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adeiflig 293 posts  |  Last Activity: 19 minutes ago Member since: May 2, 1999
  • Good work to board to find his new identity. He is really an agent of EVIL. His father Satan is so proud of his destructive paths to try to corrupt as many naive longs as possible.


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    $5 million wiped out on paper today

    by platguru 41 minutes ago
    adeiflig adeiflig 34 minutes ago Flag

    Do you really think that LIFE revolves around how much money you make, how many cars you have, how many houses you buy, how many vacations you take, how may girls you date or how much sex you have?

    If being attached to materialism is your idea of your worth as a human being then it is PRETTY SHALLOW.

    Who cares if it trades sub $ 1 or over $ 1, what matters is the future (5 years forward) when device is mainstream.

    You count your pennies as if they mean the world to you. We are not all in the same boat.

    Try some spirituality, it will do good for your soul, it will teach you that you are an eternal being that has no need of material, that soul is powerful (does not need to eat, sleep, shelter, money, sex or other, it can traveil the Universe, has power to create, can be at many places at same time, can speak all languages, can speak with the mind, etc...)

    What you are selling is FEAR, only to those children whom don't know better and believe you. The person selling FEAR are agents of Satan for God is love and not fear.

    I would seriously look at your conscience within.


  • Oozhee22 has disappeared from view, would love to talk about the great OREX stock. With FDA approval they are PLUNGING, PLUNGING, PLUNGING....

    OREX was right to be afraid of ETRM whom would surely put a severe dent into their operations.

    Gotta to love KARMA.


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    #$%$! - PURE BS!

    by wisetobeme 5 hours ago

    By the way oozhee22 company OREX is plunging today, new lows at $ 4.42. Isn`t karma wonderful?


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    #$%$! - PURE BS!

    by wisetobeme 5 hours ago

    The only way to beat these criminals is simply to either close your computer or hang on to your decision and trust your due diligence.

    There are 8 million shorts and they need to cover. If they start to cover now we will be at $ 3 soon hence the shaking of the tree to make longs sell, which they are not doing at all. I have a large position, innsbrook has another and, I saw a multitude of others with large positions, Douglas also has close to 7 million shares and is not moving.

    If we all hang on in trusting our decision the shorts will throw in the towel and begin to cover which leads to a stampede.

    It is frustrating for myself too however I have decided to ride it out. The one factor which has me firmly implanted is on the market cap of $ 75 million which is so cheap that there is literally no downroom left.

    Trust your decision,


  • The problem lies in the fact that until approved those who doubt will have upper hand because they will tempt sellers with two malicious ideas:

    a) FDA won't approve
    b) Even if FDA approves, device won't sell due to lack of insurance coverage.

    I reply to these two critics:

    a) FDA Panel approved it and, FDA has NEVER denied what a panel has approved, so approval 100%

    b) Market is so huge with 200 million patients, that VBLOC needs only a handful to be extremely profitable. The VBLOC can probably be financed on credit care or bank loan for the time being and, there are alot of USA people whom have money, lot at the 300,000 bariatric surgeries costing $ 30,000 each with no insurance coverage.

    I will add one last point, at $ 80 million this corporation once approved is a NO BRAINER for buyout at that price by Medtronic. Price is so low that a deal is almost assured.


  • I have learned that WALL STREET knows absolutely nothing when it comes to investing. They do know how to STEAL but to invest is another realm of reality. The market trades on emotions of fear or greed, again horrible criteria to judge a future performance. Imagine making emotional decisions in business all the time. We invest here because we feel it, here we don't feel it, here we are afraid, here we are greedy. Where is the BRAINS in all this. Wall Street is trading for empty skulls.

    ETRM is a classic when it comes to testing Wall Street intelligence or lack of. Lets use a few numbers where everyone could verify:

    a) Obesity health care costs $ 147 billion per year
    b) Hypertension health care costs $ 68 billion per year
    c) Diebetic health care costs $ 40 billion per year.

    That is our market for now, totaling $ 255 billion per year.

    How many people are obese in USA alone: 200 million
    How many people in USA are eligible for barartric surgery: 20 million

    What are obesity rates of late: SOARING TO NEW HIGHS.

    What about competition? ARNA, VVUS AND OREX pills just ain't selling perhaps $ 20 million in sales per year for all three combined.

    What about bariartic surgery (stomach removal) 300,000 per year and again not selling when compared to 20 million patients.

    What about VBLOC? It has a MONOPLY on VBLOC with 80% margins.

    What about market potential of VBLOC: 50,000 patients per year to start

    What about sales for VBLOC: $ 500 million per year.

    What about cost of infrastructure for VBLOC: 0000

    What about market cap for ETRM: $ 80 million, A JOKE VERSES POTENTIAL.

    Lesson is simple: LOAD UP


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    TIME TO LOAD UP (2nd chance)

    by adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 1:17 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    Of course I read it. That is why I have remained bullish. The fact that Kevin Douglas who is a major shareholder and very successful is investing as I do has given me even more confidence.

    If people want to sell then let it be. When we soar, it will soar for 1 year.


  • To all those whom are seeking 2nd chances, now is your time to load up at a ridiculous low market cap valuation, which is after receiving FDA panel approval and almost a shoe in for FDA approval, targeting a huge obese market.

    Wealth is created with time by: LOADING UP and EXPANDING TIME FRAME for sales.

    Market for obesity is $ 144 billion per year. At .005 % penentration it is $ 700 million in sales per year.

    Do not lose focus on sales which will drive this stock to double digits, if not triple digits.

    Those wise buy now,


  • adeiflig adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 9:25 AM Flag

    So if I use his manner of investing, obesity market is $ 144 billion per year in health care costs.

    20% chance of capturing 20% of the market
    30% chance of capturing 10% of the market
    50% chance of capturing 5% of the market

    So, (.20*28) + (.3*14) + (.7*7.2) = 60 billion possible market valuation

    He discounts to 25%, but lets say I discount to 5% gives $ 3 billion

    So with stock trading at $ 80 million he sees valuation at $ 3 or $ 30 per share per 5% discount, my numbers, per his numbers $ 15 billion or $ 150 stock price.

    This is when he did not sell when he was up 300%, because it was pocket change.

    I agree with him and have come up with similar numbers.


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    K. Douglas

    by crew_run Sep 19, 2014 12:19 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 1:38 AM Flag

    Very good point. He bought at 90 cents; I bought at $ 1.14 and neither sold, so this should tell investors that long term confidence is there. Innsbrook is also heavy into this stock and so are others. Look at market cap, it is a joke at $ 80 million!!! It should be 5 to 10x that at this moment.


  • adeiflig adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 1:34 AM Flag

    True they have got out, but guess what? They didn't get out yet. There is close to 7.5 million shorts on ETRM which need to cover. All it takes is one match and guess what, we open at $ 12.


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    Market Cap $ 80 Million (pretty ridiculous)

    by adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 3:54 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 19, 2014 1:29 AM Flag

    I already mentioned that I own a significant chunk of this stock in the six digit figures. I bought in lots but average price is $1.14. I am contemplating adding more now. What I invested is only a portion of what I have. I have made significant returns on other positions.

    The technic for wealth is you find one or two stocks and then you load up with insane levels. When stock soars you make an insane amount of money. This is the only way I have beaten the market and follows down the path of Buffet style of investing, one or two stocks at $ 5 billion each.

    My investment period is not 1 year and I have high tolerance for swings. In case of ETRM over the next 5 years I see this stock soaring to insane levels as sales take off on VBLOC plus other applications to come in the future (ie: diebetic and hypertension). I am not a trader so whether we make a low now has no effect on me. What matters is where it is going to be in the future when sales ramp up and what is the top when market is fully penetrated.

    Trading back and forth a few thousand shares for pocket change brings only stress and nothing more. I never made any money doing trades only when I bet big did I get big.


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    Market Cap $ 80 Million (pretty ridiculous)

    by adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 3:54 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 11:09 PM Flag

    I already put that out there numerous times. I bought in September 2013 at about $ 1.14. I was one of the first to see before a rally ensued which brought the stock to $ 2.60. I should have probably sold at that level being up 128% however I felt that was insufficient reward was looking closer to a 1000% to 1200% return as being reasonable.

    I have not sold any of my position and believe in the future of VBLOC. I find the stock is a steal at these prices and I am thinking of loading up some more.

    I think approval is in the bag and, we should easily open up near the $ 5 level, was hoping closer to $ 12 per share.

    If you look at CSIQ I owned that stock at $ 3.75 when people were throwing it away much like here. 18 months later it is closer to $ 41, an 1100% return, if I had stayed all the way.


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    Market Cap $ 80 Million (pretty ridiculous)

    by adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 3:54 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 5:26 PM Flag

    Thanks for advice,

    I don't discourage easily and am keeping my confidence in both my due diligence and in the companies fortunes going forward. You are right that shorts keep pounding on it as greed knows no limits but at one point, it will become too cheap even from a short point of view.

    The analysts have a target of about $ 10 million in sales in 1st year. This means we are trading at multiple of 8 times first year sales. In 5 years these same analysts see sales of $ 300 miillion so at 8X sales you get a $ 2.4 billion company or $ 24 stock price.

    One thing I know is that stocks will trade in anticipation of future earnings so even if we discount $ 24 per share price in 5 years to today, it is worth more than $ 1.19 where we are at now.

    Most I guess are betting on FDA rejection, even though it has never ruled against a FDA Panel meeting.


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    Market Cap $ 80 Million (pretty ridiculous)

    by adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 3:54 PM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    In terms of comparison, OREX trades at close to 8 times ETRM market cap, VVUS is trading at 5 times ETRM market cap and, ARNA is trading at 8 times ETRM market cap.

    To put it in reverse, ETRM trades at 1/8 of OREX market cap, 1/5 of VVUS market cap and, 1/8 of ARNA market cap.

    Yet, ETRM will most probably generate significantly more revenue per year.

    Brains and money do not go along.


  • Do people even realize what they are selling or do they just act with their eyes closed. ETRM is carrying a $80 million valuation. Does anyone bother to look at this at all?

    Companies who are going out of business or bankrupt carry higher valuations. I don`t look at the stock price, I look at the market valuation to give me an idea as to what I am buying.

    Where on this market can you buy a company for $ 80 million, so close to approval and that will generate significant revenues going forward. We are trading at 1/5 of 1 time sales.


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    FDA Approves 1st Medical Device in 10 years

    by adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 8:46 AM
    adeiflig adeiflig Sep 18, 2014 9:16 AM Flag

    Can you explain why you do not like these types of postings where I speculate on the future. Give me a concrete reason as I don't understand your concern. I said it was a future headline of what I saw.


  • Now that FDA has said that interest rates will remain on the floor for a very long time, you can expect those who were expecting crash to flock back into stocks, some of it will find money here. VVUS soaring today which should give ETRM a little lift as all these stocks trade together in a basket type (ie: obesity investors)


  • This is what future headline will look like:

    FDA approves first medical device in 10 years to treat obesity. The device VBLOC made by ETRM results in 24% EWL and is maintained at 3 years. This is a significant competitor to pills which have disappointed of late as doctors refuse to prescribe pills due to side effects. VBLOC will be launched through 13 health centers of which Mayo clinic is the biggest and the corporation has stated there is a waiting line for their product. As a side benefit VLBOC provides benefits for people suffering from diebetic and hypertension, two deadly diseases. ETRM is SOARING on the news up 300% to $ 4.75 on volume of 43 million shares.


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