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    i shorting 10000 shares at 107.05!

    by blamchild Oct 29, 2014 12:14 PM
    lmckenna lmckenna Oct 29, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    5% drop may require some (bad) news to occur. Too many positives currently, along with this being a big holiday qtr for AAPL. Latest news shows CurrentC being hacked (gee, Apple Pay sounded better by the day).

    If you are lucky, and some bad news does come out, you could wait for 100 (there's a gap to fill). But to say 102, with no reason for it to fall to 102, is just dumb.

    You're playing with FIRE right now, and will most likely get burned.

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    i shorting 10000 shares at 107.05!

    by blamchild Oct 29, 2014 12:14 PM
    lmckenna lmckenna Oct 29, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    No need, we'll just be taking through the market anyway!

  • Meanwhile, iTunes (with all our CC info) has been around for how long? Over a decade, and still secure!!!!

    "What's in your wallet?"

    Or in this case, "What will you trust TO BE YOUR WALLET?"

  • Other than bankruptcy court.

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    Blocking Apple Pay: Antitrust violation???

    by canonicalman Oct 28, 2014 10:06 AM
    lmckenna lmckenna Oct 28, 2014 1:01 PM Flag

    Putting aside any anti-trust or hacking issues...the biggest (negative) issue for CurrenC is that it is tied to your BANK ACCOUNT for immediate debit. Do you want these companies, or a consortium of them, holding on to your bank account info? It's been bad enough that hackers have gotten in and stolen CC info. No way will I expose my bank account to any such company.

    With a CC, you have protections (max $50 liability) if unauthorized such protection on your debit cards (or purchases tied to your bank account). Have fun fighting with your bank when there is fraudulent purchase made.

  • lmckenna lmckenna Oct 28, 2014 12:57 PM Flag

    You don't get it. With Apple Pay, all I need is my phone (which I always have with me). No need to carry my wallet (which could be stolen, and CC's used by someone else, and I must then get new ones). My phone requires my fingerprint. Steal my phone...can't buy anything with it.

    As for taking out my phone to make a purchase, phone vs wallet, not much difference, though I don't have to "open" my phone, looking for a CC. Next year, I can simply tap my iWatch and pay....even easier!

  • lmckenna lmckenna Oct 28, 2014 12:52 PM Flag

    Who cares how many phones are sold...revenues and profit is what matters. Especially recurring/increasing revs/profits. And that is where Apple (and its stockholders) win.

  • Apple Pay links to your credit card (card info NOT on your phone).
    Requires your fingerprint to utilize.

    MCX requires your phone to get/scan a barcode.
    Transaction is tied to your BANK ACCOUNT directly for immediate debit.

    So, someone steals your phone...heck, even gets your fingerprint (like Mission Impossible stuff, but possible), and uses both to make "unauthorized" (aka they're stealing from you now) purchases!!!!!

    Since Apple Pay goes through your credit cards, you have "protection" (liability limited to $50 max, but most CC's waive that). Meanwhile, the CC's don't charge any interest/penalties/etc while they investigate and try to resolve the matter (also, the store is protected, they still get paid).

    With protection. Your money is already gone, and you have to FIGHT with YOUR BANK to TRY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK If the bank gives it back (yeah right), they might take the money back from the merchant too (not sure about that).

    The stores pay fees to CC's because of the PROTECTION offered to both consumers and merchants.

    One thing is for certain...I will NOT give my BANK ACCT into to MCX for use. Would you?

  • There are times to short...but this is NOT one of them.
    I personally don't believe these shorts on the board have actually shorted (they couldn't afford it). They just want to scare others into selling, so that they can buy AAPL on a dip, since they missed out on the opportunity when it was in the 90's.

    Gotta love products, new revenue streams...increasing revs/profits...cha ching!
    As for anyone who has actually shorted, they will have to cover, causing more upward pressure on the price!!!

  • Right now, retailers are going to get (are getting) bad press for TURNING OFF Apple pay (it worked fine...but now they won't take it).

    Step 2 - MCX comes out NEXT year (they hope). Consumers will try it out...(it already sounds very cumbersome and time consuming). Which will consumers prefer? (I know which one sounds easier/quicker already)

    Step 3 - Privacy concerns are raised with MCX...folks stop using it.

    Step 4 - CVS, RIte-Aid, etc see their competition (e.g. Walgreens) getting bigger market share

    Step 5 - one by one, these other companies (except Walmart most likely) will take Apple Pay again.

    Meanwhile, I will be dropping my Sam's Club membership and join Costco. I haven't read anything yet, but I'd have to assume that Sam's Club is part of this consortium banning Apple Pay too.

  • My future business will stay with those that allow me to pay via Apple pay.
    These companies cannot be trusted with my CC info (just got new cards again...forgot about it, and my old card didn't work...thankfully, I did have the new one in my wallet).

    Bye bye CVS and Walmart.
    I'll miss CVS...not so much Walmart.

  • lmckenna lmckenna Oct 27, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    Apple pay is quick/simple/secure...this other system is too cumbersome (I'd just assume swipe a credit card, which would be easier than their multiple steps).

    meanwhile, for stores that accept Apple pay, they will get my business, and I will shun the others.

    I already skip gas stations that either do not have pay at the pump (very rare) or their pay at the pump ability is "down" (may be broken, or they are just trying to get customers to go in, and possibly buy other things). If I can't pay at the pump, I drive to another gas station (I don't like waiting in lines).

  • Two days ago, folks couldn't stop saying how great it was to short 10K, 18K, etc, shares!
    How's that working out?
    There are times to short, and times NOT to short.
    Everything Apple announced Monday afternoon, indicated that THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SHORT.

    I've made money, I've lost money (thankfully, I've made a lot more than I've ever lost)....but shorting Apple after Monday's earnings call, has to be one of the DUMBEST things I've ever seen. Anyone who was currently short, should have covered.

    Wait 6 months, and if the euphoria carries Apple to a P/E of 20, THEN short. But certainly not now.

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