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  • I expect a nice bump next week to the $ 1.60 to $ 1.65 as institutions come back in September during strong obesity period.

    I expect approval, latest mid October 2014, so now is the time to LOAD UP...before the spike up.


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    Strong Demand for Obesity stocks (this quarter)

    by adeiflig Aug 29, 2014 11:02 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 29, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    Expect Ernest Marmer to write a negative article on seeking alpha.

    Expect Fuerstein to do the same a few days prior to FDA approval.

    Expect it to be perfectly timed as they try to instill doubts: efficacy not met, small sample size, insurance will not cover, management are crooks, dilution, bonus, etc....

    You know the drill,

    These are the dumest crooks I have seen in a long time.


  • There is a reason why oozhee22 has come around. He is like the small cockroach that appears once in a few months, once envelops are receivable as retirement does require some liquidty. The fact that he is here is direct confirmation that the same institutions he represents are going to be big buyers, either covering short position or establishing new ones. You can`t buy 5 million shares when no one is selling without first hiring a board clown to entertain people by trying to instill fear.

    Those who have been around long enough has seen this movie a few times over.

    What this confirms is that we are going to break to new highs and probably hit $ 4 before FDA approval.

    Insurance companies are going to love VBLOC as it significantly will bring down health care costs. For a One time payment, these save payments for the rest of the life by having healthy people.


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    Can't hold a gain?!

    by crew_run Aug 28, 2014 12:08 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 29, 2014 12:08 AM Flag

    There is nothing wrong with your dd. You assume that Wall Street is smart and will recognize an opportunity. That is the fallacy in your argument. I will explain.

    I had bought CSIQ (Canadian Solar) at $ 3 and people were throwing it away at $ 2. I couldn't understand, I was calling for $ 24 at the minimum and I was mocked, 18 months later it went to $ 45 and now Wall Street walks in with buy recommendations.

    I had bought DNDN at $3.50 and no one wanted it. Stock soared to $ 22 in 3 months and, then to $35 before Wall Street recommended to buy it.

    I saw facebook come out at $ 40, it dropped to $ 19 with no one wanting it at all. I was calling for a surge. It rallied to $ 75 and now Wall Street calls it a bargain.

    The lesson is this, Wall Street knows nothing and most often than not they are behind the curve. Today no on wants ETRM at $ 1.43. When it hits $ 35 then Wall Street will say it is a gem and a bargain going to $ 100.

    News of today was extremely bullish. In 2015 ETRM is going to be the star stock to own as its revenues SOARS.


  • The news today was extremely bullish. VBLOC already had a tremendous advance in the obesity market over pills because of safety, now we add both diabetic and hypertension benefits, which is a shoe fill for insurance coverage as this will lower medical costs over time.

    If you look at the chart we have higher lows and higher highs and, it is easier to break towards new highs. Volume is coming back with buyers and we are entering strong seller for obesity market. Last year ETRM began a major rally in early November to March 1st where stock appreciated 125%. This time around I see a multiple of this number.

    Going forward I am of the opinion that ETRM is creating a solid base of support for a steady rise, news is bullish, FDA approval almost assured and institutions will have a reason to load up. With this comes possible buyout interest.

    It is an exciting time for ETRM and if I were new investor I would LOAD UP.

    The fact oozhee22 is here bashing away, about to write negative seeking alpha articles, means the people he is representing are scared. Oozhee22 is Ernest Marmer. You will see his name once he writes seeking alpha article.


  • I knew we were in for a great RALLY the moment oozhee22 showed up with his bashing. Company beat him to the punch, kept everything silent and last minute delivered a knock out punch so his firms couldn't load up secretly and now must buy on open market. Worst yet, they need to cover short position too.

    This latest news at 36 months is blockbuster news as it ensures that VBLOC will be used by all doctors whom will sollicit among 200 million patients. It will be an easy sell now to patients with the trio combination.

    Diebetics is a $ 50 billion market, Hypertension a $ 60 billion market and, Obesity is a $ 150 billion market.

    I was saying double digits, might have made a mistake and it will probably be triple digits in a few years out.

    Enjoy watching oozhee22 scramble as he doesn't know what else to do.

    Approval most probably in September 2014 with this data.


  • adeiflig adeiflig Aug 27, 2014 6:50 PM Flag

    As a matter of fact, its valuation hovered at $ 1.6 billion when sales in 2014 are only $ 16 million and they are incurring losses.

    I believe with $ 100 million in 2015, that valuation will be closer to $ 2.5 billion.

    Now compare that to ETRM which will do 5 times the sales in much bigger market.

    Got to wonder where the brains of longs is?


  • Kerx carries a $ 1.6 billion valuation, had $ 16 million in sales this year, will do $ 100 million next year (with massive losses), yet stock trades at $ 1.6 billion valuation.

    Here we have ETRM with $ 92 million valuation, is projected to earn $ 500 million, with earnings in the 4 2 to $3 per share and, it trades at $ 1.37.

    Go figure!!!


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    VALUATIONS on ETRM scream BUY!!!!

    by adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:11 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 27, 2014 3:08 PM Flag


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    VALUATIONS on ETRM scream BUY!!!!

    by adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:11 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 27, 2014 3:07 PM Flag


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    VALUATIONS on ETRM scream BUY!!!!

    by adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:11 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 27, 2014 9:33 AM Flag


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    VALUATIONS on ETRM scream BUY!!!!

    by adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:11 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 27, 2014 9:32 AM Flag


  • Oozhee22 the paid basher for institutions whom load up while he talks trash is back. It means we are going to have a RALLY soon. He first showed up in October 2013 as penny_dreaddful to bash and we rallied to new highs of $ 2.60. He showed up again in April 2014 and this type bashing of non approval and we got approval in June 2014.

    He now shows up again at end of August 2014, so I expect approval and rally.

    Oozhee22 is Ernest Marmer and, he is a retired having worked for medical field. He writes trash for seeking alpha along with the other whom has same reputation. They both are paid with envelops to simply write articles while they are paid by institutions load up and shorts cover.

    The fact that he is back is actually very bullish news.


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    VALUATIONS on ETRM scream BUY!!!!

    by adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:11 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 8:03 PM Flag

    top it

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    Staying Positive, but this is disgusting...

    by wisetobeme Aug 26, 2014 1:02 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 26, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    No. They have not sold any shares to date.


  • When there is a news vaccum where we are in a holding period it is difficult to watch as stock gets trashed from one side to another, much as if you are making casino bets. There is no logic in buying or selling, simple emotions of trading within a core to generate some profits.

    Fundamentally to make a bundle on any stock is to find one which is cheap in valuation compared to its market potential and earnings going forward. When you remove the noise of up and down, this is what I see:

    - ETRM carries a valuation of about $ 90 million at this moment.

    Question is: What is valuation of ETRM going into the future.

    If approved and I say this is a rubber stamp procedure on ETRM, the valuation for a device company the first of its kind in a huge obesity market where there is a need, is going to be 10 times to 20 times it present market cap especially when one considers the type of earnings it will generate.

    There are 200 million eligible patients and, even getting just 50,000 patients a year at $ 10,000 per device with 80% margins gives $ 500 million in revenue of which $ 400 million is profit. Removing some cost for administration and say you arrive at $ 300 million which gives earnings of about $ 2 to 3 per share and a $ 60 stock price.

    So you can go ahead and sell based on the noise or you can do your homework like I did and LOAD UP while fools sell.


  • That will be headline news release I would expect to hear within not the too distant future.

    Offer $ 4 cash + $ 2.25 in Medtronic stock.


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    Gotta Stay Positive

    by kelvin_archer Aug 25, 2014 1:37 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 25, 2014 10:33 PM Flag

    I mention it because I am tired of hearing negativity on ETRM when in reality it is people whom should work on their PATIENCE. If you were to put a 5 year time frame you wouldn't b so frustrated with stock price.

    Where is stock price in 5 years?
    How about 10 years?
    How about 15 years?
    Make it 30 years, if I give stock to my kids?

    When you complain about daily trades micro analyzing every single tick with news or not, it gets depressing to hear you. If you have news to share, mind you, go ahead, if not then keep negativity to a minimum.

    ETRM filed PMA in September 2013, we are now going to September 2014, which is only 1 year and we have FDA Panel approval and close to FDA approval.

    Say approval is October 2014, then 1 year from this we should have material revenues and a much higher stock price.

    So I say, what is the problem?


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    Gotta Stay Positive

    by kelvin_archer Aug 25, 2014 1:37 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Aug 25, 2014 3:22 PM Flag


    Why don`t you just sell your position? In this way I don`t have to constantly read your lamenting as to why? why? why?. At one point you sound like my ex-wife, constantly nagging and complaining.

    Enjoy the ride or get out.


  • Leak?

    Bid Monday September 1, 2014, $ 6.25 per share, $ 4 per share in cash + $ 2.25 in stock for a $ 785 million deal?

    Just my honest opinion of course,

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