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  • has anyone noticed the huge deceleration in Volume of the past five up weeks on the weekly chart? are new all time highs on greatly declining volume a major red flag of a major multi-year stock market top top? Even Greenspan thinks the stock market multiple expansion is fabricated and will end very badly.

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    Yellen Testimony

    by ibdman15 Feb 25, 2015 11:50 AM
    ibdman15 ibdman15 Feb 25, 2015 11:02 PM Flag

    unreal, was just reading about the #$%$ takeover of Germany in the 1920's- 1930's and look who all still controls the World Financial Markets. CNBC and Wall Street tell the Federal Reserve Bank what "the market" expects and they do exactly as told. Liesman, Yellen, Bernanke etc.....

    The US Stock market will crash and burn. It always does every 6-7 years and the Bull Market is exhausted. plus Q1 GDP will be unexpectedly negative and Q4 revised down. They will then blame it on the unexpected Polar Vortex and the east and the nice weather out west, both keeping consumers on the sidelines. But then Q2 will be great because of all the Cabin Fever.

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  • Been up 10 of 11 days with only a slight down tick today

    market rip for 20-30% correction. But if that happens the FED implements QE 5.

    The NDQ may hit 3000 before it takes out 5000.

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  • ibdman15 by ibdman15 Feb 25, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    Someone ask the B why she is so frightened of the US stock market declining even 5%. Raise the rates so the markets can readjust. If you keep rates at zero forever it will end very badly when the rates finally do increase. Stop the manipulation driven by CNBC and the Big Banks. She is a total lying sach of #$%$ and only says what those folks tell her advance what they expect her to say. It would be hilarious to see what J_ _ Janet would do if the US markets started a 70% free fall. something will happen that causes that crash. and she and her fellow stock market manipulators will be out of ammo. Most people ain't gonna spend more on "consumption" just because the stock market makes new record highs each and every day!

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  • WMT is "Under Pressure" due to the wage hikes. It's hurting the broad indexes. CNBC can write off WMT like AXP. LOL

    seriously though, the market is going to crash real soon. better get out before you r down 30%

    Mssrs Blakenfein and Diamon are both net short. They both know what's up

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  • dragging along the top with new highs on declining volume. no buyers left. wait until the big funds start selling and the distribution phase kicks into high gear and the decline phase begins. could lose 20% in a week or two maybe 30%. It's coming. Buckle up.

    Now CNBC will say this is the most hated Bull Market ever. I wonder if GS's Kostin raised his 2015 year end target from 2100 yet. If not he will. Things are so great that the FED is leaving rates at zero for an extended period of time still. and there is all this cash on the sidelines

  • This could be it. can't keep kicking the can down the road. SPX could drop 50 points or 5 SPY points into today's close. especially if they link the Exxon explosion in CA to Muslim terrorists.

    gas prices are going up so the FED now has their Inflation.

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  • ibdman15 by ibdman15 Feb 18, 2015 11:07 AM Flag

    now they are trying to convince everyone in the world that we are not in a stock market bubble based upon an IPO comparison of 1999 and 2014.. Where was the 2007 IPO statistics? Why are they doing that? They are scared to death that the market is about to plunge into a long Bear phase and we go into Recession with the deflation. The FED and CNBC are obviously in collusion. The FED definitely leaks info to CNBC and the WSJ guy.

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  • ibdman15 ibdman15 Feb 18, 2015 10:21 AM Flag

    but the NYSE Comp had a Death Cross a couple of weeks ago. yes it's currently above that making a lower high before the collapse.

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  • that's how shorts feel now.....but the tide will turn and when it turns watch how fast the Dow drops from 18 k to 10 k.

    there are many possibilities that can make that plunge occur. don't be caught long without stops in place.

    Gap downs can be a terrible thing for longs. The Fed induced equity Bull Market is six years old on March 6. Don't think ISIS or ISIL (Obama), isn't here and doesn't have something huge planned to wreck havoc on the US financial markets.
    Burning folks or beheadings in the Middle East doesn't have the same impact as an attack here. The be-heading is the mainstream execution of choice with our allies the Saudis. It's the humane way to get rid of bad Muslims.

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  • Dow theory not confirmed? could it be all over? another new high on indexes today but on declining volume and after a holiday. usually volume increases after a holiday. crash Imminent. already reached Goldman's year end price target although sales and earnings are plunging but the tulip bulb mania continues.

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  • Thomas Lee is correct. go man go! This guys are so darn smart. Wait until Q1 GDP comes in negative and Q2 also comes in negative. Hint....DEFLATION. Why buy something now if we can wait for lower prices an a few months or a year from now. Deflation with zero rates and QE is called uncharted territory. Plus the wild card, ISIS could be ready to launch full scale attacks in the US cities. Even if we had a 911 type event, the stock market would advance.

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  • gotta love it. Dallas Metro has a larger GDP than Greece. Let Greece fail, the world banks take it on the chin, a few fail, run on banks and its over right? Or does spain, Portugal Ireland and France fail next leaving Germany and Great Britain. So what's the market cap to GDP ratio in the USA right now and the Shiller PE and the six consecutive up years going to do to the US equity market with the DEFLATION that is occurring as everyone but the liberals are hunkering down.

  • the market is going to crash better get out. The longer it's inflated by this zero interest rate BS for 6 years the bigger the crash

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  • by the Dip!!! this baby is going to $300 and Apple to $200! Rock on USA, USA!!

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  • ibdman15 ibdman15 Feb 15, 2015 5:13 PM Flag

    perhaps Apple can help pay down some of the world debt with all their hoarded cash. better yet Obama and his goons should simply take it from Mr. Cooke.

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  • that will be an excuse to drop Q1 estimates to negative GDP growth unless the 200 M folks out west step up to the plate and spend more than they would have otherwise. This will be the biggest down week of 2015. probably like that week in Mid October 2014.

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  • Shiller doesn't know what he's talking about: Buy buy buy. as long as CNBC's Steve Liesman says buy then buy. Who cares high high the CAPE is? Everything is just ducky. The negative Q1 GDP print will be because of the weather in the Northeast. But they'll say Q2 and Q3 will make up for the unexpected negative print in Q1.

    Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller has a grim message for investors: Save up, because in the years ahead, assets aren't going to give you the type of returns that you've become accustomed to.

    In his third edition of "Irrational Exuberance," which will drop later in february, the Yale professor of economics warns about high prices for stocks and bonds alike.

    "Don't use your usual assumptions about returns going forward." Shiller recommended to investors in a Thursday interview on CNBC's "Futures Now."

    He says that stock valuations look rich. In fact, Shiller's favorite valuation measure, the cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio (which compares current prices to the prior 10 years' worth of earnings) is "higher than ever before except for the times around 1929, 2000, and 2008, all major market peaks," he writes in his new preface to the third edition.

    "It's very hard to predict turning points in markets," Shiller said on Thursday. His CAPE measure of the S&P 500 "could keep going up. ... But it's definitely high. By historical standards, it's up there."

    Meanwhile, Shiller said that bond yields, which move inversely to prices, "can't keep trending down" and "could [reach] a major turning point in coming years."

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  • only price pays, but be careful as this break to new highs has been on greatly declining volume. don't chase it now, wait for a pullback and if resistance holds then buy. at some point in the near future the market begins a rapid decent of lower highs and lower lows that lasts many months and will destroy much wealth....into thin air.

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  • Crash territory and a triple top on the SPX? island top in on NDQ? Take all the money out of the casino. All stocks are risky and all indexes are risky. could drop 20-30% over a couple weeks on an event or on no event, or an event that only a few high rollers know about in advance. The majority of the folks will lose a lot of money in this next crash.

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