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ackmanscam 10 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 29, 2015 3:25 AM Member since: Mar 15, 2013
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  • Ackman is all washed up. He is done. Time to forget about Ackman and go back to pre December 2012 thinking and goals. Time to get excited about Herbalife and HLF stock again. The snake has been slain.

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  • ackmanscam ackmanscam Aug 29, 2015 3:18 AM Flag

    And this surprises you?

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  • ackmanscam ackmanscam Aug 3, 2015 11:43 AM Flag

    Yes good one Marvin and isn't it funny how the Ackmanaholics always blame Ackman's partner on the demise of Gotham Partners? Sounds like Ackman is even worse at running companies and picking partners and he is in picking stocks.

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  • ackmanscam ackmanscam Aug 3, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    Not sure if Herbalife has enough shares authorized to do a stock split. I do agree that it would be great for longs and doom for shorts. Microsoft (MSFT) split their stock at about the exact price that HLF is at now/ So it is possible.

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  • ackmanscam ackmanscam Aug 3, 2015 11:37 AM Flag

    I bet and am 100% sure that sl1 is just another alias for QTR. Same M.O. Same verbage.

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  • A few days ago, we celebrated the 1 year Anniversary of Billionaire Bill Ackman’s “Deathblow” You guys remember that right? It was on July 22nd, 2014 Ackman came on tv and was all across the internet bragging on how he had “new information” that would sink Herbalife. Do you remember what I did? From the first announcement of the “Deathblow” I maintained that “Ackman has nothing” “He is blowing smoke”, “Longs, stay put. Shorts will get destroyed” And what was the result? On July 22, 2014, HLF had it’s biggest one day gain in history – a 26% one day gain. Longs had a banner day. Shorts got squashed while Ackman looked as big a fool as he really is.

    I said the same thing right before the Robin Hood conference and every other Ackman “informercial” that has occurred and I have been right every time. Ackman had nothing every time and HLF stock went up EVERY TIME!

    Going back to December, 2012, I said then that “Ackman is making a horrible mistake. Not just horrible for the unwarranted attack on Herbalife, but even more so, horrible for him and the shorts who followed him into this reckless play.”

    And what was the result? HLF sold off initially but keep raging back. Icahn, Soros, Loeb and others came on board. Even Jimmy Cramer advised shorts to be very careful. Ackman’s shills were upset with Cramer and tried very hard to get Cramer to say that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme. Instead, Cramer would only say, “It is an alleged pyramid scheme but it hasn’t been proven otherwise.” And never has nor will be. Cramer was right on.

    How many remember the Doctor in Florida who lost $85,000 on his reckless HLF short bet, believing in Ackman before he came to his senses and covered? How about the others who lost their cars, homes and life savings listening to Billionaire Bill with his Harvard degree and thinking he was on to something. How about Pershing Square investors who saw a billion $$$ of thei

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  • you did your dog and pony show Ackman Informercial on SA then how quickly HLF turned around and ended up positive. We know you are very frustrated. You shorted HLF and went long on NUS. Plus I hear you were long on AMD too. Talk about being on the wrong side!

    Best advice I can give you is move along and forget it. You messed up. This obviously is not your cup of tea. Perhaps you need a new field to get into. Anybody can be wrong sometimes. BUT.....when you are wrong ALL THE TIME????

    Give it up. You lost.

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    Ackman is not showing Pershing Square investors

    by dlw2244 Jul 3, 2015 9:40 PM
    ackmanscam ackmanscam Jul 5, 2015 4:33 PM Flag

    I think it is time for an audit of Pershing Square. And I agree that the demise of P.S. is imminent. We can call it Gotham Partners 2

  • Two days ago, I wrote a post about why now is the time for Herbalife to get proactive and go after Ackman, journalists and other anti-Herbalife people who have been misleading the public with blatant lies now for the past nearly 3 years. I recalled how in 1985, Herbalife founder, Mark Hughes hired a legal firm to go after people, journalists, lawyers, and other organizations and people who were relentlessly attacking Herbalife and trying very hard to force them out of business. The legal firm made it clear that anyone who came after Herbalife with malicious lies would have to pay the price. They said, “we will take them to court and kick the #$%$ out of them” And they did just that. Which is why Herbalife is still here 30 years later.

    Michael O Johnson is a good man. I have the highest respect for him. In fact, he is the reason I became a HLF long back in 2007. I have followed his career for some time. Read about him in Wall Street Journal before Herbalife. He did incredible things for Disney and is now doing awesome things for Herbalife. He has an impeccable record and everyone connected with Herbalife can be proud of him. In fact when news came out that Michael O Johnnson was taking over as CEO of Herbalife, excitement ran around the world and he has done an amazing job. Since coming on board Herbalife has gone from being in 10 countries to now 91 and from less than $2 billion in revenues to over $7.8 billion.

    Michael also cleaned up the company and got rid of shall we say the undesirables who mislead people with propaganda. He wanted to build Herbalife the right way, with quality and he has done just that. MOJ also cleaned up the products bringing in a special team of professonals including a nobel prize winner. The products are now of the highest quality. They even have their own manufactoring plant. Thanks to MOJ, Herbalife has completely turned around, although you would never know it reading the malicious #$%$ by some people out there.

    Anyway, back to Ackman and the malicious lies and why now could be the best time for a lawsuit. I am sure if Mark Hughes were still alive and running the show, he would have done this already. I am sure that like in 1985, Marky would have hired a legal firm to “take these guys to court and kick the #$%$ out of them”

    I don’t run a $7.8 billion company so I don’t have the expertise of a Michael Johnson or his expert executive team which includes a legal team. I do feel that the green light has to come from MOJ though and think now is the time to go after these shysters.

    Some of the responses I have recieved from responsible, sensible people since Friday are that “Michael Johnson is NOT a fighter” That “Michael Johnson would rather spend his time and energy on building Herbalife and not in the court rooms” That “these law suits cost time and money and hell of all hells what if Herbalife loses?”

    All good points. But they are forgetting a few things. Michael Johnson has successfully been building Herbalife all through the Ackman smear. Herbalife has grown from sales of $5 billion in 2012 to over $7.8 now. Distributors/members were around 3 million in 2012. Now they number over 4.5 million. Herbalife is growing .

    Herbalife has also had many wins in this battle like the SEC closing their file just a few weeks ago and the FTC about to do the same. Ackman’s “Dog & Pony Shows” which he calls presentations and are really just informercials on his reckless bet have been laughable. The two most visible people supporting Ackman and their assigns inlcuding a former felon have all been exposed for what they really are. They have zero credibility. When you have people with criminal backgrounds, engage in PUMPnDUMP pennystock promotions and make other wild claims, what does that tell you.

    Despite the Ackman attacks, HLF stock rose from $24 in December 2012 to $84 in January 2014. HLF then started to drop n sympathy with NUS and the bad news surrounding that company plus flagrant lies by the Ackman group. HLF sunk to $27 but bounced back and is now trading in the mid fifties and poised to go higher.

    Herbalife is now in a position of strength while Ackman is deeply underwater on his dangerous and reckless HLF short bet. Not to mention his credibility has been seriously damaged by everyone. Now would be the time to aggressively go on the attack. Again, I am not a big time executive or a lawyer. I am only a HLF long and a small time business person who cares deeply about Herbalife and feels strongly that lying #$%$ like Ackman along with journalists and almost journalists like Michelle, QTR, Stewie etc need to realize that there is indeed a price to pay for slandering a company. There is a price to pay for endangering the jobs of now nearly 8,000 hard working Herbalife employees. There is a price to pay for playing with the money of tens of thousands of HLF longs like myself who love this company and this stock. There is a price to pay for trying to ruin businesses that have been built in some cases over 35 years. And there is a p rice to pay for attempting to take away products used by millions of people successfully for over 35 years.

    We know that journalists report things in the media that are not true. We know that journalists even deliberately revise facts to create a story that sells, that attracts readers and viewers. It has been said that a journalists motto is “If it bleeds, it leads” In other words, the more damaging a story is, even if it is not true the more people will respond to it. More viewers more readers. And if innocent people get hurt, so what?

    So again, I feel that now is the time for Herbalife to be proactive and go after Ackman and the journalists. The time is right. And moreover, when these people get rightfully sued, get their butts hauled into the court room. When their newspapers and magazines have to pay enormous sums of money for lawsuits. When people realize that some people are not going to stand for it anymore, then perhaps this nonsense will stop. No company should be subjected to this. And hopefully if Michael O. Johnson and his Herbalife executive team step up, perhaps it will never happen again to any other company.

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  • ****NOTE: June 28, 2015-Despite recent feeble attempts by the Ackman group, shorts and anti-HLF people, the fact is Ackman is deeply underwater on this reckless, dangerous HLF short bet. Some of you may recall, I suggested that shorts cover and get out months ago while HLF was at a reasonably low price. Meanwhile, the ACKMANAHOLICS continued to attack Herbalife and HLF stock and me personally saying I was clueless amongst other names which are not suitable for reprint here. BUT…..What was the result? HLF stock SOARED from $26 and change to over $55 and these Ackmanaholics, HLF shorts and HLF bashers are still calling me names, still saying that HLF is a a great short and still don’t get it that Billy Ackman has LOST THIS RECKLESS BET.

    I recieved a few inboxes regarding the ridiculous post by Michelle Caveliar. Keep in mind that this is the same Michelle Caveliar who has made nothing but mistatements about Herbalife. Michael O. Johnson and Herbalife distributors/members and associates over many years. She is also is the same Michelle Caveliar who orchestrated the very unsuccessful Anti-Herbalife event in New York last January which attracted a massive, whalloping 7 people (LOL) And allegedly, even those people were advertised as “Herbalife victims from minority groups” they were allegedly recruited to appear and compensated. Also, allegedly, they never heard of Herbalife before even though they were listed as “victims” Michelle Caveliar is more or less a female version of Quoth The Raven, a fountain of misinformation and always wrong.

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