sq_rigger Jun 26, 2016 8:59 PM Flag

    It's not that Illinois CAN'T pay their Lotto winners--there's plenty of money to do so. However, the state Comptroller got a court ruling that says he's not allowed to disburse the money without a budget. The Democrats, who absolutely control both houses of the state legislature, have written a draft budget which includes major spending increases and tax increases and fails to address the state's pension fund shortfall, but the House Majority Leader (Mike Madigan) refuses to call the budget bill for a vote unless all the (minority) Republican legislators agree to vote for it so that 23 Democrats who are facing tightly-contested races can vote against it and use their "courageous" votes on the bill to get re-elected.

  • sq_rigger sq_rigger Jun 16, 2016 10:05 PM Flag

    1. Anyone can make an allegation regarding terrorist activity or sympathies. The purpose of the resulting investigation is to determine whether the allegation has a basis in fact or whether it's maybe mistaken or malicious. If the investigating agency can't find any substantiating evidence after a diligent search, they have to close the investigation. The problem is the term "diligent search"--some people are claiming that investigations of muslims identified as possible terrorists are being treated as whitewash parties.
    2. A native-born American citizen cannot be deported. A naturalized citizen can be deported upon being convicted of immigration fraud, but not for crimes committed after naturalization. A non-citizen can be deported upon conviction for any felony, or certain misdemeanors. The Orlando shooter was a native-born American citizen.

  • sq_rigger sq_rigger Jun 12, 2016 11:41 PM Flag

    Automobiles, aircraft, boats, crossbows, longbows, knives, PIATs (Projector, Infantry, AntiTank--a British WWII antitank weapon in which the round was launched by a spring. It had a range in excess of 100 yards.), grenades, dynamite, Amatol, picric acid, nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, ANFO (the actual explosive used in the Oklahoma City bombing), potassium chlorate and sugar, nitrogen tri-iodide, trebuchets, catapults, incendiary devices to burn down occupied buildings, anti-aircraft missiles, bombardment rockets like the ones Hezbollah uses against Israel. Note that smugglers have little difficulty getting drugs in multi-ton lots into the US, so smuggling in any number of firearms or even light artillery with its ammunition wouldn't be difficult. Imagine a mortar attack against Times Square on New Year's Eve.

  • sq_rigger sq_rigger Jun 12, 2016 11:28 PM Flag

    No guns were used in the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, in the Oklahoma City attack on the Murrah Building, or in the 9/11 attacks. Do we also confiscate pressure cookers, fertilizer, diesel fuel, and box cutters?

    Come to think of it, one of the people killed by the Boston Marathon killers was run over by a car. The federal government must immediately confiscate all automobiles and ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of them!

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