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yags_2001 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 11, 2016 8:05 AM Member since: Sep 24, 2003
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    Who would have thought

    by duwanee111 Jul 9, 2016 11:56 AM
    yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 11, 2016 8:05 AM Flag

    You are believing too much in what you see on the television and internet….most the recent shootings and racial tensions are government/media run psyops……..conquer and dividing us against the real enemy's who are trying to overthrow our government's constitution… see, they are sneaking, as they are few and they are the elite 1%…..they don't want to get their hands dirty so they try to influence the masses with all these false flag events and shooting hoaxes in hopes that they raise civil unrest….the key for American citizens is to allow the government to work and to cast out the politicians who support the treasonous people who are pulling the strings… to ignore the news and pursue things that are more important like peace and getting along with your neighbors…..don't fall for the TV mind control programming….you are nothing more than a brainwashed sheeple if you do….nothing on TV is real anymore unless you want to include the weather as news…..sadly, I predict there will be some kind of a false flag event in Cleveland during the GOP Convention that will only help increase "perceived" tensions in America….if you ask most common folk they have no problems with their law enforcement or any kind of racial tension…..this is all MADE UP garbage….and if not a hoax are simply isolated incidents that are magnified by our manipulating press that is owned by the government and the elites that run this world….

  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 8, 2016 11:05 AM Flag

    not sure he should die……how bout if he is involved in illegal activity just to spend time in jail with the likes of Bernie Madoff for the next 33 years…then again, maybe they would scheme together on how to take people's money once they would get out of prison….I will say this though, I usually don't wish bad on people but if someone did die a long arduous painful death, well, I could very possibly be persuaded that a couple of people running this place might deserve that fate….no less imho…. : D

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    hey Yags

    by nowqi9 Jun 24, 2016 11:03 PM
    yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 7, 2016 1:37 PM Flag

    hey nowqi……I guess our losers here still haven't learned their lesson yet… many times can they keep releasing and wasting money on a PR saying their cannibis app is out and there is relatively NO reaction to it…LOL!….except for the deceivers who trade the stock to try to lure the unsuspecting in to buy………one would think they would be chomping at the bit to let us know how much revenue has increased and how much interest there is in this "great" one of kind weed app…yet, we don't hear anything about it in terms of monetary value……so….do these clowns think people just invest based on vague stupid PR releases that give no concept as to value…..clearly they can't be this stupid…yet, they keep doing it…….strange…..oh well…..perhaps another R/S will be in order in the future at this rate….. : D

  • and no one seems to care… would think these losers would have learned something by now, but I guess not….at this point,,,,you need to start PUTTING UP or SHUTTING UP… one cares if you release a stupid app idiots….what people care about is how much money its making……DUHHHHHHH? I guess this is what losers do….they keep trying to deceive people into buying their stock without having to show WHY they should buy it…..its simply NOT good enough to say you've launched something…..the KEY, IDIOTS, is whether its ADDING value or not…..DUHHHHH? This bizarre thought processes might work in the world that Troll wants to define, but it doesn't work in the REAL world ……anyway….good luck with the PRs and hoping you will get people to buy….after your HUGE devaluing R/S its seems unlikely ANYONE is going to even be willing to take a chance here…….better to play the lotto than to just feed these losers your money imho….

  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 4, 2016 10:34 PM Flag

    I love how the article ends suggesting they are neither long nor short on the stock and to stay away from it LOL!… me, that the same as being short…….as you are recommending against buying… closed simple ……..and yes, they are opinion crafter hoping to influence people's decision making process….particularly short term traders...

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    hey Yags

    by nowqi9 Jun 24, 2016 11:03 PM
    yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 1, 2016 9:34 PM Flag

    Same old operating procedure here…….blog about nothing….and the occasional pumping blog with hopes to induce some poor saps into a buying spree……recent blog and PR indicates pot app is now on iTunes….I'm sure its going to rake in a ton of hits…..who knows, we might even get back to the good days of tracking app rankings again!!!! ….with vague references to revenue increases and impossible percentages that can't be verified….I CAN'T WAIT!!!! This is going to get GOOD!!!

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