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  • Oops! Another loser trade for liar boy.

    Time for Wrongway-Roscoe to delete some posts.

    Man, reality suukkkks

  • Sure you did liar boy. Somehow you made 8% on your short when the stock only went down 6% at it's lowest point. Still waiting for you to explain that lie. When you explain that lie there about about a half dozen more that I've caught that we can discuss.

    You are exposed dirtbag.

  • Well liar boy, since only 200 shares changed hands at 4.22 today, I don't think too many of your suckers sold there.

    Besides, you told them it was going to $7 so I'm sure most of them who bought in the $3.60+ range are now drowning in a big loss in a roach trap stock

    You are exposed, dirtbag.

  • Show us the post liar, show us the post. It doesn't exist.

    Let me guess, yahoo deleted it.


  • Please tell us or great proven liar. Are you long DGLY? Are you short?

    What's that, cat got your tongue? DGLY pulled back at the close, but I'm sure you sold at $19.84, didn't you?

    How are those losers ISNS and NCTY working out? Oh I know you sold them higher, but left any lemmings who followed you to ride them back down to a loss.......

  • Yeah, Roscoe is a mini Jim Cramer, one minute he likes it, the next he doesn't.

    Problem is... he can't remember all of his own b.s. and short of deleting his posts, which he has starting to do, he is BUSTED!

  • Roscoe went short yesterday afternoon. Read his posts. Never said he went long again.

    Then this morning the chief liar says 'I bought back yesterday'.

    Sure you did bulllschiitt boy sure you did.

    You've been outted again.

  • Wrongway Roscoe said NCTY was going to $7! NOT!

    Told idiots to hold long and strong.

    Now they're permanently under water

    What should they do now oh buulllschitter?

    more B.S. from the buullllschitter.

  • I'm here too. You got your 15 minutes of liquidity this morning glomming onto DGLY (the real Furguson play).

    DGLY up $3.50+ right now. So how is ISNS doing? Down to $3.68 on its way back under $3.

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    by roscoe.picotrain 17 hours ago

    Now Roscoe is deleting his own posts and claiming Yahoo is doing it. Covering your tracks Roscoe?? Hilarious!

    Yep Roscoe, you are soooooo important that Yahoo is reading your posts and deleting them to keep you from becoming the next Jim Cramer.

    Oh wait a minute, you USED TO BE a professional money manager already. So what happened to that gig? Not so easy when the numbers have to all add up at the end of the day?


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    I am the loser...

    by ncore1995 Aug 27, 2014 9:46 PM

    Hey Wrongway-Roscoe if money isn't everything why do YOU feel the need to post lies about how your performance to pump up your ego? Compensating for some inadequacies are we?

    Last person anybody on this board should listen to is you. You are a poorly fabricated facade.

    Next thing you'll be doing is pumping Tony Robins seminars on this board and asking people to pay money to your gofundme page.

    And remember, I'm not a hater, I'm an exposer. I expose charlatans like you and Jim Cramer. (And I'm sure you know Jim Cramer's charitable trust has UNDERPERFORMED the market since it's inception?, you'd never know it by his spew on CNBC.)

  • Fact of the matter is YOU LIED about your performance. I proved that.

    And you never posted real time trades and as of yesterday afternoon you indicated you were still in ISNS and calling for $5.50 per share. Good luck with that scam, it's trading down 8% already this morning.

    I'm not a hater, I'm a guy who has been around long enough to know how slimeballs like you operate. You lie about your performance to create an illusion of superiority and suck fools into a trade behind you son you can DUMP YOUR STOCK ON THEM.

    My desire here is to educated newby trader/investors as to how dirtbags like you operate.

    According to your posts you were'nt long DGLY yesterday afternoon at the close, you were out of your position.

  • Roscoe says he sold his long position in DGLY premarket today for a big profit. Whatever...

    Then he says he shorted 'a few' shares at $15.05 and covered them for an 8% profit. Supposedly only a small position.

    Hmmmm.... lets see to earn an 8% profit on a $15.05 trade you'd need a profit of $1.20. Which means Roscoe supposedly covered at $13.85. The problem is, DGLY NEVER WENT BELOW $14.13 after he made his short sale! Even is Roscoe caught the very bottom, that's only a 6% profit. Oops! I guess that's Roscoe first lie.

    Then in one of Wrongway-Roscoe's other posts he babbles on about how he adds the profit from his short sale to his profit on the long side to get some great percentage profit for the day while lowering his risk.

    The problem is..... to make himself look good Wrongway made clear he only shorted 'a few' shares. Let's presume that's only about 20% of his previous long position. Well wrongway-roscoe, the profit on a partial position is MUCH SMALLER than the profit when you take a full position. So you can't just add up the percentages as if the trade sizes were the same. That's not how math works. Lie number two.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. Roscoe is gonna lose his arrssssss tomorrow on his ISNS trade because ISNS biggest shareholder who owned 17.2% of the company is DUMPING HIS POSITION into the pump-and-dump. . He filed a Form-4 tonight. The big ISNS shareholder has only sold about half of his shares and will probably dump the rest over the next couple of days so Wrongway-Roscoe will have the option of taking a big loss tomorrow in ISNS or a really big loss in a couple of days when it craters another 40% back to where it started.

    Roscoe is evidently completely out of DGLY as of the close today. Let's see what kind of tales he spins tomorrow.

    How that clown Roscoe tried to turn ISNS into some kind of Furguson play is beyond me.

  • Greatest volume ever was YESTERDAY, Volume evaporated today and will be lower tomorrow as Special Situations dumps more shares on to the few fools who are listening to former 'professional' money manager Wrongway Roscoe. (I wonder why is isn't managing money anymore???)

    Volume is gone, uptrend broken, no support until $3, once that is broken, it's back to $2.40.

  • You know it's pretty scary when people throw up bullcarp to defend a losing position in an illiquid roach trap microcap stock. Yeah, the guys at Special Situations base their business model on gathering tax losses, ha ha ha. They know ISNS is heading higher, but they want to sell low so they can take a tax loss. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!.

    So you 'suspect' the current quarter will be much better? Based on what, your ouija board, or are DGLY and TASR going to buy some of that sooper-dooper ISNS software and hard drives?? Because every body knows ISNS DOESN'T MAKE POLICE CAMERAS! They make traffic cameras and parking ticket cameras.

    I suggest you back up the truck tomorrow. Special Situations has about another 400K shares they'd love for you to take off their hands, 'cause they really like to sell stocks that are going higher.


  • You and Wrongway-Roscoe are going to find out what supply/demand means in an illiquid small cap stock. A whole lot of supply hit the market in the last two days.

    If I were managing Special Situations Fund, I'd be dumping the rest tomorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday, and on and on..... and thanking my lucky stars for whomever created the illusion that ISNS has anything to do with Furguson. DGLY & TASR are Furguson plays, ABSOLUTELY. ISNS not in the least.

  • I'm here to laugh at you and Wrongway-Roscoe when this thing does a chinese water torture back to $2.50 per share.

    And by the way, who are you here to benefit? Perhaps the 'greater fool' you are looking to dump your shares on? Or are you just doing a public service helping others make money in the market?

    When it comes to small cap illiquid stocks, Smart-Money sells when they can, into stoopid retail college kids playing games with their tuition money.

    By the way, I've been following ISNS longer than you've been trading.

  • Check Edgar, The Special Situations Fund used to be the biggest holder of ISNS stock with 17.2% of outstanding shares.

    I say 'USED TO' because they just filed a Form-4 stating they dumped 488K shares! Thats over half of their position.

    They'll probably bleed the other half of their position tomorrow

    Clearly these guys didn't talk to Roscoe-the-Clown who somehow thinks ISNS is going to sell hard drives and software to DGLY and TASR who already have their own system/storage solutions.

    Back under $3 tomorrow? What say you Roscoe? Clearly these guys were pikers and don't know what they are doing bescause Roscoe knows all.

    We're already fading in the after market

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    Oh, shorted a few shares at 15.05

    by roscoe.picotrain Aug 28, 2014 10:07 AM
    y0y0_99 y0y0_99 Aug 28, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    Actually they do have the resources. Go to their web site and look at their manufacturing facility. In fact they farm out production of a lot of the subsystems to one of the big contract manufacturers, then do final assembly and testing in house. So capacity is not an issue at all.

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    Oh, shorted a few shares at 15.05

    by roscoe.picotrain Aug 28, 2014 10:07 AM
    y0y0_99 y0y0_99 Aug 28, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    Remember when people were shorting TASR back in 2003 because it went from $4 to $15? (presplit)


    DGLY at this point even cheaper than TASR was in 2003.

    Katy bar the door, we're headed higher with every new order announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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