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    Fox News War on Coal

    by stop_coal_pollution May 4, 2016 6:39 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 6 hours ago Flag

    She is as bad for the country as mountaintop removal. Would not surprise me if the Clinton fund was money she got from selling US secrets. The hacker today said he saw where at least 10 other people had hacked her emails. Over 2200 of those emails were top secret. She should be in jail now for treason. How Americans can vote for this lying Ted type of person is beyond me. She makes Ted look like an altar boy. If she thinks she can go to WV and lie to coal miners she is mistaken. Obama and Hillary and the rest of the Democrats are in for an eye-opener. Trump will be the new President of the United States.

    I heard he is gong to get a guillotine from French and have a new show on tv. It`s called how to clean out Guantanamo bay.

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    Fox News War on Coal

    by stop_coal_pollution May 4, 2016 6:39 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 May 4, 2016 10:51 PM Flag

    Hillary and Dems have put miners out of jobs. In Nov, these miners will pay Hillary and the democratic communist party back. Watch for Bernie to win WV and in May watch for Hillary to drop out after they arrest her for treason against America.

  • navarre55 navarre55 May 4, 2016 10:41 PM Flag

    Did you not get the memo? Raw coal can be used to make solar panels. Because of the metals in coal, raw coal makes a better panel than what is being put out now. Cost would go down. We then could use coal for rare earths, gasoline, and baseload electric use. Right now 33 percent of the power in the US is from coal. After what happen in California with the methane leak at the biggest underground methane storage site west of the Mississippi, I would think you greens would be pushing for the return of coal. If not you all are clueless. So much methane leaked that we could have 100 years of coal fired plants and still not equal what greenhouse gas this put into the upper atmosphere.

  • navarre55 navarre55 May 4, 2016 10:30 PM Flag

    This is true. Every time he opens his mouth it is all hot air. If we could ground airforce 1 and AL gores jet CO2 levels would go down. Talk about two fakes. I agree with strip mining of mountains. It is not right to dump waste in streams and clear mountain tops. Dig underground and burn coal slurry for power. A big part of coal waste is usable coal. There should be no coal slurry dams. Waste can be made into pyramid mountains like they did at the Homestake mine in Lead.

    Coal ash at power plants should be shipped to plants to remove rare earths. (28 elements) Co2 from combustion can be made into Methanol which can be used in gasoline or used to make more gasoline. I also like the idea of using raw coal to make solar panels. This could make the cost go down big.

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    Ezekiel 37

    by mitchamz Apr 30, 2016 1:33 AM
    navarre55 navarre55 May 2, 2016 11:22 AM Flag

    Only Lucifer I know is lying Ted. He will say anything to get delegates. Sounds like your buddy Al Gore and his fake global warming. You have been warned on the other. What happens now is bad karma of your own making. You sir, are shameful! No respect for the dead. You're not a Necrophilia are you?

  • navarre55 by navarre55 Apr 29, 2016 11:49 PM Flag

    ANR sold off all the assets of PRL or all the assets of EDF and ANR Marcellus for $200 million which is more than the amount we gave for EDF.(126 million) Who was the buyer? You guessed it. Rice Energy which ANR holds stock in thanks to Kevin. 27,400 acres in the best land of the Marcellus and Utica on approximately 23,500 net acres. That means we only got $7299 per acre for all the land and even EDF land which is supposed to have something on it. Folks do you not remember what we got from Rice for less acres? Unreal.

    Why is the New York Attorney General not all over this? Why is the SEC? Why no Civil or Criminal warrants. I tell you shareholders of ANR are not just getting raped but gang banged. Why not just do like the Pada CEO and sign all the assets over to yourself Kevin? When is this fraud going to stop? When hell freezes over I tell you. There is no justice but a bunch of folks who play the wild wild west where he who has the gold makes the rules.

    Looks like there is no bad karma coming Kevins way in this life. Hell will be a different story. On top of this Kevin has sold off most of our coal reserves for pennies on the dollar. Justice for shareholders is like Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned. Yes, our shareholder value is going up in flames and the firemen/ judges or leaders are saying what a beautiful fire.

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    Return to old shareholders

    by flashyankee Apr 25, 2016 3:24 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 27, 2016 11:48 AM Flag

    It does seem odd that ANR has a shareholder website. Has operators to answer calls. Shareholders getting information from the court.

    On top of that ANR employees are invested in ANR stock. Kevin at last count had 3 million shares. None of the big hedge funds who hold ANR stock have dropped suits on ANR or that one of the big law firms will address a class action against ANR when the evidence of fraud is more than the Hillary emails.

    If ANR exchanges debt for assets and comes out clean then the new company will be holders of ANR stock because records show almost $2 billion in shareholder value. If not then let the games begin because I believe someone will drop a class action if Kevin drops the hammer on investors.

    One only has to remember this was not forced chapter 11. ANR had cash and liquidity till 2018. They bought bonds they did not have too. Bought EDF assets they did not have too. Gave themselves bonus and 401k money before August BK. Gave employees bonus and 401 K money before August they did not have too.

    This was all a white wash to push ANR into BK for the purpose of screwing several groups of investors. On top of that, this BK raided the pension and health care of union and nonunion employees. Caused the union contract to be set aside.

    On the other side, Citi will own the core assets of ANR. In good times, those assets will be worth double what Citi is owed. Kevin and his merry men got bonus in BK. Will keep their jobs. Have filled a VP position with a $400 K salary which they did not need to do.

    Now with all of this I can see no negatives for the BOD or management. You remember that movie called Dick and jane where he goes on the air and tells folks how great his company was while his CEO was going BK. This is what Sullivan did to ANR investors. Sullivan retired in BK. Why? Either Kevin makes shareholders whole or the whole group goes to jail for fraud because this chapter 11 was just one big act of fraud.

  • If they did not want to give us a Committee why are we getting this now of other committees? Now if the stock is worthless how will they explain away our $2 billion in shareholder value after they have made deals with Creditors? These deals were for debt with assets deals. If ANR comes out with no debt, then how can they say we don`t own the company left?

    You will notice one committee is retiree committee. If they invested in ANR why are they protected and we are not? My retiree life savings is in ANR stock. Now if this is for pension and health why are we not included since ANR has also affected my pension and health care?

    On another note why have the big hedge funds who own stock not stood up for shareholders? Something is not right here. My buddy Kool is right. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Sounds like a bunch of civil suits in the making if this goes south. Wonder if this judge ever heard of equal protection under the law. So far justice for the real owners of the company has been blind and silent.

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    Ben, when is the next ice age coming ?

    by screwedonaclaim Apr 18, 2016 1:31 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 21, 2016 2:09 PM Flag

    Son, you are not right. Ben is dead. Do you see dead people? You're not like a funeral director are you ? You don`t have a body fetish do you?! Leave old Ben out of your fantasy.

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    Another use for coal!

    by navarre55 Apr 21, 2016 1:55 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 21, 2016 2:01 PM Flag

    This new use of coal is going to drive the Al Gore cult into suicide. Please stay away from the Sierra club building and don`t drink the Kool-Aid when they offer it to you. End of the world for coal bashers.

  • navarre55 by navarre55 Apr 21, 2016 1:55 PM Flag

    Graphene may be the poster child of thin film electronics, and silicon the current king of materials for semiconductors, but if scientists from MIT get their way, graphene's humble cousin, coal, could soon be giving them both a run for their money. For the first time, electronic devices have been created from thin films of coal and the research points to a range of uses that this cheap and abundant material could have in electronic devices, solar panels, and batteries.

    Coal comes in four different types, all characterized by their composition, age, and the degree of compression applied to them over the millennia. Specifically, they range from lignite, a soft brown combustible sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat, through to sub-bituminous, bituminous and lastly to anthracite, a compacted variety with a high carbon content and fewer impurities than the other types. In developing their application, the MIT researchers analyzed the chemical, electrical, and optical properties of thin films of all four different types of coal, and decided on anthracite as the most suitable for the devices constructed in their experiments.

    To prepare the coal for the research, the scientists developed a process to crush the anthracite to a powder, suspend it in solution, and deposit it in thin uniform films on a substrate, similar to the way it is done in fabricating other electronic devices from graphene or silicon. However, unlike silicon that must be refined to a purity of over 99 percent, coal can simply be used in its crushed form without further refining.

    Despite coal being one of the most abundant substances used by humans, the vast bulk of it has simply been used as a fuel for burning, with almost all of its electrical and optical properties rarely studied for use in electronic devices.

    "The material has never been approached this way before, to find out what the properties are, what unique features there might be." said MIT doctoral student Brent Keller.

    As an initial proof of concept for what the team sees as a wide range of possible uses, the researchers built an electrical heating device that could see duty in anything from being part of a part of a biomedical implant, to helping defrost car windows or aircraft wings. Along with the properties of this device, the researchers also found that by altering the temperature used to process the coal, a large range of the optical and electrical properties of the material could be exactly tailored to meet specified values.

    But even this new found capability for coal is just the beginning of its potential, according to the researchers. Given that the four main varieties of coal selected have many other subsets all with differing compositions, the team believes that there could as yet be strikingly useful differences that could be exploited in other kinds of electronic devices.

    "When you look at coal as a material, and not just as something to burn, the chemistry is extremely rich," said Professor Jeffrey Grossman, from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.

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    Global Cooling Update for April 18, 2016

    by railsnstocks Apr 18, 2016 11:35 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 19, 2016 12:09 AM Flag

    Amen to that. On another note, I expect a big earthquake in California or Alaska within the next two weeks. Hope not but with japan and now Ecuador I think the west coast is next. Could see a tidal wave. Look for Mexico also.

    Sure wish I had money to buy a limestone cave for the coming ice age. Could grow fish in the water and grow mushrooms and other crops. 55 degrees year round. Would not take much to heat and you could close it so no one could get in. Better than an old silo if it goes deep.

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    Ben, when is the next ice age coming ?

    by screwedonaclaim Apr 18, 2016 1:31 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 18, 2016 11:50 PM Flag

    You need to get that psychic to the stars in Hollywood to speak to Ben. Ben is dead. Maybe then Ben can talk to him from the dead and tell you about ET.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Apr 17, 2016 6:05 PM Flag

    Funny you should use that against Rail when Al Gore owns a beachfront house in California. If he believes in sea levels rising with fake global warming would he not have bought a house in the mountains?

    The last two days we have had 7.4 and 7.8 earthquakes in two different places. Plates of the earth`s crust are moving. Some go up and some go down. Islands your group wants to point to as sea levels rising are going down because of plate movements.Take islands in Indonesia. Big area for Volcanic action. Some islands are going down because they have been sucking oil out from under these islands for years. Some are going down because the earth`s crust is being melted or folded.

    You say look at Greenland and glaciers melting. Yes, they do when we find out a old volcano is under them. Now can sea levels rise? Yes . This will happen when we have a polar reverse in the poles. Water that is at the equator will move and when it does land will go under and land will be above the ocean. A giant wave which will wash away most towns from 300 miles from the coast. A wall of water over 1000 plus feet.

    This has happened for billions of years before man was on earth. If you look at a Geology map of the southwest toward California you will see the whole area was nothing but super volcanoes. Yellowstone is a super volcano ready to go off. Most likely when the dinosaurs were killed off it was from a meteor that hit down in Mexico and set off a chain reaction of super volcanos. CO2 levels may have been what is on Venus. 95 percent CO2. Most life would have died off. Right now on earth we are .04 percent of 1 percent.

    There is no global warming but ice core samples from the poles show we have had mini ice ages for 200 years the last 100 million years and results show we are due.

    They did not believe Copernicus in the dark ages with the earth and sun and your group does not believe the sun effects earth's warming or cooling. You will see how wrong you are when it starts.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Apr 16, 2016 5:39 PM Flag

    Ben was the master. I am just the student. He is dead. Read my piece on the BTU board. 3 parts. You will like some of it . I put it in just for you. Radiation is our number one problem not CO2. Radiation from radioactive elements only decays after thousands and thousands of years. People think what you can`t see won`t hurt you. It does. It is changing our DNA for the worse. Hybrids were made because they are both human and alien. They have no thyroid glands which concentrate radiation. Iodine is the only thing we can take to make the Thyroid not do this. I recommend people use salt with iodine and in the event of a nuclear bomb drink some every day unless you can get iodine pills.

    Please look where the US had nuke test. You can find that website as good as you are. You are going to be surprised where they were tested. Then you will know that the ocean has always been radioactive and why cancer rates have gone up.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Apr 16, 2016 1:02 PM Flag

    Let me just say on the Alpha board Ben who is dead now use to say Ice core samples from the poles show a Ice age can last 1 or 2 million years. In the last 100 million years, they have been averaging 200 years. Now when you start talking about no spring and summer you are talking about mass starvation. Last time this happen was in Ireland. Potato crops failed. Towns were covered over with snow.

    The so-called green movement against coal is a bunch of crap. In Brazil, they stop burning coal and went to Biomass. In England, they stop burning coal at many plants and went to Biomass from the US. CO2 levels went up because it took 4 to 5 more times biomass than coal. Trees are full of CO2. By cutting down trees you kill the process for cleaning CO2 out of the air. In England alone one plant burns 20,000 loads of logs a day from the US. That is 20,000 trucks on our roads hauling logs to a port to be shipped to England.

    Folks they are cutting down our virgin forest when we have coal that will do the job better. Crazy! Al Gore started this from the Coal strike in England when the iron lady went up against coal unions .He was going to school there and decide he could make money in the US with this con. He has and the socialist have used it to make America weak so we can be taken over in the future as we decay.

    Coal is our best energy source for base load behind Hydro power. As long as you have water. There is no global warming. It was hotter during Roman times when Hannibal crossed the Alps with no snow. Try it now. There is lots of snow.In Fact data for the last 50 years and European satellites in space now show no change. Any change is being faked on models so they can keep their jobs. Billions spent on fake global warming research. You want money? Get a grant for global warming. Coral reefs are being killed by local fishermen with TNT and by chemical runoff from land and ships at sea.

    Yes fake and it has cost jobs around the world and made the west weak.

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    Any thoughts on the Bonds

    by johnfarrellhome Apr 15, 2016 12:00 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 15, 2016 12:14 PM Flag

    I like Daniel Craig but also enjoyed watching Pierce Brosnan. Two of the best Bonds I think.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Apr 15, 2016 12:09 PM Flag

    Amen, brother. We need a builder and not a socialist that wants to tear down America. A vote for Trump is a vote for our future because the socialist never have got it. Never will.

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    this stock is a goldmine

    by avlamal Apr 14, 2016 6:40 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Apr 15, 2016 12:01 PM Flag

    Sorry there you must be on the wrong board. This is a coal mine, not a gold mine. Coal is a commodity which depends on supply and demand. There is no demand because the socialist of the world have labeled coal dirty. They are forcing utilities to tear down coal-fired plants. No demand and the price just keeps going down which means BK for all coal companies. Look at fracking companies now. To much NG and the price has gone to hell. Obama says NG is the answer for America. Not if they can`t make a profit which means to stay in business NG will have to go up which means so will our power bills because all the coal plants in America will be a thing of the past.

    Socialist want to make it a crime to say there is no global warming. Those in this belief are changing sides because the data does not support it. Global warming is fake and when we hit into a mini ice age that is coming most will freeze to death thanks to no coal-fired plants that would keep on working in 50 below. In cold temperatures well heads will freeze and pipelines will burst from the cold. No need to worry. Al Gore and his buddies will be in a bunker while we burn our furniture to have a sense of warm before we die.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Apr 15, 2016 11:40 AM Flag

    It gets worse. Read the latest 8k. Go back to Jan 29 2016. They now have incentive rewards. Will be millions of dollars. I lost a fortune and these crooks keep making millions. This is wrong but it is like Donald Trump fighting the Republican bosses. Those in power make the rules or can buy justice the way they want it. SEC is worthless if they let this crime go on. I have contact folks and got nowhere. It is like Mitch McConnell who did not look out for his state coal interest. If anything he buried coal. I also contacted him and never gone one email back. He could care less now that he is reelected.

    Coal CEO`s are like kings who live in a castle. What they want is the will of the kingdom. Hell with shareholders. We are just the peasant farmers who can be replaced. Mark my word they will have a new IPO and make billions off of the investment we put in. Right now we have about $2 billion in shareholder value but it is worthless because they control it and we don`t.

    To me, this is a twist on Enron. The difference is you have a judge who is going along with this. This is outright robbery and the wall street sheriff and Attorney general could care less because coal is not politically correct. Also, if they cross Obama they won`t be invited to the White house again. The Democratic socialist party or Republican party tell the masses what they want to hear and then when elected do what they want to do and the hell with the people's vote. This is why we need Trump and I hope if you live in a state that has not voted that you will for him.

    We have got to change the Monarchy system in the US. Notice the word monarchy. Our government is not controlled by the people but by special interest. Our leaders are the nobles of yesterday years. They take our money as Kevin and do what the hell they want. As I said yesterday we live in a de facto communist state and if Hillary or Bernie is elected you can forget about owning a gun ever again.

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