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stoptheinsanity2000 7 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 23, 2016 6:07 AM Member since: Jul 21, 1999
  • Here is how it works. The scammer buys an item from you and gives the address "641 Dowd Ave
    Elizabeth, NJ 07206" with an individual's name. This is actually the address for "MEEST - AMERICA INC.. a dominant force in package delivery with services to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia". These are regions of the world you should have on your block list, we do because we were scammed numerous times when we shipped directly to those countries. After, the item arrives in their country, a charge-back is filed against your Paypal payment from the issuing credit card company.. YOU. THE EBAY SELLER LOSES! Now with the help Of Ebay,and Meest, the scammers are able to continue to RIP-OFF US Sellers. Ebay needs to screen these type of addresses. This is another clear sign, Ebay is NOT protecting sellers as they say they are.

  • stoptheinsanity2000 by stoptheinsanity2000 Apr 5, 2016 6:06 PM Flag

    We have had more return requests in the last week than the in last six months...What is going on? Some of the reasons are ludicrous. For example, one customer says his order included extra items, as stated in the listing, but he didn't want the extra items, another customer requested a return 15 minutes after he signed for the item, claiming it does not suit his needs, He bought a Makita table saw, but it doesn't suit his needs? Huh? Why buy it if you don't need a table saw? Another customer wants to return an item because it functions as stated, but that;s not good enough for him, then we have another customer who apparently claims the item he ordered is the wrong item, he doesn't need it, however after closer inspection of his address, we determined, no body lives at his address, it is an abandoned house..The Post office never delivered the item, how is he going to return it ???? .We have a few more as well, but at least those customers had some legitimate concerns. Something is just not right,,,we have never had this many return requests with so many ludicrous reasons.

  • Ebay has a serious problem with their system handling tracking numbers. It will NOT allow a tracking number to be entered more than once. THAT"S A BIG PROBLEM FOR EBAY. Here's why. On occasion we need to have an item dropped shipped which was ordered from us on Ebay. We would like to use another Ebay seller to handle the drop shipment, but because Ebay will not allow us to re-enter the tracking number we receive from the Ebay drop shipper, we often go elsewhere to have the order fulfilled for us. All Ebay has to do to fix this problem is simply ask the buyer if they are having the item drop shipped, The buyer enters (YES) at that point the system can allow a re-entry ( just once) of the tracking number. This is a relatively simple amount code to do this. C'MON EBAY...FIX THIS....YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!

  • We shipped an item to Puerto Rico, The customer received the item 9 days after his order was placed. This is considered late because the listing says 3 to 5 days plus 1 day processing time in the USA. Puerto Rico is NOT part of the USA. So this is now a defect on our ebay seller account. FIX THIS NOW EBAY !!!!! PUERTO RICO IS NOT PART OF THE USA!!!!!!!!!...IT SHOULD BE TREATED AS A FOREIGN ENTITY.

  • So many Ebay sellers are reporting very slow sales. We are certainly no exception, even with our 17 years experience on Ebay. Sales are very Erratic, We see sub-standard sales for a week or so and then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for days. Ebays' search system appears to have serious problems from what we can tell, that's nothing new, but how about fixing it ....Ebay

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    Invested all my 401K at close, AH??#$%$???AH???

    by elvisprty Jan 28, 2016 4:32 PM
    stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Jan 28, 2016 4:40 PM Flag

    Nobody is that stupid, even you.......Besides $10 bucks wasn't going to go very far anyway...But seriously, why do you guys always post this same "I just lost everything" message when a stock makes huge dump?......It's not amusing any more....I need something fresh, Like "I'm posting this from my 10th floor balcony..goodbye cruel Wooooooooooorrrrrrrrrllllllld.........SPLAT!!!"

  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Jan 26, 2016 12:59 PM Flag

    You're both right, but the market was obviously not strong enough for a rate hike. It certainly can not take another hike. It will play out and likely go down to the 2013 breakout point or slightly lower depending on how fast it gets there.

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