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  • a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Oct 1, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Another right wing delusion. Jesus nver said that. Its in thessalonians and is someone hypocritically berating people in the name of an imaginary deity... Just like you. Meanwhile the lie that the poor dont work is claptrap and more classist predjudice. Meanwhile the title of the thread is true and no one on it disputed it. They disputed specific costs of O care as uf it was up for debate --hint, its not, its the law, and as such exactly why the right wing fixation on it is a waste of our tax dollars and all around just the kind of headcase crzp we sadly expect-- and then the attacks on socialism and the poor come next. Par. Ha! So ignorant-- ask norway how they like their healthcare! Ha ha, stupid americans!

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    OT - Conclusive Evidence

    by idiots_in_captivity Jan 11, 2012 10:42 AM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Jan 18, 2012 9:22 PM Flag

    voter fraud is actually so rare as to be not even worth mentioning.

    Only a republican with no real argument uses such scare tactics to win elections.

    Still, vote tampering by software is certainly possible, though, which is why republicans simultaneously deny the public's need to get a printed receipt at the booth.


  • I am reporting the recent activity in this stock to the SEC as a candidate for investigation into stock market manipulation.

    On a major down market day with no news this just gets run up like a whore getting a flagging flag pole saluting.

    Well, what stands out on a down day but a stock that's been manipulated up over 10%? Nice attempt at free PR in the dump.

    Sure its a short squeeze, and that's natural since this deserves to be shorted, but why did it run above a dollar in the first place? Manipulation.

    I believe such reporting will startle the stock manipulators that are driving this run up into abandoning it as a target for their manipulation. they know the jig will be up.

    At the end of bull markets, after several years since a past crash, you see it every time...

    Low float stocks that were penny stocks get accumulated cheap and then run up via penny stock message board manipulation (Not yahoo boards, more like the collusion of many small daytrader sites).

    Take a look at CIGX... The hottest stock of q1 2010. And q1 2008. And so on for over a decade. I posted to that board that the same thing was going on, and soon after it fell back from its $5 manipulated price back to 1.50.

    Why? Its because in reality many companies are built for stock market fraud rather than for real business.

    Only newbie investors get sucked into this kind of crap (an "easy ten bagger"? There is no such thing) and its sad to see.

    IS that exact thing going on here with HDY management? the new guys? I don't think so... I think they genuinely think that they have a 50/50 chance of success here, but the uneducated message boarders that have run this up tout it like its more of a 90% chance... before the dump happens.

    Realize: Painting the tape is illegal.

    Why is this a scam price instead of a real potential 10 or 20 dollar stock as they pie in the sky pumpers want you to believe?

    Just look at how this company has not in ten years done a single drilling.

    Ten years.


    The risk of doing business in a third world African country by a nearly fly by night outfit with no demonstrable results in a decade of pumping their prospects after the last driller came up empty is outrageous...

    Do people really understand that the company's website, for starters, makes it look like this company owns drilling equipment? And they don't. They don't own anything but a few paint peeling rooms in a piss poor nation, and a few pieces of paper that say the G. government wants them to play ball though like Lucy for over a decade they've kept pulling the ball away, and a few already wealthy oil speculators picking over the carcass. Bang! Billion dollar market cap!

    Now, the pumpers will call me a shorty as if shorts didn't typically do more research than speculating mo- based message board longs.

    And you know what, that's not entirely right, I've been in and out of the stock from the long side and short via covered call writing over the past few months, and I've made money trading this. bot some 5.35 last week and sold it at over 6 friday.

    Just remember that in the absence of news a month ago it fell to $4 and change in days when the manipulators seemed to have abandoned it for greener fields.

    That it ran back up on nothing but mostly manipulation (since there was nothing fundamentally changed about the company and no news), including an impossible 20% gain on no news this last friday, means that its time for me to post something to the yahoo message board as a favor to the newbies who are bagholders and the colluding message board/tweet manipulators that this stock price is a house of cards and that stock price manipulation wil now be reported to the SEC.


  • a_poster_boy by a_poster_boy Mar 2, 2011 9:37 AM Flag

    What a bunch of pXXzzies!

    In all my years of investing I've never known them to not screw up a company's prospects with worthless delays and B ess.

    Listen, if I was a small cap biotech with a product ALREADY BEING USED and I had submitted for approval and they wanted a little bitty more information, I'd try to pop in to their office in advance and tell them that what I submitted was "double sided" and they should look for the extra info at the end of the doc on the other side of the paper.

    I'd say, we used Kinkos and they left out a little by accident, but here it is, now go ahead and use what you've already g'dam got.

    Aand if they want a little bit more then I'd slip it under their door with a title "addendum" and call it the same g'dam app they're already looking at, and so just make up their g'dam minds for good all at once instead of dragging it out month after month asking for a permission slip from my mommy before they can let me go on the field trip.

    Then I'd remind them that their stupid little delays before the inevitable approval are ensuring that my company loses its capital and competitive edge; do they really want to see me die on the vine? Have they no mercy?

    Couldn't they just informally ask for the extra data since its not the main data just some extra backup crap, and then mine the data to see if it contradicts already established efficacy and safety, and then call it a day instead of starting over after months and months? Re tar dead.

    Why "start over" by resubmitting crap and then waiting while the FDA puts it at the bottom of a pile and says we'll restart the clock and then get back to you on our own sweet time? Re tar dead. Really. Thanks for nothing.

    If they are asking for "additional information" then that would say to me that they're FINISHED looking at everything else, so why would the FDA restart the clock and take months as if they don't already have 90% of their minds already made up on the already BOUNTIFUL data they have already looked at? Do they communicate by camel and carrier pigeon? Do they have a colony of ants crawl all over the data first? Asinine.

    Bottom line: they could have just made a decision with the data they got. Deciding not to decide is re tar dead.

    Screw the FDA. Really. What a bunch of hozers and jerkwads.

    Just had to get that off my chest.


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    One of the most important of Ray's statements

    by dph_5 Feb 17, 2011 5:01 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Feb 18, 2011 8:27 AM Flag

    I don't care who it is in charge, its speculative, and the people now in charge are speculating.

    That's my point and your reply does not address it.

    2nd, Its the government over there that's really in charge, and they've jerked the company around.

    No response to that either.

    Apparently no one can provide any real answers to my questions about the government there?

    This seems to me to be running all around on low quality stock board hype and possible collusion between daytraders using questionable web services to identify low float pump and dumps. JMHO.

    So... Do some real due dilligence and don't forget why this traded in the pennies for so long....


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    One of the most important of Ray's statements

    by dph_5 Feb 17, 2011 5:01 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Feb 17, 2011 8:12 PM Flag

    I notice the .pdf on their website shows in terms of share count that a lot of shares come unrestricted in April.

    Hmm... who might want to sell some of their shares at a profit when that window opens?

    If I was mgmt I would want to hype my stock as well as I could too, given that's the way I'll make money.

    I'm not saying that they are insincere in their efforts to hit it rich speculating off the coast of africa, but perhaps the speculative nature of this company is unclear to some?

    Their website shows rigs and all manner of oil equipment, but in truth this company hasn't drilled anything in nearly ten years of trying so the pictures are generic and there is no "there" there yet.

    I wonder if people understand that fact, and that this is a totally speculative wildcatting adventure with a price that has no bearing on reality.

    That is the definition of speculation. Price it how you will.

    What I'd like to see is convincing evidence that the government they've been jerked around by for years is reliable in terms of HDY's interests, and then after that drilling results. At that time there may be a "there" there to truly investigate. Everything else is pure speculation on the value of some very lean bare bones of an operation.


  • My Dish just sent me an email saying they are giving me Starz free for a year...

    I'm cancelling my Netflix acct. Why bother? I can get content a lot of places.

    Religion? More like a cult.

    Worshipping at the altar of momentum works until it doesn't. If its a religion then the believers are as deluded as they always are...

    Take a look at all those bagholders who think that they are entitled to gains forever. why? Because it went up a lot. That's it. It already went up, that's why it will go up some more and continue to forever. Right. Momentum. IS that really the sum total of the analysis so many of these bagholders have done? Seems so.

    Ridiculous irrational exuberance always end badly as it has no investment thesis, only a trade.

    Just know:
    At one point that trade will be momentum to the downside as well. Could be any moment after this run!

  • Can anyone tell me what the recent high price for CIGX was in the month of April 2010?

    I was looking at the chart on Yahoo today and it shows nothing above $3.

    That is not right at all. I remember it trading above $3 recently on the latest run numerous times.

    What's going on?

  • a_poster_boy by a_poster_boy Apr 13, 2010 11:16 PM Flag

    This thing went to pennies on the pink sheets just a few weeks ago...does that really happen to a real going concern with decent market share in the hottest emerging market small cap market on earth?

    is it really possible that this is real equity ownership or ADR linkage in the company YaSheng of China instead of some kind of scam?

    YaSheng is a real company, and trades on the Shanghai exchange. I wonder what their equity stake is in those shares?

    When a stock goes to pennies, and every last investor gives up on it, there is something wrong with it, 9 times out of 10. Greed doesn't overlook much often or for long.

    Sure, a lot of newly named or newly discovered Chinese small caps are rallying as risk appetite returns, but there was risk appetite for Chinese small caps a year ago (from YGE etc and BIDU and other Chinet plays) and this went nowhere. Instead, everyone abandoned ship.

    So why now? Somehow, the few people you can get on the phone in America that say they represent YaSheng here seem to have nothing to do with the management structure in China for the actual agriculture giant YaSheng of China which provides ingredients for, say, Qing Dao beer (which is not the best beer in China by a long shot, but it comes in large bottles), etc.

    Funny, when I got cold-called by a boiler room funkie from New York three years ago, it was surreal because I know people who are real brokers with real firms and I knew that when someone has a Brooklyn accent calling about micro caps they think you're their next sucker.

    And here was this bozo telling me he "wanted to see me in it today." Seriously, with a Brooklyn accent. Ni how maaa? I said. What? he said. I said, listen, buddy, I don't take unsolicited pink sheet calls and I used to live in Beijing so put me on your do not call list."

    (I knew they scan the new listings and change of ownership backdoor listings to find low float sht that they can goose because its still new).

    Then I looked into it. And I bought some.

    Here was one that looked legit and could even rise in valuation and had a catalyst. It was relatively unknown, and it hovered around three and threatened to become a known quantity.

    Then I looked up their "Victorville distribution center", which is about an hour out of LA, and found nothing. No commercial listing? That's not any way to run a business.
    Some private capital in San Francisco running the show? Really? Not very well. An auditor hired, so where were the results?

    Obviously the auditing and nasdaq listing will move this, but I still have my nagging doubts.

    What was wrong with it for so long?

    Other than the naive debacle with "Ya-who?" as a half-assed backdoor listing attempt, why did it seem for at least two years that they were clueless at best and fraudulent at worst?

    I wonder. Anyone?

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    Check this out

    by in2deep1771 Apr 6, 2010 7:39 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Apr 7, 2010 9:32 AM Flag

    "Why put your faith in the insider buys when the insiders have never proven themselves worthy of any faith at all in terms of their past track record?"

    There was no answer to that point. The only answer has been... "someone else bought!!! That means I don't have to know anything more about why I am throwing money at this."

    Yes... why did they buy OVER THE LAST DECADE only to find their stock at pennies and still no sales?

    Show me they deserve my respect since they've made money on Star in the past. But they haven't, not really for a decade so far.

    Prove to me their past track record is worth respecting. Prove to me that Star knows how to sell products and turn a profit. Proof. Not, "they surely don't want to lose millions" since that is a tautology.

  • a_poster_boy by a_poster_boy Mar 31, 2010 2:33 PM Flag

    IF you like ITRI, you should look at another in the electric power transmission upgrade sector... PWR. In the past it was labelled a "wind power" stock for no good reason, as their core business is patents for working on live power lines, privindg transmission line buildout, and right of way telecom buildout. Sure, any wind power field might also use PWR services, but they are much more an industrial serving the power generation/transmission utilities... As old systems get upgraded and replaced, they will see massive growth going forward. Stock is cheap by any measure too. Interested to see what ITRI investors think of this ITRI derivative play...

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    trend trader sees nove 14 to near 21!!

    by trueromantic07aa Mar 24, 2010 5:37 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 25, 2010 9:13 AM Flag

    Who would buy at $6 when they could buy at $2.50? All these price targets are based on someone else paying much more than you did? good luck with that.

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    sell at 3.3 $ ?

    by frank.cicci Mar 25, 2010 8:43 AM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 25, 2010 9:05 AM Flag

    No news = good news, so...

    Real news = bad news

    Since no one actually has proof of anything that's apparently driving the stock, when you have to tie this company to a real number I'm afraid. Does anyone else get the whillies seeing how this stock's story has ended everytime...a total plunge of 80% or more down basically overnight... scary when you look to see how this has trapped people before...

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    mary jane party lozengers $$$$$$$$

    by ad7777777777 Mar 18, 2010 9:02 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 22, 2010 10:18 AM Flag

    That's actually where the money is... if they went after that opportunity it wouldn't be a bad idea at all...

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    CEO buys 2,371,541! He knows Something!

    by jrddan Mar 14, 2010 9:29 AM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 15, 2010 9:18 AM Flag

    Yes - they know the future and what suckers will pay for this company despite no earnings. And they know the end of the world is coming 2012, and they know that sarah palin will be president in 2012. Keep the hype up, it really is important to getting the newbies excited.

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    9,7,5,ten yr chart,big wedge forming

    by ad7777777777 Mar 14, 2010 10:09 AM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 15, 2010 9:17 AM Flag

    And if it goes to .95 then it goes to .50, and if it goes to 1.95 then it goes to 1.96, and if it goes to 1.96 then it goes to 1.75, and then...
    you guys are suckers if you fall for such pump and dump chartreading

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    be careful out there

    by a_poster_boy Mar 13, 2010 11:40 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 15, 2010 9:15 AM Flag

    If you don't know who the patsy is at a cardgame, then you are the patsy.

    Following institutional buying after its completed and reported is not an investment strategy.

    Anyone who needs a basic understanding of the company AFTER they bought is in trouble.

    This weeks earnings report and conference call may allow you to understand what this stock is about.

  • a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 14, 2010 10:36 AM Flag

    Pretty good PR. If any company wants to bury a news release, they release it on friday since it gives the market no way to react and time to digest it by monday morning when new news might swamp the old news.

    If you release the info on sunday night/monday morning, you get the most news coverage when it counts... the big news of the day to start the day. When its positive, it runs the stock up more since it creates short term urgency instead of a weekend to let it cool. God PR strategy.

  • a_poster_boy by a_poster_boy Mar 13, 2010 11:40 PM Flag

    This is what is kinda dangerous with this stock that needs to be considered. There seem to be a lot of amateurs here playing the pennies without even knowing what they are buying. Here's a company that has been a victim of numerous pumps and dumps for years, losing court cases, selling small time products, always promising the future will be better. Now we have the next reason for speculation "that has no price" (meaning, I guess one can allow any price for the speculator)... a year from now they may get a stamp of approval for their product from the notoriously undependable FDA. Or one day may get lawyers who know how to win a patent case. Or one day they may somehow outperform and overtake the majors. Well... that's all pretty speculative, huh.

    While tobacco trends might blow a little their way, that needs to be proven and it might be a long time from now. Institutional buyers and insider purchases can have three to five year time frames. A lot of times it don't work out for them anyway. I've seen plenty of private capital investments that crashed and burned too. Look up ENT, or Pro Net Link or a thousand others.

    A few million shares for some people or private capital firms are 'just keeping their thumb on a lucky swing for the fences'.

    This is low float and over the last year sellers had abandoned ship, so it may not be a surprise it can now be run up easily when demand spikes more demand. But that is why it could be a simple pump and dump. The low float means the dump can happen quickly and severely.

    Just because it has some mo after a few weeks of gains coming up out of the pennies, it may not presage more gains or immediate reward for the late comers who were just lured in by the last few days of sharp gains.

    Some is probably short covering by the big players who won big the last dump and who were keeping the rest short because they expect B/K.

    They are the same players who can also run this down 50% or 90% in a few days also-- repeatedly.
    Just look at the charts and understand the risk.

    So good luck, but know that if valuation style investing ever comes into vogue with this stock then we'll see it trade on actual earnings or something. Next week will be a peek into how those earnings are doing lately. The market wrote those earnings off to .50 per share just a few months ago... be careful next week in particular, even if management continues to predict nice things far in the future for amazing new products with big competition (that haven't sold well yet). But who knows, maybe the product does ok. What price would you put on that, just ok?

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    by amlnterry1 Mar 12, 2010 4:26 PM
    a_poster_boy a_poster_boy Mar 13, 2010 9:08 AM Flag

    FDA approval of a med has nothing to do with its manufacturing standards. It has to do with evaluating clinical trials. IF the trials prove efficacy, then it passes. If its manufactured poorly then that's a different department. The two departments don't ban or allow meds for each other. When the panel of docs evaluate a med that's all they care about because their rep is about judging the safety and efficacy only. IF they approved a bad drug that killed people because the "manufacturing" was clean it'd still be their ass. Both do their job without regard to the other.

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