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  • stocksentinel stocksentinel Apr 1, 2014 2:29 PM Flag

    So this is their excuse, since they are high polluting jet jockeys they shouldn't have to be bothered with monitoring the air speed and altitude while landing like every other pilot, what BS. I think the fact is theses lazy pilots got so used to letting automated systems do almost all the work they forgot the ABC's of landing a plane.

    A, always make sure you maintain a safe air speed during decent. B, monitor altitude to make sure you do not drop below a safe flying level until pass the perimeter of the air port.

    Also even without looking at instruments you can tell when you are getting close to stall speed by the way the plane handles. Just as you get to the edge the controls become mushy and unresponsive, and planes starts rocking side to side, and at that point you had better be on the throttle, or high enough to recover from a stall because its started.

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    Malaysia made one huge mistake with flight 370

    by stocksentinel Mar 30, 2014 10:38 AM
    stocksentinel stocksentinel Mar 30, 2014 8:28 PM Flag

    NORAD changed policies big time after 911, to the point for awhile they would send out interceptors for just about any in air issue that was reported. They have revised rules now so that they won't send out fighter jets because the crew is having issues dealing with a drunken disruptive passenger, but a hint of a large passenger jet going offline in US air space I guaranty will be followed up with a fighter dispatch.

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    Malaysia made one huge mistake with flight 370

    by stocksentinel Mar 30, 2014 10:38 AM
    stocksentinel stocksentinel Mar 30, 2014 8:12 PM Flag

    I doubt if they had intercepted flight 370 it would have changed the outcome of it ending up running out of fuel in the Indian Ocean, but I do think it would have at the least given clues as to what went wrong, and we would know where it crashed instead guessing like we are now.

    As for remote control, that has been feasible for years, but fears that someone might be able to hijack a plane via remote control has stopped it's implementation. Also other than in the case of US-93 there is no known case so far including flight 370 that a good argument could be made that remote control flight could have saved lives. Yet I do think regardless of the outcome of the flight 370 investigation remote control will be seriously reconsidered, but may not be acted on based on the theory in most cased it would be useful would be against hijacker who would simply disable the remote control override.

  • When it became clear after it returned to Malaysian air space that it was going back out to sea the opposite chase planes should have been launched to see what was going on. I don't think it would have changed the final outcome as I believe everybody was dead, or incapacitated by then, but at least we would likely know where the plane finally went down, and maybe even have an idea of what went wrong by looking at the windows. Along with other observations the chase plane might have been able to make.

  • stocksentinel stocksentinel Mar 28, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    The thing that I find most interesting is this story came out on the 9th, and non of the major news organizations have mentioned this, and there has been no official denial of the reported event. Also if true it hints highly at something going wrong and incapacitating the pilots, and makes the hijack theory look very unlikely.

  • stocksentinel stocksentinel Mar 28, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    I tried to post link, even disgused it some, but the filters found it and deleted the post.

  • Another 777 pilot flying ahead of MH370 say he was able to make contact with MH370 using the emergency channel after Vietnamese asked him to try and contact then after are controllers lost contact. The pilot who did not want his name published said is sure he made momentary contact with flight MH370, he said there was a great deal of static, and noise, and heard some mumbling just before he lost contact.

    This was reported by the News Straights Times

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  • stocksentinel stocksentinel Feb 20, 2014 6:11 PM Flag

    Almost all big retailers missed this year, and with the huge discounting and all out price wars ragging for market share it's to be expected. So WM ended up on the short end of the stick just like everyone else, and is only news for those who didn't want to believe WM would miss too.

  • stocksentinel stocksentinel Feb 1, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    if lucky AMZN might be able to ship just 40 TV's using the lowest cost shipping that can be found for the same amount of money, and they still have the cost of getting them to their distribution center! This is why AMZN is looking to raise the price of Prim membership, and they are building distribution centers all over the country, to reduce shipping expenses because it is killing their profits.

    On the other had BBY's online sales have inherently lower shipping costs because they are using the local stores as mini distribution centers, and use the delivery infrastructure they already had in place for the stores. The same stores all the pro online analyst keep saying are BBY's boat anchor.

    Lastly don't forget, by having a physical presence, BBY can sell highly profitable services. AMZN could sell them too, but that would require them to either open offices all over the country, or subcontract the work out and take a small cut of the profit. On the other hand BBY's huge stores have plenty of room for techs to work out of, so additional offices are not needed, and BBY doesn't have to share the profits.

    To sum it up, BBY big stores have a lot of value beyond being a shopping venue. They act as an advertisement tool for BBY that would be very costly to replace, and one AMZN spends huge amounts of money to counter for its lack of physical presence. They serve as mini distribution centers for online sales giving BBY a cost advantage over AMZN on shipping costs. They provide a home for BBY techs to work out of on highly profitable services, something AMZN will likely never have. Also lately BBY has gotten manufactures to rent out space in their stores, once again showing they have a lot more value than is being credited to them. Fact is being an online only retailer has advantages, but also disadvantages as well, and when all things are considered the preconceived cost advantage for a major online retailer like AMZN might be more illusion than reality.

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  • In theory online retailers should have huge costs savings over a B&M (brick and mortar store), but does a one like AMZN really enjoy that cost benefit? We have been told over and over again that online retailers enjoy huge costs savings, but do they?

    Everyone of course points out to BBY's massive stores as being proof online retailers have lower costs, but do any of them give credit of there value for brand awareness and presence? No, because that would mean they have more value than just a shopping venue, and maybe for a company like BBY not an unwise expense.

    Fact is most BBY stores are right off major roads and highways, and are seen by millions of drivers daily, those big blue stores scream out to drivers we are here, and remind them over and over again BBY is there. On the other hand what does AMZ have to remind people it is here, and open for business? Nothing in the real world from their operations, so they have rely almost totally on advertising to ;k make their presence known and seen. They could rent some billboards on the side of the road, but one on a major road inside a city will easily cost you over 20K a month, and every BBY store acts just like one as a side benefit that no analyst values. Yet it represents a advertising benefit that would cost a huge amount of money to replace, so maybe all those stores are not the boat anchors the pro online analyst make them out to be.

    The truth is AMZN has to spend huge amounts of money on advertising to feed the AMZN machine. Go to any search engine and type a model number of something and an add for AMZN will pop up with that item in it. This is not cheap, and drains away a huge amount of the claimed AMZN cost advantage.

    On top of that we have huge shipping cost disparities between BBY and AMZN. For about 2K you can have a whole tractor trailer full of goods shipped to a BBY store which has several hundred of TV's in it, if lucky AMZN might be

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  • stocksentinel by stocksentinel Jan 31, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    Last Q BBY matched all major competitors prices, so if someone walked into a BBY to look at TV model 1234XZ, checked the price on AMZN and found it was cheaper the BBY's price, all they had to do is show it to a BBY sales rep and they would match it. I the past a lot of those people would go home and order it off of AMZN, but with BBY matching the price why bother when you can have it in the trunk of your car in 15 minutes heading home with it?

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  • I really have to question if they did that, as to why next Q they are expecting a loss, or has the AMZ machine become so large it can only profit during the holiday season? If it is the latter AMZN will never deliver the profits AMZN investors have have been dreaming of. At least this time AMZN investors don't look like they are going to let AMZN get off Scott free like they have in the past.

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  • stocksentinel by stocksentinel Jan 29, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    Considering how far BBY fell, I would have expected at least a good dead cat bounce, but instead best we got was a slight qiver. I have been thinking BBY is a hold, but they way the stock is acting I am changing that to a sell, as that is the direction the market is taking this stock.

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  • This last quarter was one of cut throat pricing made even worse from the ever declining selling prices of CE (consumer electronics). Yet BBY's drop in revenues was almost nil in comparison to the eroding product pricing in the CE industry. It is clear to me they had to have sold more CE units than ever to have come so close to last year revenues, and should report those number with earnings.

    The fact is AMZON price is based on its revenues, not on its earnings, for if it was it might be a thirty dollar stock. I think BBY to be fairly priced needs to show investors unit sales numbers, and market share. A lot of companies that research market share say BBY gained it this year, so BBY management should make that clear during earnings along with unit sales which I am confident increased in the double digits.

    So BBY longs, do your self a favor and tell BBY management you want unit sale comps and market share numbers in its earnings report. As I suspect when they are viewed and the whole picture is seen BBY really had a great quarter when all the adverse factors are factored in.

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