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    Great Britain to become Tiny England

    by baggerssuck Jun 26, 2016 10:28 AM
    sterlingchap sterlingchap Jun 27, 2016 10:51 AM Flag

    Some of you folks clearly don't understand how a National British democratic Referendum works:
    The UK is made up of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.
    Very occasionally, a Referendum might be held if one of the component countries wants to secede The Union.
    Scotland (alone) recently had such a LOCAL Referendum and a majority wanted to REMAIN in the UK.

    All of those who VOTE in a Referendum do so with the prior commitment that whatever the Result, they will abide by it.
    The Result is declared via a simple, numerical majority. On vote extra for one side is ALL it takes.
    It is for the PARTICIPANTS to persuade all of the Electorate to vote for their preference.

    We just had a Referendum, UK-wide, to discover which option had majority preference concerning our EU membership.

    The question on the ballot paper was BINARY - either "I want to Remain in the EU" or
    "I want to Leave the EU".

    The "Leave" option gained the most votes and was thus declared the Official Result.
    No subsequent argument/discussion will change it.

    The People have spoken (and THAT, BTW, is what Establishment politicians find so SCARY!!!).
    They have NO CHOICE but to implement the Result - even though 80% of Westminster politicians preferred "Remain"!

    You might suspect .......
    that the Electorate gave a one-finger salute to the Westminster Establishment for the way it has over 4 decades gradually given away important Sovereignty items away to the EU centre of operations in Brussels. Most importantly, the Right to decide who makes our Laws and who sets the rules for our Borders.

    You'd PROBABLY be correct!......
    Stay lucky,

  • The World and his dog thinks very little of Clinton or Trump. SURELY out of its 300M+ population, the USA can come up with someone who at least LOOKS like a viable USA Representative on the World Stage?
    But, maybe they really ARE the best you have?
    Oh dear, oh dear.
    Get lucky!

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