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  • Not sure how anyone can say that the company is not going about everything in the right way. Of all the MM companies out there, this is the one that really has the potential to explode once they close on the deal which is very very close at hand. FITX and these other companies such as hemp have nothing compared to these guys. Not only are they getting into medical marijuana and putting their money where their mouth is, but they have other products that are very close to coming to market and making money.

  • How does anyone say that this PR is to fool investors. Only an idiot would say that. Dave raise the money which they have disclosed, it's in their financial statements which I'm sure will disclose quite a bit more on their year end financials , I know they've said that they are or have increased their offer. How was this a bad press release. They are putting their money where their mouth is are they not!

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    Why didnt I invest in Tesla instead if TH

    by vivastar007 Aug 7, 2013 5:47 PM
    vivastar007 vivastar007 Aug 7, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    No I bought at $15 and sold at $11 on earnings day. I took the chance on this company but right from the beginning the kept making stupid mistakes. Super Bowl ads when there was no phone to sell, constant delays, etc etc. I took my chance and I lost. Heinz is a moron and Prem Watsa also got burned. Meanwhile many other companies doing well such as Tesla.

  • I'm so upset at myself. I invested in this thanks to TH big mouth. I wanted to out money into Tesla in January but I chose this. I'm upset at myself.

  • I should have known better when I saw this guy on launch day in February. But he is no different than all the previous bumbling fools. But seeing that these clowns are making money regardless I guess me and the other longs are the fools.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 11, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    He should be designing nuclear power plants and not lieing to investors. He misrepresented

  • I got suckered in to hope that this company would turn around but its run by a clown. But they suckered in richer people than me. Prem Watsa wishes he didn't get involved.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 11, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    Bad investor relations, bad marketing and clueless on talking to analysts. Its too late now. If not selling now how can it sell in a few months. Z10 is now dead. But Thorsten Heins deceived investors. I think its criminal when he said sales are better than expected etc.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 5, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    As a former long holder , I can't stand by and still listen to talk of short squeeze or that we have hot bottom. The guided down when this was supposed to be their time to take advantage if Apples negative time etc. they didn't shine. The company is not finished yet , but sales won't pickup. Bad marketing or should I say min existent plus inept advertising means it won't pickup just out of the blue. This turkey is cooked just like I am with my Loss. I got burned and I should have known better after seeing the stupid launch, the stupid interviews by Heins the clutz and so many others

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 3, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    Lots of people were hoping for this company to deliver but TH was incompetent and the shorts capitalized on it. I should have did the same thing. Many big players got burned including Fairfax but the oy invested a small amount. Time to move on as this turkey is cooked.

  • Should have known better. When I saw this guy talk and I saw all the delays in getting product out, and all of the others stupid missteps, I should've dumped the stock at 16. Now I'm glad I dumped at $11 as this is do e like dinner. Might get a bounce after all the longs are out and all the shorts cover but she is a turkey just like the great marketing job. What's the use in having cash if you don't spend the money to market properly. This guy is a typical German. Good phones but very bad at communicating. He looked and sounded like a turkey because Thor was a turkey.

  • Even the best of them or the wealthiest will get burned sooner or later. Prem Watsa just got a good foreskin slash at his age.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 2, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    We're all the longs paid to pump. I lost $15k. Its finished you boneheads. Stop pumping a dead horse you morons.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jul 2, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    If anyone keeps hope in this company and their stupid CEO then they are either deceiving themselves or Re paid pumpers. I got burned after taking a chance but this company is a joke. Their is no turnaround with bumbling fools. Heins and his team look look way I et their head because they are. Prem Watsa got burned as well which he wi admit one day. Heins was good at cost cutting but not at growing a business. Thus was their time to shine. Its a dead man walking. Too bad. It would have been a great short squeeze but this fool is out of his league.

  • Wells Fargo got burned which made longs like me and others get burned as well. Once again, Heins and management screwed up. He must go. longs are fooling themselves if they are expecting something to change things for the positive. They already guided lower for the next quarter. Their is no buyout coming until it gets lower because they are losing money. Sooner or later they will bleed cash. I was hoping for a good short squeeze but Heins and his idiot management team conned and fooled everyone. Thorsten Heins was incompetent. He Talked like he was a successful Steve jobs. He wasn't Mohammad Ali but more like a chump knocked out in 3rd round. It was pathetic. His rollout strategy was a joke. No advertising or should I say no good advertising. The commercials were really stupid. They never talked about why the phones were better than the iPhone etc. just a stupid slogan. when their rollout was a disaster with a stupid Super Bowl ad, I should have known then to jump ship. They are incompetent as was I for buying the stock.
    Heins the idiot kept talking about mobile computing but never showed anything to backup his big mouth. He kept talking like a shooter. enterprise and the phones are superior than Apple and Google. But they make these stupid commercials that says nothing. TH is a moron. not one commercial with their new highly paid, famous director of marketing which was stupid. So zero traction anywhere in the world.
    $BBRY I kept saying that TH and BB should be defending itself against bashers. I said it would hurt sales. But of course they were arrogant. He fooled me and he fooled big banks such as Wells Fargo etc. Heins made lots of people lose money. But this clown never bought a share himself so its ok for him to be a moron.

    Would have been a great short squeeze. The small time punk firms were right all along.

  • It was primed for a nice short squeeze but thorsten Heins only talks with nothing to back up his words. All the talk about mobile computing and all the other #$%$ he said but in the end the company loses money. He made every long and himself into laughing stocks. I'm not going to say he should be thrown in jail but due to his big mouth a d acting like he was Steve jobs , this guy should be fired. Where is all the better than expected talk or the this phone will sell millions talk. I understand he is trying to talk the phone up and sell it but he suckered people into buying the stock which is wrong. The guy is a terrible promoter and a bad CEO. Ge disappointed lots of people with the stupid commercials that didnt show why people should buy the phones and the features that make it a better phone. Its a good phone. But you can't sell the cure for cancer if you don't know how to market and convey your idea. Their investor relations team is a joke. But Thorsten Heins is a joke for the company. I'm sure Prem Watsa thinks that as well. I'm sure he wishes he never got involved as I wish I never did. It would have been a great short squeeze but Canadians don't know how to market a product. Not even other countries bought the phone thanks to no marketing. I'm a former long who has given up and should have seen the signs from the beginning after a wasted Super Bowl as that looked really ridiculous.

  • BB10, delayed as it was, is a really good OS. Z10 is a good phone. Q10 is a good phone. All of the pieces were in place for a comeback story. BlackBerry had a real chance. But, as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The impression everyone now has is: "Same Old RIM. It is only a matter of time before it goes away." This time it is different though. BB10 was BlackBerry's Plan B. If there is a Plan C, I didn't hear it today. BlackBerry is out of ideas aboout how to turn this around. I predict that BlackBerry will be acquired before the year is out.

    So, what went wrong? Here is my list.

    1. Screwed Up the Launch- BB made the decision to run a Superbowl ad in January, hold a large NYC launch party in January but then not ship any product into the US until almost four months later with ZERO momentum.

    2. Marketing Sucks: Boulben, BB's marketing director, approved a creepy Superbowl ad and then the forgettable but still weird "Keep Moving" campaign. This is what you get when your chief marketing guy has ZERO experience in the US market.

    3. No Carrier Support - Late US launch was followed up with really late software updates and placement of the product in the back corner of almost every store that I went into. Surely, not enough was done to woo the American carriers.

    4. Too Conservative With the Cash- BB has several billion in the bank but was too afraid to spend any of it. Why was there no massive advertising campaign? BB was afraid of running out of cash. What good does having cash do if your core business needs it for marketing or to seed growth but you won't spend it?

    5. Not Aggressive With Enterprises - BB's past strength is enterprise but BB has been so far unable to secure any real major enterprise accounts.

    6. Over Promised/under delivered on Apps - Claims were made that BB would have all major apps. Those claims were false. People are not stupid.

  • Nothing bothers me more than not being able to easily attach documents to an email on the iPhone. So once again I ask , is the iPhone not for a child who just wants to play games on it. Bad email, no multitasking, a home button that wears out, a battery that cant be replaced amd dies quickly, does anyone need to say more.

  • vivastar007 by vivastar007 Jun 5, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    Did Heins say anything on Bloomberg yesterday. Was he Ben on the show.

  • vivastar007 vivastar007 Jun 3, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    If you are that positive then are you buying stock at this price. I'm sure you agree that negative stories are hurting sales.

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