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  • Im watching stocks and charts for 15 yrs. When price of a stock is under its 8 week moving average, the big money is leaving. period! You can have all the 5 and 10% up days in between you want but if a stock is under its average price for 8 weeks worth of daily prices combined, looking at the weekly(most important) or even the daily shows the real money is running. Sure, they give you a big pop here and there so the shorts can get out the next day at the best price, but thats all it is.....90% of the time. Think Enron! Now that I am long I have to pray my stop doesnt get hit. And lesson number 2 is-remember Enron and lesson number 3 is-"if it looks too good to be true....." Im long anhd sorry I ever got into this until it broke its yrly highs. This stock should never ever have been under $30 aLL YR..... FOR ANY REASON, SHORTING OR NOT. The wak 21 dollar yrly high and then selloff was even another clue something was wrong. No insider buying is another clue. This company should be taking out loans to buy back stock at these prices. THat would be the only "news" that to me would be legit. All other news is just smoke. Jmho. I'd read my other piosts warning about this happening as well. If anything this could be a slight short play with a $2 stop hoping it goes under $1 and sent to otc hell with the rest of the #$%$ thats out there to fool the public. I will pray for a turnaround with all of you. But this is a lesson for the guys who make fun of technical analysis. Price is king. Who cares what this company does if it keeps going down. And if it sold ice in alaska but went to $90 a share where this pos should be, we wouldnt care either. Its all about price! When you get over 50, you learn. And Enron was obviously before most of you guys time or youd have known better....except a dreamer like me. -)

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  • mince38 mince38 Nov 11, 2014 2:40 PM Flag

    No silverfox is right. If you know anything about market manipulation you just got to see it. Yesterday at the open, the crowd liked the earnings, so it was up about a dollar immediately. Then it collapses below the open and keeps decling slowly all day with no more buyers. If the earnings really didnt sit well with the big boys it would never have opened up higher on a big volume day. So now its up the next day 5% so far. That shows you have a boxing match a very exciting boxing macth going on. The shorts who pushed it down at the high of yesterday and the other money who pulled it right back up today. The question we have to ask is...who is this "other" money battling for us against the shorts. More amnipulation? Or....real serious buy and holders, the believers of this stock. This is like Ali Frazier. Back and forth , and eventually one side WILL take over completely. The fact that we are probably under the 8sma on both the weekly and dasily is still n ot good, but if we finish strong on the week, I thiunk we take off from here. Now.........IF LATE SELLING COMES IN AT THE END OF THIS DAY WE COULD BE IN TROUBLE. tHJAT MEANS THE BIG MONEY IS THE SHORTS....AND THEY ARE PICKING US OFF AT ALL THE HIGHS WITH A TELESCOPIC RIFLE. gETTING OUT AT THE BEST PRICES. Very important we finish uo at least 3-4% today. Another big drop and .......????? Now......if big late buying comes in at the close today, tomorrow we coukld see the short squeeze of the year. Today isn very important.....................! Im 55 and doing this 15-20 yrs. I know my patterns. Hint: when you see charts with a lot of wicks and tails, its rarely a bullish sign. I can give you the bbest hints for chart reading in 3 sentences if anyone wants em..

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    Don't overlook this sleeper (Friend of Kandi)

    by jimbonano Nov 7, 2014 10:09 AM
    mince38 mince38 Nov 7, 2014 11:13 PM Flag

    if that is true, we all deserve what we get for not doing enough research. I remember trying to google them and couldnt find much. Red flag right there. Lets look into this ,boys! If this is an OTC firm it puts KNDI'S future accounting in question. If you lay down with smell like a dog. I said it before in another post, KNDI IS EITHER A $100 stock in12-18 months or under $2. Theres no way "true" earnings wont either be huge or....inflated. How else could it go? I say its a coin toss but my r/r/ is so hi I have to be a buyer at these levels. Not happy volume isnt picking up more. Its gotta stay over 1m shares daily to be a legit mover.

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  • Exactly? The pure garbage being released these last 2 yrs are really going to hurt the rental biz in every way. Look at all the "coming attractions" on the billboards of your local theaters. All no name actors! Does anyone else catch this!!! Its like with the top stars like Pacino, Dinero, Nick Nolte, Streep, Eric Roberts Mickey Rourke,etc....they cant seem to get it that saving money with mediocre actors doesnt make up FOR LOUSY SCRIPT WRITING! What is this...if a movie doesnt have tarrantino, francis ford coppolla, tribeca(dinero),scorsese, mean we cant replace this talent pool!?????? Forget the problem with DVD'S. ....90% OF THE MOVIES released this whole year I wouldnt watch if they stremed them in gold out of my behind. Look at the handwriting on the wall...NFLX is way off its highs also. Id rather watch cassettes but good quality movies than all thias science fiction, and vampire nonsense we have today. No wonder they made The Sopranos out to be God. There isnt anything better to keep a human brain interested than criminals doing their thing. Thats just beautiful. (eyes roll) I say 1st half of 2015 wil be brutal for the whole movie industry. Maybe brick and morter stores will come back "if" they can come up with a good gimmick. I miss em. It got yuh out of the house and maybe you could even actually talk to a real person. People need that. Watch NFLX or redbox start opening stores. ha!

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  • mince38 mince38 Nov 4, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    please dont let this be true. Any co. that hires a PR firm, you can toss your shares into the fire 90% of the time ,especially when its under 5 a share. I hope this is BS

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  • mince38 mince38 Nov 4, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

    Good point. I just hope with all the scammers out ther that this isnt used for fraud to scam KNDI out of a lot of revenues with phony or hijacked alipay accounts. I mean ,imagine being a criminal and you have hundreds of names you bought of alipay customers and you just want to use the car for a crime. Or...honest cusomers with intention to pay use the car but then cant pay the bill. But asians are usually honerable people. Im just thinking if there is any way for this to backfire. But lets see. I bought in today at about 17.44 And by the way I will rate this a strong buy when it breaks this yrs highs! Might be before december. New yrs latest if we just get one more piece of decent news. And I think if we just beat earnings by even a couple of pennys next earnings, this will fly because it will pacify all the people nervous about them being able to sustain revenues. Earnings are not even the thing now, weve got to increase revenues every qtr and earnings will take care of themselves in this co. i'd say.

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  • Look at how this popped 3 days ago on good earnings news. But...halted like a brick wall at the 200 moving average line. Next day it needs any continuation in buying to do it and cant. Today is another chance to break it and so far, cant. Volume very low too. Now...Im not a TA trader per se, but...if we take out that big green canle from 3 days ago and close below that. I think we will be going down pretty hard. Atleast the 51 area whicjh is last up swing and support area. Im doing this many years, and rarely if you look at m y posts do i bring up charts. I think we need to just stay flat or grind up slowly till one more piece of good news comes out. The way its looking now its like it wants to go down/sideways. Lets be honest, earnings were mixed, and its not what we think its what the big boys want. And they lost interest real fast after that earnings report 3 days ago. BAD SIGN! NO FOLLOW-THRU! This is a classic place to know where to put your stop and re enter if it swings back up. This stock is dead until it closes thru the high from 3 days ago. Many traders would never even bother looking at that 200ma. Now we dont know anyone who could argue that that isnt the institutions line in the sand. For many, not all,anyway. Thoughts anyone?

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  • How are all these players goping to translate into dollars? Lets say legalized gambling on the net goes nowhere, what can they do to make money off all those poker players playing for fun. And most poker players get tired of playing for fun unless they are minores and they have no buying power anyway. So how can we benefit with the biggest poker room on internet if probably most of the freebie players are either minors or are too broke to open a real money account somehwere else!!!!!???? Any thoughts?

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  • mince38 mince38 Nov 4, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    Good point...."if" they dont make any changes to busioness model. Right now they have their machines in walmart and every supermarket I can see in south florida. Thats a loooot of realestate. If they dont produce they will get kicked out. So they need to come up with something, maybe partner with netflix ot hulu or somebody to give choices on not just dvd's but streaming too. Like they could partner with netflix and have 10 random movies that you get one free from netlix every 2nd time you rent something. Any deal with netflix makes this stock a 500% gainer in 6 months. Also, we middle aged people over 40 are very happy with devd. We arent dying off so fast,so dvd will b e here another 5 yrs. Or....they will just manage to make the discs smaller so we all need to buy new dvds. I wish netflix or redbox would hire me...I have 20 ideas on how they could work together. The peg ratio is off the wall undervalued. So is return on assetts. Buffett says he likes to see 15% return. How about 49%!!!!! for OUTR? Jeez!

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  • Those who can use alipay have a credit card anyway so its no big deal. Im thinking its like letting an American car buyer or renter use paypal. What car buyer would want to do that? And that 1000 car deal? Is that any big deal and if so, what can we expect in new roll outs in coming 12 months." If "the accounting on this puppy is on the up and up, we will be very happy in a year. This could be in the top 50 gainers, maybe top 20 on all of Nazdaq!

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  • Everyone says DVD'S are dead. OUTR symbol for redbox aint rolled over and died yet. If it turns out to be true and nflx buys them out now, way ,way off their yr highs, they make out, if redbox goes under, it still means more revenues coming to nflx. Either way they win. Right now OUTR is at about 56.92. This will either be a 10 dollar stock in 1-2 yrs or 100-130. I for one love to be able to grab something on impulse coming home from my local Publix supermarket. And walmart where these things are all over, they are the kind of people who would rather lay out a dollar or 2 at a time and some cant afford any contracts woth NFLX...especially since we know they are going to go up fast...and soon. How can you count out any rival that will let you watch a movie for $1.29????????????? ALL THEY NEED IS TO JUST GET A LITTLE BIT BETTER CONTENT. The movies that hollywood has put out the last few yrs is so bad unless you are age 12, its a drag on the whole movie industry. Watch movies go back to $5 or $8 with a free popcorn and soda. I cant see anyone paying $10 to see the garbage they have out today. But if you pay 1.29 thru redbox, you dont care if the movie stinks because you are right at home and can just pop in another dvd.

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