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    6 month chart, DOW up +6%, ETRM down -49%

    by sillyoldqueen 1 hour 59 minutes ago
    adeiflig adeiflig 1 hour 48 minutes ago Flag

    Hi oozhee22, nice to have you back. Given that you identity is blown with penny_dreaddful to oozhee22 to sillyoldqueen to your real name ERNEST MARMER, why not cut the garbage and come out clean. I guess if you are here we should be happy as it means TIME TO LOAD UP.

    You are correct that ETRM has been a dog of late and I won't even defend it. However we can do same analysis next year and, Dow may be down -5% and ETRM +500%.

    Have your fun poking at people, Your days are numbered.


  • adeiflig adeiflig Sep 16, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    I would tend to agree with you. I will explain why.

    The device itself will cost at most $ 10,000, there is a 75% margin on it and, there is no infrastructure. The rest of the cost of $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 is for the 30 minute surgery and out the same day. It reasons that there are some FAT people who do have FAT incomes so not to introduce does not make any sense since margins are high and cost of introduction is very low. The cost involved is to educate the surgeons on proper procedure. The doctor, hospital staff, hospital building, materials, clients and so forth are already there.

    So what is the motive for not introducing and getting sales? I would reason that ETRM probably thinks it is better to defer sales and be a more attractive buyout candidate than go at it themselves and risk everything on the line before even getting FDA approval.

    Knudson is 66 years old. Do you honestly think he wants to run around at his age selling this device?

    Given that he does have a track record of working in an industry where he saw thousands of companies fill a need and then attract buyers, it reasons that he will do the same here. Old dogs will have old habits. He did in the past sell a company.

    Given that Medtronic is a short drive away, that he does have Medtronic staff on payroll, it would reason that he is simply preparing the company for Medtronic buyout once approval is in. Medtronic would be foolish not to buy a device, the only one to be approved in 10 years, which a huge profit margins where they have easy entry into the market. The purchase price they pay will refund itself within a year or two.

    Queston is: Are the investors of ETRM patient enough to see this through?


  • Down, down, down, down, down, down,Down, down, down, down, down, down,Down, down, down, down, Down, down, down, down, down, down,


    At least we can say we have fair market which ensures equilibrium of buyers to sellers, so trend for next 6 months

    Down, down, down, down, down, down,

  • I owned AVNR, had my whole family bought at $ 3.50 range, we eventually sold as it lagged a bit; today I look it is close to $ 12.

    Goes to confirm, stick to your guns when you believe in something and the market is off.


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    recalibrated PPS post approval

    by tiktokstock Sep 16, 2014 1:15 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 16, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    You made it so far, wait a few more weeks, and once approval is in, it will be a steady upward rise. Even if you sell on first pop, it will keep going up for months as institutions load up.

    Have coincidence, pray too as this helps.


  • Boy if this is the way some men treat women, in the same manner as ETRM once in a blue moon up strong only to sag down for months on in, then I recommend it use VIAGRA. It makes happier women and, of course happier investors.

    If I had to draw the performance of ETRM is would resemble an unperforming "p8enis".

    Note: I had a dream where I saw in the newspapers huge words ETRM, 5 pages of news, where it mentions 1st device in 10 years to be approved for obesity and it is revolutionary. Big change in way to tackle obesity article said by taping in on vagus nerve, to rewire body.


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    Obesity pills getting CRUSHED (Karma!!!!)

    by adeiflig Sep 15, 2014 1:06 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 15, 2014 4:55 PM Flag

    Why? Because you own OREX, ARNA and VVUS, having a vested interest following the oozhee22 line of thinking, not wanting to see pills get trashed.

    Pills are out the window, there is no market for them, doctors won`t prescribe them since patients have a host of other medical issues and, pills are not for healthy people who are fit.

    So who is left, 0-0 = 0

    Notice how your friend oozhee22 took off with his head between his tails, how he vented of OREX being so great, it just turned out to be trash.

    Sell your OREX, ARNA and VVUS position and load up on ETRM before it RALLIES hard or, listen to oozhee22 he has been great so far.


  • Watch ETRM soar...fda approval soon.

  • OREX, ARNA, VVUS all getting crushed. Obesity pills are a TOTAL FLOP, they will barely register together all three (3) perhaps at most $ 8 to $ 10 in sales per quarter, that is maybe $ 5 million ARNA, $ 3 million VVUS and $ 2 million OREX.

    They were right to be terrified of VBLOC which will have a MONOPOLY on its VBLOC device.

    Isn`t oozhee22 karma great, to see how it attributes the evil to where it belongs.


  • I will through an idea for discussion. It is obvious that oozhee22 was pumping OREX and thrashing ETRM. Everyone was looking for a motive. I think I have found one. Here goes.

    An institution or a few wealthy people decided that they have an idea for a great payoff. They will play two stocks against each other. The play goes as follows. You short ETRM to get funds and, then you load up on OREX.

    The investor is sold on the idea that OREX is safe, effective and will be approved easily without restrictions and they will easily double or triple their money. The approval period is earlier than that of ETRM so then they sell OREX and cover their short position in ETRM, at a huge profit costing them nothing in terms of capital invested.

    This whole strategy has now backfired. The people are seeing their long position in OREX plunge on FDA approval and, not ETRM is starting to rally on their short position. This is the worst of all worlds for them. Oozhee22 has failed miserably as in between guy to make sure that this scenario plays out.

    These investors will now suffer HUGE LOSSES, as they sell OREX at a loss and, now must buy ETRM at a loss too on their short position. Only problem is that they hold huge long positions and short positions, how are they going to get out of both?

    Isn't DIVINE JUSTICE beautiful!!!! Karma....

    They can't say they were not warned....


  • Notice that the last post of oozhee22 was on September 10, 2014, one day before OREX approval and he has gone silent with no one single post.

    You can easily make the connection between OREX and ETRM.

    All the words spoken by oozhee22 happened to OREX, labeling restrictions of 46 pages, restrictions on sales period of 12 weeks, very expensive post trials and, limited revenue opportunity.

    Talk about KARMA, Orex through oozhee22 got everything they had cursed ETRM with. Now their head is in between their legs.

    Justice is beautiful to watch.


  • Isn`t Karma wonderful justice, for the words we speak come to judge us. Oozhee22 has disappeared since OREX approval which shows that he was tied to their interests of OREX. Oozhee22 wanted so badly that ETRM have restrictions that he succeeded in getting black label box for OREX of 46 pages plus limiting trial to only 12 weeks and to be discontinued if ineffective. Orex at best is worth maybe $ 1 but even that is too expensive. Realistic sales with all these restrictions are going to be $ 2 million per quarter or less at most.

    Divine law of Justice: be nice to everyone and considerate of their investment, don`t lie or cheat, be honourable and God will give you your reward with time.


  • Your choice: stay in ARNA or watch 1500% return develop in ETRM: approval soon.


  • Your choice, see OREX continue its plunge to $ 2 or watch ETRM soar 1500% to $ 15, approval soon.


  • adeiflig by adeiflig Sep 12, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

    Investors do not realize that VBLOC will have a monopoly in an unmet need. Those who refuse pills and do not want bariartic surgery will all go to VBLOC as there is nothing in between these two solutions for obesity.

    Both alternatives have been rejected by the market and explains why obesity rates are soaring. At best pill companies are making $ 5 million per quarter which hardly puts a dent into obesity. Adding more pills to the market will not solve anything, most people can't take the pill since they have a host of other related health issues. In essence a pill simply does not make you lose weight without causing you harm. Doctors know this and refuse to prescribe. Imagine that ARNA has a 900 people sales force, VVUS half of this and OREX will be bigger than ARNA and they are going no where.

    With bariatric surgery you have 20 million patients who are eligible now and only 300,000 choose surgery which is 1.5% of patients, again measily rates which do nothing for obesity.

    Hence we have VBLOC which will give market what it wants. It is SAFE, it is reversible, it does not change eating habits, it gives you flexibility of use, you get to keep your organs, and there NO DEATH rates. This is s serious threat to competitors whom will see patients flock to the device and explains why posters like oozhee22 with no position come bashing, bashing, bashing.... If VBLOC was #$# then no need to bash.


  • I have a long position six (6) digit figure in shares, having first purchased in September 2013. I have not sold one (1) single share, being as loyal and committed to my position as possible. It is either you believe in your decision or you don't. I am not oozhee22 and have no association with him. I think personally he is an evil person whom was paid off in some form to push Orex and knock down ETRM. I am so happy that karma exists and that OREX plunged, serves him right. It is just the beginning of the plunge.

    That being said, I will repeat what I have seen in the stock market over the years. The market knows zippo or nothing on investing. It trades on emotions of fear and greed, it reacts and does not anticipate at all. It has no brains, just like a monkey at a casino. I had CSIQ which was trading at $ 3.50 and I saw value in to $ 24, while others did not. Market caught up and it went to $ 45. Dndn at $ 3, market caught up all the way to $55. Kndi at $ 3, market caught up now at $ 16. Kerx at $ 4, market caught up now at $ 18. ISRG at $ 80, market caught up now at $ 400. FB at $ 19, market caught up now at $ 75. The list goes on and on and on.

    We all look at ETRM valued at measily $ 85 million, about to get VBLOC approval to launch in multi billion market with buyout possiblities. You can't understand why so cheap and figure you may be wrong. Think are RIGHT except timing is a bit early, that is all. I saw this opportunity in September 2013, perhaps market will catch up in mid 2015 when price is at $ 22. Is it your fault that you can see an opportunity while others are dormant. No, it is a blessing!!!! What you should do is try to raise as much money as possible to load up as much as possible, even mortgaging your home. When price is at ridicule level that is when you go all out. When it goes to $ 50 and people say it is a gem to buy, then you better sell.


  • It will have similar reaction that VVUS did when they were 1st pill on the market; VBLOC first device on the market in 10 years.

    Or, you don`t listen to me but listen to oozhee22, he has terrific record of late. He was hoping for restrictions on VBLOC instead he got restrictions on OREX, enjoy.


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    by adeiflig Sep 11, 2014 9:24 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 11, 2014 11:07 AM Flag

    I agree, it is a "me too" product where two others have flopped. Arna and VVUS barely have a few million dollars in sales per quarter like $ 5 million. That is hardly blockbuster yet they carry blockbuster market prices.

    The shift will occur soon as investors of pills will begin to flock to medical device of VBLOC which is revolutionary and will be the 1st to be approved in 10 years. It will have the same impact as VVUS which was 1st on market, soaring from $ 1 to $ 15 overnight.

    The fact that OREX has so much restriction in already a market that has voted down pills is a bad sign hence selloff for them and it will continue for the next month to hit new lows. OREX should carry a valuation of no more than $ 100 million. They feared VBLOC so much that they most likely hired oozhee22.


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    by adeiflig Sep 11, 2014 9:24 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 11, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    It is PLUNGING; FDA approved but they might as well have said NOT APPROVED with the mountain of restrictions on it, including dire warnings on black label. Needs to go down to the $ 3 level and then still too expensive.

    This is yet another black eye for oozhee22....

    Do you love his analysis?


  • Not safe at all. It does nothing to reduce heart attacks, strokes or other possible benefits. As a matter of fact it carries more risk than others.

    VBLOC is totally safe compared to bariartic surgery of 1 death per 300 candidates and, benefits both hypertension and diebetic, two other huge markets.

    It is clear that pills don't sell and explains why competition is hostile towards VBLOC. Adding a third pill to the market of a different color from ARNA, VVUS will not do much. People want safefy and black box scares the wits out of people.


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