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    Great Buy at these levels!

    by time2cashin May 15, 2014 4:15 PM
    mince38 mince38 Jun 10, 2014 11:49 PM Flag

    Can you provide reasons, articles, statistics or anything besides the usual..."everybodys gambling now, dude!" I'm not flaming you but we have far too many one sentence tpredictions that anyone who can read as balance sheet would laugh at. In fact, abd again Im not flaming you, when anyone gives a comment like that it shows they do not own very much of the stock, most often thru their mutuel fund because anyone with even a measly 10 grand in this co. could give me several good reasons to buy this. I because I am not in the mood will give you 3....Shufflemaster, their management and the innovative games they have come out with, they already control the live shuffling market and management is not afraid to take risks. I havent been to a casino in over a year. I used to be a vegas dealer. So I know what I am seeing. And let me tell you, the electronic gaming thatmachines that let you bet up to 10,000 dollars on a roll of the dice at craps is telling me that the future is just beginning for slot and gaming machine makers. Think sports....what could they possibly do in the sports world and who is in the position to buy almost anyone out that comes out with anything better than we have. I can actually see a day coming when you can go into a casino and bet on how many people (over or under) are in all the casinos in a particular state, or how many twitters or emails the President will get this week. Every sporting event will no longer need a human to take the legal places anyway. Even betting on the stock share price of comapnies themselves might be able to be done in a casino so stock market players dont feel like they are really gambling. Its going to be unreal what comes out in the next 5 years. And naturally they are almost always in the black!

  • In other words, if what you guys are saying is correct, about KNDI not being able to sustain itself the only reason this isnt a dollar stock is obvious....the hope of the govt subsidies. Thats #1. Number 2 is...why would this company sell 600m in cars to themselves? Only reason i can think of is to generate false publicity which means this mgmt team is more worried about the stock price holding up so they can cash out is related to how much in subsidies we would get. Whats the lesson here ,men. With everyone calling each other trolls, and *ucktards and all the stupidest things humans call each other, turns out nobody knew what they were talking about here as usual. So this should say...before we point a finger at someone else...remember...there are 3 pointing back at you. #2- We all thought this was the biggest giveaway of the year just 3 short months ago, rememeber. So the next lesson is, if it looks too good to be probabaly is. Let us all learn so this wasnt a total waste boys. Doesnt mean we cant watch it. We all know this is going to be a sub $3 stock or in 5 yrs it will be well over 100. But all the little micro bits of news that are going to get this thing jumping back and forth each week should be ignored. And guys please...........ignore the pumpers. Thats the only way they will go away.

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    Like Google, like the United States is down down down

    by yibang Apr 17, 2014 10:53 PM
    mince38 mince38 Apr 18, 2014 1:03 AM Flag

    You want the truth....Im 55, read the economist, and every conspiracy book from Schiff to God knows who else including all those Elliott Wave nuts. And the truth is, if the USA goes into a depression, it could never get hurt worse than in 29 crash because we had no nuclear arms nor were we the best military nor was our dollar pegged so tightly to oil, gold and just about every other thing including the US stocks foreigners buy right out from under us bit by bit, all that never existed before. Could we have a few riots here and there when inflation gets crazy? Sure. But...Id bet there's more chance of the USA going into a depression than GOOG going under because GOOG doesnt care about Forex transactions, dark pools, price of gold or oil. It only cares when you think about it, about one thing.....that every day more and more people who never owned a PC, notebook or smartphone, finally get one! That means they are able to buy things and you can bet money GOOG is going to come out with ways similar to credit cards for these people to do it. Maybe in conjunction with visa and master card. So GOOG represents the whole world. What should make us all sick is....every minute, how many millions of google searches are done by our enemies God knows where that use it for nothing, hate our guts and if they ever use it for anything that has impact, it will be to bring down this country. Question for all of you. How many countries in this world do you think would not allow USA access to GOOG if THEY had invented it?????????? Even now 75% of the world is probably going ape #$%$ that their oppressed women who arent allowed to see anything more than camels and sand can now search on computers using google? But even they realize we are necessary. Imagine now that I think of it if Google got orders from the president to shut down due to security risks. You know how many peoples lives would come to a halt? So the USA-goog TEAM is to me as powerful as the nuclear bomb. BUY!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Guys, is there a reason that the SEC allows pay rates from 2006 to be used for public disclosure? Wait, it gets better, the first 4 execs are paid in dollars. The 5th person, the COO has N/A next to her name. What does that mean? I guess because she is a woman, and you know how they feel about womens equality over there, she gets paid in bags of rice. So on Christmas when bonuses are handed out, she has to come to the company headquarters with her entire extended family with 20 or 30 whell barrows and cart away a few hundred pounds of rice. Hey, dont laugh....that feeds all of them for 3 years. Im not joking about this, look at the home page of the SINA profile page. Is this for real or what?

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  • mince38 mince38 Apr 17, 2014 11:21 PM Flag

    You are the "smartest guy in the room." Sometimes more press releases than actual happenings are good. Sometuikes not. But why are you all really buying this. Because of George Soros? Does anyone here know what Georgey boy knows about gaming co's? I have no idea and he's made a fool of himself many many times before. Besides, when was the last time anyone had a huge year following soros stock buys? Now THATS scary. I respect the man, but I want to see this new microsoft guy they brought over come up with something huge soon, or they will eat his lunch and send him along with that other idiot who almost bankrupted merrill Lynch. "Lynch" is what he did to the company. The guy might be a whiz programmer but he also may have had one lucky idea and might be back at his "and will that be anything to drink with that,sir" job real quick if he doesnt produce soon. We are either looking at one of the bargains of the year, or the money burners of the decade. It might be safer to watch this thing get over 5 again, and hope good new comes out or we see some hints on new website changes to let us know whatc coming. The only thing coming now is.....George right in your ear. LOL Good posts marlowe and ward. Why does everyone think you are short if you dont say anything positive. Besides, anyone see how the biggest names in the qqq's are rolling over for weeks now and yet the indices dont show it ..............yet. I hope we have one more run till christmas boys. Yellen said they may ease up the help in spring. they say, "go away in may." if this market corrects in May its gonna be a doozy. Not on whats "due" or gut feelings but because the more a market is way way overbought, the correction(different than pulllback) is always much more painful.

  • mince38 mince38 Apr 17, 2014 11:08 PM Flag

    tuttle, let them have their say. You make a great point and as soon as 2 or 3 chinese co's skyrocket, the other 20 that cratered get forgotten. Like some examples...???? My pleasure.... AMCN,CAAS,ZX,MVIS, KNDI and most of their tops in last few months or weeks came recently, days after good news came out and then they cratered for no reason. Many of them are legit. Enjoy the ride down on KDI everyone, a photocell hybrid car supposedly japans govt is even subsidizing and its dropping like a rock. All the rest have great stories and or financials as well. Sure they all got audited. Will Alibaba be audited properly......we hope so because the US auditors are going to make a trip over there, but what does that mean when we saw how the "auditors" were all in the bag during the sub-prime lending crisis. In fact the fact that yahoo intends to sell part of their stake, plusa the fact that YHOO is not doing so well is room for a lot of thought. Money(stock price) talks. Good luck to the longs. Im on the sidelines until something I can VERIFY comes our way. Soooooo many other good social media stocks and cheap gaming stocks like ZNGA, GLUU to take shots with with way more upside. Where do you think yahoo is going to go because of alibaba, to 100? Id love to see it and hope some more acquisitions from ali or yahoo come in as well. thats the key.....more acquisitions!!!!

  • In either products, companys or both? I bet not 3 of you even know. I will give the right answer after survey is over. -)

  • Everyone is always thinking somone always knows where a stock is going, yet todays price action, in fact 3 months of price action showed us these guys often have no idea how their own co. is doing. Imagine if this thing was being bought instead of sold like it was. It would be at $100 three months ago and there would be sideways action mnow from the profit taking. How can a company like this, which is so independent on oil and gold prices and the usual eco fluctuations , how can these execs have no idea.....PLUS THE SAD THING IS THESE guys own less than 1% of the company. Wow! I always wondered in these kinds of things if the mgmt puts a hands off on buying policy so as not to arouse any raised eyebrows from the FTC. Why did not one person in the whole damn co buy. Disclaimer: I do not even own any of this yet. But just by seeing how their banner ads are increasing all over the place and I see their name in all the drugstore electronic sections, makes me think this could be $200 in a year to 18 months.

    Now can someone tell me............when sales go up in smart phones, PC's servers,cameras,etc....where does most of Sandisks revenue come from. Which product or customer makes the most impact for sandisk?

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