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    From the S.I. Board about Sinistar

    by chipsteak Mar 19, 1999 7:15 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Mar 23, 1999 11:21 PM Flag

    Exciting new games coming...go to and
    check out.

    Why would all of the analysts
    covering THQI reiterate a strong
    buy rating if revenue
    was going to crash?

    Brian F said 20% topline
    growth is reasonable expectation.

    All of this
    fear=opportunity to pick THQI up at ridiculous levels.


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    19 7/8 Close......Freakin Unbelievable,

    by onefartblossom Feb 26, 1999 4:01 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Feb 28, 1999 8:03 PM Flag

    The "we" is Furman Selz.....
    They have a STRONG BUY and $45 price posts..


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    19 7/8 Close......Freakin Unbelievable,

    by onefartblossom Feb 26, 1999 4:01 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Feb 26, 1999 6:22 PM Flag

    > Strategic Goals for 1999
    > In
    addition to growing its top and bottom lines at a minimum
    of 20% for the
    > year, mgmt expressed their
    strategic goals as: adding 1 or 2 long-term brands
    to THQ's current wrestling, bowling, BASS fishing,
    role-playing and Rugrats
    > franchises; expanding direct
    international distribution capability by adding
    > sales
    organizations in 1 or 2 more territories (of which France,
    Italy, Spain
    > and Australia are the priority
    markets), expanding its PC sales (including
    > end, mass market and OEM opportunities),
    positioning the company for the
    > upcoming new hardware
    (Sega's new machine to debut in the U.S. in fall
    > Sony's PSX2 expected fall '00, Nintendo's new
    machine expected fall '01) and
    > to
    continue to maintain strict management controls.

    > We Emphatically Reiterate Our Strong Buy
    > 12-Month Price Target of $45

    > We continue to view THQI shares as an outstanding
    investment opportunity in
    > our universe. We believe
    the company's strong prospects combined with
    > share price weakness create the most compelling
    opportunity for buying this
    > stock in the 2- 1/2 years
    we have been following the company.
    With a foundation of the industry's overall strong
    fundamentals, THQ's
    > industry-
    > leading financial
    and operating performance give us confidence that our
    > $2.28 EPS estimate for 1999 is conservative and
    that this stock will
    > ultimately
    reflect more fully the company's outstanding performance
    and continuing
    > bright
    > prospects

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    19 7/8 Close......Freakin Unbelievable,

    by onefartblossom Feb 26, 1999 4:01 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Feb 26, 1999 6:21 PM Flag

    > * We vociferously reiterate our Strong Buy
    recommendation: we believe our
    > new
    > 1999 EPS
    estimate of $2.28 will prove to be conservative,
    > confidence
    > in prospects for a $45+ price
    for THQI shares over the next 12 months

    > December Quarter: Another Out-performance by THQ
    and Their 16th Consecutive
    > Positive Earnings
    > Yesterday THQ announced its December quarter
    results, which showed better-
    > than-
    expected performance on both the top- and bottom-lines. On
    an "apples-to-
    > apples" basis, adjusting for
    a lower-than-anticipated tax rate in Q4
    > specific application of THQ's long-term NOL is
    visible only with knowledge of
    > the company's
    full-year results) as well as a share count modestly
    > than
    > we expected, the company posted
    $0.82 in Q4 versus our expected $0.72, and
    $1.85 for 1998 versus our expected $1.75.

    > THQ showed strong margin improvement
    over 1998 both for Q4 and the full year.
    > Gross
    margins were a bit lower than our model anticipated due
    to stronger-
    > than-
    > expected sales of
    lower margin Game Boy and Nintendo 64 games.
    The company's operating margins were the highest in
    the industry, although
    > lower than we
    estimated due to the sales mix, but more so due to $2.5mm
    > project abandonment costs taken during 4Q98,
    versus an historic level of
    > approx. $600,000.
    Had THQ taken its more normal level of project
    > costs, operating margins would have been
    consistent with our expectations,
    > adjusting for the
    sales mix.
    > Growth Drivers for
    > For the upcoming year we see a number of visible
    growth drivers for THQ.
    > First, the company
    appears to be having an outstanding 1Q: THQ's new
    PlayStation WCW game was for the month of January the #1
    selling console game
    > in the US and the #3 game in
    Europe; mgmt said on the conference call that
    carry-over sales from 4Q98 of their Rugrats game are much
    stronger than they
    > expected. We note that THQ will
    be selling 4 Rugrats products in 1999. Mgmt
    also confirmed that they plan to ship 2 WWF wrestling
    products (one each for
    > Nintendo 64 and Game Boy
    Color) for Holiday '99, the promotion of which
    > begin with the E3 industry tradeshow in May, as
    well as 2 Pentium III-capable
    > OEM PC products,
    the first 2 products from their GameFx studio
    acquired in
    > May
    > 1998. Much of the revenue
    from the new Lucas Arts Star Wars games - for
    > THQ has exclusive distribution rights in
    German-speaking Europe - is expected
    > in Q3, the only
    quarter in 1999 in which the company will not be
    > wrestling product.

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    Counting the Minutes til Earnings

    by Reity1 Feb 23, 1999 2:34 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Feb 26, 1999 12:41 PM Flag

    I have fine-tooth combed the numbers and can
    honestly tell you
    that it is the most undervalued stock
    in terms of earnings growth
    and outlook...They
    could have easily have shown $1.00+ in earnings if they
    weren't so conservative with reserves...

    use market looniness to pick some up in the low


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    earnings 3

    by ski43229 Jan 25, 1999 10:27 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Jan 25, 1999 7:04 PM Flag

    Am I missing something?????????

    A very worried REIT

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    Springboard Stocks identified THQI havin 2

    by lowboard Jan 12, 1999 1:26 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Jan 12, 1999 7:05 PM Flag

    Since there is more volume to spread over costs????

    Just wondering?

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    . 3

    by C_0_2 Dec 30, 1998 5:27 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 30, 1998 7:34 PM Flag

    Blow away all analyst estimates....My pyschic
    prediction is
    $2.75 per share in earnings times a 20 PE
    you to $55 or times a 30 PE gets you to

    January should be strong as new insitutional money comes

    Has anyone noticed that during this stall in the
    stock price,
    the blocks have been buys...hence the A
    rating in IBD for


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    I was robbed!!!

    by ETERNAL42016 Dec 30, 1998 11:47 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 30, 1998 7:29 PM Flag

    From a technical standpoint....

    I think
    market is worried about a dividend cut which is
    but I still believe dividend will be in the $1.50
    area per year
    with increases going

    I think buying at $17 3/4 or so is a bargain and
    believe a re-test of that area is likely.

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    OT; back in

    by quant98 Dec 21, 1998 10:53 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 21, 1998 11:57 AM Flag

    At local Toys R Us....


    Earnings are going to blow away estimates...I'll keep my
    conservative $1 for the 4th qtr......

  • REITmaster REITmaster Dec 18, 1998 12:05 PM Flag

    A close above 28 would be nice today......
    We should rally after that.............


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    Cant stay away

    by JLT_MD Dec 17, 1998 1:25 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 17, 1998 2:35 PM Flag

    Should be over soon....probably with 25-27 as
    low...then we
    will be off to the races...Early Jan should
    be a strong period
    as new money flows into
    THQI......Looking for $40 by Jan 31
    and $45 by earnings in late

    Nothing negative here at all...all products selling very
    and company is aligning itself with big names to
    produce hot
    games in the future........

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    To the fake superior.

    by I_am_superior_to_you Dec 14, 1998 10:54 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 14, 1998 4:42 PM Flag

    We should see $40-45 by earnings..........I am thinking a split
    is likely...........REIT

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    by The_Real_Superior_Being Dec 14, 1998 2:00 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 14, 1998 3:06 PM Flag

    Yeah right! You shorted at the top....give me a
    anyway, you will get squeezed soon and will drop off this
    like so many others....THQI should rally to $40-45 by
    Earnings are looking like $1-1.10 at moment...depending on
    much they hold back for reserves...
    Also, a stock
    split with earnings would be nice....


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    good sign

    by desongliu Dec 11, 1998 12:24 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 14, 1998 9:33 AM Flag

    Being an Avid bowler, I receive alot of entry
    forms in the mail
    from various bowling tournaments.
    The largest ones are the
    High Roller in Vegas and
    the Hoinke in Cincy. With both of these
    forms, there was a huge advertising flyer for THQI's
    bowling game. What a great way to advertise! You get
    right to
    the target market. Whether this has
    translated into sales, I am
    not sure....but I liked the
    idea. REIT

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    good sign

    by desongliu Dec 11, 1998 12:24 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 13, 1998 5:07 PM Flag

    It will all boil down to earnings...if THQI posts
    some spectacular earnings, the stock could soar to $45
    or so by March.
    Take the typical Summer slump and
    THQI may then pull back to the
    $35-40 area before
    running $60. Anyways, I think now is the best
    you will have to buy THQI going forward!

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    good sign

    by desongliu Dec 11, 1998 12:24 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 11, 1998 3:32 PM Flag

    THAT is why you buy now!

    Earnings should be more than analysts expect. Also, there is a
    good possibility that THQI could be bought out.

    $60 is possible by XMAS 99!

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    Don't Understand

    by I_am_superior_to_you Dec 9, 1998 9:43 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 10, 1998 3:17 PM Flag

    You are nuts...and obviously a shorter...sorry but that kind of
    hype does not work around here...


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    Don't Understand

    by I_am_superior_to_you Dec 9, 1998 9:43 PM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 10, 1998 11:39 AM Flag

    featuring why THQI doubled to $60...


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    It appears at first blush.....

    by chipsteak Dec 10, 1998 9:55 AM
    REITmaster REITmaster Dec 10, 1998 10:07 AM Flag

    I think that trying to apply technicals to THQI
    will drive you nuts...It is a very thinly traded stock
    and therefore, abberations will occur
    frequently...the best way to own THQI is
    long-term until the
    fundamentals change...REIT

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