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acepayday 21 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 8, 2014 9:38 AM Member since: May 17, 2011
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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 8, 2014 9:38 AM Flag

    Here's your answer...ERBB is not a SEC compliant reporting company and doesn't want to be right now. That's what they have been telling people for months now in the disclaimer on their web site. Just because they are not on the earnings report list doesn't mean they aren't going to report...they are just not publicizing when. FYI, they are scheduled to file the 2014 Annual Report today which, of course, contains Q4 (Apr-Jun).

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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 8, 2014 9:26 AM Flag

    Because ERBB is not a SEC compliant reporting company and doesn't want to be right now. That's what they have been telling people for months now in the disclaimer on their web site. Just because they are not on the earnings report list doesn't mean they are going to report...they are just not publicizing when.

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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 5, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    Sierra Equity started that rumor about Altria buying ERBB and it's nothing more than BS. Sierra hasn't been right about anything they ever said was going to happen. Don't even try to say that either ERBB or Altria had anything to do with the story!

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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 5, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    Luke, I know your agenda here is suspect at best, but I'm going to give you the courtesy of an honest reply anyway.

    In short, the financials for the past FY (July 13 - June 14) probably will show ERBB in a negative cash position, and with significant losses and debt BUT, it is exactly what I would expect to see at this stage of their growth. In fact, just about EVERY company in the MJ sector will show similar results because the MJ industry is just starting, and every company is operating under the dual handicap of; MJ still illegal at the Federal level, and capital investors/traditional lending sources unwilling to get involved until this changes. As a result, companies like ERBB are forced to find alternative funding methods to generate capital for continued operations and growth. Whether it's issuing stock or accruing debt through nonn-traditional means, ERBB and others will do whatever it takes to support their BP.

    So, the FY2014 financials might look negative because they will represent a company in the early birthing stages of the MJ industry, but what is MOST important is what the report will show us in regards to where they stand operationally. IMO, we will see a company that has sucessfully put in place all of the pieces needed to be successful ACROSS the MJ industry. I fully expect that ERBB's FY2015 Q1&Q2 (July - Dec ) fins are going to be very positive, and that ERBB will be seen by capital investors, venture capital funds, banks and other lenders as an excellent company to invest in once the Schedule I designation is removed from MJ and the banking laws treat MJ like every other product. Further, I believe ERBB will be seen as a potential buyout prospect by those looking to get into the MJ sector by buying an established company.

    I expect this Annual Report to confirm what I and other Longs believe, that ERBB will be a major player in this industry. People can easily spin this report negatively from the financial perspective but it won't work

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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 4, 2014 8:57 AM Flag

    Sure, contact American Green since they now own them...but then you knew that didn't you.

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    Quarterly Filings?

    by max.stephens95 Sep 3, 2014 4:18 PM
    acepayday acepayday Sep 4, 2014 2:03 AM Flag

    If your talking about the annual report, then I'd say it's a double edged sword. As Max says, people will look at the report and form an opinion about the company's short term and long term prospects. Myopic investors and those looking to take advantage of anything negative to manipulate the PPS to their advantage, will use this to claim "the sky is falling" and ERBB is not a good investment.

    Investors with vision that understand that the MJ sector is new and these companies are in the birthing stage, will view ERBB with respect to how they are situated strategically, how sound their BP and infrastructure (personnel, facilities, etc.) is, and how they are executing all phases of their business plan. Sure, the financial health of the company is important and will be included in any analysis, but I think "smart money" (meaning those institutional investors, banks, venture capital firms, etc.) will be looking at ERBB as a long term play. They all KNOW that as soon as MJ is legalized on a Federal level and legal MJ financial transactions are treated no differently than any other consumer product or service...that MASSIVE amounts of money will come pouring into the MJ sector and the race will truly be on to carve out a niche and/or establish a leadership position in a segment of the industry before others do. As such, you can bet that companies like ERBB, TRTC, TURV that are building diversified business models encompassing multiple product/service segments of the MJ industry WILL be likely candidates for investment infusion and/or buyouts. What sets ERBB apart and really enhances its' "future worth" are the recently acquired patents because they give ERBB massive leverage and opportunities in any industry that those patents can be applied to.

    So in essence, I fully expect the PPS to go down short term as shorters, MMs and others bash the company based soley on its' financials...but long term, I believe ERBB will be hughly successful if it can continue to execute.

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    Quarterly Filings?

    by max.stephens95 Sep 3, 2014 4:18 PM
    acepayday acepayday Sep 3, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    Actually, it's the Annual Report we are waiting on and expected 9/8 but it will include 4th Qtr info as well. Mostly you can expect to see more expenses then revs and a fairly neg. statement from a numbers standpoint, however it WILL show a growing company that is well positioned to be successful. You can guarantee that many will use these neg. numbers to argue that ERBB is failing because that's what they do, but ignore them.

    With MJ still illegal at the Fed. level and big capital investors afraid to get involved because of that, every company in the MJ sector must figure out how to operate under those conditions and ERBB is no different. Because of this, companies need to get creative in financing their operations and so their financials will NOT look like any company on the NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq, etc. operating in an environment without those two major handicaps.

    Bottom line is, don't worry about their financials...just how well they are executing their
    BP and right now, ERBB is doing that extremely well. On Jan 1st, When you look back at today's PPS, you will either kick yourself for not having bought at these prices, or you will be extremely happy that you did and that you held onto them.

    ERBB On!

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  • if custom wrapping a ZaZZZ before it goes live at a client site is slowing the rollout process down, then I would very much like to see ERBB buy a "wrap" company and do it themselves so they can control the process and generate additional revs. ERBB on!

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  • acepayday acepayday Sep 1, 2014 9:27 PM Flag

    When a ZaZZZ arrives at at customer site, the customer has the option of customizing it with a wrap, or other artwork if desired. I agree that the Doctors Orders ZaZZZ in the video does not look to have a custom wrap, but it may have some form of customized artwork on it we couldn't see. Regardless, that is up to Doctors Orders, not ERBB. I'm only interested in whether it is "live" at the customer site or not and whether it is producing revs to ERBB...which it is. ERBB On!

    BTW, if custom wrapping a ZaZZZ before it goes live at a client site is slowing the rollout process down, then I would very much like to see ERBB buy a "wrap" company and do it themselves so they can control the process and generate additional revs.

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  • acepayday acepayday Aug 31, 2014 12:08 AM Flag

    The first ZaZZZ was delivered to Herbal Elements in Vail, CO., this one is at Doctors Orders in Denver. Additionally, two more have been placed at locations as yet unspecified and CEO Shearing has said that ERBB has leases in place in five states so far which means more ZaZZZ will be shipping very soon.

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  • acepayday acepayday Aug 14, 2014 11:30 PM Flag

    That would only apply if ERBB was an SEC compliant reporting company which they are not. Christ, they only posted that on their website for the past month. Also, if you look at their past history, they usually release the Annual report around Sept. 31. How come you don't know that Kush? You need to do more homework.

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    ZaZZZ vs MedBox

    by bootycall2go Aug 13, 2014 10:09 AM
    acepayday acepayday Aug 14, 2014 12:32 PM Flag

    ZaZZZ is not intended to have smokable pot, and in fact, CEO Shearin has said it won't for the forseeable future. Only MJ-infused products and merchandise now. Keep in mind that the items sold in each ZaZZZ are divided into three groups...those chosen by the hosting MJ dispensary, those chosen by ERBB & those chosen by an outside company, or companies like Dixie Elixirs for example.

    As for giving change, of course it can. You put a $50 dollar bill in to buy $40 worth of product, you don't think it's going to keep the other $10 do you?

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    ZaZZZ vs MedBox

    by bootycall2go Aug 13, 2014 10:09 AM
    acepayday acepayday Aug 14, 2014 1:58 AM Flag

    I've been to Herbal Elements and seen ZaZZZ in use by more than a few customers. Each transaction went smoothly and the customers were very pleased with the experience. In addition, in the past 6+ weeks that ZaZZZ has been there, have you heard even one bad review from a customer? NO

    All you can point to is a USA Today article that says "it didn't work" without supplying any evidence of same, or reason why it didn't work. Was the ZaZZZ out of change? Power out in the store? Out of the item the author wanted? Maybe the ZaZZZ lost connection to the internet and the video display went blank. Who knows what the author meant.

    I'll take my own "eyes-on" positive experience with the ZaZZZ in operation, and the utter lack of any negative review from customers as to its' operational success any day.

    You need to find a different way to bash ERBB because "that dog don't hunt"!

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  • Unfortunately, in the OTC and especially in the MJ industry, a company's PPS is not an accurate indicator of a company's real worth, nor is it a true indicator as to how successful a company is or will be. Rather, it is a direct reflection of the activities of those out to manipulate the PPS for their gain. Whether they are pumpers/bashers/shorters or MMs, the name of the OTC game is to move trading volume in one direction or another with the express intent of generating trading volume because that's how they make their money. None of those groups of people care a wit about the company or any other investor, so do not ever think they are telling you the truth, or that they have your best interests at heart. When you hear people repeatedly posting warnings to "get out now" or "buy now", ignore them for what they are and make your own informed decision.

    It's way to early to judge the success or failure of most of the company's in the MJ sector. They are all scrambling to succeed in any environment where MJ if still illegal at the Federal level, and traditional sources of capital like banks, investment funds, venture capital groups, etc. are still reluctant to get involved. As a result, MJ companies must take many unorthodox and creative steps to survive and prosper. You must decide for yourself if any company is following the path that is best for it and invest accordingly but remember that this is not the Nasdaq/Amex/NYSE exchange and the rules of the game are much different here on the OTC. Despite what a company's PPS is now, and despite what those four groups of manipulators do in the short term, the PPS will ultimately reflect the actual worth of a company. Given enough time for this industry to establish itself, the good companies will separate themselves from the bad. Be patient and think long term. ERBB on!

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  • acepayday acepayday Aug 11, 2014 9:14 PM Flag

    There are four at dispensaries so far. The ZaZZZ at Herbal Elements has been in operation to the public for over six weeks now with NO negative reviews. The one at Doctors Orders has been waiting for its' custom wrap and goes live any time now (if it hasn't already). The other two were delivered two weeks ago but those locations have not been identified as yet....and there are 20 more in the pipeline awaiting placement.

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  • acepayday acepayday Aug 11, 2014 9:09 PM Flag

    Kush, you must spend 10 hours a day posting negative #$%$ about ERBB on various boards. You can try all you want to denigrate this company but it's a waste of time. Spend that time with your family instead, you'll get much more out of it!

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    Dear ERBB, what happened to Altitude Organix?

    by mosesdragon7 Aug 11, 2014 1:36 PM
    acepayday acepayday Aug 11, 2014 9:02 PM Flag

    FYI, ERBB announced in a 7/6/14 PR that they sold OneBode for $3.5M which will show up as Revs. Whether it shows up on the Apr-Jun Q-fins or not depends on the date the sale was recorded on the books, but it gives ERBB $3.5M in capital to fund operations.

    As for the other business units:
    - SEAN CHASE now in charge of $ERBB 's Sales & Mktg. Mr. Chase has been putting in place a national to promote ERBB's products. See his impressive LinkedIn profile at

    - GREG PATRICK now in charge of $ERBB 's Yo! Mastercard effort. Mr. Patrick has re-organized the MC effort and is busy developing a nationwide marketing and sales strategy for the American Green MasterCard in coordination with Mr. Chase's efforts. His very impressive LinkedIn profile is at:

    Mr. Patrick is also founding partner at G&G Holdings. See:

    - MICHAEL SILVIA , Director of Jurassic Water Division - will oversee cultivation efforts and bringing the Jurassic O2 system to market. Mr. Silvia brings 15 years of both direct and distribution channel sales experience of technical products to Tranzbyte, Inc. Coming most recently from the Manufacturing industry, Michael has a proven track record of successfully bringing water chemistry analytical products to the Hydroponics, Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal Water Treatment and Laboratory markets

    According to COO Stephen Shearin. "Adding Michael Silvia to the team is a huge benefit to Tranzbyte. His contacts, knowledge and experience are invaluable"

    Excellent management team in place to lead ERBB's efforts to successfully implement their well thought out, integrated business plan. COO Shearin is the right man to lead them.

    Despite what you and other "naysayers" might believe, ERBB is well on track to successfully implement its' BP and become one of the dominant players across the entire MJ segment. ERBB on!

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  • acepayday acepayday Aug 11, 2014 8:46 PM Flag

    I agree and wrote something similar recently but, do you realize that by putting ina buy bid at 0.01 you are just giving the MMs a reason to push the bid down further? I would therefore suggest that you cancel it and instead, put a sell order in at $0.10 so the shorts can't borrow your shares and pust the PPS down even lower. ERBB On!

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  • The latest PR on 8/7/14 from ERBB announcing that the company has entered into an agreement with Robert Tomassi to acquire his two patents both confirms what CEO Shearin said back in June about not having any patent related legal concerns, and reinforces ERBB's position of control over the direction of the MJ vending industry. If you have read Mr. Tomassi's two patents, (numbered 6,711,465 and 7,493,190 ) you will note that they BOTH preceed MDBX's patent and cover various biometric identification validation methods as well as various methods of payment processing and validation.

    As such, ERBB now controls the use of those technologies as specified in the patents and any other company, in any industry, that wishes to use that patented technology must make an agreement with ERBB to do so. Does that mean MDBX might have to worry about a patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by ERBB? Perhaps, unless some other financial arrangement has or can be arranged. Even if this is not of interest to ERBB, the potential for licensing the use of the patents out to other companies, regardless of the industry they are in, represents the opportunity to develop a virtual "cash cow" of licensing revenue going forward. Control of these patents also virtually ensures that ERBB will control the MJ vending industry.

    The acquisition of these patents is the most important and far-reaching step ERBB has made yet to solidify its' business and investors should be very, very happy about this. In the long run, this could very well be the greatest revenue producing asset that ERBB has!

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    Patent infringement not an issue!

    by acepayday Jun 11, 2014 1:53 AM
    acepayday acepayday Aug 10, 2014 5:49 AM Flag

    Actually, I am retired now but in my career, I held a variety of management positions including Senior VP for one of the largest computer service firms in the world, Technical Support Director for another, and founder & CEO of an International Trade Brokerage company so I believe I know a thing or two about starting and running a business. Whether you believe me or not is immaterial and does not matter to me in the slightest.

    What many fail to grasp here is that the MJ industry is operating under several extreme handicaps which no other industry has ever had to contend with, and so the business strategies employed by companies in this field have to account for this and seek alternatives in order to be successful. First, despite the fact that 23 states have legalized MJ for medicinal purposes, and two recreationally, MJ is still classified as a Schedule I drug and is illegal on a Federal level. While the Feds have said they will in effect "look the other way", the ever present threat that they still can or will enforce Federal law hinders many from actively participating and supporting the efforts of MJ companies.

    Secondly, while the Feds have somewhat relaxed the banking regulations in order for the investment community to get more involved with MJ companies, that same threat hangs over them as well and,for the most part, capital investors and traditional lending institutions are extremely hesitant to get involved until MJ is taken off Schedule I, and the banking regs are changed to eliminate that risk altogether.

    Because of these two reasons, Cos. in the MJ sector have to find alternative methods of operating (which take longer) and securing financing in order to successfully carry out their BP, and selling stock is one of the most readily available ways for a company to raise operating capital until other, more traditional sources of financing are available to them. As such, you cannot compare any Co. in the MJ sector with any Co. outside of it. ERBB on!

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