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  • stockeropinion by stockeropinion May 6, 2016 2:47 PM Flag

    Why is BDSI down? it missed last quarter because some funding or milestone was added and is going to be added this quarter! This stock is a buy...What am I missing. Yes, I am clueless.

  • stockeropinion by stockeropinion May 4, 2016 11:30 AM Flag

    Is there any news why this stock drop like it has? If not then this got to be a buying opportunity.

  • Comcast has a very bad customer service reputation. Without going into the detail except that the company was voted worst customer service last year. You need to be aware if you are planning to install new service with Comcast. First of all they will LIE to you about the service installation cost. They will LIE to you about dates and time to come out to bury the cable they left in your yard for weeks or months. I just want to make clear...I said LIE!!!!!! I did not say mis-communcation, or misunderstanding of your work order, but LIE!! I have had several personal experiences and also family and friends who have had awful experiences. To make long story short, the reputation is SO BAD that the PERSONAL, CUSTOMER and the organization is aware of their bad reputation and still not doing anything about it!! This must go belong the company. I believe that they must have the Publish Service Commission in their pocket. You have been worn.

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    Comcast Customer Service lied to me!

    by stockeropinion Mar 24, 2016 12:23 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Mar 24, 2016 12:32 PM Flag

    Actually the problem, that I am having problem right now is they install a neighbors cable on a pole in my yard and left the cable laying across my yard already for two weeks. They say they are going to bury it. I DO NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO BURY MY NEIGHBORS CABLE. years ago they hung it which is ok,,but I do not want them cutting across my septic line, Gutter drain pipe, and around my landscape yard cutting a big tree roots that is right next to the pole and winding around. I have made complaints, but customer service is giving me the running around, like today not coming out when they said they would today.

  • stockeropinion by stockeropinion Mar 24, 2016 12:23 PM Flag

    I have had bad experience in the past with Comcast and so have family members. and last year Comcast was listed as the worst customer service company. To make a long story short, the customer service will lied to you. In fact, I think the company promotes it!! YES I DO BELIEVE IT! I have documentation. My question here without going into any details...Is their anything that we the people can do? Can they be sued with class action?...How can this company stock do so well with such horrible customer service?

  • I have UNH Obamasuckycare...Worst medical coverage I have ever had in my life and my wife is really, really #$%$-off at here company for offered it. The bottom line...We saw that our family doctors were on THE plan...Wrong that were put on the Doctor medical list Un-authourized! Did you read what I just said?!!! This was just the the beginning of our problems. Two doctors told us that they were not taking new patients one said 4 weeks when we call and the other 6 weeks when we call...I know this is the wrong forum for this so I will just tell you again that this was just the beginning of the suckycare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to add one other thing, the fact it went up at least 50% the republicans need to explain the other problems beside the exasperating cost and that they lied about keeping your doctor!!! Shane on you Obama!!! You lied to us about that and so did UNH...Can we sue them for this....Yes this is a serious question!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you plan on getting or switching to Comcast TV or Internet. If you are not aware that Comcast have a serious bad reputation. It so bad that the customer service is aware of their own problem. The contractors will leave your cable in your yard a month before burying it. They will not come on time or at all on schedule days. They will install and make holes where you don't want it and they will try to charged you more then quoted for installation. I believe while the justice department does get involve because the low amount or burden seems to be more then go to court or even make a complaint. You need to do your share and complain to publish Service Commission or wherever to try to get this company to clean-up its act.

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    Years of so called great technology,

    by mikansdad Mar 4, 2016 6:36 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Mar 7, 2016 10:54 AM Flag

    Brien Lundin said March 13, 2015 YouTube Video that it was a good time for investors to get into the company. Did he really mean March 13, 2016 instead(ha-ha). Chuck said on the last Korelin Economic Report show that Private investors were making money with Natcore Stock...Where??? I would be #$%$ if I was one of these private placement investors. Maybe Brien should stick with selling gold and maybe start looking for another CEO that has credibility. Provino is loosing it. I keep on playing the June, 2010 ABC interview where Provino said that they were going in production and hiring 100's of workers.

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    In Regards to The Former China Deal...

    by coin8300 Feb 16, 2016 12:34 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Feb 19, 2016 12:14 PM Flag

    dajc what other boards are you talking about, I have been on couple other boards but their are others with cautions and discouragement like you should be now and will be in 3- 6 months. obviously you have been on other boards pumping from the 1.46 highs in April 10 to December lows under .26 cent. Don't get me started punk. I need the stock to go up just like you and looks like to me we are in an pump-up cycle again.

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    In Regards to The Former China Deal...

    by coin8300 Feb 16, 2016 12:34 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Feb 19, 2016 12:01 PM Flag

    So let me get this straight coin, NTCXF announce joint venture and hiring 100's of workers back in June 2010 is the reason why after 5.5 years they have not gone in production? Also, is the reason Natcore want setup a booths at Solar Conventions among its piers, but rather what I call penny investment conventions because they want to protect their IP? Of course, it must be the reason why no big company or popular solar company are not interested rght? Is his why they been working with a unknown name in Australia for over 1 1/2 years and nothing has happen because they want to protect their IP? Are these scientist working full time for the company or just a retainer so they can say they have them on their list? Are these people real people...yes I know, I have to ask when other things don't add-up then you wonder this company another Madof penny stock scheme! Sorry guys, but after going through so many hypes over the years and things happen pan out, you have to ask the hard questions rather you like it or not.

  • AT&T is know for screwing with people bills...I can't believe their has not been a class action about this yet. It is common knowledge that they constantly get peoples billing wrong on the high side. Company knows how to make money.

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    In Regards to The Former China Deal...

    by coin8300 Feb 16, 2016 12:34 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Feb 18, 2016 1:42 AM Flag

    I think you are missing the point about bringing-up China. There is a whole another bigger picture here!
    1) YouTube Video June 16 ,2010 ....A live news broadcast where Natcore is about to cut a deal that will create hundred of jobs.
    2) YouTube Video 6/21/2011.... Natcore announce on live news that it was consolidating its 3 research facilities to one and moving them to the Kodak park in Rochester. The TV commetator explained it was a Solar Panel company(Not)and the push to manufacture solar cells there in Rochester.
    3) 5/2014 news press on Natcore website...Talks about some manufacture test with the Chinese
    4) June 16, 2014 Chuck Provini in the SEEKING ALPHA interview....Talks about how Natcore proprietary technology gots the Chinese excited.
    5) Natcore said on the YOUTUBE Video posted 11,6,2014 ....That two of their technologies he thinks will be within the next 3-6 months will be commercial and they will have license agreement and somebody will be putting them in their manufacture line.
    6) 3/2015 YouTube Vide0... Brien Lundin said he thinks its would be good for someone to get in the stock now.

    DO YOU SEE A PATERN? A LOT OF BULL AND NO RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Are their any other people out their having bad problems with the navigate plan....unh should not be able to offer this plan in my opinion. If they don't do better job with that plan, i hope the stock goes down

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    the city is burning ......

    by qka968 Jan 6, 2016 12:27 PM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Feb 13, 2016 10:22 PM Flag

    Proveni said on live ABC news on 6/10/2010 that Natcore was about to sign a big joint venture with China and hire hundreds of workers. I guess it never happen. In a Seeking Alpha article 6-16-2014 Provini said that he can see a Chinese Joint venture within 3 months...Never happen. Proveni again on Korelin Economic Report Weekend Addition has been pumping their stock together with Korelin on the show for the past year. Proveni has been on the show like 19 times in the last year. The radio host has pumping it too saying that several of the host have bought stock in the company too! So they act like revenue is going to happen and now in 2016. I believe him this time or should I be worry that this company is misleading investors again? There is starting to be credibility issues in which opens the door about what else are they not credible about. Anyhow, Director pumping the stock last year saying it is good time to get in the ground floor of the stock. so I think something is going to happen. I just can't imagine that this company would be misleading or frauding investors.

  • I know people in 2000, 2008 and now 2016 who have lost most of their 401k's to never recover. I know someone who was finally back up the 2000 Tech crash to now be lower than he was in 2000 and lost more 65% . What you don't know or here is what you don't know or here. There are government pension funds that are down a lot, but guess what... You the tax payer will bail it out. You have Union pension down, but those people will get their retirement. I here that a lot of pension funds have lost a lot in oil investments stocks part of their portfolios. However , you guys with Self Directed IRA's who lost your butts may take many years or never recover...I have already seems this happen from past crashes. You have the Uptick Rule that was in place ever since the 1930'S stock market crash to help with the Shorts. This was overturned in 2007...Funny how the market has been more violent since then. It needs to be put back in place(GOOGLE it) This has help Wall Street. I literally have watched my trades on Fidelity Active Trader Pro Platform being keyed on or by some other machine to jump in front of my trades a penny. I have walked them up and then cancel my trade to watch the bid drop drastically. These big fund managers will use techniques like OPTION to protect their down side, so when SUNE drops 25% they may will loose much less. In the 2008 crash there were several guys who made over a billion dollars shorting, one of them was Paulson. they make money on everyone else getting screwed. You had the Feds acting late and going the wrong way for one reaon for the crash. No you have oil crash and feds going the wrong way again! The current administration blame the crash on the past one. Now you have the same thing going on. There is a serious conspiracy theory that the feds really want crashes. then make money. somehow.

  • You have to understand that the stock market is rigged. I know people in the 2000 Tech crash, 2008 Real Estate crash and right now who have lost most of their 401Ks. You are not hearing about it. However, people who work for the government who get pensions or people that work for Unions with pension will still have it even though a lot of pensions have lost their azzz ! You the tax payer will pay for people to keep their pension even if they have lost of lot of it, but you people who use DIRECTED IRA's don't have that luxury and many are down and may not recover or be many years to recoup your losses. I know people who losses a lot in 2000 and until last year made it up and now have lost even more. Also, I can go on Fidelity Active Trader Pro and make trades after hours and watch somebody key on me. I have a actually had my broker on the underside watch this happen. (This is low volume trading) I can make a bid and someone will automatically pop-up in front of me a penny. I have several occasion have walked them up to a certain level and then I will cancel and that bid will go away or drop 3-4-5 cents. My question is if people are able to key on me on a so call proprietary software then what else can they do, and if SEC can't catch them then how else are they screwing me or others over ? You have to understand these fund managers use a technigues like Options to protect their downside or spreads, so if stock drops 5 dollars all of sudden they will be down only a dollar, in fact may make money. People don't understand that the UPTICK RULE that was overturned in 2007 was there to help protect from shorts every since the 1930's crash. (Go Google Uptick rule). You have to understand that a lot of Fund managers who manger Millions and billions. When they pull-out or in you think the stock is going up or down. They know where you sit in the stock. I used Motelys Fools in the 2000 news letters and lost my butt. I have Cramers Real Money Pro and lost my butt.

  • Ever since I update to this Da$%%$!MMM software. For example, I keep on turning -off disable my Mouse pad on my laptop,but it keeps coming back when restarting computer. I have more adds and advertising spam since it updated to Microsoft edge!. I have problems getting to some of my commone web site and my Malaware sited want update data base. Yea I think I have a virus. NOTE have not done anything difference in my habits sicnce updating and have more problems....HATE IT! why in the h3LL is this company stock going up!

  • Supposedly UNH had a hand in writing up OBAMACARE. Worst doctors seem to be on the Obamacare plan, I don't like my choice on the UNH plan. If you got it then your company is screwing you over is what I say. It helps people who could afford insurance. and they pay less, but it is COSTING people like the middle class more to have good insurance. I would classify UNH like COMCAST, AT&T meaning they have bad customer service. COMCAST has bad customer service because they will lie to you about your appointments. NOTE : I meant on purpose when I say they lie. it has happen to many times to me and relatives . AT&T customer service is bad to the affect that for some reason, you will get higher charges on your bill whenever you do something whether you change, Add or delete service. At least this is my and family experiences.

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    by investorforlong77 Jan 26, 2016 6:09 AM
    stockeropinion stockeropinion Jan 26, 2016 9:27 PM Flag

    Whoooaaaoa horsey do you really want to invest in a company who big investors have run to the hills, Where two CEOs and an CFO have left, or buy in a company that just reported loosing more cash then forecast. Are you sure that this company has the the foothole in technology like you think? Are you sure Apple and Google want make this technology free for all? Let me ask you...If you are not using it , why would anyone else want to use it now? I can go to Quick Trip or go to my bank anytime and get my bank balance print-out for free, I be darn if I pay for it.

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