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    MrTaxx is an idiot

    by obama88888888 Jan 12, 2013 11:46 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 13, 2013 12:04 PM Flag


  • LVS poster mon,keys spend abuse their own lives bashing Obama.

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    Obama888888888 is an Idiot!!!

    by mrtaxx Jan 12, 2013 6:19 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 13, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    I am on a toilet while responding to your hate thread
    Here eat it, mon,key

  • The dude made so so much money from Americans, yet he is ever so angry with USA.
    Same as Adelson, he makes a windfall from Chinese, yet he insults Chinese.

  • uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 11, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Hey stealth mon,key,
    You really hate Obama, don't you?

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    Table limits for Cotai

    by cronjms Jan 10, 2013 7:16 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 10, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Are you retarded or something?
    Sec Tam said there is now some room for discussion.
    He means good to Sands and Galaxy.

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  • There have some talks on Sands new tables.
    Secretary Tam claimed Sands has not applied whatnot.

    Here's another latest that says Secretary Tam thinks there is some room to discuss.
    ESP with Sands and Galaxy.
    These 2 companies have invested more and into diversification..

    澳門政府 研加批賭枱


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    Sands did not apply for new tables, ???

    by uncleho931 Jan 9, 2013 1:21 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 9, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    This table limit has been talked about in Chinese media.
    David Sisk came out with this great "High Speed Bacarrat". One table is same as 2.
    If you visit the floors, they are fully "furnished".
    I counted them, it came to ~150 in both SCC casinos.
    You can say that without new tables, Sands can get by.
    David Sisk said that, but he said he still wanted new tables.
    Today, Secreatary Tam came out with the statement Sands has not yet applied.
    He is known to pass remarks. But, David Sisk did not dispute, whatever reason.

    SA can say anything. sometimes it is just better to read others. Than be fanatics, like LVS GOP mon,keys.

    Just fact. Chinese politics is something you mon,keys cannot understand.

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  • Many of LVS mon,keys were pumping 'new tables' coming soon.
    The fact is that Sands has not put in paperwork.
    Sisk confirmed it.
    They said Sisk was quite happy with Fast Action Baccarat which requires less tables.
    Sisk denied it but has not applied for new tables.

    )經濟財政司司長譚伯源指政府具空間研究向剛開業、投資規模大的博企加批賭枱。金沙中國行政副總裁兼營運總裁大衛西斯克稱,金沙城中心没有再申請賭枱;金沙路氹第3地段,即稱為巴黎人的第4個項目,則會按需要決定是否申請賭枱。 早前有博彩業工會認為娛樂場設吸煙區有取巧,大衛西斯克稱集團所屬娛樂場均按照政府指引設置吸煙區,當局亦有派員實地監察,認為集團已妥善處理。 另外,本澳去年全年賭收突破3,000億元,大衛西斯克對今年業積表示樂觀,認為有機會增長

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  • Hey LVS GOP mon,-keys, Bespoke/mrTAX/CP/DB/Bret/all,
    No more Obama bashing to tank LVS?
    They are not paying you to post ?

  • SCL hits new record everyday. Its real time short interests are low. No immediate shorting motivation by firms or big hands in HK.
    All Asian analysts are upbeat with bullet train success. Only that US analysts are very ignorant of this major transformation in Macau region.
    Macau economy was claimed by EIU to be top gainer in 2013, in the world.
    China is now gearing up for CNY. Who says China is slowing?

    SCC, Cotai, Venetian are a must to visit for millions of Chinese.
    A lot of noodles to sell.

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  • First 6 days in 44 casinos, ~half were mainlanders.
    Venetian is the most complaint with 50% area designated.

    All in all, the political motive behind this 'health' issue is still unknown.
    Most likely unionists are behind this.
    Maybe anti-China sentiments is running higher again. Some extremist Macanese consider themselves more superior. There have been sporadic incidents. One of which was a city bus driver got into a fist fight with mainlanders passengers. He was fired.

    Sheldon has a valid reason to discourage union in his premises.
    He takes care of his workers, and is very annoyed to be told by middlemen union.
    He specifically demanded Spain to do away no smoking law.
    yet now in Macau, no smoking law got hooked.

    From all reports, business will not be affected. But, it's a nuisance.
    ESP for Chinese, knowing Chinese in Macau cannot get along with their cousins from mainland.
    (Big deal that they were colonized by European, pariah Portuguese.)

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  • uncleho931 by uncleho931 Jan 7, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Kingpin shorter LEven again

  • Macau wil the fastest growing economy !
    More money is coming into LVS. This is not a 'China news', though highly reported in Baidu.
    USA is not in the fastest or slowest economies.Euro zone is slowest.
    The fastest growing and shrinking economies in 2013

    MACAU will be the fastest growing economy this year, according to the latest estimates from our sister company, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Growth is expected to return to a faster pace as new casino projects are resumed and Chinese visitors (with rising wages) continue to raise gambling revenues.
    Mongolia, in second place, can also thank China for boosting its growth rate. China’s demand for minerals has driven investment in the Mongolia’s mining sector. This year Oyu Tolgoi, one of the world’s largest copper and gold mines will begin commercial production. China itself is set to grow by over 8% this year, and potentially more, depending on how the rest of the world fares. Meanwhile, Europe will still be ailing, with Greece leading the decline. Germany’s chancellor recently contended that the euro area crisis was "far from over."

    增长最快经济体从上到下分别是:澳门、蒙古、利比亚、冈比亚、安哥拉、不丹、中国、东帝汶、伊拉克、莫桑比克。(读者可对比德银的2013年GDP增长top 20国家)

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    I am off to Asia this morning

    by grftt Jan 6, 2013 6:29 AM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 6, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Check into real estate in Zhuhai.
    Probably the best place to live in China.

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  • It is behaving like a year ago when it climbed to $62 in 3 months.
    This time around, the slope is much steeper. If the launch goes as scheduled, this time it may hit $80.

    Last year, immediately after hitting $62, it just free fell, not even a record ER could stop it from dropping to $40.

    This time around, will it hit $80, then range trade 50-65?

    In both cases, up and down opportunities are $40-60.

    All signs are positive.
    Strong volumes, Bullet train total success getting ready for CNY.

    When it hits $80, let Obama play games with GOP with their cliff hanger.

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    The packed out Gombei border gate

    by grftt Jan 3, 2013 11:43 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 4, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    24 hr crossing can be working against Sands in some ways. People can sleep in Zhuhai, who wants to pay double staying in Cotai or Macau. Macau real estate will be diluted as workers will live in mainland.
    The main problem is people have to go through 2 checkouts everytime. China and Macau. A daytripper will do 4 immigration checkouts. Beijing is too soft here. It is now one same nation. Only 1 checkout needed for single trip. Much has been talked, nothing in action.
    They are proposing to build a pedestrian corridor besides Gongbei. It will take a few years.
    SCC has scheduled shuttles to Zhuhai north station. They can now take customers from Gongbei LRT to Lotus crossing then directly to any Sands property.

    Gongbei LRT is a major major infrastructure asset to Macau. The benefit it brings is phenomenal. Watch this stock surge.

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    The packed out Gombei border gate

    by grftt Jan 3, 2013 11:43 PM
    uncleho931 uncleho931 Jan 4, 2013 5:35 AM Flag

    When bus operators would lower fares so actively we know the LRT is a total success.
    Not only it hauls more people from Guangzhou, also from the north to Beijing.

    I crossed the bordergate at least 30 times in last 3 months.
    Our passports were running out of pages to stamp again.
    How will the situation improve?
    Many ways, it could mean more money investment or , really, minimum 'hardware'.
    As is, the people are quite happy with 40 min clearance for 2 checkpoints.

    For our interest as traders, first let more people come to Macau.
    From a few days of operation, we know the LRT will.
    Next, we need more publicity by the analysts, which THEY ARE, after seeing with their own eyes.

    This CNY in another 4 weeks will be a success story to be told in the future.
    Nothing of sort has ever happened yet.

    LVS to $65-80, may sound 'pumping' but this LRT boost is REAL.

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  • When SCL hits new high, firms may be capping its momentum by shorting it.
    Short interest in HK is updated by a few hours only. In US, it is updated every 2 weeks.
    Monitoring short interest can help to estimate near future movements of a stock.

    From past 2 days, there is no discernible shorting pressure on SCL.
    If SCL is well, so will LVS.

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  • For making a threat joke on MBS in FACEBOOK.
    This is second time a Facebook blog taken to national level attention .
    The bloggers were all prosecuted. So much for " freedom" in Spore.

    Sheldon cannot go wrong with Spore.
    No union, no strike, no no-smoking (RWS has it) and the constant praises by PAP.

    PAP never forgets to mention MBS in its national self-praise.
    Lee #2 was in Vegas, in 2003, with Sheldon, when Goh Chok Tong's wife was disgraced.
    He had an alibi.
    Lee #2 loves MBS for other reasons besides icon and jobs.

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