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    Realistic target price

    by usmra Mar 19, 2016 11:50 AM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 21, 2016 5:46 PM Flag

    It is not right. They did not go BK natural because of the market. They went BK to fraud bondholders and investors. I know how Ned Beatty felt in Deliverance. We all got cornholed by a bunch of crooks who took the ease way to fortune by stealing.

    Why are they not covered over with lawsuits? Why is Kevin not in jail along with the other officers and BOD members.The kicker is the bonus in BK but what really gets me is when the old CEO who took millions and moved to Florida gets up and says you got to think about the healthcare of the miners in BK.

    Folks he robbed this company like Kevin and when you look at what Blankenship got in the Massey buyout and the amount of family and friends from Massey who got jobs at Alpha for doing nothing they should all be put in jail.

    This BK was planned years ago. Like a fat tick on a dog they just kept sucking all the blood out. Why was it that in 2015 in March ANR had 1.2 billion and was $3.6 billion in debt only to be $7 billion in BK? Folks they used $1.2 to buy bonds that were not due. They used the money to pay bonus to all employees and stuffed money in 401k plans they did not have too. In conclusion, they took the company into BK on purpose to rob investors.

    Buying EDF assets to make value for shareholders was a lie from the start. EDF had oil wells making money. If ANR got the employees who looked out for them they got the wells. Where is that money going and what shell are they hiding that money. Boy, what a God help me fool am I for ever believing these guys.

    Where is the mountain justice? Where is the court justice? Where is the SEC and New York attorney general? Guess living the good life and saying coal investors are not worth fighting for because with all the calls and emails I made I could not find one law firm to stand and say we will fight for you because they are wrong.

    Sad day for some of us because I was a stupid investor and bet the house on coal stocks and now I am in the poor house. What house?

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 20, 2016 3:02 PM Flag

    I want to know why we can`t get them for fraud? They bought bonds they did not have to so not to pay August 2015 bonds. They bought EDF assets saying it was going to make shareholder value while planning to go BK. They even had a shareholder website and still have a number for shareholders.

    Now I am not from Missouri like some of you but you don`t have to show me this is not fraud. This was planned so they could steal $2 billion in shareholder value. Kook you are right. No class action or civil lawsuits and no help from the SEC or the New York attorney General.

    I lost everything and these crooks are going to get away with it. Where is the justice for this? Blind I tell you and so was the judge in charge who rubber stamped this circus he calls BK court.

    May they all burn in hell for what they have done to miners, investors and communities. They raped the land and now they have raped miners and investors. Who will stand up for us? Looks like not one lawyer or agency that is supposed to protect investors. Guess their all out chasing ambulances or suing banks for money. Hell with us! And hell with ever investing in stocks again like I have any money left to do that. So much for the golden years thanks to Kevin and his gang of outlaws.

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    Realistic target price

    by usmra Mar 19, 2016 11:50 AM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 19, 2016 2:05 PM Flag

    It depends what the BOD and CEO do. If they take the high road and we have a reverse as they said and come out of BK with no debt stock could trade up from $1 dollar and rise. If they take the low road they cancel out and issue new stock to themselves. In that case, we will see them BK again because I believe the reason we have no civil and class actions now is because lawyers are waiting to see what happens with the old issue. Alpha frauded investors and public records show they did. Whose bonds did they buy before BK? As they say follow the money. Sullivan said buying EDF assets would make value for Alpha shareholders. He said this when he knew ANR was going BK. He then retires in BK to distance himself from Alpha. All by design just like all the assets they sold off to friends and golf buddies. You could say Alpha was just a shell company under Foundation coal to hide money.

    Wonder how much money is overseas that was paid by customers that is not on the books of Alpha? Sell it for $9.50 over here but pocket $32 over there and then show $9.50 in 10Q. Something is not right with this BK and the New York Attorney general should have got court orders to get the books and look at what was paid by customers. Could be billions off books but we will never know because the Feds or SEC or NewYork Attorney general don`t seem to care. I think senators were on the right path but a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. They needed to see what was paid on the other end. And they did not.

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    Was this really $99 a year ago or did this rs???

    by chad121177 Mar 18, 2016 4:49 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 19, 2016 1:41 PM Flag

    This was a $1300 dollar stock at one time. This is what happen when you have a generation that did not come up in the depression. Arch, Alpha, BTU all run by crooks who used their coal companies as ATM`s. Why did the BOD not cut salary for management before they laid off one employee? Why did they not cut out stock options?

    It is because they did not care who owned the company. Bondholders and shareholders. They knew as in the past they could just go BK and cancel stock and then have a new IPO and make billions. The kicker is they paid bonus just before they filed for BK. This is wrong and all three CEO`s and management should be in jail for fraud.

    If this and the other two had been run right they would have had an IPO secondary at the high and made a war chest to buy assets. No debt would mean you could weather any storm. What did they do? Buy assets at the high with cash.

    This gamble went wrong big time. Why were they not fired by BOD`s of these companies?Because they were playing golf with BOD members and like getting free meals and stock options. I say half of BOD should be key employees who run the company and know what the hell is going on. Looks like these Ceo`s were clueless and that is why they should all be in jail. You don`t reward failure with stock options, increased salary and bonus. You get security to escort them to the door after you fire them.

    Yes, Al Gore and his fake global warming played a part, but these coal companies were run into the ground. Coal will be king again under Trump because he knows if he is going to make America great again we will need coal to power this countries base load and make the steel that makes our ship, planes, tanks, weapons. Yes, even a Boeing 747 has 19.5 tons of steel in it. It is not a flying beer can!

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    Have no fear, a nickle is near.

    by screwedonaclaim Mar 16, 2016 3:19 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 19, 2016 1:16 AM Flag

    No truer words. We come in peace and save pilgrims at Thanksgiving. They rape our women and give us STD`s. Give firewater to men and make them drunks. They give us mumps etc that kill villages. Then they steal our land and say we are savages and need God.

    We then move to reservations and make treaty with white father. They find gold and move us to land not worth living on. Give us rotten beef and take our kids so they can learn about white man's God.

    Then when we fight back they kill our buffalo by the millions. Genocide our people and say we are savages.
    Mt Rushmore was sacred Indian area. What did white men do? Put faces of white fathers on mountain.

    I think white man need to learn about Indian God. Great spirit. Indians look out for planet earth where white men pollute. If only star people had fought against these white people who follow false God that lets them kill and rape if we do not believe as them. Are you all Muslims because it sounds like you were the first Isis group in the US.

    Maybe white men and Isis have more in common than you know. You could be blood brothers for all the blood you have spilled in the name of your God. Indians were not savages. You were! And the God you pray too does not know your name for all the evil you have done in his name.

  • Why is it in the coal sector Coal Ceo`s and management plus BOD get rewarded? Where are the civil suits? Where are the class actions? Where are the federal and New york attorney general lawsuits?

    Buying of 1.5 billion tons of coal assets by the old CEO was just a cover up to show Arch was worth more than it was. Montana Otter creek coal will never be mined. High sodium coal. Bad for power plants.

    Who pays for these guys failure? Coal miners and investors. Time to put them under the jail and take back all the assets they ripped off. How can a BOD member put a rubber stamp on this crooks? How can the accounting firm not be in lawsuits? Why has the judge not removed them from the job at Arch and Alpha? Get a kid to run the company and pay him hot pockets. Get a dart board. Results would be better than having a jack A S S run it into the ground. They should have been fired years ago and sued!

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    Have no fear, a nickle is near.

    by screwedonaclaim Mar 16, 2016 3:19 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 17, 2016 10:31 PM Flag

    Why do you think the records were sealed and then sealed again? People don`t want the truth to get out. Kennedy was killed to keep him quiet.

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    by janikows Mar 15, 2016 2:03 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 16, 2016 12:10 PM Flag

    Same thing at Alpha natural resources. They must belong to the same golf club. Thieves and crooks are nice words for these people. Why no lawsuits is beyond me.They can go to church and sing how I love Jesus all they want to. God don`t hear them and the devil has a special place in hell for them. They ran these companies into the ground and never cared about employees, investors or the environment. Just a big ATM for them to cash out. One day they will pay and on that day they will find all the money in the world will not buy a cup of water in hell. What they did is just wrong and in other industries, you don`t reward failure with bonus. When you do it just shows the greed of these people to lay off miners to fuel their pleasures.

    Roger Goodell said, If that man was on fire and I had to #$%$ to put him out, I wouldn?t do it. Join the crowd. Neither would the investors of both these companies. As my granny use to say Come on hell`s waiting for you!

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 16, 2016 11:44 AM Flag

    And that continued because of Kevin and the BOD willful blindness of sound business ethics. They put themselves above bondholders and shareholders. You don`t lay off miners and then give yourself bonus. Salary and stock options should have been cut in half. Giving yourself bonus in BK just shows you where their loyalty lies. ME ,Me, ME. Hell with anyone else. Why no lawsuits at this time is beyond me. This is wrong and as others have said I hope they burn in hell!

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    Hey Navarre. Go pound your Tom Tom.

    by stop_coal_pollution Mar 8, 2016 7:11 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 12, 2016 9:59 PM Flag

    Cell phone? Try 100,000 homes for years. It has the force of a nuclear bomb. Last time someone opened one up it took out the underground lab and killed about 68 scientists. Not made from He3 but from dark matter we call anti-matter.

    I also find it interesting we have alien triangles around the world the size of Bermuda triangle (Vortex's). They are covered with aluminium isotopes. There are 12 of them. Germans during 1939 give or take tried to experiment with this power on site. It caused a discharged that vaporised all of them and the camp. History repeated and not too long ago a group tried to do the same thing ending in the same thing happening again.

    With vortex's and grid lines plus hidden power generating pyramids this race really knows the ends and out of planet earth. As far as Mercury no need to go to Mercury when the moon is covered in He3. It is a byproduct when the sun has a flare where the earth is covered in magnetic protection. In fact, the magnetic ring we have maybe an invention of aliens to protect the earth like the alien weapons in Siberia to blow up alien ships.

    You should read about explorers who camped there and got radiation sickness. Just amazing that they won`t come out into the open so we can move forward instead of backwards. Your killing me son. Killing me. Wish Ben was alive because he probably invented the stuff.

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    Alpha sueing blankenship!

    by navarre55 Mar 9, 2016 2:32 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 11, 2016 2:50 PM Flag

    I agree. This is like Hillary and her emails. She should be under the jail and I believe she traded state secrets for money. Will she and Kevin go to jail in the end? Time will tell. Yes, I lost faith in the system because the broken SEC did not do its job or the attorney general of New York who is suppose to look out for investors. You don't buy bonds not due and then buy EDF assets with the promise you are making shareholder value while you know you plan on going BK. This was fraud. Those same EDF assets are included in the core assets ANR is selling to the lenders for a base starting point of $500 million.

    This fraud broke Ben`s heart and put him in the grave. Where is the justice? Guess when these BOD and management folks bust hell wide open! Pass me a shovel so we can pour the coal on the fire for these guys. This is wrong but when you get bonus in BK it just shows how corrupt this system is. Where is our white knight lawyer? Guess in fairy land where good guys stand for justice because it looks like lawyers today only want a quick buck and go after lawsuits that have no merit.

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    Hey Navarre. Go pound your Tom Tom.

    by stop_coal_pollution Mar 8, 2016 7:11 PM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 11, 2016 12:26 PM Flag

    You will have to talk to screwdonaclaim about that. He was on the receiving end of that information from Ben. My guess its being used on a reproduction of a ufo ship for the US secret airforce. Would be nice to have a cube in your car that never needed gas or batteries. Problem is if you got in a wreck and it busted it would take out the town like a nuke. We have come along way in 50 years. It started back in the 60`s when we made a deal with aliens. Where mankind goes from here depends if we elect Trump. If we get Hillary welcome to mad max because chaos is only going to follow her class warfare on the middle class aka poor class under Obama.

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    Anyone Still Here That I Know

    by wealth6231 Mar 8, 2016 7:41 AM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 11, 2016 11:11 AM Flag

    Pretty sure he is dead. Looks like Alpha has blood on its hands like Massey. Kevin has stolen money from retirees and investors and if not in this life, he will have to pay back in the next. This whole BK was a sham from the start. Why no class actions and civil suits is beyond me. Makes you wonder why these big hedge funds who had so much have not lead the charge. If Sullivan and his statement about buying EDF to make value for shareholders is not enough what is? They lied and bought bonds so they could put ANR in BK so they and Citi could rob the company. This is wrong and because of this we have lost a great poster like Ben.

  • Alpha Natural Resources Inc. is seeking $28 million in restitution from former coal company executive Donald Blankenship, who faces as long as a year in prison after being convicted of flouting mine-safety rules.
    Blankenship set to be sentenced April 6.

    Yet we can`t get a dime back from Alpha who frauded all investors. Yes, no need to rob banks. Just be a coal CEO and steal all the money from investors. Stock soon to be worthless yet we can`t get one ambulance chasing lawyer to fight for us. Priceless!

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    Anyone Still Here That I Know

    by wealth6231 Mar 8, 2016 7:41 AM
    navarre55 navarre55 Mar 8, 2016 1:34 PM Flag

    Some of us are still here. Most still meet on the other board. Think Ben died because he lost so much. Sad day for all of us.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 7, 2016 12:15 PM Flag

    What proof of Mexicans being extraterrestrials? Have you not watched Men in Black 1? Yes they are aliens. Illegal aliens. As far as that butt thing please don`t come out of the closet on this board. I don`t swing that way and if you do please don`t have a sex change as Jenner. Just be proud who you are. I am sure you are a good software designer or interior decorator.

    Now as far as star people what can I say that you have not heard or seen. They live here. We live here. Get use to it. You made a mistake when you gave away the store to your military friend. He is the enemy. Trust no one. You are being watched.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 5, 2016 11:30 PM Flag

    I guess they are Mexican or south American. That is why we need Trump to build the fence. Just go to Walmart and you will see them all over the store. Do you live under a rock? ( You're killing me!)

    What do you think they look like? You were abducted. Do you remember a bright light at night? What did the greys do to you after the hybrid clouded your mind? Instead of screwdonaclaim, it should be I was probed!

    Watch ancient aliens and you will see what they look like. Also hanger 1! Great shows that have a lot of information from the UFO network.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 3, 2016 12:25 AM Flag

    We have a roll in the snow followed by a jump in the hot springs. When you are done there is a feast to give thanks for what you have seen and done. Then we hike out of the mountain and back into the realm of man.Those that are chosen may stay longer. Some never leave.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Mar 2, 2016 2:00 PM Flag

    Make fun of the great spirit at your own peril. This will be a week of spiritual cleansing. For three days we will be in a sweat lodge followed by spiritual healing. This will be followed by peace pipes where we smoke peyote to be able to reach a higher plain to see beyond the realm of man.

    If you want a love in see doc Watson in the park. If you want to interface with the master then travel to the mountain Ben use to go to and travel to a land that time forgot. True love is not lust but true love is a love that never ends. It is grace that would allow the father to sacriface his son so others would live.

  • navarre55 navarre55 Feb 26, 2016 11:44 PM Flag

    In the United states over 100,000 people disappear every year and its covered up. The treaty back during the Eisenhower Era gave a group of aliens the right to harvest humans for research purposes. Dulce is one such prison of horrors.

    My question is who gave then the right to do this. Better to die trying to defeat them that to give into them.

    Remember every civilization faced by an advanced enemy has always lost. Just ask the Indians from south America to Mexico. The Spanish were able to enslave them.

    Were they shown it was hopeless or was this done in the name of science to advance the human race? In 50 years we advanced more than we had 1000`s of years. Computers, cell phones, advanced weapons, etc. All under control of George Bush senior at the CIA.

    If you ask me they could have cleaned out the prisons instead of letting them take who they won`t. Just like the Nuke deal with Russia or Iran how can you make sure they keep the number limits of the treaty? You can`t and why do they need humans unless they plan on eradication of all humans. Welcome to Independence Day my friend. Makes you wonder why you worry about CO2 in coal and miss what is right in front of your face.

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